Monday, March 21, 2016

A Rest Stop (Video 9)

(Thank you to my friend Lisa Anne for makinf this video!)

It was noisy in the background with the cold storminess, so I will relate what I said in the video:

I would like to share something I have believed for awhile: the practice of not waiting for the sun to shine before doing anything special, even a beach trip. We do not know whether we will have tomorrow, especially with loved ones, so we should not wait to do things that are available to us right now.

One of the things our parents would say when they planned something was, "Rain or Shine, we are going to do this!"  They were good at not waiting for things to get better. They always had a little fuel in the car to take short trips from home to have a change of scenery, which they thought was so important to keep life interesting.

For the homemaker I think it is extremely important to plan a few things, and do them, rain or shine. When you come home after some recreation, (if you understand how to do this and the purpose )you have a fresh new outlook on your home life.

If I were to give any advice to the lady just beginning her life as a home maker, I would say to make time each week for a half day away for rest and renewal, whether or not you think you need it.  If you get in the habit, it will pay you healthful dividends throughout your life.  You might think you can burn the candle at both ends while you are young and not see any poor effects, but you may end up paying for it later in life.

Please do not buy into the tension of the prevailing culture. Do not think you have to keep up with worlds demands on your time and talents.  Doing what is necessary for your family's well-being is taxing enough on your mental and physical abilities. Do not try to save the world on top of that by taking on extra responsibilities.

I hope to speak more about this later and include quotes from older women about how detrimental it is to allow extra demands on your time.

Until then, remember to have some quiet recreation in the creation every week, or a few minutes each day to rest your mind.


(All personal photographs are copyrighted. Do not use without permissiom.)
It was so cold I had trouble speaking with ease :-) but it was not cold enough to ruin my enthusiasm.
That is the lighthouse keeper's home in the background.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful video dear didn't need sunshine to see the beauty at the beach. Your videos are wonderful. I hope you do more outdoor videos.
And most of all thanks for the timely truths that help us focus on what is really important each day.
You are special,
Hugs from Shirley

Vicki L. said...

Good morning Lydia,

The Lord has been speaking to me about just this subject, and here you are addressing it! The enemy is constantly pushing those of us who have chosen to stay home to do more...more cleaning, more entertaining, more church work, more, more, more! We are working ourselves into exhaustion and that is his goal. Thank you for bringing us back to God's intention, that being to care for our husbands and children with joy, grace and beauty, all in His relaxed and healing time.

Lydia said...

Shirley, Vicki, I agree with you. There are those who teach women to be exhausted, even saying that after they have done their house work, they can start a business and earn extra money. This eventually robs them of their true purpose and real fulfillment, as it takes over their lives and adds more worry and subtracts peace.

anonymous said...

Oh how timely. I have been trying to get certain Wintertime indoor house projects out of the way in preparation for upcoming garden work, when the weather gets sunny.

When my plans for future fun projects get diverted too much I become stressed. I have constantly been diverted from my plans and finally had to turn down several opportunities to do "fun things" in order to stay focused. Working in my garden gives me great peace besides providing food for my family.

Sometimes one must not let fun opportunities get in the way of real peace. Other times all work and no play make a dull person. My thoughts are to be balanced.
Thank you Lydia for this timely post. You look so happy down by the shore, it's your element.

Blessings, Janet

Rightthinker said...

I love today's video! I also love this post and all of the truth within it!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

You have said it perfectly Shirley.

Thanks Lady Lydia, for all that you do.

Gayle said...

I loved this video, it is a timely reminder to us all that nothing is guaranteed, to make the most of the time we do have. The day before my sweet father died, we chatted and talked about all the things we wanted to do when he "retired". We laughed and made such fun plans. The following day, he passed from a massive heart attack. How often I think of how he waited to do the things he wanted to do until there was a better time and it never came.Have picnic in the rain, go for a hike somewhere beautiful, sketch in your back yard if you have to, but make some time for some joy for yourself, and maybe make memories for the ones you love, too. God bless you, I do love your videos and teachings, your heart is so true and kind.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, How wonderful that you shared this important point today! I have started my spring cleaning today, but it was very relaxing and I took pleasure in doing the task. My goal is to de-clutter some so my daily work will be done more quickly.
But I did stop in between and read a chapter in a book and made myself a yummy lunch.
If we can just help relate that by not taking time for leisure and fun will wear a lady out, or as we might say burned out.
I am so glad you had a day away and got some fresh air and a scenic drive!
Lovely words of wisdom!
Hugs, Roxy

Jenny said...

Lady Lydia, the pictures are just lovely. You are a pretty addition to the striking scenery. This post speaks to my heart. It is one of the hard lessons I learned myself. Only recently, can I see the wisdom in what you said.

My candle burned out, and I was but a hollow shell inside for many of my days. I looked and seemed okay on the outside, but inside I felt a joyless drudge, on the clock 24/7.
A year or so ago, I resolved to do things differently. I started out playing outside with my older boy more. I left housework undone, but my boy was growing and I didn't want to miss it. After our new baby came along, I, as my "boss", gave myself permission to have a half day off during the week and an hour long break during the day. Every day, the baby and I take a constitutional and explore different parks and areas of town, and for my half day off, we take a walk or drive and end it with a window shopping excursion (if the weather is poor), or if the weather is nice sit on the quilt and enjoy the great outdoors.

I'm so happy to report no depression at all! It is a habit now, and neglecting the housework doesn't sting as badly as it once did. Sometimes you just have to do this!! Thank you so much for promoting rest for the housewife. In these days of "busy-ness", it is a lost concept.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I enjoyed the artistic flair of this video! Nicely done! And the message is an important one, and timely for me as I have been thinking a lot lately of how important it is to "stop and smell the roses" in my daily life. I do tend to become too focused on housework and chores and endless laundry, until my life has nothing in it but work. In my case, my children aren't babies any longer, they are starting to grow up, and I feel like I really should take more time to do fun things with them (even if the laundry doesn't get done) because it won't be too many years before they go out into the world and the opportunity to make special memories when they are young, will be gone.

May I offer one little suggestion regarding your videos? For outside filming, it might be helpful to have a remote microphone to capture your voice (If it would work with your camera, I am certainly not gifted in technical matters.) In this video, if was a bit tricky to hear your voice over the sound of the wind and waves.

Lydia said...

I am using an ipad. I do not know anything about microphones. I am always ten years behind the technology. 😊

Christine said...

I have ALWAYS enjoyed your written words. With your videos, it makes your words and thoughts come alive! Plus, it's very comforting to hear you speak.
It's almost like talking with a friend.

Courtney Downs said...

I loved this! Thank you!

Lydia said...


I know the feeling of having planned something but put it off til a better time, and then having missed the whole thing forever.

ladypinktulip said...

Such a great post. Thank you. All I have is this present moment and
I should seize that opportunity regardless if the weather is not perfect
or circumstances are less than ideal. Thank you as always for this great
encouragement. Love Kelly T.

Mrs. White said...

This is wonderful advise. I love the video. The surroundings are so pretty.

Thank you for doing this much needed work of writing and ministering to homemakers!

Mrs. White

Anonymous said...

I well remember my "younger days" - working full time, raising our son with all the attendant school meetings, officership in a fraternal organization, going to college at night, selling Avon "on the side", sewing for myself, gifts, and family, and so on. When I look back, I get so tired!!! HA But now I understand I was simply doing too much, and wish my priorities had been different. Rest is so very important, for sure. Thank you so much, Lady Lydia, for this video!

Kathleen in IL


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