Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Importance of the Voice - Video 27 & 28

Hello Ladies,

I wrote about the communication problem a few months ago and these videos are an extension of the subject.

Dear Ladies, I hope you will take this in the spirit of love and not chastisement!  As older women, we want to encourage the younger women to love their families, not be sharp with them, and to be patient and tenderhearted. We learn this by our own trial and error, and we want to spare them some of the heart ache that can fill their future with painful memories and regret.

Older women particularly need to be careful about hasty, sharp replies. It is so easy to become bored and impatient and cut someone off in conversation.

To men who may be viewing this, let me explain that women are very relationship oriented and the voice has a special meaning to them. Even the cry of their babies touches them and they know what they need.  When we talk to each other we discern one another's well-being.  Women especially need voice contact. Voice contact makes their hearts and minds settled.

In these two videos I talk about the voice and how treasured it used to be. I suppose today, the enormous about of broadcasting can make people insensitive to the voice, but I explain why the voices of our loved ones are so important.

The voice is one reason I continue to have classes for ladies and tea parties, etc.  While you can learn a lot in books, and from videos, that human contact impacts your thinking and can correct misconceptions.


The house dress is from the same pattern as the previous dress, and the same cotton print by Waverly, Inspirations,  only with a blue background.  This is like apple blossom branches viewed against the blue sky!


Marilla Cuthbert said...

Dear lady Lydia,
Thank you so much for another gift, for certainly every video of yours is truly a gift. There´s so much sweetness and loveliness in everything you say and how you say it!
I agree with you particularly in this. We aren´t conscious of how much good we bring to somebody just by phoning him or her. My mum is a little active woman who lives alone. I try to put myself in her shoes. She does lots of things every day, but I know a phone call in the evening means the world to her. Maybe she hasn´t talked to anyone in the whole day but the baker or the butcher! Just asking about daily things and sharing little things in life is very important, an act of love. Visiting and having a cup of tea if possible, taking some cookies or cake, says "I care".
Sometimes a loved voice is like a soft touch, so needed. Thank you for reminding us about this little good works we all can do, maybe put there by the Lord so that we could do them (Eph. 2:10).

P.S. I love your dress!

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
I am enjoying these videos so much, and it is lovely to hear the sound of your voice too! It is easy when we are busy and preoccupied with our own lives to forget how many people live alone. Like Marilla above, my mother-in-law lives alone and often she may have a day where she speaks to no one. I have a neighbour next door who is 96, and lives on her own. How important the voice is to those on their own, and so I know that I phone my mother in law almost every day just to say hello.
And to those "nuisance callers" who call trying to sell something, I try to be as polite as possible because I know they have probably been hung up on numerous times and many people have been rude to them.
We can always do better however, and so your video reminds me of this. Thank you...

Christine xx

Lynn Maust said...

I am going to phone you right now! (smile!)

Lynn Maust said...

This could not have come at a more providential gentleman friend and I have been emailing each other and I think we have caused each other a problem....I hope to resolve our conflict at least in person soon...if not by phone.

Lydia said...

Hey, I got a phone call out of this mesaage. I did not expect that! I am sorry you had to leave a message, but it was lovely to hear your voice!

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia- it was good to hear your voice and visit, you are such a kindred spirit, I am forever grateful for your friendship. I loved the topic of your last post *:x lovestruck You are so kind to mention my name and I am ok with it, I believe your videos as well as when Stan is able to participate is so very valuable, it is inspiring and motivating to keep going forward and know we must snatch this generation that is being deceived by the enemy and discarding its legacy ..... Dahlia

anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
It's so good to hear your voice. Your videos are so lovely and encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing.

Recently there has been a commercial on television. Can't remember what they were selling, but a young athlete was calling his mother's home just to say he loved her and to hear her voice on the message machine. He left a message that conveyed his desire just hear her voice and to let her know how very much he lovers and missed her.
She had passed away sometime ago.

Hearing a loved one's voice is so comforting even if only a message recorded on an answering machine.


Christine said...

Thank you!

living from glory to glory said...

Well, I think that you made a very powerful and truthful statement! The hearing of one voice is a single factor to allow each of us an indicator of really how one is doing.
This world has lost the true sense of communication I am afraid. Talking and allowing the voice to bring comfort or to respond with concern will show in a voice.
We must realize that all communication is not the same or holds the same value!!

I loved the poem and the photo it was so very precious, thank you so much for all your encouragement and not leaving the ancient path.

May the Lord grant you strength and joy in all you set your hand to!
Blessings, Roxy
Check out

Dianne Plourde said...

Love these videos so much. I am new to your blog. Thank you!

Dianne Plourde said...

Love your videos so much. I am new to your blog. Thank you!


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