Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For the House

Hello Ladies,

It has been busy around here lately, and I have not thought of a post, so I am sharing something I got 
for the mantel, from Safeway grocery store. It was left over from the Mother's Day promotion, and it was available in seafoam green also, so it was hard to choose. The dominant color in my home is seafoam (sage) green, but I thought this color was so vintage nostalgic because it reminded me of what ladies used to like, when I was a girl. Although I was not too fond of it back then, I am liking the color and the style more. 

Ladies come to my home each week for the Bible class and I thought they might enjoy a change of decor while they are here.

The lid removes because it is actually a plant or bouquet vase  but I like it as a cake. 


I also want to share another video with you. Please let me know what you think, in comments or email.
I depend a lot on your response for whether I should continue making videos and for subject matter.

(Lisa Marie, a friend, came over to tape this video on my camera. Thanks!)


Jayanna Corbin said...

Hello. This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog for several months. I love the time I spend with the Lord and also here on your site. You are of great service for Him. God bless you, Jayanna Corbin.

Polly said...

This is excellent advice! I think it's particularly useful when we are discouraged with our's helpful to sit down and think through whether *we* are displaying the traits that we'd like for them to have. (I read a book by Suzuki, the master violin teacher, and in it he says this very thing--to model the good behavior we want children to have.)

Thank you for the reminder. I think most of us with young children in particular could afford to listen to this every single day!

anonymous said...

Years ago there was a poem made into a poster. I think it was called "Children Learn What They Live" or something like that.
The poem expressed the same idea, teaching through being a good example and sharing with your children valuable lessons by including them when you do services for others.
A child learns to be service oriented when they not only observe a parent do things, but are also included in the activity.

Thank you for the videos. They are inspiring. Please continue to make and share them.

Blessings, Janet

anonymous said...

I very much like your pinK cake canister. Clever idea placing it on top of the cake stand.


~Mrs.J~ said...

I find that your videos always come at just the right time for me :-)

I don't have any other homemaking friends in the community (just online) and the videos make me feel like I have friends. So thank you ever so much for continuing to brighten my days!

~Mrs. J~

Toni Marie said...

Good morning, Lydia! I do enjoy the videos very much and appreciate your ladylike and gentle manner. But I also learn so much from your written posts; oftentimes, I think you are able to "go deeper" into a teaching in written form. Specifically, I was thinking that I'd like a more in-depth study of the topic of your last video, on friends. I found the video very valuable, but felt a yearning for more. (After that posting, I went to a nice restaurant for dinner with my husband, and noticed several tables of ladies who were having a glass of wine together after work...I found myself wondering about their families and thinking about how tempting it must be for working women to hang out together after work, and how unhelpful that probably is to a family...) Thank you for taking the time and energy to teach all of us who desire to please God.
Toni Marie

Traditional Simplicity said...

Good morning Lydia~

What a great idea! I have heard it before that what you see in someone that aggravates you, look at that same shortcoming in yourself. I have never heard of such a positive way of looking at things - What I want in someone else, to give gift of learning and doing for myself.

We, especially as women, teach even when we think we are just doing our everyday life. Thank you for the wonderful teaching & video.

Hugs to you & wishing you peace,

Lynn Maust said...

My sound is fine had been turned down, unbeknownst to myself! I think I saw this video some time seems familiar....but always good to have you here for a visit!
Hugs, Lynn

jen said...

Enjoying the videos- they make me feel no so alone in my beliefs-

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
I so enjoy your videos and appreciate how you always strive to make your surroundings lovely and inviting. The theme in this video was of upmost importance because at its essence, it is what Jesus tells us to do. I think it is time for me to make a list!

In addition, your archived articles and posts are of great value. Often, I return to them when I need inspiration or as my mother used to say, a "knot jerked in my tail!"

The videos have added another dimension to the blog and I am grateful to you (and to those who assist you in making them :-)


Hannah said...

Two thumbs up!

Susan Taft said...

Yes - very much the same idea as 'removing the beam in your eye before helping to take out the speck in someone else's'. Model the behavior you'd like to see in others. Thank you for your wonderful ideas. I have been following you for over 2 years but have never left a comment. Love the videos - keep them coming :)
F.R.O.G. (fully relying on God) Susan

LogansMom122911 said...

I really enjoy your "visits" while I am feeding my 3 month old and my 2 and 4 yr Olds nap. Thank and hugs, Jennifer

lorie said...

I love your little videos.

Lisa said...

Hello Lydia,

I find your videos very encouraging and uplifting. I hope you will continue to make them.



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