Saturday, March 16, 2019

The White Blouse

Here is an illustration of the white blouse revival of the 1980's. This one was featured in the winter edition of the 1987/88 Victoria magazine and was available through the magazine by mail.

The white blouse was a wardrobe staple, loved by ladies from the 1890's through the 1980's. Each year, there were new versions of the white blouse. 

Also here is a picture of a plaid cape in the same issue. 

Other white blouses from catalogs:


Bedford Fair

(not sure)

Here is a list of catalogs you can get in the mail, most of them free within the US and Canada:
Blair, Haband, Bedford Fair, Old Pueblo Traders, Chadwicks, Talbots.

Don't just look at the pictures and say "I like that, and that's what I will order." Learn about the fabric and the other details of it by reading the description given in the catalog just beneath the garment picture.  You will be able to find out if the lace is printed on or real lace, or if it is synthetic or natural fabric. You'll see if it is imported or made in the USA. Coldwater Creek has a digital catalog and is located in Idaho, with branches in other states.  From the description find out about the sizes and the prices.  Sometimes you can eliminate the "want" for something by reading the fabric content.

The best I have found for winter clothing, which is high quality, is Chadwicks.  I prefer to sew summer clothing, so I don't know which catalogs would be the best.  All the catalogs I listed have very good denim, long skirts, poplin skirts and good jackets to match  Click on Dresses and Skirts and go have a look at all of these.

Very recently we took a very quick road trip and saw Mt. Shasta and some of the High Sierra's:

Mr. S. is never happier than when he is driving on the beautiful highways of America and always relishes the excuse to go somewhere. He lived in an era when people here were excited about car trips, visiting as many places as they could, and then discussing it all with friends: "What road was that? Have you been on Route 66?"
As enjoyable as a road trip is, we are ready to stay put for awhile. 

The highway on the way home was very pretty too:

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fog Fashion--Sewing for Foggy Days!

Throughout the season there are sometimes foggy days, especially if you live near the coast!  Several years ago when I thought the weather was just awful and was trying to talk Mr. S. into taking me away from all this because I didn't think I could endure the gloominess every day, I created these fog capes, which are on an older post.

I recall Mr. S. saying it would be a "whole lot more economical and productive" if I would simply sew my way through the fog season, and he was right. I still have these capes and plan to make more, since it was such a delight. I started looking forward to the fog every morning (it usually dissipated later in the day) so I could plan one new cape or a fog tea.

 This was the Kinsale Cloak:

These photos were taken in the thick fog of that season long ago, and we have not had such a strong fog season since, so that is why I didn't keep up with fog fashion. 

I am not trying to set myself up as any brilliant creator of a fashion season, but I have not yet seen the popular, promoted, big-name fashion designers create fog fashion. There is a great need for regional fashion for ladies and gentlemen. I do not believe there are just four seasons. Observe and you will detect the other "seasons" like fog season!  And, any of these that involve inclement weather can be flipped around in a very exciting way when you create special times in the home.

 I like to create a fog cape and go for a walk outside with a lantern, with Mr. S. in tow, just in case I get in some sort of a conundrum.

I must include here my latest fashion for men, because I just got Mr. S. a coat and a hat from Blair catalog and it is just so nice--that's an understatement. I tried on the coat and it is woolen, which provides a good barrier to the wind.

Usually when we ladies are sick or spend any time in a hospital, or are home recovering, someone brings us flowers or some kind of care package, and we get a pile of get-well cards from our friends and rellies. However, Mr. S. didn't get any such-a thing, so I ordered him this coat and hat, in anticipation of him being back on his feet:

He likes the coat because it fits so nicely over a complete suit without having to remove the jacket. and can still button it comfortably. 

Previous to this, I can hardly understand it, but he was wearing his father's old bedraggled trench coat, because he never was able to find one like this. This is the first time he's had one of this quality.

That is probably not such a big deal, now that I remember that those white gloves I am wearing in the first picture belonged to Mr. S.'s mother!

Here is a picture of the coat from the catalog:
Because I had ordered something previously, I was sent a discount coupon, which greatly reduced the price.

After he got his coat in the mail, I wanted to find somewhere to go!  He looked too dressed up to stay home.  He recalled there had been something flying about in the pasture and offered to accompany me while I picked it up. We both carried lanterns while we searched for an old feed bag that was being tossed by the wind. We try to keep the property clean and everyone in the area is very careful about letting paper, bags, and any loose thing fly about, because of the damage it can cause. In summer, such things can catch fire, and in wind, can fly up in the window of a car and cause an accident.

I should start a dress-your-man section of this blog, because Mr. S. is the modest model of the modern minister.

And so,  we got to go out, wearing our coats, and I thought we looked like this couple, because. as you know,  Mr. S. has that umbrella:
The Garden of Eden
Hugh Goldwin Riviere (1860-1956)
This painting is enhanced with more green color, in a book of paintings that I have. However, this particular version is more descriptive of that dark night.

Now, you see, there can be a coat for every occasion.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Dress for Respect-- Video

Dresses from Blair catalog for women.

Hello Ladies,

Today I am talking about dressing with and for respect: respect for yourself, respect for God, respect for your children and husband, and respect for those who serve you in the public market. 

I have designed this video for listenning while you work. I estimate it will get you through loading the dishwasher, cleaning part of the kitchen, folding some towels and making one bed.

This is a tree that broken during a recent storm. I'm sorry I just can't muster up a dress to wear to go with ;-)

New Old Things

Hello, I noticed in the last year a dearth of china type tea cups in the thrift stores, so I was delighted to find this one yesterday. I looked it over very carefully before buying, especially on the gold rim. Sometimes that area is all worn off down to the bone of the cup, and it isn't pleasant to use.
(from Pinterest)

 In past times, ladies would use the worn out teacups to plant a violet which they grew on their window sill just behind the sink. Most homes had a window from the kitchen sink so that ladies could observe their "kitchen garden" and look outside while washing dishes by hand.
From Pinterest

I don't have that feature here, so I hung a piece of fabric with a scene on it. 

This teacup and saucer cost a total of $1.50 with a discount coupon for donating to the thrift store.  Both Goodwill and Vinnies has that opportunity, so I always keep a bag by my front door in which I put things that I can donate, collected while I clean house or go through boxes and shelves.

So, since this was a Royal Albert cup, made in England and not really "new" it is a new-old-thing around here, and I was delighted how it went with the new Tea Time magazine which someone kindly sent me. 

You probably wonder why I don't talk a lot about "weightier matters" and am merely posting teacups.  It is an interest of mine, and over the years I have discovered that in years to come, I will still have the teacup, but the news will be obsolete.  What care I for the latest news scandal when I have a new-old teacup. 

Of course I have received some criticism for doing this, but you can find all that stuff online, on the radio, the television, in the newspapers, everywhere,  But do you think, for example, a cooking magazine or a decorating magazine would be as attractive if it were riddled with the controversies of the day?

That being said, people make controversies over the smallest things, I have noticed. Back in the 1950's no one argued over some of the things the news blasts out there for us to bite our nails over.

I have stated in one of my videos that to take care of the people you love helps them to be less burdensome on others, and they also can grow and develop their talents when you focus on them instead of the rest of the world. View the rest of the world as though you were a tourist and enjoy life, because much of the controversy is staged and calculated to get a desired response and attention from you.

What really matters is the atmosphere and activity in your own home. In years to come, you won't remember the daily news, but you will know by heart the events of your family.

There is a lot going on in your own home, that it would fill your own newspaper. That is generally what a blog is about.

I have my eye on this umbrella:
It goes with this fabric:

I'm not outside in the snow if I can help it, but I'm dashing through my house trying to get kitchen and laundry all done, so I can do a video for you.

I am trying to make the videos into categories now, such as inspiration, sewing, dressing,   homeschooling, living on the upside, and others.

Thank you for your kind visit and donations. I'm getting ready to show something I've sewn, and I just need some time to put on finishing touches.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Church Bulletin

Hello Dear Ones,

I was remembering a small town  in Texas where we once lived, that had a few restaurants the church members frequented after worship on the Lord's day.

There were several denominations in that town, and their members also went out to eat after their Sunday  meetings too.

Everyone took a church bulletin with them because they could get a discount on their meal if they gave their bulletin to the cashier when leaving the restaurant.

That is not a custom so much, anymore, so today in honor of that practice, I am including today's bulletin article, which was written by someone in the church. I will be filling in the explanation under each title when I get time, so you might want to check back from time to time.

God's Guide to Mental Health
By Randall Caselman

The happy person has learned to govern himself regardless of things happening around him. See these Biblical concepts for good spiritual health:

Control Your Thoughts

Paul admonished: "Whatsoever things are true, honest, just; pure, lovely and of good report; if there be any virtue, if any praise, think on these things. 

Let Go of the Past

Get Rid of Bitterness

Be Content

Cancel the Pity Party

Don't Try to Figure Everything Out

Resist the Devil

Understand You Are Preparing for Eternity

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

From Griping to Gratitude

Hello Everyone,

I've been trying to overcome the habit of griping, because I think it is not just bad for my mind and my health, but I've come to realize it's not pleasing to God. It makes everyone else miserable too.  I noticed in places where God's servants like Moses and Elijah and others began to complain, He quickly set them straight and gave them a mission. I am on an anti-gripe diet.  I think a lot of griping could be prevented if people went on an anti-news media diet. It just encourages negative feelings.

If I feel like griping I'm going to use it as a trigger to clean  out something and get more orderly around here.  

Mr. S. likes to scour the Good Will and Vinnies for new office supplies. When many of the offices went paper-less, there was no need for all the file holders, three ring binders, pencil holders and all that neat organizational equipment that holds paper clips and so forth. As a result, brand new packages of paper and pens and office desk equipment are surfacing in the thrift stores.

So, he enjoys finding things he can still use, since we are both still living in the previous century. And it is good he collects it because someone in the family is always looking for some old fashioned thing like a pencil or an eraser, and they know who to go to, to get what they need.

While he was in Goodwill he found this cute cottage teapot to add to my collection; cost $2.50 with a senior discount.  Hang out with a senior, kids, and you'll get your stuff paid for at a discount.  I haven't seen any teacups with the cottage scenes on them, but we have been able to get a couple of these cottage tea pots. This one has not been used.

It makes me smile because it has a pink roof. and it makes a nice little scene here. I'll be using it when we get out the tables for the annual Summer-in-the-Country tea here in August. Every table will have one of these cottage teapots, hopefully.

While Mr. S. was doing all his errands, I was walking around Walmart looking at the fabric and feeling so grateful that they stock it as a permanent supply, so you can depend it will be there even years later.  And that way, it is not always a come-and-go-trend.

I got some pictures for you:

I like to watch youtube videos when I have time, of people who come to the US for the first time, going on their first Walmart trip. They are just thrilled with things we take for granted. But, none of them ever go to the fabric department.

 I didn't get anything today but I am seriously thinking about this fabric. It seems so outrageous but it is something I'm drawn to and I wonder how this would look on a big big skirt or a tablecloth. What do you think?  
 I could carry it off, so to speak, as I'm just that bold of a personality. A white blouse with it might be nice and it would be fun to wear at home and in the garden.

Ive got my eye on that pink and white stripe for curtains.

This aqua and white stripe is nice too:

I guess you know we are still buried here and the buckets of water I've managed to get are outside but are solid ice now.

We are soooo happy to have heat and running water!!!!!

And we are also happy to go places now the roads have been cleared.

I think it reduces tension when I'm not anxious about anything, and it certainly helps when things get fixed.

That's what it is all about here. When we see something wrong we try to fix it as best we can and with how we know.

The key to going from griping to gratitude? Do what you are able to do, and what you are not able to do, give to God.

By the way I found a picture of a dress one of the British royals wore recently, modeled by someone else.

This 1980's Laura Ashley pattern might duplicate the dress but it doesn't have a number on it!!
Someone who reads my blog has found several patterns for me, which I have been able to purchase, and I wonder if anyone can find the number for this 1980's Laura Ashley pattern.

Thank you to the reader who found the pattern for me and sent the number via email. I was able to order it from an Etsy shop and it is uncut.


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