Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Fun of Creating a Home With Things You Like

Summer Afternoon on Skagen Beach

19th century women seemed to prefer white clothing, especially in summer.

              Summer Afternoon on Skagen Beach by Peder Kröyer


 This post is for Candy-Faith who had the sparkly, glittery blog full of pretty cards and gifts and pictures of her home.  I hope other bloggers who use pictures will declare it "white week" and post lovely whites in honour of Candy-Faith, who had a a lovely blog about her pretty home.

 I do  use a lot of white, and I found that in a gloomy climate, it was very helpful to paint the walls white and to place white objects around the house. Then, if you want to add something else, like green, red, blue, black, or pink,  you can use it as an accent.  White is like a neutral,  and it is good to use it if you just cannot decide what you want to have in your home.  Hotels use expensive white table cloths and napkins, and the old fashioned covers for furniture were usually white. They covered the furniture while the family was away from the home for the summer or winter. In the past, wicker was always white and so were bedsheets and towels.

 White curtains have been around for centuries and so have white picket fences. White sea shells and white drift wood come from a natural source, bleached by the sun and the salt sea.  I once visited a gift shop back in the 1960's called "White Sands" in New Mexico, where everything was made from the white sand found in the region. The sand was made into glossy ceramic picture frames, vases, plates and cups. I brought home a frame and a set of candle holders. Little did I know that white would become so popular in this decade. I had those things on display in my home and loved the way other things would go so well with them.

I have good memories of growing up in a time when things like benches, steps, stools, shelves or baby cribs were lightened to white just by normal wear and tear, and then used anyway. Some of the white things I see today remind me of the amount of painting we did with plain white paint, to make everything look so fresh and new.  I still enjoy white flour sack dish towels from the Dollar Tree or white muslin and ball fringe for curtains.

When you look around the real world, you can see lots of white in the woolly sheep in the pastures, the blossoming baby's breath or the fluffy clouds. There is plenty of pink around, also, from the inside of a murex shell to the sunset and the blossoms of the inpatients.  All of these shades and hues come from our Creator, who loves us and provided a  home for us on this earth, while we wait for the Heavenly home to come. 

God must love white because His word alludes to it so much, so how can we despise the color? There are lots of colors mentioned in the Bible, among them silver, gold, brass, red, purple, blue, green  and more, but white is often used to denote spiritual things. "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow," said the Psalmist, and "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as wool." In some cultures, white is a symbol of purity. We think of the white dove as a symbol of peace, and we love the white flowers that come in spring, who can forget the sparkly white of the glittered snow in the moonlight in winter. My friend to whom I dedicate this post, is an Eskimo lady, so it is no wonder she loves white!
Feeding the Doves by Edward Killingsworth Johnson 

The important thing is that homemakers enjoy their homes as their own, with the things that have meaning to them, and with whatever they enjoy having around them. A woman at home spends a lot of time inside her house, and she should be allowed to decorate and furnish it with the things that give her the most personal happiness. Since it is her own home, she does not impose it on the person next door or on anyone else. Those who like it may stay awhile, and those who do not, are free to choose their own style. That is one of the beauties of homemaking: each person uses her personal beliefs and preferences to create a home that she feels comfortable with. This is true freedom. In an office or place of employment, there is not the same freedom or choice, as many things are already decided for you.

Fresh Snow on Pine Trees in New Mexico

Clouds in Queensland

Farmland Trees With Frost

Confederate President Jefferson Davis House
(Jefferson Davis also designed large portions of the US capitol and other state buildings)

white house

The Wedding Dress by George Goodwin Kilburne (English, 19th century)

The Long White Seam
Jean Ingelow (1820–97)
AS I came round the harbor buoy,

The lights began to gleam,

No wave the land-lock’d water stirr’d,

The crags were white as cream;

And I mark’d my love by candle-light 5

Sewing her long white seam.

It ’s aye sewing ashore, my dear,

Watch and steer at sea,

It ’s reef and furl, and haul the line,

Set sail and think of thee. 10

I climb’d to reach her cottage door;

O sweetly my love sings!

Like a shaft of light her voice breaks forth,

My soul to meet it springs

As the shining water leap’d of old, 15

When stirr’d by angel wings.

Aye longing to list anew,

Awake and in my dream,

But never a song she sang like this,

Sewing her long white seam. 20

Fair fall the lights, the harbor lights,

That brought me in to thee,

And peace drop down on that low roof

For the sight that I did see,

And the voice, my dear, that rang so clear 25

All for the love of me.

For O, for O, with brows bent low

By the candle’s flickering gleam,

Her wedding gown it was she wrought,

Sewing the long white seam. 

cupcake in white filigree wrapper

milk glass

I have a lot of this lovely white patty-pan squash in the garden right now.

Ocean Foam

white sea shells
White Sands, New Mexico

White Sands, New Mexico, sometimes called "God's Sandbox"

South Oxfordshire
See more things like the above on this lovely blog!


white eggs

Check back some time for more white pictures


Unknown said...

It is fun to decorate my home with things I like and have been given or found inexpensively. I like white walls because my home is small and the white color makes it seem larger than it is. This was a fun post.

Gerie said...

I too,love white and it was the picture of Candy's white living room that first led me to her blog.

And after I got there I was hooked when I saw her love of the Lord and spiritual wisdom,which she so generously shared with all of us.

But white, I think, is a key to simplicity, white towels, white sheets, comforters and slipcovers.

White cups and dishes are easy to replace.

A storage room all filled with white, air tight plastic containers will never look messy.

Its easy to decorate with white,as its always in the stores.You never are stuck with the problem of, having to match a certain designer shade.

And a house full of white lampshades can really brighten up a place, better than any colored or black shade ever could.

But really, the one who has decorating with white, down to an art is Candy from Canada.

I can't wait for the new blog.

We all love you, Candy.

Anonymous said...

White also opens up a room, giving the apearance of spaciousness and depth. It brightens wonderfully. Many homes here in Australia have been built with white tiled floors through the living areas (with dark grout - that doesn't look grimy, but works). We're pale yellow cream in our home, with cream tiles in the living area - similarly effective , but not as versatile as white. White in summer is dead easy; it absorbes the least heat, so, when dressing in natural fibre garments - cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, the cooling is maximised.

Anonymous said...


Throughout the East, from Albania to China, white also fulfills a more sober function, being the colour of mourning. The Indian widow will traditionally wear garments of white (as had Albanian widows in times past). In the Roman Catholic tradition, sacramentally, it is white that should be worn to a funeral, not black.

Personally, I understand this on a deeper level; our Transfigured and post Ressurection Saviour is spoken of as wearing garments of pure white, which has also simbolized regeneration and a life newly dedicated to God in both Old and new Testaments, so, even in mourning, there is hope in Him. As for Pink; other sources; Pink Granit, Rose Quartz, Peach blossom, Hybiscus flowers, the pink breast of the Australian parrot, the Gallar.

Anonymous said...

I loved Candy Faith's blog, she is a wonderful woman and has been such an inspiration in my life. I also loved her pure, simple home - she showed contentment that some people could never fathom because of their covetousness spirit. Jesus even chose to return on a WHITE horse! ;-)

White signifies purity, holiness, cleanness, etc. and her home was very lovely and clean. It showed that an industrious woman lived there, not a lazy sloth! Also, she showed she is about the calling that God gave her - her home, husband and child. If anyone had a problem with here, it was mere conviction.

Candy Faith has a desire to help others and show them the lessons she herself has learned and by her testimonies shared - it did just that! God has used her life to help mine (and others) and satan would love to stop that by having his minions speak lies and slander about her to try and silence her. I hope despite their vile, viscous gossip and railings - she stands and suffers the reproach of Christ rejoicing to be counted worthy!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I also am a blogging friend of Candy and I am sure this means a lot to her.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Pacific North West and during the winters here the clouds block out the sun, add to that the shorter days and everything seems so dark all the time.

Ah, but when the snow falls the house is brightened so much we don't even need the lights on inside the house because the light reflects off the snow and lights up the inside of the house. It is a white soft light that doesn't hurt the eyes.

The snow is truly heavenly while it lasts. I love that part of winter especially. An the sounds outside are so hushed and still.

Lydia said...

I especially like aqua when teamed with white.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to offer words of advice to other homemakers and homeschoolers who have blogs out there. What happened to Lady Lydia and Candy can happen to you, even if you think your blog is not controversial. Trolls are targeting Titus 2 homemakers.
Keep tabs on your stat counter, and beware if anyone has been on your blog for a long amount of time (like 6 hours in a row) clicking "older posts" over and over or searching for key words such as your family's names.
People who do this may be getting your entire blog backed up to their hard drive, and all your photos, so when you are attacked and take them down, they will have copies to post themselves.
Beware of people who befriend you through your blog or email, who ask an unusual amount of personal questions, ask for more photos than you have posted, and ask a lot of leading questions. This may be a person who leads you on to think you are helping them understand your point of view, but in actuality they are getting information to use against you. They may even give you their address, or send photos of themselves to be more legitimate. I hate to say be suspicious of everybody, but do be guarded.
These are signs that something is up, and they may be seen long before you are attacked. It is my belief that any one can be the next one. Don't be naive in thinking no one is interested in your blog enough to bother you. Even now the trolls could be gathering info on their next victim, when they have exhausted the others.
If you can do it, please take any personal info off your blog, including your real names, and photos of your family. Doing this will afford you peace of mind later on.
If you are attacked, don't react. Remember the trolls feed on reactions. It gives them a thrill and they go mile-high when someone gets mad at them. If you are cautious now, you can survive any attack better.
Keep up the good work on your blogs, ladies. Teach about being keepers at home, don't let up. Be the bright spot on the internet! But please, protect yourselves and your family.
-A concerned blogger and reader of many of your blogs

Anonymous said...


White and Aqua were our wedding colours back in 2005. They are a gorgeous combination especially when teamed with the natural hues of unpainted timber, cane and wickerwork. Beautiful!! They are also sensational in any outfit.

Almost all our serving dishes, platters and crockery is white. It goes with everything and looks looks eligant, plus, as mentioned by another commenter, is very easy to combine regardless of the collection one may have. Intersperse with cut glass pieces for a lovely effect.

Keep up the good work, and rise above the trolls out there - misery loves company and will go to great lengths to lower you down to its level. When they're old and lonely, they might reflect upon these years mispent in villification and hate-speech.

Anonymous said...

This was a very pretty, encouraging post! I like the pictures and the new pink background. The pink background really suits your blog. Thank you once again for sharing your insights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)
Thank you soooo much!

I loved this post. The pictures are beautiful.

Thank you Lydia.

Thank you for the others who left me comments here. I have read them all and appreciate each one.

I appreciate the advice in one of the comments too, it was excellent advice.

I hope to be back to blogging real soon. Tomorrow or the next day.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! I really like white-I recently spray painted all of my picture frames and candle holders white for my living room and it made a wonderful difference against the pale yellow background of my walls. My wall paper border has white, soft yellow, and soft aqua and I love the effect of it.
LOVE your new pink background too-so cheerful and feminine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the commenter who left such good advice regarding the safety of our blogs. I'll be making some changes!

Something else is to change the setting that allows your blog to be found by search engines. If someone is looking for your blog and Googles your blog name it will still pull up but changing the setting keeps the search engines from 'crawling' your blog and having key words from your blog show up on search engines.

A note to Candy,

I tried to e-mail you but it was returned to me so it must be an old e-mail address I have. I hope you don't have to take your blog private because I'd still like to read. But I understand if you just feel you have to.

I'm just so sorry this has happened to you.....

Anonymous said...

There is usually just one person operating 20 blogs under a lot of different names. These people can hate, literally hate, with a vengeance for years. Someone came to my blog many years ago and began to bully me badly. Eventually I got her to email me and when I asked what I ever did that made her so angry with me, she said "You were on such-and-such message board in 2005 and you disagreed with one of my comments." When I tried to apologize and get her forgiveness for offending her she would not have it. She would not let it go. I communicated clearly to her that there was no way to go back and change the incident now but that I did not know she was so offended and had I known, I would never have posted my opposing opinion and again asked her to drop it. She would not and to this day she searches for me wherever I happen to post or blog. Filled with hate, she feeds on it and it gives her more energy to hate more and more. If you a victim of the haters, do not try to negotiate with them, and do not let them manipulate your blog by their complaints of offense. Do not allow them to push your emotions. There are some people who are very good at doing that and will do whatever they can to drive you away. Continue to post what is dear to you, and let every barb of theirs give you energy to do it better and better.

Bek said...

Thanks gals for all the support you have given Candy, it was terrible what happened to her. But we are in a war and satan does not like us standing up for the Lord and rightous living, he will try and destroy what is good.

Candy is an amazing lady and I have had the honnor of getting to know her over the past few years, her heart and convictions are refreshing. Can't wait to see your new blog Candy.

Some advise I gave Candy is that we need to be carefull I have just started a new blog and have made a point of not using real life names of my family and friends and not disclosing what town I live in. We need to be wise and protect thoes close to us while still being able to share our hearts, lessons and life. The advise anothe blogger left is great as well. Wisdom needs to be used. Keep up the blogging girls and shining your light in a dark world.

Bek said...

Oh and I love this post it was lovely I have been using white a bit over the past 4 years and have just written a new post about it that I will be posting later today once I take some new photos:) White is so clean and crisp, this post by Linda was just lovely I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

“The heart reflects the person.”
-Proverbs 27:19

Beautiful and encouraging post, I am sure Candy was comforted by it; she is a lovely woman. I, too, am a longtime reader of Lady Lydia and Candy. They have inspired me in so many ways. Both are wonderful ladies.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea it could be so bad for you ladies who authored homemaking blogs. Some of the commenters here have offered what seems like good advice....I can only pray it will be helpful in deflecting those who have nothing better to do than annoy people who want to try & make their own world more beautiful. These individuals live in a spiritual darkness, I would say. And darkness cannot abide the light, can it?

And now, my comments about the decorating: it's very pretty! Very fresh & open-looking. I like having white curtains on my windows, as it diffuses the sunlght, making it actually a more usable light indoors...almost as though there's more light, if that makes sense.

Thanks for all the beautiful paintings, decorating ideas, & above all, godly wisdom that you share with us. May our Lord continue to bless your work here.

most sincerely,

Anonymous said...

I just want to let you know that once in awhile, I spend quite a bit of time on your blog and I hope you don't think everyone who does that is a troll. It is terrible you have to contend with the trolls, but sometimes I print things out for my personal use and it takes some time. If I am working around the home and printing my notebook pages during a break, I may walk away from the computer and leave it on your site rather than try to find where I left off. I hope that does not pose a problem for your website. If so, please just say so and I will not do that any more! If it does pose a problem, I sincerely apologize.

Lydia said...

no, that is not a problem!!!

Lori said...

I think it is so sad when people do this. I hope Candy knows I wasn't a troll and loved her Blog and would love permission to view it again, I just bought tissue paper to wrap my gifts like she had on the blog, what a wonderful idea! Her home was so pretty and her post where very inspiring.
I have gotten some terrible comments and my blog is not at all controversial, mainly over the amount of kids I have and how I am awful for believing in God and my favorite to attack me for moderating my comments, nothing more that was the whole attack how dare I moderate comments 1st and only comment on my blog from that person.
It seems internet bullying is the new thing. They aren't even trolls just to make things difficult they are flat out ganging up on people and bullying them, like what happens in middle school. If you wouldn't say it or do it IRL don't do it online. Blogs are like letting people in your home, you don't show up in a gang and attack someone in their home, don't do it on their blog. (((Hugs))) to all of you.

Anonymous said...

They are more vicious because they have no fear. They can do whatever they want with no restraint and their consciences do not bother them. Proverbs speaks of those who sleep not, because they are devising evil schemes all night. There is a leach, says the proverb, and the leach has a sister. Leaches do nothing to benefit anyone and never produce anything but strife.

Yes they cant wait to tear down the homemaker and some have a goal of getting rid of Titus 2 or Proverbs 31 blogs.

Anonymous said...

I, too, print off articles from your blog for my homemaking journal and it does take me quite a bit of time sometimes. I never thought about the fact that it might not look "good"-that I had been on your site for a long time. I'm glad you told "anonymous at 10:18" that that is not a problem. I LOVE your blog and find it such a source of encouragement!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful posts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes I visit your blog several times a day to check for any new posts or comments, and I'm glad it isn't a problem. It's a lovely, pleasant place to visit.

I am looking forward to many more posts and craft/sewing tutorials from you.

I also visited Candy's blog a couple of times and remember how lovely it was. Hope you are up and running again soon, Candy.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures you are finding. It makes me realize what a part of real life that white is. And, although I do not decorate with it, I loved looking at how Candy-Faith did it in her Canadian home. Her rooms were simple and refreshing, and reminded me somewhat of the Shakers in America who believed in simplicity.

Anonymous said...


Critics are not happy if you have a lot of children, but they hate you if you only have one. The gangs of attackers are never satisfied, never content, always accusing, never forgiving, and are not likely to be very industrious at anything but causing trouble.
A troll complains that other people make him "feel like a failure" and can only hate others for their success.

I can view a blog like Candy-Faith, where she showed some nice arrangements inside her cupboards, and get some great ideas from them, and learn how to be more organized. The trolls will only think she is showing off or making others "feel bad." I first ran into this attitude in the 80's when I was homeschooling. Some people were not happy because our family was enjoying being together and it made them "feel bad." It was like being in a foreign land in your own country, the way the mentality of the people had changed to envy and spite and unforgiveness. People were not willing to let any kind of a slight or a fault go. They hung on to the hatred and bitterness for years and years, never forgetting. Many people of my generation were taught not to envy and to leave other people alone and mind your own business. In a large family, that is learned very quickly, but anyone can learn to enjoy other people and their talents without jealousy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will write more about the homemaking classes and give suggestions as to subject material.

I would like to also know more about the simple sewing techniques when you get time.

Advice for older women and their role would really be appreciated too.

Loved your article on the Ulster-Scots. It gave me a surging feeling of courage and happiness, knowing that God is with those who remember Him and who follow His word.

Anonymous said...

MommyLori - the problem is, they really DO those things "in real life"! It is horrifying, but the group mentality that permeates schools and anywhere there is a group of the same age, fosters the gang-thinking. Some of the stronger ones will intimidate those who have more tender feelings. As these bullies get older they take it out into the rest of the world. What they do ont he web is possible to do "in real life." Its no longer some secret thing they do on the web, while living a completely different life at home. It is a lost generation that has grown up in institutions and never developed a conscience that would stop them. The bullying that has been done to several homemakers blogs, is really vicious, and some blogs are started just to bully someone else.I know that their lives are messed up: multiple divorces, lots of medications, drinking, wayward children, and some of them are are on welfare and spend their entire time on the web doing ill.

Lori said...

WOW! Grown women act like that IRL? I guess I am pretty sheltered because I have yet to encounter that out of middle school. It is a scary world we live in. And I feel very lucky to not have that happen to me IRL.
I don't know what life is like with only 1 child I started having kids young and well I have been blessed. So I only know the attacking for having lots of kids. I am praying for all of you guys. And ((hugs)) I love these blogs it makes me feel normal for being a girl, loving to wear dresses, staying at home. It makes me feel less alone because I love to cook and do special things for my hubby. Honestly sometimes I feel like I am the only one then I come online and feel like I find Moms like me. Moms who read the Bible everyday, and such. And no I don't live a fantasy
Also you all have wonderful Idea's I love to look at your homes and think, wow I could do that! This is one of my favorite blogs to do that with.
Titus2 blogs have also taught me so much! Thank you L.S. for all you do!

Lydia said...

Re: the subject suggestions - these are good reminders for me. I have a "personal staff" which is my family members, who help me with the computer and with blog ideas, etc. They have a list for me, as well. The weather here is really nice outside so I am still doing outdoor things, but I hope to continue with the sewing projects. One of my staff members will be helping me to make another "painting inspired" sewing segment.

Anonymous said...


More breathtaking examples of 'white' in the natural world

the 'Tiger' Borial forrest during its protracted winter that encircles the northernmost parts of the Earth spanning North America, Northern Canada/Alaska, Northern Europe and Northern Asia.

Arctic hare, Arctic Fox and Arctic Wolf in their winter coats, Antarctica, especially upon first Sunrise,

The Snowcapped Himalayas at Sunset, where white is transformed into fire, the rare white lion and white tiger (not albino, but a subspecies in their own rights),

the Samoyed breed of dog. the white underground salt Cathedral carved by Polish miners...

White swans,

Almond trees in blossom.

the many 'chalkhorses' in southern England,

The breathtaking white limestone cistercian abbey in France.

the Taj Mahal

The Sydney Opera House,

Keep adding to the list, or create a second post.

Some pink additions also, the flamingo (though white, its diet renders it pink; Flamingos vary from the familliar rose hue to brilliant scarlet.
Peach blossom
and spring snows (algy in the snows bring on a pink flush).

Those who labour under the impression that Pink does not occur naturally are clearly wrong. Whether it is the living thing's own pigment or that caused by diet or biological process, it is there, out and proud. Italian hunters have traditionally worn Pink also; 'Hunter Pink' as it is known.

Lydia might also like to put up a shot of some pink Tiffani glass... home making decoration at its most luxuriant! (as is the use of pink marble or granite. Then there's the beautiful Rose Gold; stunning! especially when paired with amethyst or rose quarts.