Monday, July 11, 2016


Have you ever stopped to wonder what this life is all about

Why you're here and where you're going when your lease on life runs out?

Maybe you've been far to busy, trying hard to reach your goal;

Would you let me ask you kindly, have you thought about your soul?


You may reach the highest portals, and your dreams may all come true;

Wealth and fame may be your portion, and success may shine on you.

All your friends may sing your praises, not a care on you may roll;

What about the great tomorrow -- have you thought about your soul?


Don't forget your days are numbered though you may be riding high;

But like all of us poor mortals, someday you'll just up and die.

Your success and fame and glory won't be worth the bell you toll;

Let me ask you just one question, have you thought about your soul?


If you never thought it over, spend a little time today;

There is nothing more important that will ever come your way,

Than the joys of sins forgiven, and to know that you have been made whole;

In the name of Christ the Savior, have you thought about your soul?

Being home is a wonderful freedom, but we can easily fill up the time with busy-ness, forgetting to set aside time for prayer.  Homemakers sometimes can feel they are carrying a great deal of responsibility all by themselves. There is not much reinforcement or encouragement for this solemn duty.  When there is so much to do, it is important to pray.  Prayer is faster than any other communication. Do not let anything make you feel too unworthy to pray.



Mrs. W said...

Mrs. Sherman,
Lovely post. My prayer life had become stagnant and then I watched a film called War Room and it changed my prayer life for the better. Thank you for adding to the encouragement. ~Angela

Lydia said...

Thank you, Angela. And many times women are u able to handle stress when they have not fortified the day with prayer.

Mrs. W said...

I love how you said "fortified the day with prayer." I am going to remember this. So true! ~Angela

Rightthinker said...

It never ceases to amaze me..yet it does, how much I can "handle" when I've first sought Him! When overwhelming things or fears could paralyze me..and often do some other people, I can truly rest and not be afraid or over worked in those moments and time. His peace is amazing, and available when we ask and set our time for Him!

Thank you for the wonderful post!

Lydia said...

My husband comment d today that he thought Mothers and Housewives were the most maligned and criticized people, but they do not talk ablut it much. He also said the wife at home is "an easy mark" for the ones who want to demoralize and diminish. We have a big influence and there are always those who do not like it.

ladypinktulip said...

Since my health has prayer life has increased. I know I cannot
get through one day or one task without the Lord enabling me. What a great thing
that we would activate prayer as a vital necessity BEFORE we find ourselves
disabled or overwhelmed or in a deep trial.. and then we really KNOW we need to pray. Prayer is like oxygen to our spirit...vitally required. Kelly T.

Lynn Maust said...

I would like to copy and send that poem to everyone I know....your comment of being fortified with prayer for the day is easy to keep in mind....very good.

Stefanie MacWilliams said...

I needed this post today :) Thank you. Sometimes I get so caught up in cleaning, wife-ing, and momming, that I forget that I need to spend a lot more time on God.

anonymous said...

Have been praying a lot lately for a very sick new puppy. Your post today reminds me there are others in this world who are dying spiritually and need our prayers, to witness to them and to share the love of Christ with them.


Jenny said...

Prayer is truly the backbone that will give you strength. I have learned that the hard way. One of the best things about having a young baby around is that in the middle of the night, you can pray!

Thanks for this reminder.


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