Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Dearest Ladies,

You probably will not dress up like this (isn't that a beautiful dress in the painting?) at home just to read a letter, but you might enjoy getting notifications in your email when this blog has a new post!

Some of you have written and said they are no longer getting these notifications. The sign-up area has just been moved to the top of the bar on the left, so if you need to, please fill in your email address! That should correct the matter and you will get the notifications. You are also welcome to forward the email notification to your friends and loved ones.

If you are getting more than one email notification of the same post, you might have a look at the end of the email to see if there is a place to unsubscribe, and that might correct the matter.

At home, ladies can do what suits their families best, and that is why Home Living suits a lot of ladies just fine, sharing ideas of making home life just right for your own schedule and your own family needs. There are no do's and don'ts here regarding marriage, home or family. It is all about making home the most encouraging, resourceful and desireable place to be.

So, please sign up!

While you probably cannot imagine reading a letter in a nice gown, would not it make a big difference in curing the doldrums, feelings of sorrow, depressing weather, and discouragement---would not dressing up a bit at home elevate the mind and give the lady at home a sense of value and purpose in what she is doing?  Some people have written about this in the past, and how their happiness and contentment improves, as well as their creativity, when they dress for the home. Even a pretty, feminine apron or a ribbon in your hair can make a difference!

As a side note, the header picture will be changed soon, so if you would like to save the painting, please do so now. The title and author will go into your pictures automatically.  One reason that painting is so loved is the man and woman seem to have an easy feeling between them. They are comfortable together and content to look at the view. The man and woman have a sharp contrast in their appearance: he is so distinctly masculine in every aspect, and evokes an impression of personal stability. As you can see by the man's suit, the styles for men have remained very similar! The woman is feminine, with a soft dress and hair style, and her dress is what would be considered quite Western in the country sense, as the belt is a style that goes with western skirts. She looks like she is listening to whatever he has to say. Of course, you may read your own interpretation of the painting, but it is lovely! The view is wonderful too.

Nordic Summer Evening by Sven Richard Bergh 
Sweden 1858-1919

Here is another painting by the same Swedish artist. Notice how the recent shawl and poncho fashions are so much like the one in this painting. Styles actually stay the same in many ways. Even the hairstyles are being revived today. There was a period of time when no one could remember how the ladies fashioned their hair in the past, but by searching through various old books and papers, some of the twists and rolls and braids have been revived.


Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely paintings, Lydia. Paintings from the past, when artists strove for excellence in both content and technique, are nourishing to the soul.

As for dressing up, I would love to do that. I need to figure out what I can do. My clothing budget is virtually nil, and my sewing machine drives me crazy, but I am sure I can figure out something from the thrift store if I am creative.

As an aside Lydia, because I know you do a lot of sewing: Do you have any idea why my old (1960s) sewing machine can't sew a straight line? Unless I really force the fabric to stay somewhat straight, it starts twisting clockwise. Even when I force it to go straight, the bottom fabric and top fabric are moving in different directions. Everything I try to sew looks crooked, puckered and awful! And yes I had the machine serviced, it still does that! Could it be I need new feed dogs?

Lydia said...

The best sewing machines and vacuum cleaners are the brand new ones! You might get parts for an older machine, but there is always wearing down of parts and other things that are not replaceable. Get as much done as you can regarding repair work but get a new one when all is finished with that machine. Unlike old cars it is hard to get new motors for sewing machines, if not impossible. Save your old one but for serious reliable sewing get a new one at Walmart, as they carry all the name brands. New things always tend to work better. If something does not work, it costs you money or space. You can go online and describe your machine problem and you might get help. You can get a machine now for under a hundred dollars, amd sometimes as low as 65 or 75 dollars. You alternative is hand stitching and some ladies actually do make clothes that way.

Amelia said...

I enjoy your blog very much, and find encouragement here in many ways.

Just wanted to make a comment on sewing machines reading Laura Jeanne's comment. I purchase the Brothers sewing machine at Walmart, the most simple one they carry for around 40 to 60 dollars, depending on the store. You can order them online from Walmart as well with free shipping. I just love the Brothers brand, and I have found if I take special care of my sweet little machine it works extremely well for me. In the past when my Brothers machine did sadly break it was because it was dropped, the dog ran and tripped over the cord etc. My mother had a 60s machine when I was a little girl and it was a problem, she always lamented trading her old featherweight Singer for the 'new' 60s one. : )

Thanks for such a nice blog. I enjoy it! Blessings!

Unknown said...

Fabulous advice about old vs new machines!

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for your advice about sewing machines. I do have a machine that is much newer, and it has been jamming up on me, but perhaps I should try to work with that one instead. I like the old one because it's such a solid construction, the motor "whirrs" so nicely, and the controls are easier for me to understand. But, all that is pointless if it can't sew a straight line!

I wish I could buy sewing supplies at Walmart, but alas, the Walmarts in Canada no longer sell sewing supplies. I think they stopped doing that about 10 years ago. We have other stores for that of course but they're quite expensive, so when I sew it's usually with fabric that has been handed down to me, as my grandmother and two of my aunts don't sew much any more and have given me quite a bit of fabric.

Christine said...

I enjoy learning from you.
I look forward to getting up and getting dressed up for my day. Instead of "throwing on jeans", I have fun planning on what I'm going to wear. From earrings, necklace, all the way down to my shoes.
I think my husband likes looking at me more presentable. Now, when he says, let's go, I'm ready for anything, weather it's to the market, post office or a coffee date.


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