Monday, September 05, 2016

Precious Moments At Home -Video 23

Look carefully at this old photograph and you will see and feel the same things as people in another era.

  I remember my own dear children when upon their toy horses, being shown by one of the older ones, how to love and enjoy the ride. 

Here, as with my own precious girl at virtually the same age, the younger boy puts his forefinger on the mane of the horse, perhaps feeling the texture of the toy. 

Look at his mouth pursed in serious observation. Oh what a moment! 

And, the sister's smile is like that of a girl's smile today when she shows and shares this moment of discovery.  Perhaps she was put on guard to see that he did not slide off the horse, and she noticed what he was looking at and wanted to see it too. Maybe she was enjoying re-enacting her own babyhood. 

Every mother has a God-given right to be home with her children around her, looking at their development in her own home.  

It is impossible to determine exactly when these little events will happen,  although usually at a certain age,  and that is the reason it is so important to be with your children when you wake, when you eat, when you sit in your house, when you care for your house, when you are at leisure.

 Your children learn and think much better at home where Mother is present. Her primary role of being with her child for all these precious events is more important than anything she could ever do for anyone else. It Is more important than doing something great for the world-- and yet, it is the greatest thing a Mother can do for God and others and the world.  I will be bold and say it is more important than schooling (yes, even if you are a home schooler) ministry,  or any religious work. Your home and you, and the children are the school and the ministry in which you are all intertwined, and you all grow and mature in the knowledge of God's ways. These tiny moments are a revealing of God's work and glory.

Remember to allow children to grow at a natural rate, and not rush them. Let children be children. Let the older ones pull the little ones around in a laundry basket. Let them all play house.  Let them all pretend to be Fathers and Mothers.  Don't let people who have not experienced true home based childhoods,  dictate how the children must play and be. Those of you who were homeschooled may have learned to doubt or look for other teachings, but you need to treasure your own childhood, as a pattern for your children. Do not be influenced by other people's doubting and negative remarks.

Remember this poem is warning us  NOT TO HURRY the children!  It shows the tragedy of pushing children to grow up too soon. Childhood can never be recovered.  Are we guilty of hurrying our children into being grown up, into the next stage, into leaving childhood behind too early, into thinking about adult problems?  Even homeschoolers get under pressure to have their children in a certain stage of learning, allowing pressure to dictate the level of education.  As you will hear in the upcoming video, some children learn when they are ready to learn, and homeschooling is about raising your children with love, not about the pressure to accomplish something. 

And, when you are homeschooling, remember the children are not all ready for certain types of learning at the same time everyone his or her age is.  None of us learn at the same level as everyone else.  

Also,  if you have them so scheduled from one social activity to another, they lose a part of their ability to fully think things through. This is perhaps another subject.  Home life  can provide all the activities for childhood. The Mother is paramount in this equation!

Please read this poem and then click on my new video at the end.

 Making A Man

Hurry the baby as fast as you can,
Hurry him, worry him, make him a man.

Off with his baby clothes, get him in pants,
Feed him on brain foods and make him advance.

Hustle him, soon as he's able to walk,
Into a grammar school; cram him with talk.

Fill his poor head full of figures and facts,
Keep on a-jamming them in till it cracks.

Once boys grew up at a rational rate, 
Now we develop a man while you wait,

Rush him through college, compel him to grab
Of every known subject a dip or a dab.

Get him in business and after the cash,
All by the time he can grow a mustache.

Let him forget he was ever a boy,
Make gold his god and its jingle his joy.

Keep him a-hustling and clear out of breath,
Until he wins - nervous prostration and death.

Nixon Waterman


Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

As I am considering how to keep my child out of school without ruffling too many feathers, this post is quite timely and appreciated. I can hear my siblings and neighbors now quizzing my child to see if they know all their abc's and math facts after they learn about them staying home. Apparently all children age three and older should be in pre school somewhere really 'learning'. I'm just about ready to follow my convictions. :-)

I just read the post about cynicism and logged out of facebook so I would not be tempted to tell others how to live. I am learning how to enjoy life more and mind my own business thanks to you. Warm wishes, Tierra

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

When you mentioned about even homeschooling parents sometimes feeling the pressure to have their child at a certain stage of development I thought of the teachers and how they are paid to rush the students to reach certain benchmarks for tests. It can not be a pleasant learning experience being so pressured can it? My son was asked to stay after school for even more test prep. With long school hours, chores, dinner, and bedtimes rituals I just don't feel that is the best use of time with children. I know a 2 year old who is very smart for his age reciting his alphabet and counting upwards of 40 and I had to wonder what is he listening to in the car or while at daycare. I almost thought day care was good for a moment.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

How come our education is constantly compared to China or other countries around the world with the negative spin that we are less educated? Does it even matter? I am getting g the impression that as long as women can take care of home and the men can earn a living we are doing just fine. is this what it boils down to?

ladypinktulip said...

Thank you for this great video. It is such an encouragement to me. I am much more relaxed in our homeschooling since we discussed these things. We are enjoying the schooling so much more together and she is doing much better now that things are relaxed. I was unconsiously making homeschool like public school and didn't even realize it. She is now iniating her own learning even! Thank you for always being such a great mentor. Love Kelly T.

Rebecca said...

This is another wonderful post! I would LOVE for you to expound on outside social activities vs. all children need to develop can be found right at home. This is a real issue amongst homeschoolers, I have noticed. So many are not really homeschooling at all! They are constantly rushing from one activity to the next, enrolling their children in co-ops, signing them up for classes, etc... They run ragged and are stressed out - both the children and the mommas. They grab a lot of drive thru food and the laundry piles up. Could you speak to sports, classes, co-ops, and the like? I have five children and when I count the cost both financially and time-wise of all that is available, I choose to stay out of the rat race. It can be hard though when friends and people we know are going at that pace. It makes my children feel they might be missing out on something.

anonymous said...

Well said Lydia, I totally agree.
Thank you for posting.


Lynn Maust said...

Yes, Mrs. Daniels...that is what it ALL boils down to.

Lynn Maust said...

Rebecca...keep staying out of that madness....stay home and keep the children with you. God bless!

Lynn Maust said...

Lydia....God bless you for this so needed post. If only I knew this way of life...even when I was growing up. I would like to have raised my own and only child this home, protected, quiet, confident and serene. How much we missed....and ladies...those of you who have children...please listen to Lydia...she is full of godly wisdom.

Lynn Maust said...

The poem is most memorable and heartrending too....glad you included you know when it was written?

Alex said...

In your written post , I love how you describe the perfectly special moment between the two little children on the horse; as you say, these are extremely precious moments which no Mom should miss, and should be fully allowed for in an unhurried way.
A good post.

Christine Beauchamp said...

Lydia, you are indeed the voice of reason!! I agree that a good mother is even more important than schooling. . . and the poem is spot on! Honestly, I always agree with everything you say. . . and love how you think.
Bless you and yours .. again and again. . . and again. . .

Recently I read an older post re "preservation of our time". While many think sanity is boring. . .I think its brilliant. Your comment in that post (an older closed post) about women who sew or do needlework need more time to dedicate to it . . . such a glowing and beautiful statement. . I just want to hug you for acknowledging these simple and profound acts of beauty we love and share in common - - and for your simple, yet profound views on it.

Courtney Downs said...

YES! What Rebecca said! I have those same thoughts and questions!

Lydia said...

Your latest post and video have been a direct answer to prayer. I have struggled and sought the Lord so many times about how to do this thing called homeschooling. I have found myself instinctually wanting to slow down and not push so hard. My goals for my children are not that they'd be successful in the eyes of the world but in God's eyes and for His will and purposes. Your words are so sound and wise. You are such a mentor to me. Thank you so much for writing about homeschooling and home keeping and encouraging women as we raise our children and love our husbands.




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