Monday, March 28, 2016

Lady Resting (Video 10)

Today I am discussing one of the essential ingredients of a happy home life, particularly for  ladies who have become full-timehomemakers.  When you come home to make it your main focus in life, you become self-employed lady, and as such, you may forget to rest.  

(Because I always get requests about the cardigans and blouses in the videos, I will post pictures of the pink cardigan, pink skirt and white ruffled blouse, as well as the shawl, at the end of this post)

We all tend to gear our lives according to the way a business or an industry is conducted, but life at home requires more attention to your rest . Rest affects your mood and feeling of well-being. When this is neglected, home is not a pleasant place.

Here is a technique of rest that you can do even when you have small children, or when you are older.  There is something about it that revives you spiritually and physically. Rest restores you.

You can prove the marvellous benefits of rest by doing this:

Set aside the hours between one and three o'clock in the afternoon.

Prepare a comfortable place with cushions and blankets and lay down.  Bring whatever you will need to keep you content there, such as your reading, music, needlework, or nothing.

Lay there until you feel you really want to get up.

Get up and do some simple thing for about five minutes: take the clothes out of the dryer, straighten up something, clean the sink, etc.

Lay down again until you are tired of it and really want to get up.

Get up for a few minutes, make a cup of tea, and then go lay down again.

Repeat for a couple of hours.

You will find that little children sometimes like having you in one place. Sometimes little children want their mothers to sit down and not move around all the time.

For older women may find when the three hours are finished,  they feel younger  and revived. Ladies have told me it gives them a feeling of refreshment and health.

The one who creates the atmosphere at home is the homemaker, and without rest, she has no working tools. 

Rest is right up there next to laughter as "good medicine" described in the Bible. Remember this phrase in Isaiah 30:15 

"... in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength..."

Take some time to be quiet and rest, on purpose. Do not wait until you become tired and ill. Restore yourself. Teach your children to do the same. 

Mat 11:29  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Example of the apostle Paul's experience with restlessness and trouble:

2Co 7:5  For, when we were come into Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears.
2Co 7:6  Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;
                                                           Lady. Resting
(A reader suggests you print the picture and put it on your fridge or somewhere to remind you to take a rest time)


The Shepherd's Little Green House in the Hill said...

Hello Lydia,
Timely message and I am currently printing for my binder.
Thank you and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

This is really important to practice. As an older woman I find I cannot complete my day well if I cannot go apart alone to rest for some period each day. I'm sure young moms need this also. Folks today are on the run from the time their feet hit the floor every morning until they collapse at night. I find restful days are the best days to accomplish tasks and enjoy the Lord throughout the day ending in a peaceful nights rest.
Thanks Lydia...I always enjoy your lovely videos.
Have a blessed day,

Jenny said...

This is great advice, Lydia! Also it is a message that is sorely needed in this day and age of busy-ness and productivity. Rest is essential, and I do something like you advised on many days. One thing I've learned, though, is that if I'm online during my rest period, I do not feel refreshed or rested. For some reason, the nature of it does not give me rest. I do much better with a book or handwork. This may not be the case for everyone, but it is for me.

Debbie Gnagey said...

I really am blessed by your videos. You give us a wonderful balance to our home life, a time to work, a time to rest! I thank you for your faithfulness in making these great videos and posts. Thank you!

Femina said...

Extremely timely. Two verses you shared spoke to my heart. Thank you.

Lydia said...

I think one mistake ladies make is tomuse the time the children are sleeping to clean house. It might be better to restore yourselfmby resting during that time, the nap time. You can prepare for it and get the after-nap snack ready ahead of time, and clean house a little so I ou can lay down when the children lay down.

Dawn said...

Lady Lydia, your views are so refreshing. In a world where women are expected to work outside the home, maintain a perfect home during the evenings, do hard and grueling exercise to get that model figure, be a perfect parent and spouse, being given "permission" to take rest breaks is practically revolutionary.

Lydia said...

When I rest, I get more accomplished.

Courtney Downs said...

I really love your videos! Thanks for the reminder to rest!

ladypinktulip said...

I love your videos so much too! Thank you for the great reminder that rest
needs to be a part of my daily homemaking routine so I can be my best!
Kelly T.

Fiona Ferris said...

Such an important message and I do so love your sense of humour, Lady Lydia - 'excuse me if I don't get up'. I love it!


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