Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cowrie Point Memories

A friend sent me these pictures of my former homeplace of Cowrie Point, Tasmania, Australia.
You can see the iron-ore mill at Port Latta, where my father worked, in the background.

In the 1960's I lived here in Cowrie Point with my family. Since then, other families have occupied this place, but I want to relate some special memories of being there.

The house faced this beach which my siblings and I frequented daily. We could hardly wait to get the morning chores overwith and be free to walk and run and sea-bathe.

This is the house, and it may have changed paint colors several times since we owned it, but it holds what seems like a lifetime of memories, even though we only were there a few years.

This 1800's painting, below, reminded me of days at Cowrie Point because we often spent time propped on the rocks with reading, writing and art materials. The background looks exactly like the sea behind the rocks at Cowrie Point. I can still feel it.
One day, a young woman and her husband were sitting on the beach,  and seeing me reading a book, the woman spoke to me:

"I wanted  to marry a prince," she told me. "So I went to Europe to stay with some relatives, hoping to find one.  Now I live here in Cowrie Point with my husband of 10 years."

"Oh, " I said, "And so you met your prince in Europe!"

The young woman smiled. "I met my prince, but not in Europe. I was disappointed, but when I came back to Cowrie Point, the family living next door to my family had come for a summer holiday. They had a home in Smithton, but this was their holiday home.  

"Their son and I had been friends when we were growing up, but we did not keep in touch after I went to Europe.  As soon as he heard I had returned home, he sent his mother over to ask my parents if I had met anyone in Europe.  After their brief visit his mother went home, and not long after that, he came to the door and asked for me.

"He told me how happy he was that I was home; how he missed our friendship, amd how Cowrie Point was such a lonely place when I was gone."

Afraid to pry too much, I carefully asked her if she had told him of her quest to meet a prince.

"He was a trusted friend and I had no qualms about telling him of my failed mission.  He held my hand as we walked on the beach, listening to my story while I expressed all my future hopes.  He asked if he could be my prince and I said yes."

Sadly, I do not remember her name, and it was over 40 years ago. If I had known about journalling back then, I would have a record of it all. 

 I do remember her telling me that young ladies should look for princely qualities when thinking of future husbands. Things like courtesy, protectiveness, faith in Christ, respect and caring for parents, willingness to do the providing, and loyalty are admirable character qualities.  Girls have to be able to recognize these inner things and not overlook the potential prince living next door.

I hope you enjoyed this true story.

Cowrie shells found in this area are the reason for the place being namd Cowrie Point.

Lady with shell, painting by William Margetson 1864-1940


Christine said...

Thank you Lydia, for showing such lovely photos and part of your life in Australia. I can quite imagine wanting to finish one's chores in a hurry when you had that beautiful beach!

I love the story too, of the the lady in question finding her prince right next door.

Christine x

Lydia said...

So happy you liked it, Christine. At the time, it was common for people to talk about things like that and in a way I see it as the end of an era. Would this happen as often today?

anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing a little of your past and memories with us. What a wonderful childhood you had.
And oh what a special story and trusted by that lady to share it with you. So glad you shared this story with us and the wisdom it imparts. I do not think this wisdom is being taught to our children much these days. However as long as one person remembers and shares it, it will not be lost.This story has a good moral.

My husband bought our daughter the book, "A Garland for Girls", by Loisa May Alcott. She never read it, but I did. I still have that book and treasure it because each story in that book had a moral.


Debbie Gnagey said...

The water looks so blue and refreshing! What lovely breezes you must have had! In my mind, I can see you having tea at a table on the porch or down near the waters edge! Bliss! Cowrie shells are so pretty. They have always been favorites of mine. Thank you for sharing a precious piece of your past with us.

ladypinktulip said...

I enjoyed reading about this lady finding her prince. I love to hear stories of
your upbringing and the places you lived. We have talked about how being in
different places and meeting different people help us to be well balanced ladies.
I could see how exciting it would be to get to that beach each day. A lot different than Alaska! I agree with you....in today's world it would be nice if people would talk of lovely things like this instead of rushing through life.
Love Kelly T.

Linda said...

Such a beautiful place and story.
I met my husband when my family and I moved across the street from him. We were both in the second grade. He was my best friend.
We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in two weeks. I feel very blessed.

Christine said...

Thank you, Lydia. Your posts are always encouraging :-)

Lynn Maust said...

Your words express exactly how I feel about a farm we lived on for only 2 years....but being there created a lifetime of memories....I try to explain that to my daughter who says 'you only lived there for 2 years'....I will now use your words to help with the explaining further. Thank you, Lydia, for this fine blog today.

Lynn Maust said...

Linda...how truly wonderful....true love.

Nancy said...

Thank you this heart-warming reminder that we often think we must go far from home searching for treasure that is already right where we are. <3

Paula Bryant said...

Glad to see pics of Australia. Haven't ever seen many

Lynn Maust said...

I have copied the story for my 15 year old granddaughter who is now dating a bit....I want her to have the wisdom in the romance story....and the qualities to look for in a young man...if they are even in existence today!

Traditional Simplicity said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely memories and pictures. It's always wonderful to see new places and hear of some wonderful stories.

Peace be with you,


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