Monday, December 05, 2016

Regarding Lists

Hello Ladies,

In response to the question about ladies lists and schedule books today compared to ladies at home in past times:

Most of you can remember your mothers or grandmothers having a go-to-town list. They had their appointments written on a calendar, and the list was prepared for shopping and other activities on the days of appointments, for convenience.

In general not many women kept a notebook that scheduled specifically the tasks to do at home. The cleaning and cooking and gardenning were all accomplished somehow without the notebook. Things were done when they needed doing. They still spent some of the day reading, writing letters, knitting or in some other light interest. 

Today there is apparently more distraction and interruption and it makes sense to refer to a scedule book where you list tasks for the day. 

This trend seemed to begin back in the 1970's when housework got overwheming to women. There were more things to wash and repair, yards and gardens to tend. The woman was in charge of the social life of the family, most which took place in the home. 

Whereas the church focused mainly on the Sunday worship service and summer and winter socials, the week day activities increased.  Men's work-places put more social demands on them as well. With young families, women often got more behind in laundry and housekeeping. Meal preparation became frenzied. Lists and schedules on paper became necessary in order to keep up with the amazing amount of things to do.

A little blank book for a home schedule today is a good way to slow things down and keep from doing too much. 

A sample list:

Prayer time and scripture reading
Meal in slow-cooker
Clean kitchen
Letter to Aunt Jane
Finish sewing project
Call Mother to see if the children and I can visit.

Another day might have this list:

Bible reading and prayer
Take care of apoearance
Teach children 
Get groceries

And another day might list:

Make cinnamon rolls
Cut out clothing for children
Start sewing
Prepare dinner
Time with sketch pad

These daily lists can kept in case you need to continue something not finished from the day before. It is slso nice to look back on them and realize you did a lot more in a day that people imagine.

Such lists seem full of trivial things you can easily remember, but let us see what this schedule in your little book is really doing for you:

- It is focusing on the most important things for home living.
- Reminds you that you are on a multi-generational course and an eternal destiny.
-These lists block out the unnecessary pulls on your time and eliminate time wasters.
-Writing a list, and asking God's blessings on it, gives you respite from what everything around you wants you in or think about and do.

They also include these principles:

*Take care of appearance so that God is glorified and others may be taught the Truth.

*Talk to your Creator and Saviour immediately upon rising: emotional melt-downs from stress and frenzy of too much to do can be solved with this simple step: pray and read God's Will so that you may know what to do.

*Do something for others each day. For most of you, your family will be your main concern, and for ladies with more time, (without family at home)  there is more opportunity to show hospitality or make care-packages , etc.

*Include something creative in your day. This can perhaps embody all of the above, or a special art project or some other thing you do with your hands.

*Try to go out, away from home, briefly, each day.

*Include something restful each day, such as reading. Note: sometimes creative projects end up being hard labor and stressful, so doing something restful may have to be something passive: enjoy an interesting video, look through your stack of reading you have set aside--the church bulletin, Victoria magazine, things that came in the mail.

*Learn something further each day, whether it is how to manage better with kitchen clutter or how to speak better or how to teach, or just figuring out something. If you are home-schooling, this will be easier, but if you are home alone, you might need more encouragement.

*Listen to a friend each day, if possible. The voice is so important to stimulate hearing and understanding.  This is for women with no one at his me, such as widows and empty-nesters. 

Today, there is no need not lug around heavy schedule books, but a purse-size book can be a great help to keep your mind on what is most important, so that you may know what is truly necessary for life and godliness.

A list can actually give you more peace and rest, if it is designed with these things in mind. 

A suggestion: limit the amount of bad news you get from the networks. There is enough to handle in your own family.

If your dream is to have a happy happy home life, and to be a good homemaker and help your family in their lives, do not allow past failure, critical, sarcastic talk, and bad memories of the past prevent it.

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ladypinktulip said...

You are so right....excellent post! Home living should not look like office or career living. Love Kelly T.

Laura Spilde said...

I love to schedule "reading assignments"......Do you have a blog post about books you would suggest to read which inform about historical Christian women, perhaps in America?

I do have many things to do in one day like healthcare issues, children activity (somethings other than internet games), shopping assignments and cooking needs.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this wise advice, Lydia.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

This is very encouraging, and right on time to help prepare for the new year. Anytime is a great time for a new start. Don't you agree? :-)

Christine Beauchamp said...

Greetings Lydia,

Hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving. .

Always lovely articles. . but the header photo is TOO LARGE.. . much much much too large. I love the photo and meaning behind it. . but its so large it puts me off. Maybe an adjustment to size is needed, if possible. . just my observation dear one.

Lydia said...

Christine, I will try to adjust that picture today.

anonymous said...

I enjoy you post today as always.

Home lists for me aren't necessary. I know what needs doing each day and, however
finding time to be creative (unless you consider a stolen 10 minute doze-off) or enjoy some pastime project has been set on hold indefinitely since taking on babysitting our 3 and 4yr old great-granddaughters.

Have been praying the Lord would help me restructure my time so that I may enjoy being creative again.



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