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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Homemaker Radio: Instant Change, Do One Extra Thing, Make a Card, Your State of Mind

Lovely dimensional rose art stickers from Dollar Tree:

Sleeve protector pattern: McCalls 7487, possibly from the 1980's. There is no date anywhere that I can detect, on this pattern. Would be great if this were reprinted.

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Listen While You Work: The State of the Union (Your Home)


Hello Dear Ladies,

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Homemaker's Radio: Preparation is Motivating, Wise Conversation, Do Something Creative

Please note that this video is for the purpose of listening as you go, and it is not necessary to watch it.

 Ladies I enjoy Victorian Trading Company and have ordered things from that catalog in the past.  Lately I've been looking at their lovely florals,  but the prices are beyond my scope, so I have been trying to make something similar using Dollar Tree supplies.  The above arrangement cost slightly over $5.00 for the materials from Dollar Tree:

Blush rose stem (6 roses) - $1.00
Greenery stem - $1.00
Styrofoam base - $1.00
Box container - $1.00 (repainted with craft paint, left from previous projects. also $1.00)
White gypsum accent stem - $1.00

Here is one side of the arrangement, which is behind me in the video, on the mantel:

Bouquet from Victorian Trading Company: $254.00.  Although I could not spend that much for a bouquet, I would certainly like to see this one. It is set in resin, which looks like water.  

Florals are one of my interests (for now) and I enjoy looking online at floral arrangements, or in magazines and books, and also observing the creative containers that are used. I especially like the one at VTC  which is made using a small resin or wood cottage as a vase.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Curtain Options

Out here in a more private and country setting, window coverings are not necessary for privacy. However, many of us prefer curtains and shades to protect the inside from harsh sunlight  or to cover the evening darkness with something more colorful. We, none of us, enjoy looking at black windows and curtains provide a soft shield and a bright spot.

The wired pearl tie-backs are actually a garland from Hobby Lobby found in the wedding department for just a few dollars when they are half price.  These can be used as decor in other ways, as well. 

This is my new dining room curtain and you would be pleasantly surprised at all the options we have for curtains. There was an era where the drapery hardware was so complicated that none of it would accommodate a simple hand sewn rod-pocket curtain.

I removed all the 1960's hardware and put up something more simple on which to place curtain rings and soft fabric.

My windows are 130 inches wide so it is quite expensive to even make the curtains myself. When the home sewn ones needed replaced, I found an easy answer at a grocery store called Grocery Outlet. You might have something like that in your town.

These were cloth shower curtains with a windowpane texture, as you can see. I used the plastic liner that came with the curtains in one of our bathrooms, and was happy to have the curtain rings that were included in the package,  on a pretty rod that I got at Walmart. 

The curtains look so professional that you would not know they were shower curtains, and since I needed a quantity of them, the price was just right: $7 each, and I needed 4.. They hang with folds that look like professional drapery. 

I like the idea of inexpensive curtains because  it is more economical to change the style or color.

Please click to enlarge, and then again, to see the waffle-weave texture. I'm enjoying seeing these cheerful curtains as I walk through a room.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Creating Separate Spaces in Open Floor Plans

There was an interesting question I have been thinking about, concerning the problem of open-floor plans.  Or, sometimes a room is too long and needs to be divided.  Here are some ideas about sectioning off rooms without walls.

One lady took her book shelves, which were rather tall, and placed them between the kitchen and the living room., with the backs toward the kitchen, so that they looked like a wall. She placed a narrow table there on the kitchen side, to serve as a type of buffet table. I was impressed with it, but it was back in the day when it wasn't a custom to take a picture, so all you have to use is my description here. 

Others have found these folding screens from Hobby Lobby useful for their purposes:

Several things you will need to be aware of when using room dividers like these.

 They will need something to stabilize the screen, as it is easily knocked over unless it has some heavy potted plants at the base on both sides (real or artificial), or you can use an attractive chair on each side, or perhaps a narrow table for writing, or books or some other decorative display.
I received several requests about this book which is depicted in this picture from Pinterest. It turns out that I have this book and will review it for you on a video.  It is called, "Tea With Jane Austen" and is available at Thriftbooks. I like using Thriftbooks because they sometimes have free postage and after a number of book purchases, will let you choose a free book.

Things are getting more orderly around here and I'm collecting some thoughts for the time that I will sit still and chat with you on video while you go about your daily routine.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for your comments!! Thank you for your sweet donations, and especially for your prayers.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Future Radio Broadcast

Hello Ladies,

It has been so far a very dreary winter, and quite uncomfortable for many people, but I bought some primroses to brighten the porch.

  I think the primroses are your perfect bouquet, and can be used indoors on your tables or kitchen. They have about 12 blossoms on each plant, and what a delight because you can set them outside in summer, and extend the joy.

These cost only $1.50 each--is that not a wonderful bargain for such a burst of freshness and color? You can put them in a pretty plant container or a bowl, without taking them out of the container they are in.

 I hope to broadcast a radio program soon, on various subjects, to hear while you go about your daily work.

Please remember these videos are intended to hear, not watch. Most people are very busy and can't watch videos, so these radio broadcasts are perfect for the homemaker, and are about homemaking, which are helpful to hear while you work.

I couldn't resist showing you this canvas picture at Hobby Lobby, because it is so typical prairie/farm land and buildings.  

As a girl brought up on and by the ocean, with a seafaring father (I even worked on his fishing vessel when I was a teenager), it has taken me a very long time to appreciate the beauty of this land, which is so different than the coast, but now I am finally smitten by every picture I see of a barn!

Regrettably, I left the picture in the Hobby Lobby, waiting til a 50 % off sale. Mr. S. scolds me when I do that, because he says it costs more, when you live at a distance from the Hobby Lobby, to go back again to get the thing you wanted.

I also think I will paint something someday, but I'm in a great upheaval at home, dealing with deep cleaning and "the archives."

I hope to be here on video soon!!

I love you all and thank you for your comments and any donations. I especially thank you for your prayers.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Church Bulletin Snippets

Hello Ladies,

Many churches have church bulletins online now, but we still have the printed ones. Here are some of the poems and snippets from recent church bulletins:

Count your blessings, not your crosses.
Count your gains, not your losses. 
Count your joys, not your woes.
Count your friends, not your foes.
Count your courage, not your fears.
Count your laughter, not your tears.
Count your health, not your wealth.
Count on God, not yourself.

The best vitamin for a Christian is B1.
The Lord's church: Under same management for over 2000 years. 
Soul food served here.

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people,
A heart that forgives the worst,
A mind that forgets the bad, and
A soul that never loses faith in God.

Monday, January 20, 2020

A New/Old Picture

Hello Ladies,
This is not the type or color of pictures I normally use in my home,  but it tugged at my heart due to the amount of old sheds and barns around here in the farm country.  I have it on the wall near the old cabinet that shares that same old wood and dark metal top. There is more to this old barn, as it has a story behind it, as most old structures do. This is about as old as our buildings get, out in the prairies.  It is available at Hobby Lobby, and when the pictures are all half price, this one is only $7.00.

Twelve Things You Can Do, Yourself

Hello Ladies,

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I was inspired today but a lot of things I saw, and I want to share with you how you can do it yourself, beautifully, your own way, suitable for your life and your home.

1.  Your Own Notepad and Schedule/List/Appointment Book.

Make your own list pads using Dollar Tree items or cut up some paper and make a stack of your own.

2. Your own florals.

Using Dollar Tree floral bushes, try making your own bouquets to brighten the house, or find any fresh, free greenery outside to put in a vase or floral oasis.  I have a sage bush (the kind you use in cooking), and dusty miller, as well as other green things, that freshen the air inside the house when put in a dish. You do not need real vases because you can use tin cans and jars once they are emptied.

3. If you have bookshelves and quite a few books, line them up according to color to compliment the other furnishings in your house.

4. Leave your bathroom beautifully cleaned and arranged, as though you are a guest coming to a fancy hotel. It will give you a feeling of dignity every time you get ready in the morning.

5. Pause throughout the day to be thankful for some small privilege or for any blessing.

6. Dress the best you can that is appropriate for the home.   Wear pretty clothes, make your appearance beautiful, paying special attention to your hair and face. 

7. Call someone to wish them a blessed day and ask if there is anything they need prayer for, or anything within your ability to do for them.

8. Say "thank you" to anyone who serves you in the public, from the grocery store to those who let you go first or open doors for you.
(Ladies, I am looking to buy this pattern. It is 1990's or maybe 1980's McCalls 7956)

9. Plan your year's clothing on paper, sketching the things you want for various weather conditions, events, and daily things.

10. Pick up after yourself and put things away immediately.

The book pictured here is called "Tea With Jane Austen" by Pen Vogler. Check Thrift Books online for availability.

11. Make breakfast from natural ingredients, perhaps learning something new, and serve it on your best dishes. Drink from a tea cup.

12. Clean or sort through something you have been putting off, every day. Create something pretty.

 These things do not "solve" any deep problems, but they lighten the burdens a little when you are pressed with things.