Thursday, October 20, 2016

No-Sew For the Home

For those who are not able or interested in making clothes (skirts, dresses, aprons) or sewing for the home (cushions, curtains, tablecloths, furniture coverings), here are some ideas for finding things appropriate to your needs.

For clothing, let your eyes be your first guide, pulling your interest to the colors that appeal to you.Find  clothes that attract you in the mood they evoke: soft, quiet pastels, comforting nuetrals, enlivening brights, and deep jewel tones.  These colors and hues, when worn, do affect the mood at home, and that is important because there is an entire dynamic at home that is different than the rest of the world. Home is not regulated by the same values as other places, and home life has to be self-motivated, so your clothing may have a bearing on personal purpose at home.

For style, look for the clothes that are true coverings: long enough but not too wide or fussy as to catch on things as you make your way around rhe house, high enough to cover privacy when bending down to help little ones with shoes and shirts, or any household movement, and ample enough that it covers you in all activity.

If you have to buy extra pieces to cover up the areas the original piece exposes, you may end up with a lot of layers, which can be uncomfortable or too warm, even in winter.  Then, there may be a lot of clutter in closets and drawers. Extra time is needed to match all those pieces. Busy homemakers want to choose clothing quickly, and that is why they get a favorite shirt and skirt that suits home life just fine.

Find an idea of what you like by searching through catalogs like April Cornell, and then try to locate similar things to your liking at your local Goodwill or discount stores. You might be just as happy with something at Target, Bi-Mart, or CostCo. Check fabric content for your preference of fabrics. Some ladies prefer natural fibres and wovens over synthetic knits, for the home.

Clothes do not have to be vintage or Victorian, or historical, but they can be "historically-inspired" or "Victorian-inspired" by including some elements of these types of clothes: length, trims, tucks, sleeves, colors. There are, however, enough modern updated choices available that you can find feminine and functional and modest clothing in stores today

For the home, there are tutorials showing how to simply wrap a piece of new fabric around an old cushion and tie it, to update it or create something for the season. There are also many sites that show how to use fabrics for table clothes and mantel swags, or table runners, without sewing. You can even hang fabric for curtains by attatching it with colored clothes pegs. There is a lot you can make with cloth, without sewing, for the home.

Below: home things from April Cornell. If you need to be more thrifty , it may be possible to find similar items. There is no need to think you must sew everything.


anonymous said...

Lydia, I love that you always bring out positive ideas for others. Thank you for doing that.

Years ago our mothers used to make easy clean-up kitchen tablecloths and shelf liners with oil cloth. I still remember the clean smell. However I always like real table clothes so I found cute vintage ones at the thrift stores. This just wasn't practicle with little kids.
I bought a length of clear plastic sheeting and laid that over the fabric tablecloths.

In recent years I found pretty quilts make a lovely table covering and under the clear plastic they are kept clean.

anonymous said...

Those dresses that you posted are really pretty and beautifully illustrate what you mentioned about comfort, modesty and being practical for work. So feminine too.


Ellen Seagren said...

The coasters and dresses are so pretty! I would love to make a similar dress and your posts on sewing have inspired me. Yesterday I made a denim skirt using a skirt I already have as a pattern. It turned out great! I will now be on the lookout for a pattern like the loose dresses - they would be great with tights for winter or loose and cool in summer. Also was inspired by your post the other day showing how to mix and match dresses with sweaters. I really appreciate that you share all your great ideas without breaking the bank. Thanks!

ladypinktulip said...

I really like the dresses posted too. Love the style. Some things I do at home that are no sew are ...I use twin fitted sheets in beautiful fabrics as a table cloth..the elastic keep it in place! I have also used sheets and fitted sheets to cover a less than beautiful couch. I have put pillow cases in pretty colors over drab pillows then pinned the back. For a nice valance a person could get a length of fabric and twist and drap it over curtains poles. Kelly T.


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