Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Fabric Favorite

The Seamstress
By: Eugene de  Blaas, Italy, 1843-1932

Do you see the colorful fabrics in the Eugene de Blass paintings of the 19th century? Do you think you could find similar prints today? Look how the artist paired the green and deep red fabrics. It is a very appealing combination.

Hello Ladies

Here is one more example of a dress made from the new Waverly Inspirations cottons at Walmart:
This fabric is an absolute comfort to wear. If you are not used to wearing dresses, a super-comfortable and fresh feeling fabric like this would make you feel completely at ease in a dress. Adding ruffles and trims gives it a casual country flair.
Above: the tucks in the dress gives it a nice fit. You can leave out a couple of the back tucks if you want the dress to be more roomy.

This is a dress for the home that can be worn everywhere else, too. It was made to wear for a special invitation from an old friend, who always invites the Ladies Bible Class to an annual lunch, because she goes absolutely "all out" with the food and the program. 

Below: you cannot see it as vividly here, but this exciting print is also available with a blue background, making the print appear as a natural scene against the blue sky.

For sleeves: Vintage McCalls 2398; Dress: Current pattern McCalls 6958

The cloth covered shoes are nice to wear with it, and also available at Walmart for approximately $5.00. They are good for carrying with you to wear as slippers if you need to remove your boots or outdoor shoes in someone's house.
Here is the dress accompanied by a cardigan in the shade of burgundy. The color brings out the deep red of the larger roses on the fabric.
This cardigan has that lovely back ribbing, and friends have said they have bought this style in other colors and enjoy it very much. 
Here is the dress paired with a green cardigan.
And although some people do not like to wear orange, this melon shade cardigan really brings out the same shade of flowers in the print. The plastic totes you see with the dress are a dollar each from Dollar Tree. Some seamstresses and online shops are using these colorful plastic totes as props in pictures of sewing and fashions.

It is satisfying to see how the colored cardigans look with this print, as it gives more "looks" for the dress and extends its usefulfulness. It could be worn every day for a week and not feel like you were wearing the same old thing.

This yellow cotton cardigan makes you notice the yellow flowers more.

Well, there you have it, and hopefully it has given you a little inspiration and brightened your moments here.  The fabric could also be used for an easy home decor change, by cutting it to fit tables and other surfaces.


This is a one of a kind original and no duplicate or copy exists!  

Pictures  here from Pinterest show prints matched up to cardigans. Catalogs such as Chadwicks, Blair, Old Pueblo, have similar ensembles. Also, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark dresses this way for casual wear. As you can see, this is a well-liked way to pair clothing today, and had its beginnings way back in the 1940's. The look is fresh as flowers and the clothing is very comfortable and comforting. When worn at home it instantly perks your mood and gives a feeling of happiness and contentment.

Queen Maxima with sand color cardigan matches the sand background of her print dress.
Another Maxima outfit with fuscia cardigan which ties in to the fuschia of her print skirt.
Crown Princess Mary uses a mustard shade cardigan that matches some of the print of her skirt.
Her gray cardigan goes with the background gray color of her skirt.
More of her and her girl's cardigan.
Kate's adorable children in cardigans.

Below: Designer Kate Spade Floral dress and cardigan  $495.00. Cost of home made dress shown at the beginning of the post: $20.00 for 4 yards includes zipper and thread. Cardigans are approximately $7.00 depending on sales.  Most all the Waverly Inspirations fabrics are under $5.00 a yard at Walmarts.


Laura Jeanne said...

Your dress is lovely, and it was delightful to see it paired with all those different colours of cardigans. I really need to go shopping, as my favourite white cardigan that I loved and that went with everything, came unravelled in the wash as it was of a delicate knit. I have repaired it several times but it's really bit the biscuit this time. I have felt for a while now that a cardigan is the perfect addition to a dress, or a skirt and blouse, because it makes those feminine outfits looks more updated and modern, and it makes the wearer more comfortable as well.

Anyway, thank you for sharing! :)

Lydia said...

I always appreciate your visits, Laura Jeanne.

anonymous said...

Oh how pretty your newest dress is with all those pretty sweaters. How becoming they are on you too. Those floral print shoes go perfectly with the ensemble.

I once went through my entire wardrobe mixing and matching my outfits, fitting them on a dress form, such as you've done and taking photos of the ensembles. I only had a few things but managed to come up with about twenty outfits. It was so much fun after viewing all the combos.

Thank you for sharing. You inspire me to look at fabrics in different ways.


ladypinktulip said...

I love your newest creation! The fabric is very beautiful. I think it's really neat how the different cardigans can change up the look. I think my favorite is the melon. Such beautiful dresses you make! As I see dresses in catalogs they are all going to this A Line or Sheath type, no form, no fit and drab colors. What a delight to create beautiful dresses at home. Love Kelly T.

Gigi's Blog said...

I love your dresses!

Laura Spilde said...

Have you visited the website https://modli.co/ Many Many beautiful dresses found there. It is wonderful to find matching patterns and sew similar designs.

If a woman is blessed with a husband who loves modest dresses. Definitely be thankful!

Dawn said...

I really like how the different cardigans look with the dress and carries the dress through the different seasons. The burgundy cardi gives the dress a Fall look while the green gives it a Spring look IMO.

Wouldn't the world be such a beautiful place if more ladies dressed like Lady Lydia? Even someplace as mundane as the supermarket would make a pretty scene with ladies wearing colorful floral dresses.

living from glory to glory said...

I have always loved your style of dresses and the little change of a sweater can make such a difference. I wish I could have a dress that fit really well. I do enjoy sewing, maybe one day I can get a professional to help me get a pattern to fit well and teach me how to make it in a way I feel that it is better than a store bought dress. So many things anymore are just not made to fit well.
Really a pretty dress and the fall leaves on the ground in the one photo was really nice,
Always, Roxy

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

I loved seeing all the different ways to wear one dress! What I found quite interesting--and an example of the womanly art of thrift--was how to extend what might be a summer dress to a dress that would be appropriate for all but the deepest winter days.

Agape always,

God's Grace Overflows said...

What a beautiful dress Lydia and I loved seeing all the different color cardigans to go with it. I really loved the orange. That would go great for the Fall.
Enjoy your evening!

Lynn Maust said...

Oh Lydia, I love love love that print...and also the matching cardigans...and you are so charming in your carriage....this post is inspiring me too to get at least one of those plastic totes...to use for my mending service! I am so glad you included those in your photos....they are very cute and the colors a delight..>I betcha my Dollar Tree or similar has them too.

Lynn Maust said...

I think Dawn has said it for us all....wouldn't it be a beautiful place anywhere that ladies dress as Lydia does....let's do it ladies....let's make these floral dresses and get some cardigans and make the world a prettier place for all to enjoy!!!

Lynn Maust said...

Oh yes...your little floral slippers too...how beautiful and soooo inexpensive! At Walmart? I must go~

Lydia said...

Thank you all for taking time to comment. The plastic totes are great for sewing projects, especially when you match your colors. After sewing your skirt tou can pack a few things in the bag and go sit somewhere and read or knit or write a letter!

Lydia said...

There are a lot of inexpensive cardigans in an endkess supply of color rs but cottons and woollens are better, as acryllics, nylon and other synrgetics made from plastics can be veru uncomfortable, gather moisture or the fabric beads up after a few launderings.

Lydia said...

Acrylics and nylons and other synthetics are not healthy skeepwear for children. Cotton flannel, wool, linen, and wovens natural fabrics are best.

Lynn Maust said...

I think Dawn has said it for us all....wouldn't it be a beautiful place anywhere that ladies dress as Lydia does....let's do it ladies....let's make these floral dresses and get some cardigans and make the world a prettier place for all to enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

I really like the dress that you are wearing, especially paired with a cardigan. It reminds me of some of the dresses that First Lady Michelle Obama wore. Many of her outfits were dresses paired with cardigans and I think she really helped to make ladylike dressing fashionable again. Just came upon your blog and am enjoying it!


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