Sunday, December 09, 2018

Foreign Object

Hospital Seating Area 
Metal rail with wrought iron grass and cattails.

Hello Ladies,

This hospital visit, because of a swelling in Mr. S.'s foot, turned into a puzzling situation.  No matter what the treatment, it just would not heal and actually got worse.

Since it was initially a strep infection, one of the children said he thought strep was only a throat infection. The other one replied,  "Maybe he injured his foot on his toothbrush."

Finally, in a surgical procedure to remove the swollen area, the doctor found a piece of wood an inch long and removed it.

So our rellies, with their dried out humor are sending songs to cheer him up:

Wood you like to swing on a star.
Wooden it be lovely 
At least you don't have a wooden heart.
They are telling him to stay away from campfires.

If this heals as expected, Mr. S. Will be dismissed from his gilded cage in two days.

He had no recollection of the wood getting there and thinks it was planted there by an alien as we drove through Area 51 in October. He reads about people that find foreign objects like transistors, under their skin.

Because all I have left to talk about is the quirks of the employees, I'm glad he is being dismissed before he gets time to tell the alien story again. It draws too many visitors.

Mr. S. says he is glad to be out of the woods.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Just a Few More Days

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for your prayers for Mr. S. while he is in the hospital. He has a wounded foot and the doctors are monitoring it carefully.  The source of the injury is still a mystery.

 There are only a few more days here, so I will share some more things about this hospital.  For those who have not been following along, you need to begin reading about this on the first post. This is the third.

Above is the display case on a wall in the cafeteria.

Above, some of the fresh food. 
and below, another lookout area.

I want to also mention that all parking is free.

I thought you might be interested in the following notice posted on the walls inside the rooms. It says:

You are the reason we are here.
It is our goal to provide you with the best
patient and family-centered care.
To improve, we need to hear from you.
You may receive a questionnaire asking about your stay with us. 
Please let us know how we are doing.

I can tell you the answer to this question: They are a very calm and efficient staff, from the physicians to the housekeepers. You will never hear any swearing or discouraging words from anyone connected to this hospital.  I've been in some pretty rough places over the years and worked in an ICU in my 20's, and hospitals at one time were the worst places for bad attitudes and cursing among the staff, especially the nurses. Not so, here. Everyone is very very upbeat and positive; it is all part of the healing process, and it sure helps in uncertain times.

Some of the books and publications we receive in the mail have a similar "let us hear from you" plea, asking what people would like them to write about, etc.

At the start and end of every shift, the former staff (nurses, doctors, housekeepers, food service, and many others) come into the room to say goodbye and introduce the next person  who will be taking their place on the new shift. It sounds something like, "My name is Jack and I will be your waiter tonight" 👨  When you use the call button they come readily and cheerfully and apologize for any inconvenience. 

All vital statistics and lab results are posted on a board across from the bed so the patient can see how he is doing.

Reminds me of the overseas airplane trips where the little airplane moves across the screen as the trip progresses.

The doctors linger and talk as though they were in a classroom, explaining the structure of cells, blood, skin, and the names of things, and how it gets infected, where, when, etc. They tell what the name of the disease is and some of them will translate to the latin name.  It is like attending a class. One young doctor was so animated about his subject that I thanked him for the finely delivered lesson.

In my opinion, businesses both private and state sponsored, ought to adopt this attitude. Can you imagine a sign like this and a questionnaire in the public schools?

As there is always plenty of time and lots of waiting going on in these situations, I took a bit of R & R and went to Pinterest , to find this lovely old Laura Ashley cotton blouse and skirt.  There is an internet cafe here but I used my phone. I really like the blouse and remember many women in the 20's and some teens and girls wearing these outfits. The cotton was just so fresh and lovely against your skin.  I might even have a pattern for this blouse.

The skirt had little tucks at the hemline area.

Here it is in blue floral. Look at the lace on the sleeves here.

I also visited a place that showed how to paint a picture of a red truck:

Please keep your prayers coming for Mr. S.  He appreciates it all so much. He is doing well; just waiting for doctor's release. There has to be an agreement between several health care professionals, before this can happen, and although his condition is not life-threatening, because of his age, and to guard against any setbacks, everyone is being careful not to release him too soon.  It is a flesh wound, and no broken bones. He is walking just fine and having lots of good company.

One one floor there are patient relationship offices, and one is the pastoral care center. This is a group of people who help preachers, ministers and pastors find their members who are in the hospital, and be able to make a call on them. They encourage you to leave your church calling card, your brochures, teaching materials and Bibles with your members, your own brethren. They provide the ministers with ID cards that can clip on the lapel or pocket.

Today Mr. S. got a delightful visit from one of the staff members of that department, who stayed almost an hour.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Is This a Hospital?

Above: a flower arrangement in the dining room.

It's been such a pleasant stay in spite of Mr. S. injury, and I took some pictures around this vast hospital. The fineness of it made me think of a high end food court,

and the dining room had such beautiful views:

Signs urging good nutrition:

The Internet cafe:

espresso bar:

I like this: Be Merry. Be nice.

The River View Cafe: there really is a river view.

The conference centers, which were numerous, had buffets of fresh food.

A chapel provides a quiet and private place:

The phyicians, hospital personnel, and visitors mingle in the lobby. Today it was crowded with people at the tables having lunch. Someone playing the grand piano was treating every one to Charlie Brown Christmas tunes.

Mr. S.'s room with a view:
That's the guest bed.

The Gideon's had supplied New Testament with Psalms, free to take home.

A friend came with a tea party

Another sign with instruction for washing hands.

Some American hospitals are amazing. Also there are screens where they show you updates on your condition, from reports and from examination. Mr. S.'s charts are in full view, so we know what is going on. "We have no secrets here."

Someone left a comment about the luxury of staying in a Texas hospital. I walked around today and saw many of those same healing luxuries.

Before we arrived here on Tuesday, Mr. S. Wanted to stop and get some toothcare supplies. While we were in the store, a text came in that said, "Papa, Walmart is NOT Urgent-Care" We wonder if the phone tracking app is worth it. We can't get away with anything. 

Mr. S. Has had 6 visitors that came and visited quite a long time, because he told each one of them about being stung in that same foot by a Portuguese man of war jelly fish in the ocean in Jamaica in 1985. He thinks that had something to do with the condition of his foot.

Most of his visitors were hospital employees on their work breaks. 

They showed me how to change the bandages on Mr. S.'s foot and now they are going to watch me do it myself, so I hope to pass the test. Then, we can go home. Mr. S. Has been told not to sit so much while working so we are designing a stand-up work desk for him. Also, his health is quite good. 

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Updated Hospital

Just a few pics of the modern American hospital lobby...or is it a hotel?

Of course I think this is beautiful. One of my sons and his construction crew built the entrance and lobby you see here.

He was here visiting his Dad and telling what a colossal pain it was to put in some of the special features, the accidents, the drama of building such a structure.

Or is it an airport?

Art gallery?

Cultural Center?

The man with the guitar goes from room to room playing softly to the patients.
This is the plaque in Mr. S.'s room.


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