Monday, October 24, 2016

Pretty Posies In Clouds

This printed cotton should have the name "Color in the Clouds" because of the cloud-downy look. It is a super soft yet substantially thick Waverly Inspirations cotton fabric available at Wal-Mart. There will soon be a link on the sidebar to all the Waverly prints mentioned here, with the finished garments.

This year, Walmart is not selling those cotton cardigans that are usually paired with the dresses on this blog, so here is an easy idea for you:
Buy a long sleeved cotton t-shirt in the color you need, one size larger than you wear, so it will fit easily over the dress. Fold it in half, matching up the shoulder seams, and press with hot iron along the fold to get an accurate line. Then, cut along the line, and there you have a cardigan. 

The V-necks make better looking cardigans, and it is not necessary to make a button at the top, as in the rounded necklines. This tee shirt cost $4.88 at Walmart and is a heavy cotton and not very stretchy, which made it easy to alter.

Since the knit fabric does not unravel or fray, there is no need to stitch along the edges if you do not want to be bothered, however, it is nice to use a decorative outline stitch or a simple zig-zag machine stitch in matching thread.

  Sew on a button at the top and clip a little line on the other side for a button hole or make a ribbon loop. The button, above is an aqua cameo button from Hobby Lobby.
Wearing this particular print is like being wrapped in a luxurious, expensive soft sheet and it is only $2.95-$3.97 a yard, so total cost of the dress, including zipper is about $20.00
What a lift it gives the homemaker to wear something pretty yet durable for home making. It is so washable and any stains will fade out nicely in the sun on the line. It is fun to wear an apron that matches.

Notice the fabric also makes a cheerful cloth for this little table.

Different cardigans could be worn with this print: pink, purple, green.  An apron over it makes it perfect for home, and a cardigan makes it a great dress to wear when you have to go to the grocery store or anywhere else!
It is from the same patterns as used for previous prints seen here. The pattern for a house dress (which of course can be worn elsewhere too) can be the same one used over and over, but it is the prints and trims that make it different.

To make this dress less fussy there is no ruffle. Instead, the hem is curved into gentle free hand (or free scissor!) scallops with a facing added to give it more weight.  The hem is hand stitched.

Here is the facing on the hem inside the dress:

It is always a treat to go to Allposters and find one of those delightful 19th century paintings with dresses to inspire sewing. Some of the prints depicted in these paintings are reproduced in the cotton mills today. Have a look at these, in the painting below. You will find very similar prints in the babric stores today! They evoke a feeling of contentment in every day things.
This 19th century painting is called "The Music Lesson". Notice the colors and prints. 

Mcalls (year 2016) pattern 6958
Waveryly Inspirations cotton fabric (Walmart) 4 yards
Long sleeved cotton tee shirt $5.00 (Walmart)
Aqua Satin hair ribbon 1 roll 97cents
Thread, 24 inch zipper, piping trim.
Decorative button 
Shoes- Dr. Scholls from Walmart --great for homemaking, about $15.00 and pretty colors too. These are  a metallic look.

Below: Keepsake Calico which comes in several colors, all with metalic prints such as birds, hearts, arrows, and other emblems. This fabric is similar to the dresses in the painting.


SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a beautiful dress you have sewn! I love its simple yet flowing design, and what a cute idea to use an oversized Tee-shirt as a layering faux-cardigan! That is just frugalness at its best :) I have come over to your blog after seeing it on Roxy's sidebar... so happy to meet you, and praying the Lord's sweetest blessings on you today :)

God's Grace Overflows said...

Well Hello Lydia! What a very pretty dress!
You are very talented at sewing. :)
I really like the soft colors of the fabric.

I hope you have a delightful week!

Hugs, Amy

Lydia said...

I would like to report that the tee shirt cotton cardigan by Faded Glory is MUCH MORE comfortable than the regular cardigans I have bought. It's so ultra perfect in weight and warmth and coolness and provides an evenly regulated body temperature unlike a lot of sweaters that are synthetic blends. I never had to take it off, it was just sooooo nice I did not know I was wearing it. That means I will make more in other colors to go with the new cotton prints.

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Lydia,

It's always so refreshing to come visit your blog for homemaking inspiration! I have been truly blessed by your videos as well, and have been showing them to my daughters, ages 19, 17, and 15. They enjoy them as well.



Ellen Seagren said...

Thank you for the suggestion on making a cardigan from a T-shirt. I just visited Walmart looking for the lightweight cardigans you have and was disappointed to not find any. Can't wait to try this!

Lydia said...

Thank you for visiting. I hopeyou will stay in touch!

Lydia said...

Ellen, these sturdy 100 percent cotton tees are much better for fit and comfort and do not cling or stick on the hardly know I am wearing this cardigan and will make some more.


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