Sunday, August 07, 2016

Do It Yourself Daycare - Video 22

Mothers create a happy childhood just by being home with their children. Home is where the child can be non-rushed. Instead of "hurrying the baby" the child can wake up naturally and begin his day in his own familiar surroundings. It is so important for Mothers to return to the hearth and home, for the sake of children.

However, even at home, Mothers of this era may have to refrain from over-regulating children. They should not be constantly ordered about, but lovingly guided, and the Mother should participate in the things she wants her children to do. For example, "It is time to eat. Let's go wash our hands!" is a good way to teach a child and let them follow. After the child has learned to do it on his own, he may do it by himself, even without having to be reminded.  

The important thing is to treat childhood not as a battle but as something you are doing together, as you create good memories of even the simple training involved in washing their hands. Your voice and your actions should not show impatience, but kindness, love, and gentleness.

In my video on this subject, I have tried to summarize the reason we should be "daycaring" our own children---because it is a heart-to-heart experience.  Let us remember our children have souls and we are accountable to God for the way we treat them and guide them. Their souls must be guided in a way that they will want to cooperate in their own development, for the Lord's sake! The home must, in their formative years, be their center, their anchor and their stability. 

With Love,

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ladypinktulip said...

Children do thrive in an environment of love and security. No matter the income, a
child values his relationships above possessions. Kelly T.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Wonderful point of view. I will work on the kids not feeling rushed and ordered about so much. I feel like if the homemaker does her job the kids won't have much to do. however house work can get overwhelming when it's behind and daddy is due home soon, so we do need their help. There has to be a balance of work and relaxation I believe. Great post.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Do you mind explaining a little more about the meaning of the saying 'hurrying the baby'?

anonymous said...

I just read and listened to your video and do understand and agree with your message.
Looking back to my very early years, I remember mg mother and father spending time with me teaching me things and how good and secure it made me feel.

We didn't have much money and I recall my mother putting me in nursery school or going to the babysitters while she went to work to make ends meet. That was a feeling of abandonment and I felt fearful and so alone, unwanted. I dreaded every morning having to get up so early in order to get ready to leave. Then being left alone all day. I cried for my mother and was inconsolable.

Then I remember the arguments between mommy and daddy. Looking back, I'm sure it made my father feel less of a provider. I remember my mother being so tired everyday that I was put to bed way early in the evening in order for her to rest. As a consequence I would wake in the late hours and be cranky.

How happy and secure I felt after she decided today stay home with me. It seemed like the whole house was calmer. She and daddy even seemed happier.
I think children are better adjusted when they feel secure with mother at home spending time with them, teaching them through everyday living.

People who wish for children need to remember the commitment of time that goes with them. That having children, one must be self-sacrificing, not leave when times get tough, the money runs thin, or because of boredom or inconvenience. What time you put into a child and their security, pays off in huge amounts later in life. The opposite also true.


Maggie said...

"The important thing is to treat childhood not as a battle but as something you are doing together..." Oh wow, that hit home. You're right. Some days I treat my days with my little ones as days I have to survive, but I'm fortunate to be able to stay home with them so I need to make a point to make it an enjoyable time for them AND me. After all, they only get ONE childhood and there's no "do-over". Loved the post, Lydia!

Rebecca said...

I am personally so encouraged by posts like these, Lydia. I just became a mother of 5. Homeschooling and trying to nurture and disciple my children in God's ways is such a challenge but such blessed work. Thank you for your mentorship in this area but of life. You are a real Titus 2 lady.

Andrea R said...

Such a wonderful reminder for those of us with children at home. A great encouragement to see their raising and education as a partnership, and a worthwhile pursuit for the Kingdom.

I find that the more children I have, the more I enjoy them and truly appreciate them. I have seen how fast they mature and grow, and how short the time to truly parent them is in the grand scheme of time.

God Bless you, today!


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