Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Day Dress

It has been so busy here at home this last week but I managed to try a new dress pattern for another mother-daughter set. As I explained in one of my previous sewing posts, these are dresses for the home.

To make the neckline sit better on the shoulder area I inserted a piece of paper inside the pattern and re-drew it. The dress has side pockets, and a tie belt. I added my own style of sleeve by expanding the pattern sleeve and making a cuff, on which I sewed some of the tulle trim from Hobby Lobby which was discounted. Tulle trim is feather soft. The fabric is also from Hobby Lobby but is available at Joann Fabrics and in other places.

The pattern was a longer length than the picture on the envelope shows, so I have to take off some of the hem. Although the garment looked very cute in the illustration, I do not think I will sew it again.  

However, if you do use this pattern the way it is with no changes made, it will sew up quite quickly. 

The waist line was a little lower than I expected, and I am already thinking of making another dress in its place from an older pattern I  like better. 

When sewing from patterns, I prefer those that do not have to be altered or tweaked. I like it to work well the first time I use it.  I will post the daughter and grandmother dresses here on this page when I get them finished.

Coming soon:
Almost finished: 

These were two 2016 patterns.This pattern had a placket in the skirt that had to overlap when sewn on to the bodice--not a challenge for beginners.  

I think the patterns that have worked the best for me have been the German patterns called NeuMode and the 1980's Lanz and Laura Ashley. However, I am trying the new ones as they come on sale and I like some of the styles.

My dress: the hem was not finished but I wore it anyway.


Laura Jeanne said...

Well, it's too bad that you weren't pleased with the pattern, but the dress looks very pretty. It would really make a very feminine outfit paired with a pink apron, wouldn't it?

Tricia said...

Dear Lydia,
I absolutely LOVE the dress you made! It's just

Lydia said...

Thank you, Tricia. Its a very pretty dress but Inhad trouble with the "fit" due to the off-shoulder style, long waist and long longer length than I expected.
Laura Jeane: great idea! I am off to fi d some matching pink fabric for an apron!

Gigi's Blog said...

Oh my - the dress is so lovely! I would love to wear that dress! Well done! My personal favorite colors. :)

Dawn said...

How pretty! Is the tulle scratchy on your arms? And what a sweet idea to make matching grandmother and granddaughter dresses.

Lydia said...

Mother, daughter and grandmother dresses.

Dawn said...

Lady Lydia, I understand now. The dress you show us here is for your daughter, the mother in the trio. And you have yet to make your "grandmother"dress and your granddaughter's "daughter" dress.

If your granddaughter likes dolls, a dress for her doll would be a cute touch. Not that I'm trying to load any more work on you.

Lydia said...

Thanks for reminding me about a doll dress. I had not even thought of it but it would be so cute. I would also loke to make the matching hats and some aprons.

anonymous said...

So pretty, both the dress and the pattern. I also love that print, so feminine.
How fortunate a husband to come home to his wife wearing that dress.

Thank you for sharing, gives me inspiration to get sewing.


ladypinktulip said...

I love the fabric and the dress. All my favorite colors. I love the trim you chose also. Kelly T.

Lynn Maust said...

How I like like like this very feminine dress you have made, Lydia. Do you make these feminine styles to wear soley for home wearing? Because they are so unlike the culture, they would stand out a lot in public...so I am thinking you like to make these very feminine styles just for the purpose of wearing them in the home> Am I correct about that?

God's Grace Overflows said...

I love the dress you made and the material is just beautiful! The little girls dress is so pretty too!
Enjoy your week!

Dawn said...

I love the touch of pink lace you added to your granddaughter's dress. She must feel like a princess in it.

Chyrll said...

Just lovely!! So pretty and feminine! I love the idea of making grandmother- daughter-granddaughter-doll matching outfits! I must do that, since my daughter has now blessed me with two-yr old & two-month old granddaughters!!!


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