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Housewife Radio: Senses and Sayings

Posts about the painter, Edmund B. Leighton

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Please check out the  Housewife Radio  video here  on the previous post. It is working now, and is the third picture down from that post. Please refresh your page if you've had the same page sitting there and couldn't get the video. Please let me know if it is now working okay.

I am sorry about the confusion. I attempted posting it several times but the new YouTube rules required so many different settings and wouldn't post unless I obeyed it (smile).  It now requires you say "This is for children" or "This is not for children" and if it is not for children, it will not allow your subscribers to be notified. If it is for children, it is listed along with all the children's videos! 

When I selected "for children" (and there were only two options) it placed it in a "private" mode where only I and selected people could see it.

But I do wonder if these people speak normal English, for here, we say "child safe" or "not child safe".  Many videos are not actually for children but are still child safe as far as content.  Our homemaker videos aren't really videos for children but they are child safe and family friendly.  

There are "family friendly" shops around here but not everything in it is a child's toy or of any interest to children. It just means there is nothing corrupting in it for children.

The language Youtube used has a lot to be desired.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Housewife Radio: Listen as You Work -Keeping House, Someone is Coming Over, Hospitality Notebook

Hi Ladies,
The new video is the third picture from the top of this post. Some of you had trouble getting it to play but please try again,  and let me know in comments or by email if you still cannot get it. PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE if you couldn't get it at first and the same page is sitting there.

I enjoy seeing the list of things you got done while listening to Housewife Radio. This is such a great platform for some of the repetitive work everyone must do, and eliminates some of the isolation of the homemaker. Please don't watch it!  It is for your listening pleasure while you work. I do show you my teacup of the day, but after that, there isn't really anything to see and I calculate you might be able to get the laundry folded and ironing done and a few other things.  I ironed several shirts while I was talking to you.

The odd looking skinny lamp next to the wall, at the end of the video, came from HL a few years ago when they had a clearance sale. I needed something that would fit between the wall and the bed, in that tiny room, and this was just right.

This is the other room I talked about in the video.

Another coffee table book with great advice about being a shepherd and gently guiding others in your care.
A Shepherd's Heart by Paul C. Brownlow 1995

Painting by Joseph Farquharson (Scotland, 1946-1935)

(Nicknamed in his day as "Frozen Farquharson" because of his snowy sheep paintings.)

Teacup from Home Goods:
 I have been buying only one of a kind teacups but I have to say this one is nice enough I would go back and get another one for a gift, if there were some still in the shop. I like that it was wrapped in ribbon.

I appreciate you dropping by and listening, and hope you got some things done on this fine Thankgiving Day. Please remember to drop me a comment!!!

Handel's Messiah Concert: "We Like Sheep" occurs approximately 1:20 here
but it is all good listening, and all scripture. I like that there are no manmade words in this composition.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Autumn’s Dramatic Beauty

Today I took a creative break from housework and home making to set up this cheerful scene. It is fall here and we are still enjoying very nice weather. Does the background and the whole atmosphere of the photo make you think of any place you have seen before? It evokes memories of somewhere else but I can’t say for certain what place that might be. Or, maybe it is something I read about in an old book.

Look carefully at this photo below and leave a comment if you see what happened to Mr. S.
 There's no prize, but I'll congratulate you for being such a good sleuth.

A Fine Sail

There are few things more relaxing than water, and is a favorite of children.
You know how I like the reflection in the water of this elegant mansion.

For such an adventure I was happy to make use of my seafaring collection.
This tug boat, in the above photo, had a case of the doldrums,

..and this one was having a fine sail.

So thankful for enough rain to warrant this celebration of sea vessels, and since we could not go to the lake, the lake was brought to us.

This colorful one is a paddle boat.

In my long list of things to do, I try to include the word “play”. Do you?

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Listen While You Work: Instant Success in the Home, Don't Make Work For Yourself, Think Possibility

Painting by Carl Thomsen

Check out Thrift Books, Abe Books and other places for this book. Sometimes Ebay and Amazon are higher in price. Its good to compare.

Here are the Australian Teacups I showed today in the video:

I got these from The Tea Shoppe in Dandenong, Victoria,(Australia) a few years ago.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Listen While You Work: Motivation, Harmonious Conversation, "Presentation is Everything"

Please leave a comment and tell me what all you accomplished, and anything else you want to say!

Here is the word I was speaking of: asceticism.  It is mentioned in Colossians 2:20-23, warning against its severity.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Crispy Outside!

Someone suggested walking 10 minutes, three times a day, and this is the perfect crispy air for it!

Empire apples are the deepest red color, and there is a Pink Lady among them, which was originally developed in the state of Victoria, Australia, and, I think maybe the original location was the Mornington Peninsula.

A pumpkin themed teacup and saucer ($6.95) I came across at Marshalls but only one!  Maryland China company has them also but a higher price.  

To make proper scones that are crisp on the outside and soft with large pull apart layers on the inside, according to America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated and other cooking magazines, heat the liquid ingredients a little before mixing.  It worked for me.

These long sweaters that are so available now and worn by many young ladies are quite feminine and add a "dress" factor to their appearance, so that even if they are wearing jeans, they look very distinctly female. I quite like this look because it steers women to the idea of the long dress, as well as looking like a long dress from the back.  
This comes in dusty pink and baby pink...


apple green

dark purple

It is nice to see the young women wearing pretty clothes, and especially these long cardigans. These are from Walmart and are available in other colors than the ones shown here and of course I want them all. I would prefer natural fibres but I do like these. I have not tried them on at Walmart and not even sure they are available here but these are such a good addition to any wardrobe, I think.

Here are the links you asked for regarding nutrition. Great to listen to while you do other things around the house. Not everything will be applicable to your own case, and yet there is sound information here. One lady says that supplements are not a magic pill but are supposed to supplement an already good way of eating and living. No amount of supplements can cure or cover up bad food or bad eating habits. Many people who are not living in full health will say, "but I took my vitamins!"

Lindy Ford Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Becky Gillespie

Thank you for your comments. They give me good ideas.

Details of the china cups shown in the background of one photo above: These are from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross and are usually under $5 each.

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