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Questions and Answers About the Proverbs 31 Woman

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The feminist view of the Proverbs 31 description continues to influence women by insisting that these passages describe a career woman and show an example of women having careers outside the home. Some people go so far as to say the verses do not portray a woman as a homemaker at all.  

Some of the best answers to these erroneous views are in the article on the European blog 

Common Questions About Proverbs 31 Woman:

 1. Who was the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31


Verse 1 reveals it was a description written by the Mother of a King, to her son about the qualties of a good wife.

 2. Does this description apply to all women?

Answer: No, because it is a description of the way a future queen would live.  She would have servants  to do many of the things we at home do ourselves, while she did charity work, watched how the household was run, planned meals and more.  She may not have actually cooked, washed and cleaned, but she was in charge of how it was all done. 

3. Was she a real person?

Answer:  No, it was a description of qualities desirable for a future wife for a son, who was also a king.  However there are many attributes to learn from which the keeper of the home will benefit,such as diligence and wise use of time, dedication to the family, teaching children, and seeing that things go well for her husband.

4. Was Proverbs 31 intended to prove that Christian women should have careers outside the home and provide a living for her family?

Answer: There is no command in that passage for women who follow the Lord to seek careers and money beyond what is said. Women who do not truly desire to be homemakers and be at home guiding and keeping the family, are continually analyzing this description and trying to make her into a breadwinner, career woman, working wife.

We need to remember this is a fictional woman provided by the mother of a King to teach him about women, both negative and positive.  It is not a list provided by his mother to urge him to find a wife who is going to have a career and be a co-provider.  

There is nothing wrong with women earning money at home, and throughout the ages women have sold the work of their hands, but that was never intended to eliminate the duty of a husband to be a provider by working.  Selling your own handiwork does not imply taking over the role of the man in the home.

5.  The many things in this passage shows what women are capable of. Does this mean ChristIan women should do all these things today?

Answer: This was not a list of commands for Christian women. It is a record of teachings of a mother to her son, about women and how a good wife is worth more than rubies. The beginning of chapter 31 warns the son about liquor and women. 

The second part of the chapter shows the good alternative in choosing a wife who would be serious about her life at home.  It certainly does not describe the duties of a single woman, or a woman at the office, in a university or running a corporation. Proverbs 31 is about the good wife who is serious about her home. Women need to aspire to be good homemakers. Proverbs  31 is not telling women to work outside the home, as some people are insisting. 


ladypinktulip said...

Enjoy our discussions on this. Kelly T.

becky said...

Thank you, thank you for this . I am so tired of Prov. 31 woman being so misrepresented. This is a breath of fresh air.:)
I have passed it on to my FB page and have had a few comments so far. Let the debate begin. LOL!!

Lori Alexander said...

Those "servants' that she had, we have in: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stove tops, ovens, faucets with hot water, toilets, stores to buy clothes in, and so many more things that women in those days didn't have. Therefore, we all do have "servants!" :)


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