Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Dressing for Home, Activating a Character Quality, "Dont Lose the Sale."

Hello Dear Friends,

It is still uncomfortably cold here but "we are enduring it as best we can."

We have the natural blue light half an hour before sunrise:

This is what The Manse looks like in the morning fog and blue light. You see the layer of mist on the top of the land in the distance.

I spoke to you from The Ocean Room, and here are some sand dollar cookies with fog tea :

I have been looking through this book to see what might be enjoyable to do:

Other things I talked about in the broadcast today:

From old merchant methods:
Don't devalue yourself or sell yourself short at home.
Don't lose the sale.
Don't give away the store.

The explanation is in the third part of the video, but you can probably figure it out yourself.

One of the exercises I tried:
The character verses I read:
2 Peter 1:5-11

I discussed the word "activated". Among other things, it means to trigger, get started, set in motion.
I used it in relation to the problem of memorizing scripture but not activating the teachings into life.

Some of you may be interested in these videos that contain soothing home decor:

Please enjoy your responsibilities at home while you listen:

For those of you who are waiting for a book, I am trying to catch up to everything but hopefully will get to that soon. Remember not to order Just Breathing the Air from the web, as they have put the price too high---we are trying to get that fixed. Write to me instead (its $29-$32 when I order it for you, which is the same price I pay for my copies.)

Also, some of you have insisted on sending contributions, which are always greatly appreciated. There is PayPal link on the side of this blog, or you can get my postal address by emailing me. My email should be on the sidebar.


Friday, February 02, 2024

A Few Things That Help the Homemaker

(View From My Window: Eastern Afternoon)

Hello Ladies,

I am so glad you are visiting and I hope you can get some things done that you've been putting off, while you listen to the broadcast today.

I was in "The Ocean Room".

There was a rainstorm and a bright rainbow today.

What I wore:

With an apron:

Please enjoy your work while you listen:

Here is one of the Lucy Wyndham-Reade exercises  I spoke of,
and here is the "exercise snack" video, and here is
one of her 3-minute routines.
She also has a gentle 5 minute walk after a meal.

Today I talked about the Jane Austen Summer Reading Programs that I often see on YouTube,
with an eye on doing something similar with Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. This list of things could be turned into a summer reading program accented with art, crafts and social things.
Some of the possible activities would be:

Reading the book silently and aloud, with emphasis on personal speech improvement.
Written observations.
Creating a mini-journal, games and activities of the story.
Describing the characters
The purpose of various type of their clothing.
A social event with participants choosing to be a certain character.
Researching the fashion and customs of the era.
Observing their manners and conversations, plus the way they interpreted life's ups and downs.
Trying the food mentioned in various chapters.
Emulating the music, social activities, pasttimes.
Family beliefs and practices.
Things they liked to read and study.
Creative ideas of the times.

For anyone who wants to begin watercolor (such as on the edges of letters and envelopes) there are many "shorts" you can follow Just pause, replay, repeat!
Here is one, and another one.
Try some of the small things on this channel.
If you are wanting a place to start, just go to YouTube and in their own search area type in "Beginner (watercolor, acrylics, or what you are looking for) and "floral, landscape, doodles," tutorials.

In the broadcast I suggested getting an art pad from the dollar store, but I forgot to mention using a set of children's watercolor paints, also available at dollar stores. I always get these supplies when the descendants come, so because they are so economical that those of us who are still learning, can paint with full abandon trial and error!

Ideas for dressing well at home can be found on this Pinterest link.

Here is the letter painting I shared from Victoria magazine winter issue. Simply use art paper (from dollar stores)for the letter.

I also brought up the tendency of the prevailing culture to avoid a simple answer. It is easy to use three times the words necessary and go around the answer and not really answer it. I think they call it "word salad."  

I used Philippians 4:7 about how to cure anxiety.
This was in reference to anxiety that is the most common. I did not intend to apply my talk to those who have suffered from personal disastrous life changing injury, illness or loss that is more than chronic anxiety. 

This quote by General MacArthur is indicative of what the press and the various public powers will do to keep us in a constant state of uncertainty:

Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -- kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor -- with the cry of grave national emergency... Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded.


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Appreciation, Not Always Guided by the Clock

Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoy today's broadcast. 

I showed a few publications I found interesting. This one is the recent 2024 issue and is quite nice. 

There is an ice storm here and we are happy to be safely inside the house. Indeed, we cannot leave. The house doors and car doors are frozen shut. Not to worry though. Being locked in has been interesting.

I talked a little about the nice effect of this tea, which is an adaptogen.

I talked about a number of things and introduced the idea of ignoring the time and the clock, to see if it reduced tension or hurrying.

Please enjoy the broadcast while you do a few things.
I really appreciate your comments, which give me good ideas for future content.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Thinking of You at Home

Greetings Ladies.

I hope you are doing well.

Very cold weather we are having here at The Manse: 15 degrees Fahrenheit. These pictures were taken at the start of the ice storm. The ground is now completely covered in white ice.

I hope to be back shortly with a video. 

Today I plan to mail out some pretty cards, 

….sew some pillowcases from this cotton fabric.

… and make something from this recipe book.

The snow looks pretty but this year was very deceptive,

… because it is not soft and fluffy at all. It is hard ice and very slick.  

From this window it is what I call a white- out.

The electric and plumbing are working well and there is plenty to do indoors. 

Painting by Harrison Fisher 

I do plan to be back shortly with a broadcast.

Lydia Ruth

Friday, January 05, 2024

Dress for Happiness, Edify at Home,

Dear Ladies,

If you have some things to do, you might enjoy listening to the broadcast, posted at the end.


Here is how I make the headbands that I have been wearing lately:

The headbands come in a bag of 6 at the dollar store.
I take a strip of fabric or some ribbon (also from the dollar store) and wrap it around the band, tuck it in at the ends--no sewing, no glue. This one is a covered with a length of polar fleece. 

It was cold in the house (worse outside) so this is the flannel outfit I wore:

I have been catching certain sunlight, blue light and red light, and 
doing some stealth sipping. 

To those who feel anxiety over the news, you might check out Peggy Hall at The Healthy American, and listen to her video about how to analyze the reports. Knowledge of the technique of spinning a story, either by leaving something out or adding something,  can make a big difference in the reaction.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Making Home Pleasant (Food, Manners, Poetry, Education)

Hello lovely ladies at home (and those who want to be).

The video is at the end of this page.

Today I "broadcast" from my sewing room. These sessions are designed to listen while you get a few things done at home. 

I wore this butterfly cotton  print dress, which I sewed many years ago from this pattern, Simplicity 9198: 

Below is a picture from an old book I have. I was looking at it with some of you in mind,  who are on your own much of the time. I spoke about it not being necessary to have company in order to create something like this. 

These are the books I read snatches from. I am enjoying my latest acquisition "Jane Austen's Table" which was published a few years ago. 

I do so appreciate you coming to listen. It motivates me to continue to publish. Originally these were intended for my descendants, but I decided to share it with you all. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Quiet Days

Hello Everyone and Welcome to The Manse.

No great throng came over on the   25th but we texted each other and that was nice. I spent the day catching up on a few household things that had been nagging me for awhile, and walking (carefully) outside.

I like this primitive-porcelain contrast of the distant fog shrouding the forest, with the shining teacup. That is what my stealth-sipping is all about--contrasts.

I hope you'll find plenty to do whilst listening the broadcast. I appreciate those of you who are praying for me to come here more often. That is what I am hoping to do, especially for anyone who feels isolated.

In this broadcast I told about an interesting person who told us the story of his recovery from a debilitating illness that left him unable to walk or talk, and how he lost his memory and got it back, by walking.

I mentioned this lady who has short videos for at-home exercise, that take only a few minutes of your time. It might mean the difference between health and illness. The man we met on the side of the road told us there are two kinds of people in a stressful situation: those who sit it out and wait, and those who use it as fuel to make something better of themselves.

In the broadcast I also shared that gifts were small hand written “magazines” with word searches and pages to write ideas and plans. 

You can make something like this just by folding paper in half and filling all four sides with your own games, puzzles, questions, assignments, recipes, and an art section.

The day is half gone and the light is fading but I am going to go about The Manse as if it is early and I'm only starting and see what I can do. If  I get more essentials done, I can relax a little more and get to work on bigger things that have been pressing on me.

 Please be happy while you listen today:

 For today's mental challenge, please get out your paper and pencil and see how many words you can get from this word:


You can leave your list in the comments. There are almost 20 one-syllable and two syllable words.

Some people have a system of finding the words, by wearing out the first letter and combinations, and then the next letter. Most of it won't be real words but you'll eventually find a word.its a Scrabble game technique.

 Here is another word-puzzle for you:

Proverbs 14:30  A tranquil _______ is _____________to the _________.

Ist Peter 3:4 ...the inner person of the __________, the lasting __________of a ________and
tranquil ________.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry and Bright

Greetings Ladies,

I have been scurrying around making things merry and bright in The Manse. 

This is the blue light that comes half an hour before sunrise, that is supposed to be incredibly beneficial for health. 

Here I am as it gets lighter. 

This is my little winter house and it has the most interesting window on the lower right. 

I will try to remember to get pictures of  decorations in the daylight. 

If I get any time off tomorrow I’ll make a broadcast and read more from the new Jane Austen cook book.
I hope you all have a very lovely day. It is also our granddaughter’s birthday on the 25th so it is a very full day!!!

See you soon!

Lydia Ruth 

This cat comes to see us and knows all our routines. I do not know who he belongs to. Mr. S. And I agreed not to feed it or buy cat treats. Mr. S. is a “ softie” who sneaks treats home. 
This is his “I don’t buy treats for the cat” shelf: