Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Just wanted you to know I have added my Pinterest  on the upper left sidebar, for those who want to go have a look.  One of my new subjects on that Pinterest account  is Circassian Costume (Abkhaz, Kabardino , Abdyge, Adygey, Balkan, Cherkess, Chechan and more).  I noticed how much the Victorian clothing of the 1800's , especially the design of the bodices, resemble the ancient costume of the people of the Caucasus Mountains. This painting by Edmund Leighton has the sleeves of that traditional costume.

I discovered I had a pattern from the 1980's with the similarities of the Circassian styles, and I recognize sleeves of the coat.  I plan to make the one pictured in the middle that is burgundy colored, in emerald green with gold trim.

Note the unusual sleeves in these 19th century paintings which depicted a by-gone era even during the artists own century:  these have similarities to the Circassian and Coassak historical costumes.  

A Day Dress

It has been so busy here at home this last week but I managed to try a new dress pattern for another mother-daughter set. As I explained in one of my previous sewing posts, these are dresses for the home.

To make the neckline sit better on the shoulder area I inserted a piece of paper inside the pattern and re-drew it. The dress has side pockets, and a tie belt. I added my own style of sleeve by expanding the pattern sleeve and making a cuff, on which I sewed some of the tulle trim from Hobby Lobby which was discounted. Tulle trim is feather soft. The fabric is also from Hobby Lobby but is available at Joann Fabrics and in other places.

The pattern was a longer length than the picture on the envelope shows, so I have to take off some of the hem. Although the garment looked very cute in the illustration, I do not think I will sew it again.  

However, if you do use this pattern the way it is with no changes made, it will sew up quite quickly. 

The waist line was a little lower than I expected, and I am already thinking of making another dress in its place from an older pattern I  like better. 

When sewing from patterns, I prefer those that do not have to be altered or tweaked. I like it to work well the first time I use it.  I will post the daughter and grandmother dresses here on this page when I get them finished.

Coming soon:
Almost finished: 

These were two 2016 patterns.This pattern had a placket in the skirt that had to overlap when sewn on to the bodice--not a challenge for beginners.  

I think the patterns that have worked put the best for me have been the German patterns called NeuMode and the 1980's Lanz and Laura Ashley. However, I am trying the new ones as they come on sale and I like some of the styles.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Do It Yourself Daycare - Video 22

Mothers create a happy childhood just by being home with their children. Home is where the child can be non-rushed. Instead of "hurrying the baby" the child can wake up naturally and begin his day in his own familiar surroundings. It is so important for Mothers to return to the hearth and home, for the sake of children.

However, even at home, Mothers of this era may have to refrain from over-regulating children. They should not be constantly ordered about, but lovingly guided, and the Mother should participate in the things she wants her children to do. For example, "It is time to eat. Let's go wash our hands!" is a good way to teach a child and let them follow. After the child has learned to do it on his own, he may do it by himself, even without having to be reminded.  

The important thing is to treat childhood not as a battle but as something you are doing together, as you create good memories of even the simple training involved in washing their hands. Your voice and your actions should not show impatience, but kindness, love, and gentleness.

In my video on this subject, I have tried to summarize the reason we should be "daycaring" our own children---because it is a heart-to-heart experience.  Let us remember our children have souls and we are accountable to God for the way we treat them and guide them. Their souls must be guided in a way that they will want to cooperate in their own development, for the Lord's sake! The home must, in their formative years, be their center, their anchor and their stability. 

With Love,

I also want to share my latest find at Goodwill, for under $10, a yard-long by Paul de Longpre....

...and a rack i found there, to display a few odd plates:


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