Saturday, May 28, 2016

Holiday at Home

(Photo: Tea in Limerick, Ireland)

We have purposely never taken holidays at the same time as the rest of the world because of the rush, the crowdedness, noise, unsavory language or dress that assaults our senses at every turn.  Returning home from such a getaway does not feel like it has been a refreshing vacation.

I have often seen people home from holidays more stressed than when they left for the trip. The best time to go away is during the off-season when things are not so crowded and rushed.

This weekend I felt I was on a very special luxury vacation because of the quietness caused by so many people leaving the area for the holiday weekend --no tractors or trucks passing by on the farm roads, no voices and no lawn mower sound. The sweetness of spending a few days alone in a quiet setting was enhanced by tea time. These days, most folks have the equipment to prepare and present a luxury afternoon tea, and it is all the better because the cost is low and the company is dear.

I enjoy looking through books and magazines and the web to find afternoon tea ideas to replicate at home.  I move my furniture around so the table is by a window with a view, and we enjoy visiting in our own place.

If you cannot afford to go anywhere, why not spend a little bit of money (less than the cost of a vacation) on something that makes staying home a little more luxurious. It can be new bath towels, nice sheets, a tray with tea cups, or cushions for your couch.

We all love vacations, but I do not think a vacation is enough for the homemakers and housewives.  I think they need a daily dose of vacation at home. It is not smart to make home only a place of work. Ladies need to train their families how to vacation a few minutes each day, at home. Vacations should renew the body and the soul. At home, you can control the atmosphere by keeping tension away, inviting pleasant thoughts and intelligent conversation.


anonymous said...

You are so right about going on vacation in "off season" times of the year.
My family experienced the most restful vacations during off season times.

"Stay-cations" are becoming quite popular these days, especially when money or securities are an issue. I haven't flown anywhere since 1968, when flying was a pleasure. I see the long lines and here the horror stories. Why would I stress myself out like that, let alone put my family through it? Makes no sense at all.

We also noticed that shop owners and businesses enjoyed customers coming in at less busy times of the year because they need the income and I felt they were less stressed during those times. One more thing, gas, hotel accommodations and food prices are generally lower then at holiday times.

Staying home for vacations can be lots of fun with a little planning ahead. Camping in your own backyard can be fun, just remember to turn off the social media devices, focus on the Lord, his blessings and your family.

A vacation time everyday makes more sense. So restful and restorative. One has all the accommodations of home and privacy and it costs nothing.
I have experienced real peace just sitting on my back porch, viewing my garden or working in it.

Thank you for sharing. So encouraging.
Blessings and Happy Memorial Day, Janet

Lydia said...

You are obviously home this weekend!

Dawn said...

I love the idea of a little vacation every day at home.

This time of year I really enjoy sitting on my deck with pots of flowers and herbs, reading and having a nice cold drink. Listen to the birds and enjoy the view of the tree tops and blue sky. My deck is on the second story so if I look straight out and up I see clouds and trees and it is very dreamy. Looking down I see the driveway and the neighbor's house which isn't so special.

Femina said...

Thank you. Encouraging post.

ladypinktulip said...

I enjoy doing staycations with added special things. It is more pleasant than
being on the crowded roads and such. Kelly T.


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