Friday, November 11, 2016

Inauguration Elegance

(Above: A Winter Rose by Sydney Kendrick)

Perhaps some of you stitching ladies who enjoy sketching and designing your own clothes might be interested in sharing your ideas for modest inauguration clothing for the ladies in the presidential party.  

These women who will be in the public eye really need to set an example and wear more modest clothing, especially on inauguration day, which has several events, both indoors and outdoors. Maybe their designers need some help. (Smile)

It might also be nice to find pictures of modest elegant styles on the web that would work.

The election may not have been the way everyone wanted, but maybe we can have fun with fashions. There should be ten parties running at the same time so that we can have more choices :-)

The author of this blog would be happy to post your clothing designs for all aspects of the inauguration, not just the outdoor scene.  There will be a dinner, as well, and these women could use some common sense ideas.  Below is the first design submission, from the author of Homeliving :-)

The hat has a fluffy white fur trim with a knit wool piece that fits snugly over the ears.

The coat is white wool. 

 All trims on boots, cuffs, coat front, hat and gloves are  faux  fur. 

Perhaps the dinner gown sketch will appear here soon.

The notes say, "For once in the history of this country it would be nice if someone had the common sense not to hold the inauguration ceremony outside on the coldest day of the year." Can they not do this indoors? With modern cameras and such, it can be broadcast live indoors.

 If they do, it would be better if even the men wore warm hats covering their ears. They need to learn from other cold climate dwellers like the Russians, Danes, Swedes. Their officials dress warmly and are also quite fashionable.

Drawings for the evening gowns will be added to this post.

More coats: wool and lined for that cold day.

Look for the gowns some time in the future on this post.


krishna said...

I wish I could design a dress...

Please visit:

Mary said...

If Donald Trump took the Oath of Office dressed like a Russian people would panic. American winter hats would be perfectly adequate. But in any case he should remove it to take the actual Oath :)

I love that white coat. Great for a First Lady.

Mary Sorensen said...

I love the design you sketched. Mrs. Trump and all of his daughters would look stunning and elegant in that design. : ) I'm hoping, too, that they will wear something beautiful rather than the skin-tight fashions we see now.

Lydia said...

Mary, i meant take a lesson from cold climate experts like the Russians on dressing warmly and being stylish at the same time, not dressing exactly like them :-). Royalty and dignitaries in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, etc. dress warmly and pleasingly in winter. There has to be a way to bundle up in cold weather and still look nice. Yes the white coats would look nice, and hopefully there will be some drawings of coats in other colors on this post soon.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

You have great design style! I think they need to consider what you have designed, it is just lovely! :)

Lydia said...

Thank you, ladies. Sketches of the gowns will be added here.

Emmarinda said...

I nominate you for Designer-in-Chief! The first family is a role model for fashion, too, so it would be great for all America to emulate them if they dress beautifully and modestly.

Lydia said...

Hopefully the evening dress drawings. will be finished would be nice to see what designs other people come up with, too!

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

What a beautiful inauguration coat design you posted on your Home Living site! My sister and I have been talking about how the new First Lady is so lovely! It would look stunning on her! I hope she can see it somehow!



LogansMom122911 said...

Mrs. Sherman, you must be the most imaginative and creative blogger on the internet. I would never think to imagine designing outfits for the Inauguration. I think you could take a blade of grass and make it creative and interesting. Really enjoyed your post about preparing to clean (I think it was called). Came on to re-read that one and saw this one so quickly read it too. Thank you. Jennifer

MaryEleanor said...

I really enjoyed your idea to design an outfit for the Inauguration. The coats you designed where delightful. I would enjoy wearing one of them. I am looking forward to your dress designs.
Marylee, from North Idaho

God's Grace Overflows said...

I think your designs are just lovely Lydia! You are one talented gal!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Amy

Lydia said...

Amy thank you for being so sweet.

Ladies the inagural gowns are still on the sketch pad. You know there will be interesting sleeves!


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