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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Movie: The Lightkeepers

Only occasionally to I find a movie that I feel I could recommend to others. A friend told me about The Lightkeepers because she knew I liked Edwardian costume, so I watched this movie just to see the hats and dresses on the ladies and found it to be a good story, with a happy ending.

The story takes place in 1912.

Netflix offers this movie on instant-play.
Growing up around water and boats, crab and fish, etc. I enjoyed it just for the scenery.

(Parents still need to watch the movie before recommending it to their children.) 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1980 Bollywood Film

I do not think I've had such a hearty laugh in a long time, as I had while enjoying "Swayamvar." As many of my detractors have stated, I am still "living in the past," and that is why I am just now catching up to a picture that was filmed over 20 years ago (1980). It is now available on Netflix in instant play.

What a treat this movie was, with all the attributes of Charles Dickens "Prince and the Pauper," and "Our Mutual Friend," along with Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," combined with Elizabeth's Gaskell's happy ending in "North and South."

I liked it so much, that in respect for the people of India, I am going to dress up and watch it on the big screen later on tonight, to get some screen shots for this post. I was particularly taken with the stage-set itself, with its pretty architecture. I found myself looking at it, more than the story, but I enjoyed both, very much!

The story centers around a woman with two daughters and a man with two sons. The woman's husband had passed away, but when he was living, had given a servant he liked, some money to help him find a profession. The servant became quite wealthy and when his sons were grown, he wanted them to meet this woman's two daughters. Since becoming a widow, her brother, full of evil scheming to take over her estate, has influenced her in every decision, so that when the former servant comes for permission to introduce his sons, she turns him down flatly.

The man goes home and sadly tells his sons of his mis-adventure, whereupon they hatch up a scheme to introduce themselves to the two young ladies. One becomes a servant, and the other poses as a wealthy entrepreneur, who gives away money to charities. In this method, the girls become acquainted with the young men.

Here are quotes from two other reviewers at Netflix:

"This is the story of Cinderella with a wonderful Bollywood twist. One of the daughters goes from rags to riches and the other goes from riches to rags to riches again. Even the stepmother reforms! Good fun although in the Watch Now version parts of the transfer are dark, and the songs are not subtitled - I'm not sure about the dvd."

"I really liked this movie. It was so cute. It really teaches you to be good to others no matter what your status is. The story is told really nicely. A good film to kill a Sunday afternoon. :) Enjoy!!"

Though it is captioned in English, the actors in India are so good with expression and body language that one does not even need to know the language to guess what is being said. Yes, I am 20 years behind in reviewing good films, and this was certainly worth the wait. Although there was no immodesty, and not even a hint of anything explicit, this is not for children. It is the kind of film young adults would enjoy, and you can watch it with your mother in law without embarrassment.

I like the fact that the actors in the Bollywood films I have seen so far, do not actually kiss each other as they do in Hollywood, but, using the camera at a certain angle, make it appear as though they really are. I guess I appreciate that a lot, since kissing should be reserved for only the most important people in your life.
Pictures will be posted later.
Those who want to understand more of this country might enjoy reading an online book called "The Portrait of the Complete Woman" by Avinash Chandra.


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