Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Looking Healthy, Youthful and Feminine

 ( Lady Looking in the Mirror by Alfred Stevens, Belgian, 1823-1906)

In reply to a few ladies who have requested a post on looking healthy, I am today sharing some of my own health habits and products that I sometimes use.  Please note that I do not use all these products all at the same time and I do not use all of them daily.

The first thing you need to know is that I am not in perfect health, I do not have a perfect weight and I cannot say I am never ill.  I look at illness as a signal to slow down and rest and pray.  I am not on any medication. I grew up in a happy Christian home where alcohol was never taken. This may have a bearing on my health, as well as the fact that I lived before the fast-food and junk-food era and maybe my health got a good start.

My beauty routine is not very glamorous or inspiring, so if you adopt any of these ideas into your life, you may want to put the ingredients into some attractive containers to give a feeling of luxury.

Below: I use Selsun Blue Shampoo for skin break-outs, including Rosacea. This product has an ingedient that seems to cure the redness that many pale-skinned people get, and it also is helpful with acne.  When I get a break-out, I wash my face with this in the morning and evening. I know it has been effective when the itching, burning and stinging goes away after a few washings. I use this only when I am having trouble with my complexion, and I use it for several weeks, until the infection goes away. The medicated Selsun Blue variety is great for hair. It leaves it so soft and shiny, and you can let the shampoo run down over your face if you have troubled skin.

I have used Pears glycerine soap ever since I was a teenager, and it is great for all skin types. I use this most of the time, twice a day. (When my skin is normal and when not using Selsun Blue. ) Rinse all soap products off the face by splashing water on the face at least five times.  I have good water, with no chlorine and no flouride.

For  Roseacea (red skin with acne-like breakout) , I use a cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar as a toner, morning and evening after I have washed my face.   If you find a need to use this, do not be alarmed if the broken-out, red areas of your face sting with the application of apple cider vinegar. That will be less of a problem as the vinegar clears up the roseacea or acne. I only use this until my face is cleared up and my skin no longer stings when the vinegar is applied. That is how I know the breakout has been healed. Apple Cider vinegar also helps rough skin patches.

For a moisturizer, I like this waterless vitamin C cream by Youngevity. It is not wet or oily and it is very light weight. For those of you who like to wear makeup, this helps the makeup go on smoothly if you apply it right away after using the vitamin C cream.   The texture is like DHC's Velvet Skin Coat moisturizer.  DHC has a catalog that includes samples, and that is how I came to use their Velvet Skin Coat and I cannot describe how it makes my skin feel, except to say smooth and natural. I usually buy only samples, as the products are expensive, but they are quite good. The DHC company has an interesting facial mask collection that consists of sheet masks you just lay over your face to feel refreshed.

 This cream, below, only requires a small drop  in the palm of the hand, then spread around the face withthe other hand. A bottle of it can last a long time if you are frugal. It has a silky texture.
The Vitamin C Cream is a good moisurizer and an under-makeup lotion if you wear makeup. It makes the makeup go on more smoothly and you do not need to use as much. 

I do wear makeup sometimes. Merle Norman is a favorite but I also use other brands. The company also has a product that helps hide skin problems such as rosacea (a skin problem which occurs in pale skin, usually of Irish or Scottish heritage.)

The hand lotion I like the best is Camille Beckman with glycerine because it is not watery and I do not think it has alcohol in it. Just a tiny bit of it softens and takes away dryness, so a little tub of it can last a long time. To keep from using so much handlotion, I avoid detergents by using protective rubber gloves to wash dishes. Gardening gloves are essential for outdoor work and when using garden tools.

Hot tea is something I like, but before any of may favorite hot drinks in the morning, I squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon into a cup and add warm water.  I like it without sweetener but adding honey is nice if you have a sore throat or are not feeling well. I keep a bowl of lemon wedges in the fridge. Someone recently told me that it was cheaper to make lemonade from fresh lemons and honey than it was to buy bottled or frozen juice for her family.
Here are two herbal teas that have some ingredients that make a body feel good. Check the ingredients listed in the boxes of herbal teas to make sure there are no artificial things that you might be adverse to.

The black tea I enjoy is a blend of Rwandan and Assam called Yorkshire Gold. It is a golden tea without the tanic acid taste or bitterness. It can be purchased separately and blended.

Black cherry juice is good for several things, and I try to drink a half a cup daily. There is no sugar in this juice. Black cherry is not the same as tart cherry.

I try to buy small sized bananas so I can eat a whole one and not have to mess with cutting one in half. These also have important nutrients.

My favorite salads are made from Boston Butter Sweet Lettuce. There are many great recipes for salads using this variety of lettuce.
I like to prepare a salmon dinner but I really have to have make sure it is a local product or from a place as close to home as possible, and that it has not been frozen and thawed or shipped from some strange place whose name I cannot pronounce.  That makes it hard to find but I manage to get it fresh once a week.  I would like it to be more.

Squeeze lemon juice into warm water at the beginning of the day, but do not use the rinds.

It seems like there are a lot of products to use here, but I do not use them all daily.  For example, these vitamins are so effective that I only take them every other day, and sometimes only in the evening if I notice they make me feel sleepy.  

I do not use the 4 capsules daily as recommended. I only take one, every other day,  because, well, how much energy do I need? I feel I need more rest, not more energy! (Having more energy would mean doing more and more and more, ending up exhausted!  I am happy with the amount of stamina I have because it is suitable for home living.)

Rest, by the way, is another daily ingedient that I am including in health. Half  an hour on the couch does a great deal of good.  Rest revives the body and the spirit. 

Like other people, I have not always slept through the night.  When wakefulness ocurrs, I do not fight it or worry about it. I get up, make a cup of tea, and read. If I do not want to get up but cannot sleep, I write a novel (in my mind) and usually it is boring enough to put me to sleep.

A quiet recreation in the way of art, writing, sewing, card making, etc. can be healthful if you do not go at it like a competition. 

A good body and soul cleanser is tears. Watch a movie that has moments which bring tears to your eyes. Crying is beneficial, as research has shown. When we were children and felt any kind of depression, our mothers and grandmothers would tell us to have a good cry. Today they tell you not to cry about anything (or everything) but at what price?

Now for hair care:

I used to get a very painful peeling of the skin on the ends of my fingers that would never heal. It finally was cured when I avoided any household product with sulfate, which is in a lot of detergents.  Loreal has a line of non-sulfate shampoos, and this is what I use.  I find it unnecessary to wash my hair more than once a week if I avoid using hair products such as setting lotions or hair sprays.

If I need a little shine, I use this argan oil, but a bottle will last a long time, since I do not use it more than once a week, if that. I will not use it if I have any conditioner in my hair already.  When I towel-dry my hair it is mainly to absorb the water and I do not furiously rub my hair with the towel.  It dries naturally and I only use a dryer if I am pressed for time and going somewhere.  I keep a youthful style, and try to avoid the extremes of current styles. Someone asked me to do a video on hair styles and I want to do that. I have watched some hairstyling on youtube and the videos are quite good, so you might want to take a look. As we grow older we have to be careful to maintain our femininity in hair and  skin and clothing style.  Generally you will look younger and healthier if you go for romantic and classic styles. Try to find a hairdresser who will truly "dress" your hair, rather than sculpt it and chop it and chemicalize it.

A lot of ladies want to know how I excercise. Aside from a few yawns and stretches in the mornings, I do not engage in any formal excercise. I dislike formal excercise. When I die I fully expect someone to write "she never excercised" as the cause of death, although I have never heard of lack of jogging or push ups being a cause of death.

 I would rather sweep a floor,  stretch upward to clean a cupboard, lean down to pull a few weeds, and hang out the laundry on the line. My mother and grandmother and great-grandmothers never exercised but I know they were more active physically in other ways than people are today. I have been to excercise classes, had excercise equipment and videos, but have not found the time spent in excercise any advantage, nor the excercise itself. It may help others, so I do not want to discourage anyone from excercising.  I just do not want to do it and I do not have the patience for it. I like to get something else accomplished at the same time.

I prefer to go on a long, leisurely country walk in the summer and a short, brisk walk in winter. The subject  of walking requires an entire post with beautiful paintings of flower-lined paths around the house and scenery, leaves and snow falling, spring warblers flitting about and the lovely solace of evening sunsets. Formal excercise is very limited in its sensory and spiritual experience, but a walk is so much more, as it allows the soul to acknowledge the presence of God. 

For over all mental health I have found it helpful to read Philippians 4:8  and similar scriptures often, because of the barage of bad news coming from every which way these days. Apply the whatever-is-lovely passage to daily life is like rubbing a soothing salve over a wound. 

I use this Zinc A and D ointment when have patches of rough skin on my face, and I use the Philippians 4:8 passage when there are rough patches in my life at home. 
Of all the ingredients I have listed here, I have found that rest, studying the word of God, and prayer are the most beneficial. 

Below: when I need to cover up skin problems, I like this product.  Since I do not use it daily, It lasts a long time. To remove makeup I sometimes use natural coconut oil from the kitchen, followed by glycerine soap. White Rain has a makeup remover foaming gel ypu can get at the Dolla store called Boutique Collection facial cleanser.  It is very easy on sensitive skin.

For hands, the rubber gloves will protect well enough that using hand lotion all day will not be necessary.  I use the Mary Kay Satin Hands kit ecery once in awhile.  In a future post I may cover the problem with older ladies eho get darker spots on their hands, called age spots. Some ladies apply white vinegar with a cotton ball, or pure lemon juice, and claim it fades these spots. For all skin discolorations and breakouts, I have read that it is a reflection of the nutrients or lack of, going on inside the body. I know that white spots on nails is a lack of zinc.  See your naturepath physician for more advice on the skin, hair and nails. 


Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

May I make a few suggestions, ask a question or two that you could expound on if you'd like? How do you feel about compassion, selfishness, and materialism? I've heard that I only care about myself perhaps cause I'm a homemaker and mind my own business? Who knows. Also I am a bit cynical when it comes to others having luxuries...shamefully I'll admit to calling others materialistic say if she's a young mother with a job. There's this new refrigerator that connects with your phone that allows you to see what's inside of it from anywhere like the grocery store for example. There's a girl I know is a working mother on Fb that wants one and I thought WOW never even heard of it. Point is I remember you saying its not wrong to want nice things. Can you help me grasps how luxuries can come later to a housewife, rewards for staying home, ( I notice a neighbor of mine who gets gifts and favor from younger people around her. It could be her charming personality, the fact that she stays home, and is therefore seen as trustworthy and good? Anyway I just chatting and hope it makes sense what I'm asking. Its nothing new to you:-) And also how not to be envious of the working woman's luxuries? There was a hilarious bit on Netflix by a comedian who says she's fed up with feminism and wants to be a housewife. Its far to naughty to recommend but the point is women are realizing that they use to have it made and now are expected to have a job. What do you think about that? Or maybe you don't? Just picking your brain. Love to you from Austin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for sharing your health and beauty tips.

I, too, have sensitive skin and need to avoid chemical-laden products. I use a little bit of 100% jojoba oil on wet skin as a moisturiser and my skin loves it. However, my skin definitely looked its best when I was having daily vegetable juices. I don't know why I stopped (well actually I do - I got a bit bored and complacent about making fresh juice every day!). Your post has prompted me to resolve to restart juicing again.

With regards to hair products, I am now using water and bi-carb soda as a shampoo, and water and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. They work great on my hair.

Love, Mara.

ladypinktulip said...

Thank you for these great suggestions Lydia! I agree so much with you on we probably need more rest than formal exercise programs! Housework is sufficient to keep a lady using her muscles. I just wanted to share some thoughts on Mrs. Daniels comment. I struggled terribly for years looking at what other women had for possessions. Certainly the TV also boasts of great things that companies think we need. For me, stretching my husband's income is my greatest joy. We bought a used dishwasher from a thrift store 2 years ago for $15. It's still working. My refrigerator is 24 years old. I believe the greatest blessing is to be in the home no matter what your budget is and keep our eyes on the Lord only. Kelly T.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Turns out I was loosing perspective of how good I have it. I should be more grateful.

SweetsSwearer said...

Wise words.

I see you do the Apple Vinegar too! Excellent!

Mrs. L,

would it behoove us to post other beauty tips as well? Would love to read what other feminine ladies are doing for their skin, health, eating habits, exercise, art habits, book reading, research, etc.


Mary said...

Thanks for all this info. I use many of these products. I too have roseacea and will try the Selsun Blue to treat it. Also, have you ever seen this blog? I don't know of it is a religious blog, but you might find it nice:

Lydia said...


Selsun blue medicated shampoo will sting when applied to the affected area of roceacea, but it wont sting on non-infected areas, so the more you use it, the less it stings. I have had good success with it and no rosacea for amost a year now. Howver i quit using it about a month after the rosacea was cleared up.

Anna said...

For those of you who suffer from rosacea or acne, you might try removing grains and sugars from your diet. I know it's a huge change, but since I accomplished it 20 months ago, my skin has completely cleared, my aches and pains are gone, and I've dropped every bit of extra weight.

Lydia said...


You are right- rosacea is an organism that feeds on sugars and starches, amd eliminating them can help. This includes natural foods thst are loaded with natural sugars, even some fruits and dried fruits. I notice when I have had too many carbs, my skin starts acting like a teenager again :-)

Lydia said...

Mrs. Daniels, always be a few years behind the trends so that they can work out the kinks in them before you get something. I did nit get a hair dryer til I had seen them proven, and I always regrettted a trendy fridge I got that had so many features, in no time all the extra features were broken, and the parts were molded plastic and cluld not be repaired or replaced. My old fridge also did not break and was much better running. The new ones had so many plastic shelves thst were not very hardy. Also wait for a new car til you see if the imprivements are any good and see how fast your friends replace things.

As for getti g things when you are older, well, there were things I would have been over the moon to have when I was 20 but now I dont want them. i have one of those new phones because it was insisted on me, but I still cant figure out how to answer it and I keep threatening to toss it. I am just not thst into it.

Wait awhile before getting new things and see if you stilk loke them later, your tastes can change,mtoo.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

That's great advice thanks!

anonymous said...

Lydia, I so enjoyed your post today.

I find with all the work that my husband and I must do, rest is much needed and I take my rest seriously.
However if we don't keep active with exercise, we can't keep up the endurance required to keep things like mowing, cleaning up fallen trees, house repairs, ours and my mother-in-law's garden and our two homes tended and clean.
We also entertain and feed a yearly group of vacationing family and friends that come to visit.
Light to moderate exercise helps us keep up the endurance.
From late Spring to early Fall, gardening and mowing take up most of our time and strength. Exercise must be a part of our lives all year long even during Winter months when the business slows somewhat. If we don't, when summer comes, we would never be strong enough to keep up or accomplish what we must. Others depend on us.

I learn so much from your posts and appreciate the nutrition and beauty information. Thank you for sharing.


Andrea R said...

I really appreciated these tips and presentation of what you utilize in your own daily/weekly life.

God Bless!

Lynn Maust said...

I just read your post about looking healthy, etc and I really like and appreciate your view on 'exercise' I totally agree with good effect or result from doing that....maybe physically but not a good use of time in my view too...walking IS good...and not fast and I really are going against all the trend aren't we. I wonder how many more of your readers feel as we do about 'formal' exercise? I just hung out and then took down a washer load of clothing and towels, washcloths, folding it all as I did, ....and is that not a useful form of exercise? I sure think it is! Much more pleasing and we don't have to do it till it those who exercise do!

Lynn Maust said...

Oh how I have no interest in a cell phone! I so agree with you and go ahead and get rid of it...take it to Goodwill or a thrift shop...and get paid for it....

Julie Lewis said...

I think the problem is not starch or carbs, as much as it is gluten. I've been following Dr. McDougall, The Starch Solution. People coming off of carbs usually feel better just because they got rid of the gluten. Carbs without gluten are really healthy, though, and help you have energy and slim down.


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