Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sewing Tips and Tools (video 13)

 (Thanks to Lisa Anne for making this video)


I think you will like this video, even if you are not familiar with sewing. I used to place spoons as weights on my patterns, but these little weights made of washers are so much better.  Patterns used often are either ironed on to interfacing to preserve them, or cut out of muslin. The cotton muslin fabric patterns require no pins or weights and making the cutting process so easy.

What I said in the video was: i like to choose fabric that goes with the time of year when a flowering tree is blooming. My mother and mother in law and grandmothers liked to do that, and I have pictures of them wearing dresses that matches the blooming rhododendron or azalea of the season. 

Below: not yet finished, the dress is on the dress form for a fitting.

Below: still some work to do, but I wanted to see how the shoulders fit and take tucks where needed.This  is something I will wear at home because it is cool, comfy cotton: perfect for housekeeping.


grand pam said...

I enjoyed the video and this post about an almost lost art, home sewing. Our young girls age 6-12 made pillow case dresses for little girls in Africa. They were so proud of this ability to help.

Dawn said...

Your washer weights are pretty in addition to being useful. I'd rather use weights rather than pins.

Oh, I hadn't thought of this in years, but your talk of using large stitches to mark the fabric made me remember learning to make tailor tacks way back in Home Ec sewing classes in 7th grade.

Your lilac fabric is very pretty. I look forward to seeing the finished dress.

Toni Marie said...

Your blog has inspired me to begin sewing again...I think that having a dress form will greatly improve my ability to fit myself properly. Do you find that this is so? Thank you!

anonymous said...

Thank you for showing us another fun and inspiring video. I so look forward to these especially the sewing ones.
It's ironic you should mention purchasing fabric to match your flowers that are blooming right now. My peonies are about to bloom any day now, but I've not seen any pretty peony print yet.


anonymous said...

I love your sewing weights idea.
Looks like I will be searching the hardware store next time I go to town.
I've not seen the non-wax tracing paper before. I think I still have some of that waxed stuff in my sewing supplies.
Thank you for sharing.


Lynn Maust said...

Weights are certainly something I will be trying out....and will go back to the marking paper instead of the old way of marking with tailor's tacks. Two very good time savers...thank you Lydia for pointing out these things for us.

Lynn Maust said...

Oh COULD I have overlooked mentioning how lovely your tea cups and saucers look in your hutch! I too display mine in that manner, stacked on top of one another. That was so nice to see you do the same, Lydia!

ladypinktulip said...

While I am unable to sew anymore, these tools would have been great! No more pins that would have been wonderful! Kelly T - I love your tea cup display


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