Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sewing: Garden Hat and Dress and Video 19

"Faith". by William Henry Margetson

Hello Dear Ladies, 

I have been going through old patterns and sewing the garments once more. This is one of the 1980's patterns for woven fabrics, which is perfect for touring the garden.  I enjoy my first cup of tea as I check out the vegetables and flowers around here. This is a perfect garden-walk dress.  Although I know many of my viewers do not sew, I want to share it because of the way choice clothing creates a mood.

The hat was very easy, using iron-on (fusible) heavy-weight interfacing instead of the buckram (expensive) it called for. There are three size choices for the hat. You can determine the size with a measuring tape around the head, however, fabrics all behave differently. Generally I have found in hat making the bigger sizes work better.  You can always sew a tuck here and there if it is too big. 

Dollar stores have these plastic totes in all colors, useful for containing the garden pickings; in this case, little red apples.

The pattern for the hat is a 2016 Butterick:

The dress is not a house dress. Many of the high fashion dresses of the era were not very comfortable, and were a lot different than the house dresses.
This is the dress, (from an old Lanz pattern, 1980's)  close-up:

Shoes, $5.00 from Walmart are great for photos.

And the old truck is a nice "prop". Other people have used it for country western-style wedding photos.

The nearest thing to the house dress worn in the 1940's and 50's can be found in some of the dress patterns made for wovens and cotton fabrics.  There is a renewed interest in the retro designs, but  very few of these styles were like the every day house dress. The dress worn at home was generally more ample at the waist and was made of bright prints and plaids. These were worn at home, and ladies liked to change into something else before going out.


Alex said...

Very pretty outfit!

dolores moore said...

I always enjoy your videos you have so many wonderful ideas to share. I love your sewing room.

Dawn said...

I love your dresses. They are so pretty. And you made the hat, too? That is remarkable to me.

I would wear your hat and dress to an afternoon outdoor wedding.

It's funny how your house-dresses are so much nicer than most people's regular clothing. You are such an inspiration to me. I now am wearing skirts and dresses only, no more jeans or slacks. Although I did keep a pair of jeans for really grubby stuff or if I ever have to hike through the wilderness and a stretchy pair of slacks for exercising.

I can remember back in the mid-60s or so, many ladies would wear shift dresses at home. For those who don't know what that is, a shift is a dress without a waistline and in an a-line shape so they gave you a lot of freedom of movement but not too loose and baggy.

My grandmother wore the typical shirt-waist style of cotton house-dress in the 50s that she had made for her. That blew me away when she told me as to my mind only rich people have clothing made for them. And Grandma was far from rich, but back then in her locale it was cheaper to do that than to buy dresses from a store. She would go to the seamstress and pick out her fabrics and the seamstress would do the rest and Grandma would have her house-dresses for the year.

Debbie Gnagey said...

I really enjoy your posts and when you don't post for a few days I go back into the archives and read from our older blogs. I always come away refreshed and ready to tackle my housework. You are truly an inspiration!

I enjoyed this video on the house dress. Your makeup was very fresh and just enhanced your natural beauty. I noticed that you had on a pretty flowered apron, too. I like to wear pretty dresses around the house every day and they do set the mood. It was very hot here in Lancaster County today. I put on a pretty flowered fuchsia and white dress that was made from cotton. I paired it with a white and gold necklace and simple bracelet and of course, white shoes. When working in the garden, I choose an older dress with a matching apron. I try to do my work with focus and care and find that when I do, I spill less mess on my clothing. Usually after my morning work and lunch is finished. I have a quiet time and then freshen myself up before my husband comes home from work. I appreciate my husband going to work and supporting me at home. Dressing like a lady is just one way of showing that appreciation and also to God who has blessed me with this day. I am happy to look down and see pretty patterns or flowers on my clothing! It cheers me up! I also try to match my scent with the dress I am wearing. Today it was hot and my dress was tropical so I put on a light tropical scent that I purchased at Dollar Tree.

I am looking forward to your next video! Thank you for the time and effort you put into these videos. They feel like a special visit with a friend.

Gigi's Blog said...

Oh, how I wish I could sew! This is one skill of many my generation lacks. But I shall not waste time complaining. Today, I am attempting to make a slip or nightgown for either myself or daughter (we are nearly the same size). She loves to sew and I am learning right alongside with her. To be able to sew a dress would be one of my biggest joys!
I adore your blog and come here for encouragement and refreshment. Please keep up the lovely work. Your videos are always so lovely, as well. Your voice is soothing and gentle.
God bless you today.

Lynn Maust said...

It is remarkable to know that it was less money to have a dress made than to buy it.....wish that were true today! and Debbie's comment is delightful too...along with your video, Lydia.
Ladies, some of these hats that can be sewn are really VERY simple to do. And Lydia, I am so glad you pointed out this latest hat is so charming! I must get that one ASAP and make one or two. Do you wear yours to church? I have a faithful brimmed straw hat for summer that I wear often most places, but this pattern is very 'hatty' and not seen on ladies anymore. I hope I can get up the courage to wear it in public...and maybe to church as well!

Lynn Bean said...

Great inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

anonymous said...

Thank you again for another wonderful blog post and video. I get so much encouragement from your blogs and the videos are so rich. Just watching you share makes me feel more feminine and glad to be a woman.

Thank you again dear Lydia, Janet

Lydia said...

Yes I do remember the simple shifts and frocks the homemakers wore. They were suitable for housework but still pretty. Yet, they changi to something better when going anywhere. For example, a lady wouldnput her house dress on and make breakfast, hang out the wash, sweep, and wash dishwa. She might do a bit of outdoor woek or tend to the garden. Then she would shower and change into something clean and a little more formal, before going to the grocery store, post office, visiting. Hats were part of an outfit, to match shoes, handbags.

The house dresses were comfortable and ladies were not tugging at them all the tome to put them in place. They were roomy and comfortable. We did wear jeans when we went on the boat , or were fishing on the dock, sledding in winter, and other things, but we preferred dresses at other times.

Lydia said...

Blogger Lydia said...
You can get through airports more quickly in pants. Some ladies are wearing them just go get through the inspection and then they have a skirt in their carry-on or purse, which they change into in a restroom on the other side of the check through area , in a waiting room. Since most people get there plenty early, there is time to change if you prefer to dress up with a skirt, for the rest of the trip.

Christine Beauchamp said...

Lydia how sweet you look. Your dress and hat combination is very charming. And I love the wreath on the truck. . . nice touch. I remember ladies in their 'shift' dresses from the past. . .very cozy for what they needed to do. Things are so different now. You inspire others (and me) by what you share. . and thank you for sharing from your sewing room. . very special.

ladypinktulip said...

Beautiful dress and hat. So lovely. Kelly T.

Jenny said...

Lady Lydia, what a lovely ensemble you have created. I loved hearing your video, too.

I wear dresses (or skirts) always, and still change out of my clothes depending on the activity. It is easier that way to have and wear nicer things and not mess them up keeping house. I always make sure to wear something pretty for around the house, too, just more serviceable.

Sara said...

Lady Lydia, you're a treasure!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and hat, very pretty!


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