Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation Time

Last year, the Pink porcelain Doll and Blue porcelain Doll pumpkins were way over the top in price at the markets, some as much as $18.00, so this year I planted seeds. The Pink Doll pumpkins are so large now,  it takes two people to remove them. The Blue Doll pumpkins are not ready yet.

Check at the end of the post to see this pumpkin on the porch.

Roxy and her DH came from Colorado to stay with us so we took them to see the Pacific Ocean and went to Florence, Yachats, Newport and Waldport.

After a tour of the coast we spent a few days at home and had a good time visiting the last remaining tea room in the area, which is nestled between antique shops.

I like these antique silk roses but never have seen any as realistic in the craft shops.

Roxy and I had tea there and it was the first time we had ever used the cone silk tea bags with the little green leaf string at the top.

Each tea table had a chandelier over it. So glamorous.  In this tea room they encourage people to linger for hours!
Also, the waiters were men who owned the place, and what a good job they did. Roxy was quite outspoken with her enthusiasm that there were men "manning" the place.
Here we are the day they went home and now I am left with all these good memories. Our husbands took the best photos of us. They know just what we like.

We were inspired to spend time in the sewing room making cloth pumpkins, but I forgot to take pictures of Roxy's handiwork, so she will have to put them on her blog at Living From Glory to Glory. Do not wait to unpack, Roxy. I want to see the pictures you took! 

That pumpkin must weigh 40 pounds! Dan cut it off the vine and carried it to the porch. I was all for bringing the wagon around to the garden and easing the pumpkin into it and then bringing it to the porch, or simply rolling it along the lawn, but he just "picked it up as if it were a dried leaf." Thanks Dan. Stan and I will miss sitting outside watching the sunsets with you in the evenings and talking about everything in life we could think of, plus all those long country walks!  

I share my guests with Gloria, so we walked over from my place to her farm to visit her. I did not get a photo of her sewing room where she makes bags out of feed sacks by lining them with cooridinating fabric and adding handles, so that is another picture for Roxy to supply on her blog, because she bought a sunflower bag. Here are Gloria's sheep:
More from the antique store:

Roxy relaxing in the swing:

Roxy in Gloria's yard. I think the house looks so cottage-y with the different colors of paint.

In a little while I will show you the hand made things Roxy brought me. 

As for what our husbands did during the visit, they went to a huge hardware store that seems a mile long. 

More coastal:  I was interested in capturing the sparkle on the water.

More of the gift shop:

Now here are some of the things Roxy gave me:
She sewed two aprons--what a lot of work, and a neat job too.
Each apron had a lace medallion on the pocket.
She also made these unique teacup book marks. I leave book marks in my recipe books and magazines so I can find things easily. She also treated me to some cosmetics. Later maybe I will paint my face so you can recognize me :-). Note the heart charm bracelet. She also makes necklaces.  I did not photograph everything ahe gave me, as I didnt want to inspire envy:-)
We went to all the local stores, including Goodwill, where we each got a teacup amd saucee for $2.69.


Dawn said...

How nice to read of your vacation and visitors.

I was surprised to scroll down and see that I recognized your Roxie as I sometimes I stumble across her blog. Lovely photo of two lovely ladies.

I don't think I've seen a blue pumpkin before. I look forward to seeing what you've grown.

I don't care how pretty a pumpkin is, $18 is way too much! You are smart to plant your own.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! The photo of you and Roxy together is beautiful. Love your pumpkins. Hard to believe it is that season already.

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
It was so nice to hear of your visit with Roxie and her husband. And what a lovely picture of the two of you too! Like yours, I find her blog to be so encouraging and uplifting.
I'm so glad you were able to ge together and I'm sure it was an encouragement to you both too!


Christine Beauchamp said...

How sweet Lydia. But your words - - the last remaining tea room - - how sad. Its an amazing tea room. . and where one can linger for hours. . how wonderful. But sad to see them go. There's one near me. . .can't have a quiet cup of tea there though. Seems its only for Bridal showers or a child's birthday - - very loud - - and they want reservations for the crowd, and they're closed by 4 pm. Some years back I used to go after work to listen to the Dulcimer player. Now they're not open that long. All your pictures are lovely. . such a nice time together. . . and your neighbor Gloria. . . what a fabulous yard. . . very cottage-y . . as you say.

ladypinktulip said...

So glad you were able to spend time with Roxy! Sounds like a wonderful week. Miss seeing Gloria each week on Skype. Love the pictures! Kelly T.

Christine said...

Two of my favorite blogging ladies, sharing time together, very special.

Lynn Maust said...

Lydia, I just love the photo of you look darling. And your huge pumpkin is quite a feat grow...and to pick up! It is beautiful and glad you could grow your own instead of spending such a lot to buy one!

Ellen Seagren said...

I didn't realize that you lived in the Pacific Northwest - how nice to have you as a neighbor! Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your friends. I miss all the tea shops I used to visit with a dear friend so I always enjoy your posts about the teas you do in your own home. Happy Autumn! ellen

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

What a lovely break for you. I love that pink flowered sleeveless shirtdress in the shop. I have one in white with brown line flowers all over it. It is so comfortable in this weather.
Pumpkins already. Amazing. I haven't seen any yet in the stores, but I imagine after Labor Day they'll start showing up. Since Northern CA got a lot more rain, I imagine the majority of the pumpkins will come from there. We don't do them anymore since no one comes all the way to the back to our gate.
I've had those triangle teas at a few restaurants. One of my favorite places in downtown LA provides you with a box of Twinings to choose from. Lots of good flavors.
Have a good end of summer.

anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful to see the both of you together during the summer. So happy for you to have such a lovey time together.

I admire the dresses you are both wearing in the photo. Such a picture of femininity.
I like Roxy very much and read her blog often. Wish there were more ladies in the world like you both.

Wow, that pink doll pumpkin is really beautiful. It looks so rustic setting on your porch. I never planted pumpkins this year. Have plenty of pumpkin puree in my freezer for pies and pumpkin bread from last year.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and memories of your vacation. It made my day.

Blessings, Janet

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, We all had such a lovely time! Your home was a delightful cottage and it was decorated so lovely! You truly had the gift of hospitality!
We did have the most extravagant holiday on the coast! The food was amazing everywhere we went! I will be doing a post myself once I get all my pictures ready!!
The tea room was so much fun and your baking skills for the English scones and lemon Curd was delicious. We had such a great time and yes the ocean was amazing and quite enchanting! Our men also had a wonderful time doing guy things a few times as we went to a few antique shops and our lunch at the tea shop was the best ever!
And my pumpkins I made have a home on one of my end tables is our living room!
And those wee little lambs were precious!
And your Pink Pumpkin was so huge!
I am so glad the Lord made the way for us to come and stay for such a long time...
We truly adored all of it; especially you both...
Love, Roxy

Lydia said...

Ann, for various reasons I like the dress and the people who have email s me have said they would like it with sleeves. I have studied sleeves and enjoy the variety, so if I ever made this dress it would have sleeves on it like the New Gertie brand patterns from Butterick.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

It is thrilling to see you both together! I'm so glad you two got to make new memories. How long was the visit for? Both you ladies look fascinating. :-)

Andrea R said...

What a lovely time you had with Roxy! What a huge blessing to you both, I am sure. Your photo's of the ocean are breathtaking, and I do miss seeing the's been a long time!

The tea room sounds wonderful, and I love all the finds at the antique store. I would absolutely love the rattan/wicker high chair nestled on my front porch. I have rattan furniture that is old, and I have painted it many times. That would fit in wonderfully, and contain one of my littles for a snack!

Thanks so much for sharing, and I'm sure you are still basking in the fun time with your dear friend!

God's Grace Overflows said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Aren't they just the best? They have been telling us little tid bits here and there and it all sounds like you all had a delightful time. I'm glad they were able to get away to a new place and get to share it with both you and your hubby.
I just love that pink pumpkin...I have never seen a pink one before and the coast...WOW! Just stunning!
Roxy was telling me about the most wonderfully delicious scones and lemon curd you made. We are gonna have to make it soon! ;)
Enjoy your week Lydia!
Blessings, Amy

Susan said...

What a lovely post. It gave me a vacation just looking at it! The photo of the both of you is worthy of framing, the picture of femininity in your beautiful dresses. I wish I could find some lovely friends like the both of you where I live. So glad you had this vacation. Thank you for sharing.

dolores moore said...

Lovely pictures Lydia, I wish I could have sat beside you both at the tea room. You both are gracious ladies in the Lord. 🌹🌹

Traditional Simplicity said...

How fun! Tea and an antique store while also stopping to see the ocean. All things near to my heart. What a blessing to share your outing with us. I so enjoy the pictures. You both look so lovely.

The little touches she added to the aprons, I just love them. To me it's the little things that add that special touch. Like the ribbon in your hair. It's the little things. I have a small pink flower I clip to the back of my hair with I go on a date with my husband. It's so much fun.

Thank you for sharing your outing.

Wishing you peace,

Rachel and Family said...

We lived in Springfield for 4 years and then The Dalles for 6 years. 4 of our children were born in Oregon. I really miss the area!
The picture of you and Roxy is adorable! What lovely looking ladies you are.


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