Monday, February 22, 2016

The Setting of the Home (Video 8)

Greetings, Ladies,

I am so glad you have taken the time to come here and visit, because I will  be sharing my thoughts about the role of the homemaker. 

The foundation of your love of the home and of your reason for being the guard and guide of the home, lies in your belief.

Generally, there are two ways to believe:  1.) to acknowledge or admit something, and 2.) to be persuaded, convinced.

The Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament, uses the words "persuade" and "convince" for the English word "believe" in several places.

A person can give a mental nod to something but not be convinced enough to do it. It is the second kind of belief that I will be talking about today: to be convinced.

When you are convinced about the validity of your role, your performance will be better than if you are only mentally acknowledging it.

Sometimes ladies at home feel some doubt, especially if anyone close to them questions their role at home. They may begin to wonder how they can prove it is their responsibility to keep the home and be watchful of the people they care for, but if they can create their setting to support their role, it helps their performance to feel more natural. This is not always so, as women who truly believe in their role can carry it in any circumstance. However, it is always creates an incentive when your home becomes, in a sense, your castle or your cottage or your own vacation resort.

The type of belief that shows you are convinced of something, causes you to do something. You may believe you should be a homemaker, and do nothing more than give mental assertion to it, but if you are truly convinced, your homemaking will become dynamic and meaningful.  Your belief will be evident by the things you do to make the home a place where the family is nurtured, protected, comfortable, and has a chance to grow and learn new skills and knowledge. 

The home is also a setting for the homemaker, who is performing an important role. How can she perform this role with all it entails, if the setting is not convincing?

This brings me to the idea of the setting of the home as a support system for your role.  Whatever your dwelling may be, small or grand, it can do a lot to help you feel confidently convinced of the value of your role as the lady of the house when it is created as a setting to support your performance.

As you supply the home with things necessary for many needs in daily life, you feel a noble sense of purpose for yourself and others.  The library, for example,  (which may only be a bookshelf in a corner, with a chair) becomes a place where edifying reading material is supplied. The dining room, (where people actually dine with one another) is a place free from work and other distractions, and the sitting room is a destination of luxury and comfort that provides a sense of contentment. You may have a sewing room  and a kitchen, each with its own function.

These settings that surround you, as the homemaker, give reality to your role. Even if you live in a caravan, your dwelling has things that support your performance at home.

If you have ever listened to a historical re-enactor explain how his or her role becomes easier, they will never fail to mention the location, the setting, the costumes, the architecture, the interiors and the other people in their supporting roles, the carriages and the horses, etc.  They will say the setting,  and the location make the scene so real that the performance becomes natural. The location, props, setting, animals and other actors put them inside the world they are attempting to emulate.

In the same way I think the homemaker needs to look at her home as a setting for the the art of homemaking.  As the performer in a historical re-enactment needs to have the things around that make the role feel real, the homemaker needs to make her home a  supportive setting for who she is.

To support her role, she must surround herself in the things that comfort her and give her a feeling of home.

Most performers will say that, although they are intellectually aware of the roles they play, they become more convinced (and so do onlookers) when they perform in the location that "goes" with the character they are playing.

For a happier existence at home, create a  convincing  setting around you that  says the home is a beautiful place where something very noble and spiritual is taking place. It says you are presiding beautifully as the lady of the house.  It convinces others that you know what you are doing and that you are settled and established in the noble deeds you perform.

Some of those settings may include things of a physical nature, such as the furnishings that give the family comfort, or the reading materials that give them the spiritual grounding they need and that reinforce their beliefs. 

 Just as a performer will go to the location of the story he is telling, the homemaker will create the setting for her role. She will enhance her location with the props needed to help her perform her responsibilities, whether they be things for the kitchen or things for the laundry room.  

To reinforce this illustration, you might listen to an interview with your favorite historical performer, about how the settings and the location, along with the costumes, help her in performing her role.

I have tried to summarize the idea of the "setting" and the support for your role, in video # 8, below:


I hope you enjoyed my little talk today. Thanks so much for watching!


This is the dress I was wearing in the video.  It is made of Waverly cotton, approximately $3.00 a yard from Walmart and comes in all delicious colors!  The weave looks like linen but the fabric is silky and feels very soft to wear. The label on the end of the bolt called this color "orchid."

I never wear a scarf at home, as usually I have an apron, but I used this scarf for the video.


Stephanie DeGange said...

You are so right Lydia. The setting of the home is so important, but so is the lady's attitude. I admit that although I am a good housekeeper, I sometimes am so busy cleaning and doing chores that I forget to relax, stop, take a break and enjoy my home. At 60, I need to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy the efforts I have put in to making my house a home. My husband and I built our home ourselves when we were in our twenties. Here we are all these years later, fortunate enough to have not have had to move... This fretting is something I admit I have to work on more on some days than others. How silly it is to get carried away about small things because I have a "schedule." Please pray for me to relax and feel free to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Sometimes I think I have to "work" all the time--but how silly. When I do free my mind and relax, I notice my husband is so much happier, too!
Love, Stephanie

Barbra N said...

Thank you lady Lydia for yet another inspiring video teaching. On the subject of library, I would like to request readers to share some of those books and novels that they would recommend for nourishing the minds of our family especially for our retired members of the family. My retired father is always asking me to find him good literature for his reading. I have so far shared some of the classics that i know by Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, Henry James, Elizabeth Gaskell among the few authors that i know.

Please I would be glad if readers shared with me some recommendations for more uplifting and lighthearted books for him.

I thank you all for sharing.
Much Love and Blessings, Barbra

Mary said...

Lady Lydia you continue to inspire me. I loved your analogy of the historical actor and getting into his/her role when they get into the environment. That is so true. I continue to work on this philosophy. My home is my "domestic church" and I should treat it as such. I am fortunate to have a small, but neat home. My husband thanks me for providing a "homey" setting and a place of safety and refuge. My struggle is that I feel guilty for not "working" outside of the home. I am a product of the feminist movement, but am evolving and realizing how important it is to maintain a safe, pleasant and orderly environment for my husband. He visibly relaxes when he arrives home. I see it in my children as well when they visit. Thank you for all you do.

Martin + Rosey said...

So encouraging, Thank you!!

Gayle said...

Such an insightful and penetrating idea. To think of our homes as a set that inspires us is such a unique idea to me, and one that I will take to heart. What a lovely idea and you framed it so well. Thank you again so much for these videos and lessons, they are really an answer to so many questions I toss around inside my head. I love the dress on you with that color, and I for one would love to see the aprons you wear with your dresses. I think that would be fun. God bless you and have a beautiful day.

Lydia said...

I am hoping to talk about aprons next time. I only have plans for a couple more videos and then hope to learn how to make podcasts.

Gina said...

I love you videos Lygia! You are so encouraging! Can't wait to see your aprons!

Helen Threlfo said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

I simply love this video....and how true it is. When you think about it, in life, if we are going to get married, we will produce the setting of a wedding. This helps the Bride, the Groom and the Guests to feel that this is a special event celebrating the birth of a new family.
I like that you pointed out early in the video that we can help ourselves with this. We can pray, plan, think and speak of our role and the place that we occupy.
As we do this, we can express our creativity to beautify our different areas and to plan how they could function well.
There are so many things to enjoy and consider. It puts the fun back into homemaking as well.
Your outfit is just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to show us what you were wearing and how you put it together.
Lady Lydia I would like to see a video on creating a special place in our bedrooms. This room being a place to rest, to sleep, to bless our husbands. One of my friends shared with me that our bedroom should lean towards the feminine side, so that our husbands feel that they have entered a place that reflects their wives beauty. I thought that there was value in this idea and I was wondering what your thoughts were on that.
Warm Regards,

Ellen Seagren said...

Another wonderful video! I look forward to your presentation on aprons. I always feel like I'm more of a homemaker when wearing one. I love decorating for different seasons and holidays - it's kind of like treating our home to a new "dress"! Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to the videos and blogs. Looking forward to the podcasts.

The Retro Homemaker said...

Thank you for all your videos, they are so inspiring. I like the idea of thinking we are self-employed and to be determined to do a great job as a homemaker.

Traditional Simplicity said...

I really enjoyed this video. Sometimes that added little things like an apron, the table actually "set" and using terms that formalize an area really do help in creating the environment.

Sometimes my husband doesn't see my work at home as a "job". He says I'm a housewife(very lovingly, but still doesn't see it as work) When I try to formalize things to show I am serious about my "work" he looks down on the phrases and terms I use, that can be tough. But in my heart I know my role and I am grateful for you Lydia and your uplifting posts to encourage me. With no children at home now it is truly my "castle". Thank you again!

Mrs. U said...

I'm so sad! I'm unable to see the video. When I click on it, it says "private".

I DO love all you've shared here!!!

Lydia said...

I am working on the settings. Please try again.


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