Monday, February 15, 2016

Dignity in the Home (Video 7)

Thank you for joining me today on the subject of Dignity in the Home.

Dignity means: to elevate in high esteem, to make worthy and worthwhile, to give true honor, to develop a noble elevation of the mind. We are familiar with the phrase: "Strength and dignity are her clothing" in the book of Proverbs, but how does that feeling of dignity permeate the home?

To dignify something, you pay attention to it, take it in, promote it, enjoy it or cultivate it. To give dignity to the home, you have to develop a heavenly view of your earthly dwelling and a spiritual focus on every material thing in it, plus,  every action that takes place. Elevate the home to be good and noble, and it will be a place worth living in.

When we say that something is heavenly, we get a sense of abandoning to a pleasant scent, a comfort, a sight or a sound. You might say your mother's cooking is "heavenly" or a certain flower has a "heavenly" scent. You would mean an indescribable sensation of well-being.

 In a home that reflects heaven, every object and activity has both a sense of stability and of joy. The home can show love, honor and peace by the use of light and color, sound and scent, careful selection of furnishings and objects. as well as the mood of the homemaker. Her words should be instructional yet uplifting enough to give family members a sense of elevation of spirit and purpose in their lives. It is here at home they will learn to tap in to their full potential as human beings and to glorify God in the way they live.

Acquiring the spiritual attributes of happiness and contentment will involve some house cleaning. Sweep away the unattractive habits of criticism, demeaning outbursts, and demoralizing. Avoid idle talk and accusing words. 

The home has a different set of values than the higher criticism and nitpicking, lying and bad moods of the rest of the world, but sometimes people dishonor the home with anger, pouting, demoralizing others, and in general, making the atmosphere so unappealing that people do not enjoy it. There are those who have had a bad day and want everyone at home have a bad day, too. So be careful not to spread discouragement at home, and remember the New Testament teaches to build one another up.

The Bible constantly warns that the time is short and we must make the most of it, so do not hesitate to dress the house in dignity, as the most honored place on earth. Add to it orderliness, cleanliness, beauty, books and your own creativity. Those of you who have raised children know how fast the time goes and how important each moment is!

Please keep sending me emails to help me refine this video method of teaching and sharing. I have a long way to go before I am will be completely happy with the results, and I hope to find time to learn all the things you can do in a video.

This is another Faded Glory cotton cardigan.

The blouse is all cotton, 

And has a nice edging, and is loose and comfortable at home. Crinkled cotton texture.


Gayle said...

This post really made me think. I never thought of making our home "heavenly", but everything you said is so true. Kind words spoken to our families even when we have had a bad day can change the attitude of everyone. I have liked all of your videos so far, and I think you are doing a great job. The sweater you are wearing in this one is such a pretty color and you look lovely in it. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.

Courtney Downs said...

Thank you for your videos! I really liked this one! You are a lovely and encouraging person!

Tricia said...

Dear Lydia,
I just love your videos! I always read the post first and then watch the video. It is such a treat! Thank you for doing the videos and I hope you keep doing them!

Fiona Ferris said...

Thank you for doing these videos, Lydia. It is such a treat to watch and listen to you speak after reading your inspiring blog posts for many years.

Lydia said...

Fiona Ferris, I read your blog!

Fiona has her own videos and e-books, ladies. She is in New Zealand.

Nancy said...

This is an encouragement to me. Thank you, Mrs. Sherman!

Trish said...

Dear Lydia, your encouraging and instructional videos are a breath of fresh air! It's wonderful to see and hear you after reading your blog for years. I enjoy each new upload and find myself recalling your recorded words with ease throughout the day. Thank you so much for graciously braving the camera for our benefit. God bless you! Trish xx

Helen Threlfo said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I'm sure I echo everyone's thanks for your warm and charming presentation. Your thoughtfulness in writing the post as well as doing the video means that we can enjoy and benefit from both ways of teaching. Your outfit is just lovely.
What you said about bringing a bad attitude into our home, makes people want to leave instead of staying is so true. Even small children will withdraw if there is an atmosphere of anger and strain.
This afternoon, there is a storm brewing outside and the house is dark. I have lit some lamps and fairy lights and added a soft pink cardigan to my outfit.
All of this inspired from your lovely video's.
Warm Regards, Helen

Stephanie DeGange said...

I love everyone of your videos. You are very helpful in encouraging the homemaker. You look very pretty and healthy...Thank you.
Stephanie DeGange

Lydia said...

Dear Lady Lydia, you look lovely. Question-I still struggle with dressing in anything other than jeans because I get myself into some gardening, messy cleaning or cooking. I know you have aprons. Silly question, but would you do a post on keeping clean and looking presentable? Thank you. Mary

Lydia said...

I will try to address this.

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to "visiting" with you in your home through these videos.
You are a blessing to me and an inspiration to keep focused and enjoy the home, family and life I have been given.
Have a lovely evening.....Shirley


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