Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Window Seat

(Paintings from Allposters)

I have only a few moments to post thse and I will come back after church and write my little story which has in it a window seat.  

Hope you have a lovely Lord's Day.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Granny Notes

Recently someone told me about a friend of hers who writes an email each week to her grandchildren. She creates a Bible lesson with character training and sends it across the miles. She calls it her weekly Granny letter or Granny notes.  This is such a good idea that could include just about anything else, in the form of tutorial; maybe even a carpentry lesson from Grandfather.
You can find examples od character lessons on Pinterest, or make your own.

(pictures from Pinterest)

Today I bought an exotic looking fruit called Dragonfruit:

This is what it looks like growing:

The fruit comes in different colors, so the inside will vary. The white flesh is similar to fresh figs.

I am finishing up some of the garments that are already cut out, and have almost completed the bodice of one of them:

Outside my window it looks just fine but is too cold to be comfortable. 

I hope you have a lovely day at home or wherever you go today, and that you accomplish what your heart desires.

Note: these dresses are not for me.  The are for other family members.  I haven't finished mine yet!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recovering in Style

(Picture credit: Pinterest)

Thank you for all your kind greetings, ladies. I recovered from the four-day flu in about three days.  I have been up and about the house picking up the mess that always accumulates when I am out of commission.  No one has to question what a homemaker does all day at home, because when she is sick, the place disintegrates!

It helps that, although it is very cold here in April, with biting winds, the sun is shining and everything is green.

And today I have got the lunch ready for the ladies class in my home.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Have a wonderful day,


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sick in Style

Someone sent me a lovely post from somewhere about being sick in style. The article suggested having the blankets all neat and tucked in, fixing your hair and washing your face, wearing a nice bed-jacket, having a tray of necessities nearby (tissues, water,), something to read, extra pillows, hot water bottle for cold feet, and an attractive tray of appealing food. And, would it not be nice to be brought a fresh bouquet of pink carnations? How about a bell to ring when you need something, and one of those automatic shut-off electric kettles to heat water for a hot lemon drink or herbal tea?  It would be nice to have someone come in and clean the room to perfection!

I think also a bedroom should have a window low enough to see the view outside. I think the above photo is in Canada, but one can see the point!

Speaking of Canada, I recently watched a Hallmark series, Season 1 of the Jeannette Oake book called "When Calls the Heart," which is set in a coal mining town in the early 1900's or possibly late 1800's.  I rarely find pictures of men drinking tea, but I remember before mugs existed, most men drank tea from the regular teacups, without a second thought.  I was amused to see the scene with Canadian constable drinking tea in the saloon, among the rough coal miners. I wonder how many other viewers saw this and if the producers knew how much attention this little scene would get. Avid collectors want to zoom in and see that teacup!

The Canadian Mountie is played by an Australian actor, who did a very good job with the Canadian accent. On the Hallmark channel previews online, he speaks of his role in this series, and reverts back to his natural Australian accent.  It is amazing to me how people can master other accents.

My mother was Canadian, from the Alberta prairies.  During the depression a richer couple offered to take the two youngest children (my mother and sister) to stay with them so they would get more to eat and have more comforts.  My mother and her sister enjoyed it the first couple of days, with beds of their own, nice clothes, plenty of food, a fancier school, but then began to cry and want to go home. The couple wanted to adopt them because they had no children of their own, but after a week of listenning to them cry for home, the rich man and his wife gave them back to their family.  Mama told this story a lot and we thought it was so unusual, having never seen such a thing happen, but during the depression, it was one of those things that took place which we think is very odd, today!

A four-day stomach flu is going around, and everyone who has had it says the best cure is bed rest. I felt it coming on,  rushed home after church on Sunday and got in bed, where I have been ever since. A little nurse with a tag on her dress comes and checks on me, offering to bring me anything I want on a tray.  Since I didn't want anything she brought me the tray with a letter she wrote.  I felt like a rich woman being served the mail by a butler. The letter said I was not allowed to die. 

  I keep thinking how far behind I am getting in everything, especially a couple of sewing projects I have been wanting to complete. 

Here is one I finished just before I fell ill. It was supposed to be a Thanksgiving dress, then as time got away from me, a Christmas dress, and then I thought I just might finish it for Valentines Day. Finally this mother-daughter set was finished on Saturday and the girls looked great in them on Sunday.   The fabric is kind of a thick weave, a bit like burlap, 100 percent cotton, and it was easy to sew. As it is washed, it gets softer.  I have had a green set cut out, which I hope to finish soon.

I thought the girl's dress looked western pioneer style, while the mother dress took on an Elizabethan look. The rose print with its vine lends itself to the Tudor Rose print. Clothing construction has a lot of things involved, as you see, because sometimes the material alone determines the pattern that should be used. These dresses are made for wearing at home. Because they are new, the ladies will wear them to church and when they need to go somewhere, and as they wear out, will be used for everyday at home.

This is the pattern I used, but I added the neck ruffle and didn't put buttons on the skirt. It is a German pattern company and as I looked more carefully at the words on the pattern pieces I saw the English words were included. With these patterns, the instructions are online, rather than inside the envelope. I couldn't be bothered looking up the instructions and managed to put it together okay.

This is the other dress not yet sewn. The reason this happens is either the weather changes and the garment is too warm or cold.  Then of course there are a lot of other things to do for home and church, and it is easy to get behind in my sewing hobby!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why We Post

(Photo: Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel in London)

Ladies sometimes send emails expressing their reasons for putting up posts on their weblogs:

"A weblog is more like a classy magazine that has enduring qualities. You can search the older posts  and find things as revelant now as the day they were posted."

"I take my role as an older Christian woman seriously. It is a way of sharing my experiences in marriage, home and family with younger women who might look for encouragement."

"My physical location,  in the country, is too distant to allow regular Titus 2 and other Bible classes in my home. Ladies cannot always drive such a distance to attend.  A weblog provides a study or a lesson that other women can read without leaving their children."

"Posting on my weblog is a way of publishing original material without too much expense.  Others can find what they are looking for in the way of Christian mentoring, and they need not pay for a seminar or travel a great distance."

"I remember being a young homemaker and how lonely it was. Now, with the homemaking and Titus 2 weblogs, it is very comforting."

"I receive an enormous amount of inspiration from people's posts, and I want to carry on the ideas on my own weblog, pass them on, and encourage others."

"These days it seems hard to find older women who stay home, or younger women who want to be home and learn from the older women.  Weblog posts allow us all to meet and mingle and at the same time read articles that have some value and are worth keeping."

Hope you have a lovely Lord's Day.

The following passage is reassuring  to me because it records a scene where Christ rebuked something physical that was troubling the men in the boat.  Let us remember that He can also rebuke the spiritual things that trouble us and bring us peace, if we will only take our requests to him.

Mark 4:39  And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

Mark 4:40  And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

Thursday, April 09, 2015


(Pictures compliments of Pinterest)

Volumes have been written in the past and present, of the ways ladies contribute happiness at home.  It would be impossible to describe all the things a lady does and can do, to make the home a place no one wants to leave, so for now I will just share morning tea, served while it is still dark outside. Wouldn't you like to come into such a room in the morning and see all this prepared for you? What a grand way to start a day!  I have my own table set, too.

Today I am also sharing a pertinent paragraph from the New Testament, showing contrasts of trouble and peace:

We are troubled on every side, 

 yet not distressed; 

we are perplexed, 

but not in despair


 but not forsaken; 

cast down, 

but not destroyed;"

(Read the surrounding verses from your Bible)

From 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

Modern ladies must learn how to respond to personal crisis, feelings of insecurity, fear and personal threats.  The second part of each of the scriptures, above, show the positive answers to upsetting news or anything else.  

These verses always inspire great discussions and discoveries of how to be the lady who is nonplussed!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Mary Kate's Courting Dress

If you have never watched "The Quiet Man" movie or read anything about the story, you might be able to find in on YouTube or other programs online.  I have seen several sewing weblogs with clothes from famous movies, and I have been looking at Mary Kate Danaher's dress, shown here.  None of the costumes in the picture were green, except this one, and I have been trying to find inexpensive fabric in this color.

 The dress is on display in a collection somewhere, and I did see a video of someone showing the dress, but alas, the white bow was missing from the loop on the original dress. It is simply a rectangle of fabric surrounded in lace, inserted in a loop under the collar.

The above picture shows the side view of the white cuff on the sleeve, but I cannot see the details enough to immitate it so my cuff will be different. Possibly the sleeve cuff is the same as the collar in that a piece is inserted into a loop to make a bow.

  I had to notice in the movie she rode this bike in that dress!  But even in All Creatures Great and Small,  James' wife, Helen rode her bike wearing a skirt.

I hung on to this old pattern from 1987 and noticed that view C has the same kind of collar.  I originally made this dress in a beautiful pastel floral with a white background featuring lavender hydrangeas and pink roses.  I wore it out but I wish I had saved it anyway.

This is what I am planning on making it with, and if it turns out well I will put a picture of it here.  If the material that matches the original dress gets lower in price I will make another one, but from a distance this will probably look a lot like the one made for Maureen O'Hara in this movie.  This style was seen a lot in the 1980s, so watching The Quiet Man reminded me of many of the 1980s patterns. The "Shepherdess" styles were featured in a lot of books and sewing magazines.

Below, from Joann fabrics online, a similar color to the original dress. Even with enlarging the photographs, it was impossible to figure out the print from the movie dress.

Below, it is claimed that this the original dress, but it does not look like it. Where are the white buttons and why is it not more shaped?

Another possible fabric:

A placid scene. The courting dress was the only one in the film I had a pattern for.  The other costumes were not as interesting but I did enjoy the shawls and  aprons, as well as the bonnets, and, of course, I really liked the way the men were dressed. 

Below, a Keepsake Calico from Joanne Fabrics, described as green with silver stamp tile. This matches the dress the best.
This photo shows the print better.

I am interested in the hat, too.  I can get a cheap one and put fabric on it.

Below: another pattern in consideration for the courting dress.


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