Thursday, March 23, 2023

Preparation and Order May Prevent Stress; More

Greetings wonderful homemakers (and those who would like to be).
It is always a privilege to talk to you and I hope you find something useful in this broadcast.

I have been stealth-sipping a sample of a new tea flavor.

Victoria Magazine published a new issue of English Cottage, which I'm going to look at if ever I sit still long enough to turn these glossy pages.  The atmosphere is very dark here still and cold, but "we are enduring it as best we can."

I purchased this for someone who prefers coffee. It made a wonderful scent in The Manse the day she visited.

One of my sons is visiting today as I write and he is playing Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu and I can't describe the wonderful sunny-day feeling it gives me and the images it creates in my mind of sail boats, picnics, walks in the gardens, etc. 

This is the scene out my window--brrrrr.
Please enjoy your homemaking while you listen today:

I read from Simple Social Graces about respecting the language and speaking with civility. You might also enjoy hearing a page from The Jane Austen Diet, and also an introduction to "Once Upon a Time in America", an Eric Sloane book.
 Correction in broadcast: It’s LUCY Maude Montgomery, not Lillian.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Morning Tea, Civil Speech, Together, and More

Good Day Wonderful Homemakers,

Welcome to The Manse. This is the room I was sitting in while I talked to you. 

Here is a sample of a sewing planner, using snips of fabric and sketches for potential outfits.

I have been out to see what the local town has to offer the homemaker and found these things:

This tea has strong rose top-notes and contains bit of dried apple, mint and a some other things. The one or two person teapot is from Grocery Outlet and cost $8.00.

In the broadcast I read from the Tea Companion, a publication of Victoria magazine:

Lillians Sewing Blog has a NEW POST She appreciates your visits.

Cottage Garden seeds from Dollar Tree:

It is still snowing here and if you enlarge this scene below, the snow patch over there is in the shape of a US map: 

The mornings still have snow and frost
which makes a contrast for the stealth sipping photo:

Quote from the chapter "Keep a Civil Tongue" (Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter):

The social obligations (in 1855) required everyone to avoid:

"...all remarks which tend to embarrass, vex, contradict flatly, "

One etiquette writer scolded those who were skilled at sarcasm, barbs and contempt,

"Because you happen to have a razor in your possession, that is no reason why you should be allowed to cut the throats of the rest of us who are unarmed."

I hope you will enjoy that author's humorous descriptions in today's broadcast:


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Violas, Snow, Lace and Sipping

Hello Dear Ladies,
I have a mind full of things to tell you and am getting nearer to doing that on a broadcast.

In my previous broadcast I described the history of  handmade lace and handiwork. These are are some from my collection which I inherited.

Here are a few things going on around The Manse.

New couch cover and cushions. The covering has arm sections and a back section that makes it fit well. I like it better than slip-covers. 

Snow on the hills in a pattern of sorts. It is always interesting to see what parts lie bare when it snows over there. 

Stealth sipping.

Violas coming out from under the blanket of snow:

Every year I plan to sew the dress with the viola print. 

Please visit my Pinterest sometime to see more things to inspire your days at home.

Little girls clothes seen in a local shop:

Message to manufacturers: Please give us some grown-up outfits like these! They are multi-generational designs; feminine without being formal and great for the home.


Monday, February 27, 2023

Linens and Handiwork of the Home

Hello Ladies,

There are approximately 25 references to snow in the Bible.  Snow provides nitrogen and sulfur for the earth, and fertilizer, and it absorbs a huge percentage of noise, which we all need a rest from. 

I hope you are doing well in your current situation, with great plans for improvement.

Today the broadcast is about the the hand made items of the home.

Indoor stealth sipping today:
Miss Lillian’s blog is updated 

Please enjoy your home while you listen:

Miss Lillians sewing blog is updated HERE

Monday, February 20, 2023

Winter Dressing, Handiwork, Parents Watch for Your Souls

I hope you are all happy at home, guiding and guarding it (Titus 2)

A little stealth sipping this morning set me up for the day using our old mailbox that was replaced by a new one. I have great plans for using this as a yard ornament with trailing plants.

In the broadcast I talked a bit about :
-Time for little things, time for handiwork
-Benefits of sitting in your house
-Not allowing homeschooling to become stressful
-Manipulating people's answers to questions
-Purpose of scrapbooks in earlier days
-Value of Jane Austen to young women
-My old wicker couch

Please enjoy being home while you listen today:
Please have success at home today!!

The modest clothing for teen girls is HERE. It is in Oregon.
Jane Austen audio books are HERE
Miss Lillian has a new sewing post HERE

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Time, Sleep, and Other Things

Above: From my rock collection

Stealth sipping today:

I hope you are enjoying your current circumstances and have great plans for improvement. While you are doing things around the house, or if you are resting, maybe this broadcast can keep you company.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Tea With Jane Austen, Stepping Heavenward and More

Greetings Dear Friends,
I think often of content you might enjoy hearing while you go about your home. 

I read from Tea With Jane Austen by Kim Wilson.
I also read a few entries of Stepping Heavenward, which is done in diary form.
Also, I continued my observations of the many things concerning character in "Princess Cut." I am not sure if this was ever a book but the script was evidently carefully thought out, covering many basis I have observed personally with my "vital" experience with parents and their grown children over the years, and you probably have, as well. I suggested you use it as a teaching tool, pausing the movie to observe and discuss. Perhaps you can watch it all the way the through first, and then at another time, watch it in segments to get the full meaning.

Things are quiet but busy at The Manse today.

Secret sipping from my windowsill instead of outside in the rain.  You know all about this tea thing from previous posts. 

Please enjoy what you are doing at home while you listen:

I enjoyed hosting you in The Manse today and hope you will come again.


Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Leisure vs. Labor and Other Things

In this broadcast, designed to listen while you do something in the home.

I cover some of the previous subjects:

--From "Stepping Heavenward", the quote:
"Life was not meant to be a treadmill,"--a good thing for a homemaker to keep in mind.
--Homemakers are care-givers.
"Even if all she does is live her daily life, the homemaker is making a great contribution to her family and their stability in life.
--If it is possible, avoid "meetings" that take you away from your comfort zone of the home.  
Please enjoy something in your home while you listen today:


Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Dress Designs

Miss Lillian (Western Lillian Designs) has a new post here  She appreciates you posting your comments over there on her blog link.


Monday, February 06, 2023

Respect Your Own Authority in the Home

I am so grateful you are here. I sat in the room where I do my ironing, and talked to you. Iron boards make such nice decorative tables. 

Today I spoke more about:

 ~Respecting yourself as an authority in the areas God has given you-- that of homemaker, mother and Christian woman.
~The phrase "make a difference" often causes us to seek fulfillment outside of being guide and guard of the home, but you can make a difference at home.
~I read a statement written in 1913 about the philosophy of public education written by the business advisor to John D. Rockefeller Sr. 1913
~I read more from Stepping Heavenward, chapter 9.
~On the subject of Princess Cut, I discussed several more things brought out concerning courtship, involving parents, siblings and other people.
~Here is the poem, "Hurry the Baby" the point being--allow children to be children, enjoy childhood, because it is so fleeting and soon gone; let them develop good memories from it. 

I have been changing things around in The Manse. Below: the "ocean room," using Grandma's old chenille bedspread and an ocean picture. 
As usual, please enjoy your home while you listen to the broadcast.

If you want me to post a comment you can use my email ladylydiaspeaks at, or if you want to leave a personal message. Thank you for all you do for me!!!!

The courtship movie I have been analyzing is HERE

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Several Subjects

Hello Ladies,

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever sit down again to talk to you. However I found half an hour between responsibilities, and tried to pack it with food for thought.

I covered these things:

~What language shall I borrow~
~A hint for keeping your freedom in social situations~
~History in Linda Lichter's book "Simple Social Graces"--women weren't "just a housewife" and the home was not a hotel.~
~A deeper look at the faith-based movie "Princess Cut"--going to friends and authorities other than parents
~Parents need to have more confidence in their own responsibilities to their children, young or older, and not outsource this ministry to others.

I crept out to have a secret sip, so I feel quite accomplished. 

I hope you will enjoy your home while you listen today.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Reading About the Home

Today I continued with topics from the previous video, and explained more about the concept of social things from the home in past centuries, vs. the modern practice of social life away from home, from Linda Lichter's book, Simple Social Graces.

I also read another chapter from Elizabeth Prentiss, "Stepping Heavenward." 

Following this I explained more of my observations about the values of home and courtship in the movie Princess Cut. There should be a workbook to go with this with observations and questions about respect for parents and for potential mates, as well as what makes a young man or young woman suitable or unsuitable.

I also read the specific requirements of elders and deacons from 1st Timothy chapter 3, and suggested they are good characteristics for every young man to live up to.

This is for listening while you do things at home:

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A Talk on Tea Time and The Home

All is well around The Manse today, so I have some time to talk to you.

Today I suggested that like exercise, housekeeping might begin with warm-up routines, consisting of simple jobs.
I read from Republic of Tea catalog, and a page from Kim Wilson's "Tea With Jane Austen

I read from Simple Social Graces, a history of courtship from the home.

I cautioned about using homeschool textbooks for knowledge while neglecting teachings on character.

I suggested you look up the different between mettle and metal, as well as privacy versus secrecy.

The audiobooks I enjoy while I'm doing my household responsibilities,  by Misty M. Beller, are HERE
She begins her stories with scripture, which makes me happy.

There are a lot more things on this broadcast besides what I listed, so put away the world and its stresses for now, while you listen:


Saturday, January 21, 2023

Homemaker Self-Care

Its been so long since I have seen you. Thank you so much for visiting. You are welcome to leave comments. If you would rather email me personally, you may do that. Also if you want me to post your comment, I will do that for you.

Today's broadcast is designed for listening as you go about your responsibility at home.

Today I talked a little about managing to do a few self-care things to keep the homemaker rested and happy.