Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Will Amuse You

I was sitting next to a couple in the lobby of a restaurant (while my husband checked in) and heard the husband ask his wife if she remembered what time they were supposed to be seated for dinner. 

She could not remember the exact time , looked and me, and said, "People tell me I am crazy because I forget exact times."  

I answered "I know what you mean. Sometimes I get told I am crazy, but there is norhing wrong with me.  I even have papers to prove it." 

She laughed. Then she said, "I know what you mean. There is nothing wrong with me either. It's THEM!!"

To those too young to know about papers, in the old days our parents would joke about having certificates to prove they were not crazy.  They would say "I am not crazy and I have papers to prove it."  

I do not know what has happened to our generational humor and our sense of irony and wit. It was a delight and a relief to enjoy this little humorous exchange with strangers. Do people still get a good chuckle from such friendly banter?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Whenever someone asks my husband how he is, he always replies "Excellent in spite of everything, because true excellence shows through any adversity". He's been doing it for 30+ years so it's his motto.

ladypinktulip said...

That's funny! I now must admit that I don't have papers to certify that I am not crazy...where can I get those papers? Hahahah. And yes, sadly there is a lack of understanding among younger folks that light heartedness brings a cheerful heart. So many are so "serious" and "sober" to the point that they are unable to enjoy light moments but rather over-think things and drain other people of enjoyment. Something my husband says that makes me giggle a lot is he will say "I haven't been there since the last time I was there"...because we forget exact times etc especially in common day ordinary things. Kelly T.

Lydia said...

I think laughing at ourselv s keeps us alive and keeps our minds healthy. I did not always appreciate the value of our sayings a d quips, and quips. I think education can overshadow the importance of the figures of speech. When everything is intellectualized we even lose our humor.

Lynn Maust said...

Sure they least in my world they do.

Lydia said...

You can actually creat or buy such a certificate! As the hippies said regarding their graduation certificates and marriage certificates: It's just a piece of paper!


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