Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Just wanted you to know I have added my Pinterest  on the upper left sidebar, for those who want to go have a look.  One of my new subjects on that Pinterest account  is Circassian Costume (Abkhaz, Kabardino , Abdyge, Adygey, Balkan, Cherkess, Chechan and more).  I noticed how much the Victorian clothing of the 1800's , especially the design of the bodices, resemble the ancient costume of the people of the Caucasus Mountains. This painting by Edmund Leighton has the sleeves of that traditional costume.

I discovered I had a pattern from the 1980's with the similarities of the Circassian styles, and I recognize sleeves of the coat.  I plan to make the one pictured in the middle that is burgundy colored, in emerald green with gold trim.

Note the unusual sleeves in these 19th century paintings which depicted a by-gone era even during the artists own century:  these have similarities to the Circassian and Coassak historical costumes.  


Mjoll said...

Your pinterest button is not working, sorry :)

anonymous said...

Your pattern is very feminine, I can just see it all done. So beautiful.

I made a similar dress for my daughter to wear to the Renaissance Faire. I used a stretch velour type fabric, since it was thinner then velvet and the month of August. Too hot for velvet.

Hers was the deep Forrest green with gold braid trim.

Can't seem to get your Pinterest button to work.

Thank you for sharing.

Lydia said...

I will get some help to get my pinterest link to work.

Lynn Maust said...

The dress in the pattern seems to be the very dress you made in white to wear in your photo for Ladies Against Feminism so very long ago. Was that the pattern you used? I can't wait to see your green with the gold trim dress when it's finished!

Lydia said...


It is the very pattern. At the time I did not know what kind of costume it was, but since viewing pictures of the Circassians and that cluster of nations in the Caucasus Mts. I see similarities in the style. It is a kind of princess look, and with all the old castles of that region, it is easy to see how the costume goes with the area and its history. Sir Frank Dicksee and Waterhouse and Leighton painted scenes with this kind of costume.

Gigi's Blog said...

It is a very pretty dress. My homemade wedding dress looked very similar with those long, lovely sleeves. It is still my favorite dress in my closest - if only I could wear it somewhere! ;)


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