Thursday, January 23, 2020

Church Bulletin Snippets

Hello Ladies,

Many churches have church bulletins online now, but we still have the printed ones. Here are some of the poems and snippets from recent church bulletins:

Count your blessings, not your crosses.
Count your gains, not your losses. 
Count your joys, not your woes.
Count your friends, not your foes.
Count your courage, not your fears.
Count your laughter, not your tears.
Count your health, not your wealth.
Count on God, not yourself.

The best vitamin for a Christian is B1.
The Lord's church: Under same management for over 2000 years. 
Soul food served here.

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people,
A heart that forgives the worst,
A mind that forgets the bad, and
A soul that never loses faith in God.

Monday, January 20, 2020

A New/Old Picture

Hello Ladies,
This is not the type or color of pictures I normally use in my home,  but it tugged at my heart due to the amount of old sheds and barns around here in the farm country.  I have it on the wall near the old cabinet that shares that same old wood and dark metal top. There is more to this old barn, as it has a story behind it, as most old structures do. This is about as old as our buildings get, out in the prairies.  It is available at Hobby Lobby, and when the pictures are all half price, this one is only $7.00.

Twelve Things You Can Do, Yourself

Hello Ladies,

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I was inspired today but a lot of things I saw, and I want to share with you how you can do it yourself, beautifully, your own way, suitable for your life and your home.

1.  Your Own Notepad and Schedule/List/Appointment Book.

Make your own list pads using Dollar Tree items or cut up some paper and make a stack of your own.

2. Your own florals.

Using Dollar Tree floral bushes, try making your own bouquets to brighten the house, or find any fresh, free greenery outside to put in a vase or floral oasis.  I have a sage bush (the kind you use in cooking), and dusty miller, as well as other green things, that freshen the air inside the house when put in a dish. You do not need real vases because you can use tin cans and jars once they are emptied.

3. If you have bookshelves and quite a few books, line them up according to color to compliment the other furnishings in your house.

4. Leave your bathroom beautifully cleaned and arranged, as though you are a guest coming to a fancy hotel. It will give you a feeling of dignity every time you get ready in the morning.

5. Pause throughout the day to be thankful for some small privilege or for any blessing.

6. Dress the best you can that is appropriate for the home.   Wear pretty clothes, make your appearance beautiful, paying special attention to your hair and face. 

7. Call someone to wish them a blessed day and ask if there is anything they need prayer for, or anything within your ability to do for them.

8. Say "thank you" to anyone who serves you in the public, from the grocery store to those who let you go first or open doors for you.
(Ladies, I am looking to buy this pattern. It is 1990's or maybe 1980's McCalls 7956)

9. Plan your year's clothing on paper, sketching the things you want for various weather conditions, events, and daily things.

10. Pick up after yourself and put things away immediately.

11. Make breakfast from natural ingredients, perhaps learning something new, and serve it on your best dishes. Drink from a tea cup.

12. Clean or sort through something you have been putting off, every day. Create something pretty.

 These things do not "solve" any deep problems, but they lighten the burdens a little when you are pressed with things.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

We Live by Love, Not by Rules; Appearance Improves Mood; Using Something Negative for Something Good

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Stair step basket from Wayfair

The Next Post

Hello Dear Ladies,

I know some of you are waiting for another Homemaker Radio episode, and I assure you--nothing else has been on my mind. I hope to put that post up very soon so that you will have something on Monday to work by.

You recall that lovely multi-colored bouquet, only $4.95 at our Super Walmart, which I showed previously.

It easily filled 5 small vases which lift up anyone who ventures into the small rooms of this cottage. I'm showing three of them here, and below, is a preview of the teacup I will be featuring on the next radio broadcast:

 These are my own pictures, and I hope to get time to add them to my Pinterest collection. The link to my Pinterest is on the left column here. 
 I hope to "see" you later on today so I won't say "have a lovely day." For those of you overseas, that's one of our more optimistic ways of saying "Goodbye."

Monday, January 13, 2020

Refinement, Don't Wait for the Culture to Change

Horrid weather here today but I'm trying to make it a little sunnier with this video for you.

Check out Roxy's new video here Living From Glory to Glory

 Carnations last a long time (at least a month). This is a bouquet from the Walmart and costs $4.95--good deal for the homemaker. It can be divided into smaller bunches and distributed in small containers, even teacups, for bright spots around the house.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Homemaking Radio: Appearance First, Providing Cleanliness and Comfort, Homemaking With Spiritual Values

Available at Homegoods and other discount stores:
Gracie Bone China from Coastline Imports.

In the Works: Homemaking Radio, Sewing, Moving Things Around

Greetings Homemakers and Future Homemakers,

After I get myself arranged ;-) I will  pour a cup of tea while I speak on a  new Homemaking Radio episode to listen while you do things around the house. I realize it is a weekend and most people will probably use this on Monday.

You may remember all that cranberry color I had in the living room a month ago.  I moved it to the lady's guest room: quilts, cushions, florals and tea things:

A lot of the pillows are hand made from 19---.  If you have heard previous videos you know the story.

My daughter made these for me from an old sweater.

I have always liked this April Cornell Dress and once tried it on in a shop, and it looked and felt great. However the price has been way over $100 and even on sale, the postage brings the price up.  It is sold at Victorian Trading Company. It is called Midnight Rose.

I like the idea of giving a dress a name. I love names, in fact, have sometimes named the rooms in my house.

At the end of the bolt of fabric at Walmart there is always a nice name such as "Carnation" or "China Blue" and "Blush."

I had this fabric by Waverly from Walmart, and a pattern that seems similar, so I might try to imitate it for just pennies:
 I would have to put a little plackett in the front to raise the neckline and also make some other adjustments. This is cotton.  The original dress is cotton and rayon. 

Thinking about it and actually getting the time to do it, are two different things, as you know.

It is always nice to have a dream, an idea, a hope, even if it never comes to fruition.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Housekeeping Radio: Being Polished, Pioneering, Naysayers

The Book of Looks by Lorraine Johnson, 1983

I liked quite a few of the "looks" in this book and the fact they were made from natural fibres. Some of the fashions were not to my liking but it was a keeper for the other designs.

Stcechcol, Gracie Bone China, (TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls.) $6.99

Monday, January 06, 2020

Pleasant Scenes

We took a scenic route to town and did some business errands today. I thought you might enjoy some of the views around here.

Where there was no traffic, we were able to stop for photos.

Every beautiful picture prompted visions of colorful fabric and country fashions for ladies who walk in the fields of green at the foot of the blue hills. 

There was a loud and violent rain storm here the previous night and it was nice the rain let up long enough to allow me to takes these photos.

In my vast collection of books there is one with shepherdess clothing (smile). If I come across it while I’ll culling and sorting the archives of my house, I will show it to you on video.

This inspired a tea cup to go-with.

It was one of several in a set which my mother in law used.  The saucer is a bygone Corelle by Corning, from another old set, of which the cups are gone, although they are often available at Goodwill.  The tablecloth is from a local farm store, but there is no tag on it with source.