Saturday, May 18, 2024

Young at Home

Good Day, Wonderful Friends,

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Today I went for a walk with Lucy in Venice, Italy. So refreshing!!

We are doing the best we can here at The Manse, even with "dark, narrow halls and a fire that smokes".

I read from these two books today:

Emily Barnes suggested small, free efforts to make being home beautiful, and "The Lost Art of  Dress" explains why sleeveless clothing in public was not acceptable in the past. It stated that sleeveless garments are at a fashion disadvantage. I discussed the value of sleeves when designing and sewing, because they give more fabric to use to create style and interest. There is a variety of sleeve patterns available, and below are some of them.

Below is an Etsy pattern:

Another subject covered in the video— the old fashioned train case. 
Since I sometimes turn The Manse into a train for a vacation trip when the children visit, I became interested in train cases. These were small boxes for temporary supplies to last the trip without having to get into the bigger suitcases or trunk before arrival. They contained personal care items. 

A web search for train cases will yield some history of this charming little box.

I found these at Dollar Tree,(total cost for these 4 colorful bags was $5.00), and I know they are lunch carriers, but they look  like the train cases and were the same size as a reproduction train case I once bought.

 These lightweight insulated bags from the dollar store can be filled with supplies for car travel or kept in a guest room.  I use one of them to carry my books and craft materials when sharing an art project with someone.

We are working hard to make the outside of The Manse have good curb appeal and look less abandoned.  

Today's dress at home:
Cotton tropical print fabric,
with this pattern and different sleeves:

With apron ( for work:

With coordinating jacket for going out:

Painting by George Clausen (1852-1944) "The Visit"

Poems I Read on the Broadcast:

Ad Lib

At seven A.M., I don't envy the mob
Who rise, shine and shower and go to the job.
In rain, sleet or storm, whether snowing or blowing,
I stay home and savor the joys of not going.

Cheers to you dears out fulfilling yourselves.
I'll bake me a cake, and I'll straighten my shelves,
I'll write some light verse and I'll practice some Bach...
If my neighbor drops in, I'll take time for a talk.
I'd rather have a family than fortune or fame;
I don't think my apron's a Red Badge of Shame.
You're welcome to banking, computers and math,
Guns, plumbing and business. I'll take a hot bath.
Art, music, letters--the good things of life
Are no less my own, since I'm mother and wife.
If I scrub, mop or dig in the garden, I'm free...
Remember, the choices were all made by me.
author: Helene Lewis Coffer 
Painting by Paula Vaughn

Free Girl

The sun through the curtain says it is a new day,
I stretch as I wake, hearing my brothers at play.
They are pretending to be men going off to cut trees,
For wood in the fire so we don't all have to freeze.

There is work for me, too;  I do not live in leisure.
The family likes my cooking; they think I'm a treasure.
I'm practicing for when I'll be out of this house
To tidy the home of my dear future spouse.

author: Miss Lily of the Valley

In today’s broadcast and the previous ones, I encourage girls at home not to go out to work,  due to several factors: influence, impact on others, change of values from the prevailing culture, and health.  

In the next video I will talk more about being busy at home 
Please enjoy catching up on some things at home while you listen:

Friday, May 17, 2024

Listen While You Work at Home

Hello Dearest Friends.

Today I walked in Paris with Lucy. You can do this in your home, and you do not have to do each
exercise the same way. For example, when she does something too strenuous for you, just do it a different way or sitting down. You can actually adapt any of these exercises to chair exercises or to your own strength level.  What could be better than walking around Paris without having to pay the fare. 

I read an article from Tea Time, which had a page of 19th century paintings depicting tea, including this one by Mary Cassatt
A Cup of Tea by Mary Cassatt, circa 1880

Included in class today was the art book, above. It has good instructions for everyone, and you don't have to be a grandmother. It is a good instruction book for homeschool, or for yourself to use as project lessons for leisure. I plan to use it to get some art skills.

A favorite artist and painting. I like the fabric of the lady's dress. 
The Courtship by Edmund B. Leighton 1852-1922

The lesson on courtesy that I read today came from the chapter called "Keep A Civil Tongue" in the book "Simple Social Graces" by Linda Lichter. Victorians believed that carelessness in speech resulted in carelessness of actions. 

Today's tea: Rose Mint from Bigelow

Dress fabric: Fabric Traditions 

With jacket for going out.

Made with this pattern.

With apron: Hobby Lobby

I hope you will enjoy being home while you listen today.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

For Young Keepers

Hello and Welcome. Your visits and listening are a great encouragement and I hope you'll leave some comments when you get time. 


With jacket

Apron: Hobby Lobby 

Materials I shared in this broadcast:

Today for exercise,  I walked with Lucy to a palace in London..

I hope you will find some things to do while you listen.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Simple Character Lessons from Wives and Daughters

Hello Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope all is well with you and if it is not, that you "are enduring it as best as" you can.

You probably recognize this Pemberley house from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. These historical structures are often located near a body of water, where a reflection can be seen.

When a puddle forms during the rainy season, it amuses me here at The Manse to see my own Pemberley reflected in the water. 

The comparison to the real Pemberley does not leave me a bit jealous. I have enough trouble cleaning The Manse.

Tea brands are coming out with attractive titles for their teas, hoping to win the business of the literary people. They haven't made Wives and Daughters yet.  You could make your own blend from your herb garden or your spice collection in your kitchen.

I like the Wordsworth editions of some of these books. I also like the Lamplighter catalog, but have not found Elizabeth Gaskell or Jane Austen books in their collection yet. 

The movie series of Wives and Daughters can be expensive, but the three discs amount to a little over $6.00 each and it is worth far more for the treasure that it contains. For a summer or winter W&D program, watch the videos and emulate the activities, take note of the beautiful scenes, sketch the costumes or take pictures, and catch some interesting phrases used in the dialog. 

Necklace: Walmart

Apron: Hobby Lobby
Cotton knit cardigan: Walmart

These three photos show the dress,  worn with an apron for housework, and with a cardigan for errands in public (grocery store, post office, etc.)

I enjoyed a 15 minute walk with Lucy who exercised around London.

The Poem I read,  "Drop a Pebble in the Water" is posted here with a good commentary on its meaning. 

Lady Cumnor's forthright quote that I talked about:

"Now Claire, when I think a thing, I say it out loud. I don't beat about the bush. You have spoiled that girl of yours until she does not know her own mind. She has behaved abominably to Mr. Pweston and it is all due to the faults in her education. You have much to answer for."

Today I talked about some  simple character lessons from Wives and Daughters valuable for harmony in the home:

-Learning to refuse responsibilities that are not yours (Molly taking notes to someone as a favor to Cynthia),  

   -doing things that affect other people: (Mr. Gibson springing life-changing news on his daughter after arranging it all without letting her get used to the idea). Its always upsettling (and cortisol producing) to be involved in something that someone else has arranged without your knowledge. 

- promising things that affect other family members, like a ripple on the water without consulting them and considering their feelings and how it will impact their health or their sense of well-being (Molly promising her step-sister not to reveal the difficulty she is facing).

These are things that must be learned in the home and if they are not, they are experienced in a more harsh way in other places.

Please enjoy your home while you listen.

Seeing You Soon

Hello Ladies.
I have not forgotten you; it has been so busy at The Manse. 
The homemaker broadcast is close to being finished. 

Lydia Ruth


Wednesday, May 01, 2024

More Ideas for Home Life , Motivating Young Women at Home

Hello Dear Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying being at home and have great plans for improvement.

Today the white lilacs are in full bloom. 

I like to "stealth sip" by placing an elegant cup in contrast with the wild nature around it.

Today I made this cinnamon-clove-ginger tea just for the lovely scent that swirled around the room.  If you don't like to drink some of these flavors, the tea packets can be opened and set inside of drawers to scent them naturally. 
I have been remembering some of the creative things I have done in past hard times. One of the things many of us at home did, was to freshen up the small trash containers we used in offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, by lining them with paper bags with hand-cut decorative papers. We thought it was an elegant primitive look, back in those days.

I compared the weaker vessel on the left, to the stronger vessel. In my speech I tried to explain how the more delicate vessel represented the scriptural description of a woman, and the other one, the man.  Though the more refined cup holds a lot of hot water, if it is not treated carefully it can be chipped and not be able to provide the beauty, refinement and service that it was intended to be used for.  The stronger vessel, the tin cup, will endure a lot of wear and tear and even if it gets scratches and dings while it is used in a rougher environment.  Both are good for what they were made for, just like men and women.

I talked about ways to encourage young girls to want to be keepers at home.

You saw this outfit on me with the apron, at home . If I have to go somewhere or for a walk, I'll add this jacket.  Dressing up at home is actually easier because all it takes is an apron over it at home, and a jacket over it when at the grocery store or on a walk. 

I appreciate you all more than I can explain. Your comments motivate me.
Also if I owe you a letter, I have not forgotten. I plan to answer and to catch up with my postal obligations.

Remember to check My Pinterest to see some of the ideas I have saved.

Don't forget my granddaughter's sewing blog

and Janine's Beautiful Homemaking channel.

Today I was in the sewing room, which doubles as a girl's guest room. You can see all the feminine touches behind me. 
Please enjoy your home while you listen:

In this speech I was referring also to 1st Timothy 5:14 teaching young women to marry, have children and keep house”. I did use Titus 2:5 also and I tend to use those two verses interchangeably. 

I hope to read "Keepers of the Springs" in full, without comment, in a future broadcast.
Also, Wives and Daughters is still on my mind and I will try to discuss the next paragraph of the first chapter, with a possible "assignment" for anyone who wants to make Wives and Daughters part of a summer reading program.  The videos are well done and follow the book descriptions quite well. I like to immerse myself in them to pick up things about the Victorian customs, architecture and design, clothing, recreation, conversation and much, much more. 

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