Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Confidence in the Home (with video 2)

                                   (Setting the Table, Saturday Evening Post, 1957)

I thought you might enjoy this depiction of the 1950's home economics classes.  If I am remembering right, the boys were in the workshop classes learning carpentry skills and how to put an engine back together. Sometimes when the home ec class finished preparing a meal, the boys from the workshop class would come in to have the food tested on them :-) Does anyone remember this?

In homeschooling, we changed this a little by inviting the rest of the family to dinner, or, when we taught homemaking to other girls, would invite the parents to dine with us to sample the final result.

Some women really want to make life  at home pleasant, stable and worthwhile, but they need confidence. Confidence consists of trust, faith and courage, and a touch of boldness.

There are two things that might help to develop confidence in managing the home:

1. Being convinced that what you are doing is right. This makes it possible to do something with steady determination.  When you know something is the right thing to do, that it is important, and
necessary, confidence comes more easily. 

Isaiah 30:5  says, "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

As an example, a lady at home may want her family to have meals at home. She feels strongly that they should eat food prepared at home, as well as sit together at meal times. She wants to prepare the table so that her family may enjoy the experience of dining, rather than just eating in an unceremonious way.  Being convinced that this is a noble and good thing to do, she confidently does whatever she needs to do.

2. Keeping your eye on the final outcome of any effort will keep you from losing confidence.  A mother may begin home schooling, and as the days go by, may come across difficulties, but if she keeps her final goals in mind, she will have confidence. 

When confronted by difficulties, keeping her  ultimate goals pictured in her mind will help her feel confidence.

The opposite of confidence is uncertainty, nervousness and feelings of inferiority. 

Enemies of confidence are things like discouraging news, distractions, and unfair comparisons.

I have created a short video to emphasize two important points, so please click and listen here:

It would have been good to have added in the video, to use the discouraging news you hear, or any discouraging thoughts, as signals to do what is right and good and what is necessary for you to do, with confidence.

To practice being confident:

1. Develop knowledge of your work. These days, training in skills and knowledge is more convenient than it ever has been. When you become proficient at something, your confidence increases.

These days there are so many choices in learning materials, that you can choose whatever you respond to the best, for your teacher: video cooking lessons, housekeeping manuals, workbooks, podcasts, skype visits, and hands-on experience through attending things in youe area. 

2. Every goal has some unpleasant aspects in the attainment of it, so do not be daunted by difficulties. 
You can feel confident when you quietly and patiently go about your tasks.

When discussing the quality of confidence, I always enjoy relating the story of Nehemiah. I find it amusing, because it is so like the way things happen today. 


Dawn said...

I love that picture of Home Ec class. So many nice details.

I took Home Ec in the 70s and IIRC, it was a required class for boys and girls. We also had elective classes. I took woodshop and drafting which had boys and girls, and sewing which was only girls. I don't know if sewing was only for the girls or if it was that no boys chose to take it when I was in it.

Limiting exposure to bad/disturbing news is such good advice. The news is instantaneous from every part of the world now that it is overwhelming and it's enough to make one want to stay in bed and hide under the covers.

BCronmiller said...

Good job on the video. You're a natural.

I really liked the little details in picture of the Home Economic's class.
The pretty table setting complete with the tablecloth, candles and flowers. Something we should strive for in our own homes. When I was in high school, I had a home economics class but it was in my class, food management where the food we made were served to our teachers. The goodies we made like cookies, brownies and soft pretzels were put on a cart and sold to the students during class time.

Tricia said...

Dear Lydia,
I am loving "visiting" with you through your videos! I especially loved the ribbon in your hair! SO pretty! Please keep making videos to inspire us to be better homemakers!

Jaymie said...

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and wisdom. I am 30 years old so I grew up in a generation that was, I think anyway, really feeling the effects of women leaving the home to work. My mom was a single mom raising 3 kids who worked outside of the home, I never had that guidance or instruction to be a mom and a wife. I was always told to not EVER get married, not EVER depend on a man and don't EVER have kids. lol Now I have 4 children :-) Thank you for being such a blessing!


Gayle said...

I enjoyed your personal observations on Nehemiah. It made me want to go and read it again. I agree with not watching so much news, it can get a sensitive person to feel hopeless quickly. Your videos are such a nice touch. You are lovely and have a pleasing voice. I am so glad you have added this for all of us who are too far away to attend your studies. Thank you again for all of your hard work. You are a precious lady. God bless you and all you do.

anonymous said...

Thank you for this encouraging post and your video which also enhance the message.
By the way, you look very pretty in green.

I have always gone back to the story of Nehemiah when discouraged about how things are turning out when what I'm doing is right and good.
I find the greatest arsenal against negativity is the Word of God, which you use very effectively.

I do remember those Home Ec. classes and took them all through Jr. High. and High School even into my first year of college. I should have majored in it, but quit school to get married. Later my son was able to take a semester of it in Jr. High. Not sure how much he learned from it since his interest was more into motorcycles.

I was saddened to learn those classes are no longer offered to students. They sure helped my independence as a young adult.
Thanks for the memories and another great post.


Alex said...

I DID enjoy your video again!
I agree with you and with Dawn ...There is so much bad going on in the world, it becomes all the more important to make our homes a sanctuary of all things good, and to have long and patient confidence in that aim; this does not mean that you don't care about the plight of those who are suffering in across the world, just you are doing something positive in your 'corner' of it.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Nice to see you again and hear a good word!Accomplishing family dinners together was a good example to use.

Enid said...

Thank you for your words and video.

It's a good reminder about listening to the news, I should, more often, reach for the "Good News".

The world will always be troublesome, but our homes must be a sanctuary to those we share it with. I love it when my beloved comes in the door,as dinner is cooking, and says "yum, that sure looks and smells good, and after dinner thanks me for the good meal..can't beat that!

Linda LeClair said...

I have always enjoyed your blog and am very pleased to see you sharing through video. The pictures you show fill me with such peace. I wish that home economics classes had been more readily available. In 1974, when I was a senior in high school, I was finally able to take home economics. The class was enjoyable. Since I was eleven years old, my mother taught me how to sew, knit and cook.

Juliette said...

What a wonderful surprise to find this video! I've been following your blog for many years now and this is the first time I've been able to see/hear you! You were a natural on camera! - Jackie Juliette, NYC

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for your lovely and inspiring video.

May I just say that you have beautiful skin. I'd love to know a bit about your skincare.


Ellie Rae said...

I really liked that.

Anonymous said...

I just can't tell you how much I enjoy your videos. They are going to be wonderful inspirations to many young women and older women.
You are a lovely woman and full of grace.
I encourage you to keep sharing your uplifting thoughts via video. It is like being able to visit you in person...something I have often wished I could do.
Have a blessed day,

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, Another wonderful teaching truth! I do remember those classes taught to so many young ladies that so wanted to be home keepers and to take care of their homes!
You have done a great job! I did print out a few of these lessons!
Have a blessed evening!

larissa said...

Dear Lydia, it is wonderful to see you in your videos. You are very pretty and I aspire to be like you :) Hearing you speak helps the teachings on the blog posts come alive. What keeps me motivated about housework is coming to your site, keeping my kitchen and bathrooms clean and tidy. Recently I discovered how
using a lightweight mop has changed the way I approach mopping which I can do now everyday without much hassle. Things like this keep me motivated about caring for my home:)

Ellen Seagren said...

You have a very nice presentation and I enjoyed your two videos - hope you will do more! I wish that I could find a podcast on homemaking so that I could listen while working on my needlework. Do you or anyone else know of any? thanks!

Lydia said...

Inam going to learn podcasts and radio, listen while you work. However, there are a lot of housekeeping videos on youtube. You do not have to sit and watch as audio is just as interesting ifmyou want to listen. It seems to me there is more usefulness in a video if I am going to show a how-to aspect. for my part, demonstratimg something on a video is more interestimg than watching someone speak.

Andrea R said...

Wonderful post and video, Lydia!

What keeps me motivated is being able to enjoy my home that is clean and tidy. I don't always get to the bigger projects like I would like, (raising and schooling many children doesn't get everything else done) but I will not live in mess, or chaos, or dirt. My house is always very clean, company ready, etc. My young children may make messes in their rooms, because that's what children do (particularly homeschooled children who are primarily home, and in the Winter!), but they also know how to clean up when the time comes, and to contribute..they also know not to make messes in the common areas.

It really helps to keep focused on the end result in so many ways! With our faith..it leads to the eternal life..homeschooling..it raises children of high character who are prepared to contend for their faith..a clean home..a place to relax, enjoy, be healthy and nourished and happy..etc.

Thank you for the lovely post full of wisdom!

Lydia said...

Very well said, Andrea.

Anonymous said...

I took Home Ec during the 60s and LOVED it. I am very sorry to know that such classes are not offered, but oh! the business classes that abound!

I was not able to "see" the video - it was marked "private" and would not upload. I hope in the future I will be able to see it. I saw one of yours that you did previously and enjoyed it very much.

I remember that all senior-class girls were invited to a lovely china/glassware shop where some of the various patterns were shown to us along with a short presentation about the various types of "china" and the variety of patterns available. Then we were invited to select any pattern we wished and set a place setting on a table, and the ladies of the shop would "judge" us on our selection and setting. The reward was a full place setting of the selected china! (No matter the cost!) No I did not win, but OH I so hoped..... Anyway, even in 1967 these things were valued!

Thank you again for a lovely, inspiring post.

Lydia said...

I hope you can watch them now!

ladypinktulip said...

Such a good post! Thank you for the encouragement. I loved the video also
and it uplifts me. I know for me the kitchen and bathrooms have to be clean
and I persevere until they are. Then I take a rest with some tea and enjoy
the progress. I so enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor even if it was
hard not so pleasant work. Then the reward comes. Thank you again and love
the videos! Love Kelly Thompson


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