Thursday, June 15, 2017

Concerning Cosmetics 1 Video


I love having visitors, but since you can't all come, I am visiting via video. Today I am talking about the question people sometimes ask concerning the wearing of cosmetics.

The links to these videos below might be helpful in learning how to apply skin-care products and cosmetics, if needed.

This lady in Holland demonstrates how to use a lighter touch of makeup for the  historical Jane Austen look. She has other videos you might be interested in, and I appreciate all the work she has done. Making a video difficult for me, and that is why I do not produce them often.

Lily Jarlsen  in Germany is another delightful woman who has several videos about using makeup to cover skin imperfections such as psoriasis.  There are several cosmetic companies that have products to cover unattractive skin irritations.

Please watch the two videos mentioned above, as they are helpful. Not everyone will want to use cosmetics and that is fine, but those two videos are helpful for anyone who wants a touch of makeup.

Personally, I think it is important to present yourself at your best, even at home.  I have noticed the day goes much better for me and there are fewer family troubles when I have dressed my best, and taken care of my hair and face so that my appearance is refined, which I think shows respect to my loved ones.

There was a woman I knew who had just birthed twins, and a friend came to fix her hair afterwards and give her a lift to help her recover. She applied some skin care lotions and such, and some cosmetics and the woman said it was indeed a great help. This would be a very appreciated service to help ladies in any stage of life feel better by improving their appearance. I think homemakers are the most independent people, and as such, often have no support group or working companions to encourage them. That is why it is so good to fix yourself up every day and look your best. It helps you feel good and makes life at home royal, which is what it should be.

My mental approach to my work at home is more on the optimistic, "can-do" side if I paid careful attention to  my face using skin -care products. My skin does not burn and itch when I have used skin care products and cosmetics that are appropriate for my skin type.  In applying any kind of skin care I think it is important to take your time, and to not be rushed. You feel more like a lady if you take your time.


Unknown said...

Mrs. Sherman--I enjoyed this video very much! Thank you.
God bless

Lydia said...

Mrs. O. Thanks for being the first to comment.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your video and agree that if you wear makeup you should use it to enhance your natural beauty. Like you, when I have not worn makeup, I am usually asked if I feel well. I think it is because I am naturally pale with slightly uneven skin tone. It took some time but I finally found a color that is a great match for my skin tone. I wear makeup every day. I even wore it when at the hospital having my babies. It made me feel as if I was taking care of myself and that my baby would have someone nice to look at. When I look my best I feel it also makes me more confident and ready for anything. I put on a nice dress every day and wear an apron when doing certain chores that might soil my dress. I also wear some jewelry to compliment what I am wearing. I particularly like pins and most of my jewelry were gifts or were left to me by family members. I do buy some inexpensive pieces at thrift stores. My favorite cosmetic is to put on a genuine smile!

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic.

Hi, Lydia how have you been? I hope well.

What we wear/place on our face does affect us as well as our family members.

Make another video soon?

Lydia said...

Lisa, thank you, yes, I will try to make another one on this subject.

Kristy said...

I love your videos! It had been so long that I was getting worried about you! I'm glad to see you and you are looking lovely as ever. Your message touched me as always. You are a true blessing.

laura said...

I love CC or BB cream to lightly cover sunspots.

Unknown said...

Mrs. Sherman..would you be willing to share your lipstick color? I am lookinh for a pretty pink and yours looks like a match for me?

Mrs. Cote said...

Thank you for taking the time to make this lovely video. There is a minority of women that look very beautiful without any makeup but after a certain age most women who eschew then start to look unkempt or severe. I grew up in a religion that was very anti-makeup and witnessed quite a few women who appeared very severe and probably came across as judgemental to visitors that weren't even aware of what they believed that way. I'm not saying all by any means came across that way but definitely a number developed the hardened appearance you mentioned in your video.