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Girls Graduating: Future Homemakers? with Video 17


Hello Dear Ladies,

Are you old enough to have experienced this scene? A wife cooking for her husband was  irresistible to him back-in-the-day.  I have talked to several women whose husbands always came into the kitchen when they were cooking to give them a kiss and a hug and tell them how much they appreciated them, and  were looking forward to the meal.  I wonder, do they still do that? Is this scene, once common in our country, still possible?  The man worked all day and was eager to come home to familiar sights and scents, and the down-home feeling he would get. With a sigh of relief, he entered the home, welcomed by the sounds and sight of the kitchen.  This familiar home scene was one of the things which kept the man motivated to provide a living and do well in the community, in business, in church and in home life. 

This painting, above, by Camille Pissarro. A friend my age once told me her husband called her his "little maid," whenever he saw her busily keeping house.  The young woman at home usually loved taking care of her own house, her husband and children. This is what the Bible encourages Christian women to do.  The older women can help a lot by showing them how to do it with joy and creativity, and not approach it as drudgery.  

Women who wore their aprons proudly, doing household things, took great care of things and did not think it was less important than a college degree or a job with a national business.  

Fifty years ago, most of the young ladies from the graduating high school class wrote in the year-book and  the newspaper that they were hoping to get married, have a house, raise children and be good cooks.

Those who had not yet found a man to marry wanted to become hairdressers, account keepers for their husband's business, florists, pastry-shop cooks, or nurses.  Some had planned to be waitresses until they got married and then they hoped to stay home and be busy taking care of husband and house.

As I read through a recent newspaper with over a hundred graduating students, I found it interesting how far away from home the girls are getting in their ambitions and goals, and how far away from home it will take them physically.  

This is not my usual type of talk on a video, as it is much longer than usual (8 minutes) but I think it is a serious subject that needs to be addressed.

I noticed the young men were content to stay in their hometown and become a professional at something that would keep them in the family business, on the family farm, or in their own town, and wanted pretty much the same things that the graduating men wanted 50 years ago.  The young women, however, were oceans apart from the dreams of women 50 years ago.

Please listen to this:

I have said from the beginning of my time on the web, now about 18 years, that we need to inspire young ladies to desire to be home. Perhaps if posters of ladies with husbands and children surrounding them, ladies at home, ladies sewing and cooking, gardenning, etc. were available instead of posters of women in the military and women as rock stars, there might be a better influence.

Our talents at home were often seen at the County Fairs, where women vied for prizes in cooking, sewing. knitting, photography, art and a myriad of other things. We eagerly anticipated these events because it gave us a strong sense of our importance to the family and to the nation. Not all of it was competitition, though, since some women just liked showing things they had done.

If you want to pass on information about what home keeping requires, here is a good checklist someone sent me.

Back to teaching girls to be wives, mothers and homemakers:  In the video I shared where I asked a graduating girl if I could share the homemaking career during the job fair or career day at the high school. I told her no one tells the girls the joy of marrying and then taking care of a husband and family,
 building or buying a house, teaching your own children at home,  sewing, decorating, etc.

Happily, a year later, I learned she had married and was staying home. They had a small place in military housing but she was thrilled to be a housewife, and her husband was very happy and advancing well in his career. How will  these men, who are graduating, find women who will be content to be farmer's wives, mechanic's wives, or wives of honest men who just want to earn a good living?  Will they pair up with the women who are driven by their own ambition and desire to make money, or will they find wives who know it is just as important or more important to be a wife and raise up a good family?

We cannot be too surprised that not one of  the graduating women of this one school wanted to become a wife, mother, and homemaker, because they have attended an education institution that has convinced them otherwise. However it is very upsetting to see HOMESCHOOL daughters (see letter at end of post) abandoning the Biblical teachings of becoming wives and keepers of the home. Perhaps their mothers are proud of how smart they are and have given in to the opinion of the prevailing culture, or maybe the girls think there is something "out there" better than love and marriage.  It is also an unhappy fact for the young men who are building houses and careers to enable them to take care of their future families, when the young women will not settle down to the important business of the home and family.

Being a married woman does not mean you are not "smart".  Decades ago there were books of advice on having a successful homelife. One thing that was advised was to have good books and reading materials that would increase your knowledge and help you be a better person.

Being home does not mean you will never go anywhere. Most homemakers I know have travelled extensively and participated in many adventures, and many have published their own books.

 There is no end to what you can do at home, but the family has to be a priority. Sometimes women make the mistake of thinking they will stay home and work from home to earn a salary, but they find out that homemaking takes a lot more alertness and concentration, and that a career at home can take over. Neglect will soon occur in housekeeping and care of the children and husband.  Our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew this instinctively, and although they sold their produce and knitting, they were careful not to let it become more important than homemaking.

Please leave your positive ideas in the comments!  Thank you for watching!


Susan writes (and I love the way she has written this plea to young women) :

To the young girls graduating:

Take it from someone who went the career route, you will regret it when you turn 60 and have no family ties or children to turn to. You will not change the world one bit by a career or by sitting in an office 10 hours a day staring at a computer. Your life will speed by so quickly that you can't imagine it possible. Don't waste it on a "job." The job will one day go away and you will have the realization that it was wasted time. There are no "rewards" in slaving away your life for a corporation that won't even remember your name.

You can make all the difference in the world by being the keeper of a wonderful home. Your children and family will be your comfort. If you are curious about the world, take some time and travel and see it, and then settle down in a place you love. The most important things in life are the little things, the daily joys, and the happiness of a family that loves you. The rest of it is just a waste. God put us here for a purpose. Please think hard about your choices before you make them and don't let other people decide your future for you.

Lady Lydia has designed this blog for young women to learn about becoming homekeepers. Take the time to read through the articles and decide for yourself.
The world can become a better place one home at a time. 

A reader writes:


It is becoming apparent even in the most devout Christian Homes that we are losing a battle.
Our girls seem to be drawn to worldly pursuits in the area of careerism and me-ism.  Where
are the girls turning into women who will care and guard the home for her husband and children?
They seem to have leanings toward college degrees whether going into debt for the coveted prize
or getting scholarships.  It is good to know some things in life for sure.  But it is BETTER to be
a woman of principle.  Women do not need to be presidents, scientists, military captains or
police officers.  We need women who will rock and nurse that baby not turn it over to the daycare
center to raise little robots.  We need women willing to sacrafice possessions for the LASTING
position before God as a godly wife and mother.  The had the rocks the cradle rules the world not
the brain surgeon.  I know two distinct examples of the disaster of letting our girls go off to the world.
"Anna" was in my church and was a godly girl.  She loved the Lord from all we could tell.  She was
starting into a friendship with a christian boy in the church and we had hoped would lead to courtship.
However "Anna" got a scholarship to the local university.  Her family was THRILLED and everyone
thought what a wonderful opportunity.  She moved into the dorm and had a room mate.  It was a SHORT
time when Anna cut her long hair off and dyed it black.  She posted selfies of her new rebellious 
sort of stand on life.  Her mother told me she was going to bars and partying with other people on campus.
2 years into campus life, she quit college.  She was pregnant from a one night stand.  She moved in 
with a man who was married but separated and started a relationship with him.  He is abusive to her.
Anna now works full time at a stress sweat shop type phone center to eke out rent money and money
to pay for daycare for her baby.  She is a figment of the girl we knew.  She avoids us in public...I think
it is the deep shame and guilt she feels.  I don't know what the future holds for her...she has turned her
back on her faith.  My second example is a family of 6 who were a noble homeschool family.  I watched
their children grow up.  They were humble and lovely in every way.  The girls knitted, sewed, gardened and
the boys took care of livestock.  This family chose to leave their conservative church and ended up in
a seeker friendly church....their family changed.  It was very sad for me to watch.  The drive to get
their children "successful" ate up the moorings they had set....Now they have 6 adult children, the oldest
daughter aimless and unmarried at 35 years old.  The others are getting their degrees and pursuing
careerism.  No marriages No Grandchildren.  My thought was....HOW SAD.  What on earth could be
more wonderful than having the next generation?  I fear if our girls do not change course and get out
of the desire for higher education (really lower education) at any cost or free and if they do not quit
listening to the world that they need to be ship captains, but rather guardians of the HOME we will
begin to see less marriage and therefore families will fade.  This is a disaster on the horizon.


Jenny said...

Lady Lydia, when I was in high school I did hope to be a housewife someday, but almost everyone at the time agreed that that was impossible and silly. I can't tell you the number of times I heard that "women don't do that anymore", and this was in the early 1990's.

As a girl and young woman, I wanted a house of my own someday, and really enjoyed helping my mother and grandmothers and aunts. I did aspire to be a teacher, but I knew if I married and had children, I'd want to be home with them. So, the man I married had to be willing to accept this. I worked throughout the early years of our marriage and it was wonderful, but when I was 7 months along in my first pregnancy, I stopped working outside of the home and came home for good.

I've been married for 19 years and a housewife for 11 of those years. It is wonderful. My husband and I were blessed with Pell grants that helped us through college, and our parents helped us out a lot while we both finished our degrees. I was able to "pay" for a lot of my husband's graduate degree with tuition credits I earned from working at the university library as a secretary.

Having no college debt really helped in keeping me out of the workforce. I feel terribly for those young women and men with college debt. An education is a wonderful thing, but the mountains of debt can be crippling, I'm sure, and prohibit a lot of young women from being home.

I've also mentioned to young women about the possibility of being housewives someday, and many if not all consider it just an afterthought and something they'll get around to someday, certainly not in their twenties. Only one girl has ever said that is what she wanted to be when she grew up, a little neighbor girl. I thought that was just wonderful to hear.

Some might disagree, but I met my husband at college, and think a college education is a good thing for a woman to have and a good place to meet a husband. I honestly think that I would not have found a man who agreed with me about being home full time if I hadn't expanded my horizons and looked beyond my little town.

I loved your video and look for every opportunity to encourage young women to aspire to housewifery!

Lydia said...

Jenny, women used to go to work or college just so they could meet a man to marry. Then, they came home. Work was not something they were dedicated to. Now, career is a serious commitment, and often lasts longer than a marriage.

Jenny said...

That is the truth and a big difference in attitudes, especially nowadays and in my day. I often joke that not only did I get a B.A. in college, but even better I got my MRS. After I married, I continued with school but changed my major to history, which was an interest, since I didn't intend to work seriously for very long after graduation. My last semester, after researching and writing an excellent paper in an archaeology class, a professor asked if I would be continuing on to graduate school. He thought I'd do well. When I replied that my future plans involved being a housewife, he was a bit taken aback at first, but the conversation ended with his affirmation of the importance of that role.

Anonymous said...

So few women today will remind young women of the Lord's desire for them to marry and have families.

Gd has not changed just because society has. His plans and our happiness depend on us hearing His Word and following it carefully.

When we build a life apart from following His specific plans for a man and a woman, it may seem like all will be well, however, as time passes, the folly of choices made outside of the Lord's will always prove that He alone knows what is best.

I pray you will keep encouraging all women to follow what the Lord has ordained as best.

Very few will listen today.

Yet, you have been faithful to keep holding forth truth and I for one am very grateful to you for your faithfulness.

God bless you dear Lydia

Gigi's Blog said...

I am raising six maidens for the Lord and this of which you write, indeed, is a concern to me daily. I pray for the next generation and hope that my girls will seek to be keepers of the home. Even my Christian family, however, will say "So, what do you want to do when you grow up?" The assumption is that one must have a career job, university status, etc. Praying that their futures are followed according to God's plan... and here's hoping for a slew of grandchildren from my girls! ;)

Lynn Maust said...

Hi Lydia,
I just read your post about being a home keeper and was very touched by it. My thought came to use your picture and those like it at the close of all my emails from now on...those depicting home life for the lady. I feel doing so will put something good into people's minds....and then go from there if questioned about them.

Christine Beauchamp said...

Greetings Lydia!

I loved hearing what you had to say - - and yes, it is very sad about the young ladies all seeking "professions" in a higher degree category. My observation has been that once a young man gets his degree, he seeks a woman of similar degree; as if a female of lower work status would not be good enough for him. I also see many young women fulfilling jobs that in the past were filled by men. These women wear men's uniforms and there is no distinguishing between them - - very sad.

I will say though when I was younger and wanting to marry, I found a few men interested, but none of them wanted children. . . so I'd have to give up that option. That was not so difficult at the time as I was young and struggling. But over time it bothered me. . .as if that option was taken away from me.

My question to these young graduates would be, Do you think you'll change the world with your degree? . . .because the truth is we have lots of people with degrees and our world continues to get sicker and show more insanity with each passing day. That to me proves degrees are not the answer - - but a good strong foundation, teaching them to think for themselves, past all the propaganda,is indeed closer to the answer. Everyone else is raping and pillaging the land, blowing things up. . . destroying wild life habitats, killing animals and causing needless suffering. They forget life is sacred.

Lydia said...

Good points, Christine. the education establishment teaches that through secular education, mankind wil get better and better. We see only God can do that through His word. Obeying the gospel in the scriptues and becoming good husbands, wives and children is the only way that mankind gets better. Education is not even the answer to prosperity. If young women would submit to their higher calling of being wives, homemakers and teachers of good things as the New Testament says, they would prosper more slowly but there would be less worldly stress in the process. They need to learn to be happy and content at home, but it is hard for the you g who have not had mothers and grandmothers at home. It is something that is better caught than taught. However it is possible to bcome a first generation homemaker and pass it on to your own generations. The information is available and theough first hand experience, you g women can be successful at home.

anonymous said...

I've not read the blog, but listened to the video so will comment on that.

In the 1960's girls were still marrying as a career, however many were being told to get an education so that if their husband's were killed, injured or if divorce happened they could take care of themselves and their children. In my thinking, that was a set-up for failure and not showing faith in the Lord.

Indeed things were changing and not for the good. Attitudes changed about marriage and families. People became very selfish and irresponsible, the feminist movement became strong, loose sex, abortions became legal, and divorce skyrocketed. The more women became immersed in the ways of the world the worse things became.

I noticed that homemaking courses from junior high school through college were phased out of the education system. I feel this was planned in order to funnel women into the work force.

I've been praying for a remedy for this. What are your thoughts about this?

anonymous said...

I see by your last comment, that just came up, you give excellent advise. Thank you Lydia. Always encouraged by your posts.


Rebecca said...

Lydia, you have great discernment. I'm so grateful for your godly wisdom and your strong, steady voice calling us back to the good, old paths. Our culture has gone utterly mad . My girls watch re-runs of little house on the prairie and I can see even there a move toward modernism in the younger generation. But Ma holds fast to traditional roles and I continually highlight the beauty of her work, her support of her husband etc... Of course the actual books reveal a very intelligent woman whose deepest longing was for home, whose greatest influence was from her loving traditional family and whose calling was to be her husband's helper and companion. Girls are not allowed to express these deep, instinctual desires so they suppress them. They've been squashed by feminism - a horrible blight on all of humanity. I'm so glad you continue in your work and ministry. You are brave and are full of deep conviction. Thank you so much for upholding the truth in our severely misguided culture.

Lydia said...

Janet and Rebecca,

Your comments would be good for me to address in another video. The demise of homemaking classes and how it happened, and the fact girls will not express the desire to marry and be home. I think I know some of the reasons, and so do you. It might end up on a video soon.

Vickie said...

Thanks for another great video. Ladies nowadays are not encouraged to stay home even by their stay-at-home mothers. I've encountered many comments but most of them were from working women. They don't realize how nice it is to actually stay home and look after your husband and children if any. I've worked part time but I prefer being a homemaker.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Hi Lydia! Any fathers day suggestions or favorite stories on how you and the kids have celebrated throughout the years? I wonder why society celebrates this less? Maybe because dads don't give as big an emotional display in response as mom.? :-) would love to hear your stories!

ladypinktulip said...

This weighs heavy on my heart as I see the effects of culture on our homeschool
daughters. We have to help them guard their hearts and minds from the ideas that
abound about what they should do with their lives. We are headed for a demographic
winter if women decide to run society and have careers...good hard working men will
stay single. No children will be born of godly unions. Surely abortion will increase as immorality increases without marital unions. We must keep sounding the alarm to come back home....come home and love home. Society has prospered in times of family unity and harmony. May the Lord help us. Kelly T.

Lydia said...

Rebecca writes:

I might toss in one more consequence to this effect of feminism. Divorce. The two, who were supposed to become one, are now going in separate directions - chasing their own dreams/careers. They live separate lives, have separate friendships, maintain separate goals etc... They meet at home in the evenings (or not) exhausted and often continuing selfish pursuits (usually of the online variety) like social media, entertainment, etc... Divorce is quite a threat to situations like this whereas if the woman is fully available and unhindered by the outside world - focused on her husband, children and home, she has the resources to be their support and stay on their team as opposed to her very own.

Lydia said...


There has definitely been a detatchment in marriage. When a woman is home, her focus is on her husband and her house. Social media can be such a distraction. I remember when there was one phone, one bank account, one check book, one televison, one car and even one camera shared between a marrid couple! We still have one car and one bank account but I think it is becoming more rare. When I was a child there was one book case that contained all the books the family owned, even the cook books. Couples shared one closet, his side and her side, for their clothes, and one bathroom.

BCronmiller said...


I really enjoyed this post, I found it shocking and rather sad that the girls future plans have changed so much
since the 1950's. I guess it should not surpise us because the mass majority of the young ladies in our modern society
are now being taught by their mother's to be more independent and to not depend on a man to take care of them.
While I think a girl should get a proper education so they can suport herself and her childre the in the event of life
circumstances I.e. they become a widow, husband gets disabled, abandonment of the husband etc..I still feel that the best
thing she can do after she gets her education and is newly married is to stay home and raise her children. I think if we
could encourage our daughters or grand-daughters that becoming a full-time homemaker is an honarable profession. Family
is the back-bone of a society. When family fails, so does a society.
One way I find to encourage them is to get them a hope chest, give them something to look forward to, something to
anticipate. And they can have fun filling it up! I wrote an article on my blog about hope-chest if you want to check it


Lydia said...

Brenda, i definitely know the hope chest is a great motivation for marriage. Young women took the things out of their hope chests and admired them and gently re-packed them in the box, longing to use them when they got married. There was a lot more to it than collecting things. There was a heart for a husband and for caring for him.

As for having something to fall back on if you are widowed, that used to be okay. Now, men will find out what the womans education is and insist they not waste the education at home. They want them to use that degree to make money. They will pressure the wife to work. Years ago a man would appreciate that his wife had an education in case she had o go to work, but today they want the woman to use it to co-provide. Once she gets a degree or certificate, the husband will not leave it alone. She will be pressured to work.

Lydia said...

Regarding today's graduates: the boys seem stable and determined to make a living at something they are interested in, and seem to be staying close to their families, their land and their town. The girls are way over the edge of reality, going where they will face great loneliness, no protection, and no family. They will become hardened, amd if they have children, it will be by accident. The young years should not be spent on worldly puruits, but on marriage and have children while they are young and have the strentgth and energy to raise them.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Thank you for mentioning about your article about the hope chest Ms.Brenda. I will check it out! Ms. Lydia do you mind elaborating on the heart of the hope chest being about having a heart for your future husband? There's a song out by Jennifer Lopez called Ain't yo Mama. It is promoting the opposite of having a heart for your husband and declaring " I ain't gone do your laundry, I aint yo Mama! I ain't gone be cooking all day I ain't yo Mama! When you gonna get your act together I ain't yo Mama! " so instead of softening girls hearts for their role in marriage it is hardening them. So now when they grow up to find themselves with the tasks involved in keeping a husband they will recall this song and declare I ain't yo Mama do it yourself!!

On another subject what do you think of coming of age parties where one can celebrate their daughters first cycle? Happy Fathers day to your Honey to him from me in Austin. God bless his work and you both!

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Lady Lydia I just watched a video from Minister Map, whom I usually agree with ,but this time he was encouraging guys not to marry without prenups because women will divorce you and leave with half after you make something of yourself. He says to marry equally. So yes like you said they want women to be actively using their degree now. It doesn't seem like they are considering who will keep the home fires burning ( I'm afraid that's a term becoming as extinct, uncool, and Un PC as housewife although I love both terms.) Maybe that is a bridge they want to cross when they get there..the who will cook and wash dishes tonight?

LogansMom122911 said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman, thank you for your thoughts. I know a young woman whose father told her over and over about another family member who dropped out of school to become a wife and mother and how silly and pathetic she was, and how she should never do this. Well she didn't- she went to a big college and there wasted years getting several degrees, including a graduate degree. And indeed she did get a well paying job by age 25--- and it was terrible. The men that she worked with expected her to go drink at bars with them after work, or more, and her superiors leered at her. She was expected to work til 6 or 7 pm every night, and listen to cursing and "shop talk" constantly. After 18 months in her chosen career, she quit and became a stay at home mom. She now has 3 small children and is living the life of her dreams. She happens to have a husband who can pay her enormous education debts for her, without her having to work. Please urge young women not to be tantalized by the feminist lures. They are a terrible disaster in the end. The young woman will usually end up at home anyway, but only after she has wasted 5+ years and much of her morals at a big university and in a mans workplace. And she may not have a husband who can lay her debts and then she Truely will be a prisoner of her past. Blessings to you and all your sweet readers. Take it from someone who has followed the feminists advice, and found it terribly deceptive.

Lydia said...


The graduating girls are never given a thorough understanding of these facts. That is why We need to have them come and read my blog. They have been told from birth that it is their right to work their tail off beside the men for te rest of their lives, and to qualify forthat slavery they need more education. Then they are scared off being a housewife because they are told they will be facing divorce and death and all kinds of financial disaster. I know many wmen who stayed home and are still hme and they have helped their husbands prosper just by all the things they do at home. The indoctrinated mind cannot understand it. School and college are not always good training but are often indoctrination. Let them come here and to the ladies on my blog roll and learn there is a better way. Girls are taught to value intellect more than heart. It is a national tragdy and disgrace that their natural instincts to marry and have children are squelched and then when they wake up it is too late to have children.

I appreciate all your positive comments. When I express these things, you would think I committed a crime. I am told I am denying women the right to be educated and to work. It takes a lot more brains and common sense to be a wife, mother and homemaker, than any other job in the world. A woman who homeschools her children is giving them a greater education than anything the public schools can ever supply. Besides hope chests, which of course the unfeminine feminists have ridiculed to death and put everyone to shame over, the girls need a big fat homemaking binder full of pages on every subject of the home. Believe me it will be huge. There is so much to know and to do, and it is a learn-as-you-live process.

Please keep those comments coming!

Lydia said...

Does anyone remember those awful home living classes in high school where the girls were shamed out of wanting to be housewives?

Also, the home ec classes were taken out because they were not on the agenda to get women away from the home. But they were very good classes.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

I actually got to take a home economic class elective. I always wanted to. I don't remember it telling me that I could do it as a career. I just remember we measured and cooked something good once. Is that where you get your blog title from Home living?

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you so much for continuing this encouraging blog! I have recently discovered your Youtube videos, and was so happy to see you there. My father-in-law has been accusing my husband and me of doing a disservice to our older girls (ages 19 and 17) because they are home instead of out getting a career, so it is wonderful to have your testimony and voice to reinforce our choice to have them under our protection.



Kathy Thurman said...

There is so much truth in what you say, Lydia! It's almost a shame to admit to wanting to be a Homekeeper nowadays. I like to consider myself a "born-again" Homekeeper. I bought into the hype that I needed to go make my way in the world when I graduated high school in 79. I am retired military, and worked in childcare for 14 years before finally deciding enough was enough, and after lots of prayer, we realized that I needed to be home. Granted, my twins are out on their own now, but I am here for them and my grandchildren if they need me. My husband fully supported my decision to come home, and wouldn't you know, within the year, he got a new pay structure that made up for what I was making! I know that taking care of the home and errands and all that the keeping of the home requires has freed my husband of stress, which enables him to do a better job. Neither of us are cranky at the end of the day, and we enjoy each other's company - we don't have to spend money to get out of the house and entertain ourselves. A nice relaxing night in does it for us. I think so many get caught up in what they think they are "supposed" to do. People ask me all the time how I am liking being at home, as if they are expecting me to say how boring or what a drudge it is. I just tell them I love it! Many are jealous. I can't worry about everyone else though. I do what works for me and my husband and family. God spoke and I listened :)

Lydia said...

Kathy, i am hearing more of this kind of success: when the wife stays hme the husband manages to get enough in earnings or other income to cover the "loss" -- makes me wonder of the wife working holds back some opportunities for prospering. I do not know, but I do know auite a few women who stay d home and they did even better financially, socially, healthfully, spiritually and in their nmsrriage and children.

Rose said...

Thank you for your truth-filled and encouraging posts, Lady Lydia! I have been following your blog for several years now. In fact, I was still a teen living at home when I first came upon it.

Before I discovered your blog and several others like it, I had no idea homemaking was a viable career option. I wanted to be a nurse in order to please my parents, who place great value upon a college education. However, I experienced a huge heart change during my last year of high school. Suddenly, my desires changed. I wanted nothing more than to be a godly wife and mother at home. So I met a man online and allowed him to court me for two years. We had the same goals, beliefs, and convictions...or so I thought.

Unfortunately, after the birth of our first child, he changed completely. Long story short, he is now a liberal God/religion hating atheist, and I am a single mother of two precious little ones.

But I do not regret my choice of career. I love being a homemaker and do not wish I had gone to college or that I had a degree. I suppose in my case, I have been extraordinarily blessed, because I am still able to stay home and homeschool my children, despite not bringing in my own income. Even if I have to supplement what I receive from the children's father, my heart would still very much remain rooted at home, and with my children. I like to say - where there's a will, there's a way! The Lord knows I desire to obey his Word and live a life pleasing to him and conformed to his commandments, no matter how unpopular or ridiculed they are. And so, here I am, happily and blessedly home.

Susan said...

To the young girls graduating:

Take it from someone who went the career route, you will regret it when you turn 60 and have no family ties or children to turn to. You will not change the world one bit by a career or by sitting in an office 10 hours a day staring at a computer. Your life will speed by so quickly that you can't imagine it possible. Don't waste it on a "job." The job will one day go away and you will have the realization that it was wasted time. There are no "rewards" in slaving away your life for a corporation that won't even remember your name.

You can make all the difference in the world by being the keeper of a wonderful home. Your children and family will be your comfort. If you are curious about the world, take some time and travel and see it, and then settle down in a place you love. The most important things in life are the little things, the daily joys, and the happiness of a family that loves you. The rest of it is just a waste. God put us here for a purpose. Please think hard about your choices before you make them and don't let other people decide your future for you.

Lady Lydia has designed this blog for young women to learn about becoming homekeepers. Take the time to read through the articles and decide for yourself.
The world can become a better place one home at a time.

Lydia said...

Susan, I added your letter to the main article. I love the way you write, too.


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