Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Wives & Daughters chapter 2, Flour Sacks, Keepers at Home, & More

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This room, where I sat while I spoke today,  is patiently waiting for the next eager visit.

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 Below is a sample from some of the things I've saved on my Pinterest Collection. Please go to My Pinterest and see some of the delightful things. 
This reads:
I will never forget when my
grandfather said to me:
"Our life was tiring for the body,
but it was comfortable for the soul.
Your life today is comfortable for the
body but it is tiring for the soul."

Other Pinterest Accounts you can't live without:

The above site will keep your interest for quite a while. I like the watercolor illustrations and the beautiful life portrayed for the homemaker.

I read and analyzed more of the beginning of the book "Wives and Daughters" by Elizabeth Gaskell.  This everyday story brings out some of the character qualities that every generation has to deal with. Tact, the art of being careful not to be too blunt or to insinuate, is one of them.

I create these lessons for my descendants and I'm making it available to you, to inspire and edify. My broadcasts are designed to listen while you rest or work in your house. I hope you find something that will benefit you today. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Analyzing Wives & Daughters Episode 1, The Art of Dress, and More

Greetings and thank you for viewing and listening today. I'm honored that you are here and I hope it is edifying. 

I have been on my "Regency Walk" and found this photo opportunity:

I talked today about the first part of the book Wives & Daughters, along with the first episode, which might aptly describe things that still occur.

I also read more from "The Lost Art of Dress" in which was described the difference that took place in a woman's life regarding clothing.

What I wore today:

With bolero-jacket

From this pattern:

With apron:

A zippered bag from a sheet set works well to corral the pieces of sewing projects:

This is also the pattern I used for the dress, adding different sleeves from another pattern.

I hope you enjoy the broadcast while you rest or work at home.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Art of Dress; Man the Provider

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After years of flimsy garden flags being worn and torn so quickly, I found an easy to make, no-sew,  perfect material from a plastic shopping/gift bag. I cut off the handles and cut holes to slip on to the garden flag holder.  Some of these bags have a casing at the top that could be used to attach. A casing could be made using the right kind of glue to hold it on to the flag stand. 

One of my favorite pictures to take is the reflection of the scene in the window of The Manse:

There have been some changes in the guest room, as I am expecting a lady to stay for awhile:

Links I mentioned in this broadcast:

Whatever Happened to Women’s Fashion 
Note: if you have any objection to the way this girl is dressed, please, at least listen to her message encouraging young women to dress respectably. 

Check out theses Pinterest accounts:

My Pinterest (Lydia Sherman)

Please enjoy resting or working while you listen today:

Friday, June 07, 2024

More of The Lost Art of Dress; Molly Gibson Sewing Ideas


Greetings and welcome. The video is at the end of this page.

Today I talked about the book "The Lost Art of Dress" with a particular message to home makers.

Here are the other books that refer to good grooming.

Another Elizabeth Gaskell story, North and South is available on FreVe, a free app from Amazon.  It covers the era of the cotton mills in England, where many single women and children worked.  You can order the DVD on Amazon, EBay, and other websites.

Another video I referred to was Princess Cut. 
You can watch it here:

This young lady was not at a job outside the home, except for helping the family during harvest.

You can get a DVD set of Elizabeth Gaskell stories, which includes behind the scenes interviews.

In the above picture, the second lady from the left is Molly Gibson in her blue dress with white blouse. 

Today I illustrated the difference between being crude and refined, with crude oil and refined oil. 
Tea today was cinnamon Stress Soother from Traditional Medicinals.

From the first episode of Wives and Daughters, I created a "Literature Inspired Sewing " planning sheet. The planner  I sketched years ago, was called "Painting Inspired Sewing" where I used clothing from paintings, and I actually sewed all of them. 

There is a Pinterest collection of photos from Wives and Daughters, showing Molly's costumes.
Molly's Tartan Dress. I copied it in the sketch on the Sewing Planning Sheet.
This is Molly's yellow dress with lace collar and sage green shawl, which I showed in the last sketch on the Literature Inspired Sewing Sheet.

I quite like Cynthia's dress on the right, and think I can get the embroidered fabric.

Today's Dress for Home

Fabric: Brother Sister Designs, from Hobby Lobby.

Going out

With Apron

With Accessory (Woven scarf)

Sunday, June 02, 2024

The Duty and Delight of Dressing for Home

Dear Ladies,

Thank you for being a good friend to me. It means more than I can express. 

Reading from the book, Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, can be heard (free) on Librivox


The reading by Elizabeth Klett is very skilled and understandable and this is great for listening at home. 

Check out Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, which have interesting creative kitchen and cooking hints on each page, with delightful art.  My favorite is:

 In this video I read some more from this fascinating history of ladies clothing. The subject today was a chapter on home dress. Included in the author's narrative are reasons and attitudes connected to wearing nice, pretty clothes at home. She was quite scathingly critical of the things western women wear in public today. The chapter encourages home makers to dress for cheerfulness.

If you were my girls coming to my School at Ashcomb, I would suggest you create a workbook for this chapter with the following: 

In a notebook, sketch or paste pictures of 7 dresses to buy or sew for the home, including a formal dress for church, as well as matching aprons.

How will you dress for cheerfulness and dress yourself as well as you dress your home.

How will you make your home serve your needs for happiness, comfort and creativity.

Above is the piece of fabric I showed you, to illustrate what the bias of a fabric is.

What I wore at home with apron,
with  cardigan for going out, 

The removable collar is also made from cotton.

Fabric: cotton daisy print, pattern: vintage Laura Ashley or 
I may have used this pattern:

I have walked outside with Lucy. You can choose an exercise session  here on her channel and use it as a sitting exercise or walk around a room. At first it seems rather bothersome but after one of her 3 minute stretch, an uplifted feeling comes over and chases away the "I-don't-want-to's".

Please let me know what you are doing (if you may say so) while you listen today