Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Day

It is hard to adjust to it being the new year, when I wasn't even finished with 2018. I could have used a few more months, could you?

New Years Eve and New Years Day is in some ways much better than Christmas, as there is no prescribed custom. It is up to the individual how to observe it. 

In the north, the weather is usually so bad it is dangerous to drive or travel in any way. As a result, many people are alone, and reluctant to go to any celebrations, even at church. Driving late at night in the winter in some places is not a great idea, so there are a lot of stay-home ideas going on. I called around to some of my friends and found out what they are doing:

--Making a letter-writing station, with envelopes and materials all stacked up and in order, on a newly designated desk or table, so that they can begin the year keeping up with correspondence.

--Cleaning out a shelf and making it a station of some kind, for snacks or drinks.

--Trying out a recipe they have been intending to use all year. Those who live alone tell me they have learned to divide the ingredients into 1/12 amounts so they don't have too much, and it makes it easier to try new recipes.

--Painting a picture.

--Trying a new paper craft, such as paper-bag albums, and  other things with paper bags.

--Sewing a New Year dress.  I regret I have not done that, but I've been busy changing the bandages on Mr. S.'s foot, while it heals, and he is very grateful. He let me out for awhile today so I could get him some more food supplies.


Other people I talked to said they were enjoying resting at home and keeping themselves away from bad news.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Working at Home

Hello Ladies,

Those of you at home will identify with the myriad of things that need doing and the things that never end, or never get finished, so I won't go into too much detail here!  I am developing new habits so that my house can be spur-of-the-moment ready or surprise-ready at all times. I like the surprise-ready expression the best. Not long ago another lady in the church called to say she was in the area and was going to drop by my house if I was home. I saw the value in at least having the entry room company ready.

I took a break from work at home,  and walked around Hobby Lobby. Do you ever just walk around in there and take notes of things you like?  I have a notebook in my purse and I love to write down the items I like and why they remind me of something.

So, a few days ago when we were out and about, I walked around the old-truck decor aisles. A friend  told me of a group called "The Red Truck Society" and I had never heard of it. Apparently it's a big deal, even on social media.  

These are not all red trucks but they are all sentimental to us.  Do you think the styles will ever come back in "real trucks"?
In this picture below, there is a red truck on the upper left that looked like a toy truck.

There were a number of wall hangings with trucks on them, and garage paraphernalia .

Back in the day, you could tinker with the motor and replace parts using old broken down trucks you had  parked out in the pasture.

Remember Route 66? That's Interstate 40 now, I think. On our trip, which I blogged about recently, we traveled in Kingman to Flagstaff Arizona which covers the old Route 66 area.  There was quite a bit of Route 66 decor there.

 Old-Truck paintings were in good supply there too, although I didn't get photos of them all.

People in America and Canada who live in the country like to keep their grandfather's truck as a memento, even if it does not work.  Out here where I live, it is more of a status symbol to drive an old truck than a new one, and is especially popular with the teen aged guys and gals. They love driving old trucks.

The nice thing about the decor trends is that even if you can't live on a farm or have an old truck, you can express your fondness for that life by embellishing your home with the art.

I became attracted to home decor in the 70's when I discovered that it made housekeeping a lot more interesting and motivating. I loved adding that finishing touch, even if it was just a little jar of daisies on the sink.

Since Mr. S. is recovering so nicely, I have been able to concentrate more on my housekeeping and it feels good to be more orderly and know where things are.  Many of the things Mr. S. has done over the years, such as getting the car repaired, tires replaced, house repair, tree trimming, downtown business, bill paying, and so forth, I have been doing.  His doing it all is why I was free to keep house and concentrate on cooking and sewing.  It will be nice to have him back at his usual business so I can do more at home, including hospitality. He is up and about more now, and that is good. He is actually in better health than he has been in a long time. 

Every week I host a Ladies Bible Class in my home, and provide a tea-luncheon, so I enjoy having the house ready for these dear ladies who depend on this weekly class for their r and r. They are farm ladies who work hard on the land and in their own homes, so the tea and Bible class is something of a luxury for them.

I do hope all is well with you all, too. Here's a clever truck craft from Pinterest:

Friday, December 28, 2018

Books by Mrs.White from The Legacy of Home Blog

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to introduce the books written by a veteran blogger who has been on  my blogroll for a longtime, from The Legacy of Home. 

She has certainly done a diligent job of getting information about the home in print; something that may inspire the rest of to do!

 Here are direct links to where her books are sold:

1. " Introduction to Home Economics: Gentle Instruction to Find Joy in Christian Homemaking."

2. " Living on His Income: Remembrances and Advice for the Christian Housewife."

3. " Mother's Book of Home Economics: Remembrances, Letters, and Essays from a New England Housewife."

4.  " At Mother's House:  The Blessing of Being a Christian Housewife."

5. " For the Love of Christian Homemaking: Pleasant Visits from my Parlour."

6. "Economy for the Christian Home: A 12- Week Challenge for Wives to Increase Charitable Giving."

7. " Old Fashioned Motherhood: Baby and Child Care Advice from a New England Housewife."

8. " Mother's Hour: Encouragement from Home for the Christian Housewife."

9. " Mother's Faith: Essays, Lamentations, and Encouragement from a Christian Mother of Waywards."

10. " Early Morning Revival Challenge: 90 day Bible Study (with journaling, prayer, reading Psalms and Proverbs, and Quotes
from Ministers."

God bless you! I hope your husband is feeling better. I enjoyed seeing the hospital pictures and prayed with you all during the updates of his stay.  I did not comment because I was reading from my (kindle) tablet and cannot do comments on there. But I frequently read your blog on my tablet. Thank you for all you are doing! You are helping and inspiring so many!

love Mrs. White

The Legacy of Home

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Another Day Out

  Hello Dear Ones,

I suppose many of you are overwhelmed, trying to get home life calm and collected again after an eventful day.  While cleaning the kitchen I found this darling cup someone had given me at church. It says "Then sings my soul." I love it and will take it with me for car travel tea when we head out to the 5th Sunday area-wide singing next Sunday.
We have been out and about for various things and once again passed by this verdent pasture, though the marvelous Kelly green does not show well in the photos.
I found this cotton fabric at HL and am eagerly anticipating making a dress.
If it turns out okay I'll show it here.

Ladies thanks for being "with" us on the hospital journey and for checking here in your daily life. I hope I can create the blog into something that gives you inspiration for your home life.

On our visit to the wound care center of that huge fancy hospital, one of the assistants filled a bag for me of all the gauze, silver(mineral) pads and saline, and when I got home I discovered she had placed a sample Avon lipstick in the bag. I haven't seen those cute miniature samples in years and sometimes wondered if they still existed. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Sweetest Gifts

Painting From Susan Rios--love these red cars and trucks with wreaths and trees.

Hello Dear Ones,

It is always nice to open the sweetest little gifts; the hand made ones you never see anywhere else, and today I'm sharing some that I received. I don't usually show off, but I thought you might be greatly diverted with these little gifts, and I'm sure you got some like them too.

Above is what looks like a hand made Victorian scented sachet. Isn't that little bird  a pretty thing?

All year I've been the recipient of these Dollar Tree vinyl bags, and now I have a little collection of them. They are bought for me because they have such delightful art on them, and how I like this one!  

Hand made cotton dish cloth which I try to get every year, and
Dollar Tree cups. They look very refined and are called "Royal Norfolk"--hand wash recommended.  I got them for the men who would rather have a larger cup to drink tea from.

Very comfortable to hold and very elegant looking; lightweight too.

Hobby Lobby had a 90% off sale on some things, and I got myself this tray (for a little more than a dollar)  which I think is also vinyl, as it is quite lightweight but very sturdy as it carries a full pot of tea and several cups without buckling ;-) I try to find lightweight trays because by the time a tray gets loaded with things, the weight can be just a bit much for my wrists. In fact, I have mostly lightweight things in my house so I can manage to move things about by myself. I saw a mirror on sale for practically nothing, the other day, but it was too heavy, and if it ever fell from the wall it might injure someone ;-) So all my mirrors are as light as I can manage.

A friend sent me this card with the loveliest art work, and a little verse. I hope you can read it, because the message is something we can all use: to aspire to be servants of our Saviour, Christ.

We have a joke around here that Mr. S. gave me something for a gift, but he doesn't know what it is yet. Do you do that?  It is because when he is unable to go shopping, he gives me the money and says "buy yourself something from me."

The ceramic light plates were on sale half price, so I got these, to improve the look of the house. But, should I ever re-locate, they go where we go and the old plastic ones go back on the wall.

My grandchildren are being taught to shop frugally and they got me some luxurious things. Above, a cinnamon pecan swirl candle (apparently got for free from a store promotion) , and below, some cardstock cri-cut ornaments in white. I love them because they don't take any room to store for the next year; just put them in a little zip-lock or an envelope.

A bag of cute bite sized cookies:

There is a cardstock key, bow, candy cane, three or four ornaments, a heart, crown, and a flower. Those cricut machines are amazing, and you can create your own designs to be cut.

A pair of gloves from Mr. S., who was very surprised when I opened the gift ;-) 

I've saved the biggest gift for last, as I am so thrilled to have it. It is a kitchen scale that works quite well, and as I had one years ago, it is nice to have the reproduction that looks like an old one: 

I am showing off my chalk rock slice of cake that everyone who comes is so intrigued with, and I've requested more of them from my grandchildren:

I have seen a lot of fake cakes and fake food in staged houses, show-homes and tour-of-homes events, but this one takes the cake, doesn't it?

I hope you are enjoying your small treasures too! The Victorians spent a lot of time making things or saving up for just the right gifts for their loved ones. They knit wool socks, which could hardly be bought anywhere, and made men's handkerchiefs, created blankets, slippers, wall pockets for letters, and all kinds of things that would never be available commercially.  People depended on these gifts coming on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. because that would be almost the only way they would acquire them. 

One thing I have enjoyed receiving is little hand made books from my grandchildren. I'm developing quite a library of them. I also like to write little books for them, one of a kind, stapled together.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Those Little Things

We have a bit of rest between hospital visits and so today I'm using the opportunity to post some trivialities around here. Mr. S. is doing well and drove himself to the last Dr. appointment. It was not his driving foot that was injured. 

These battery operated candle lanterns are getting a lot more affordable than when they first came out, so now I have a couple of them to light the way all year long. 

This Christmas teapot is just right with pink and green and roses. Notice the bow on the lid makes it look like a gift, wrapped. I would be interested in finding out if there are any other coordinating pieces, such as tea cups, to this. 

It is a ceramic with no printing on the under side, so I called it the glazed striped ribbon with roses tea pot.

Outside, I put a fresh garland arrangement that someone made me, from Idaho, in this wrought iron lantern like pedestal stand.

I get the biggest giggle out of these red truck with tree pictures I see everywhere, including the paper plates, above, and the calendar, below.

 Did you notice that beautiful green field in the picture?  I saw something like this today when I was walking about, getting fresh air:

This beautiful color in the pasture must be what is called Kelly Green.
I do so want to wrap myself in a piece of fabric the same color, and I'm going to Hobby Lobby later on and look in their fabric department for something close to this color. I'm what is called a "summer" but sometimes I can wear colors with a bit more yellow in them. Of course I could always change my hair color to match: green, yellow, etc. There are so many more choices than there used to be. you really think I would do that.

Inside, there are small trees with no ornaments. I quite like it that way. I put the ornaments in clear glass bowls and containers. 

Mr. S. is doing just fine and I expect to put him back to work around here, soon. Here he is getting ready to teach the Sunday morning Bible class, and he has his one foot perched on a cushion on a chair. He preached from the pulpit, standing up and walking around slightly, to exercise his foot. There isn't anything wrong with his voice.

He didn't pull the "Will I be able to play the piano when my foot is better"* joke, but I can tell by the wry one-sided hint of a smile, he is thinking of something new to say on his next visit to the hospital.

 Notice his new Alpaca hoodie with the black tie, which won out over all the other choices.  After church several men went up to him with the specific purpose to talk about the sweater. It seems they all have one they bought while traveling, but just hadn't worn them. Well they are in for a treat because Mr. S. thinks alpaca feels like silk, and he didn't even know he was wearing it, because it was so comfortable. He plans to wear it for the rest of the cool weather with different ties for our entertainment.  I do think he looks incredible in it, as it is so different than the usual dark suit, and I am greatly diverted by it. I want to spiff him up and take him about but he likes staying home and so I'll show him off here on my blog under the label, "Fashion for men in their 70's." What do you think?

We are spending Christmas Day quietly, watching the movie "The Christmas Train" which is now available in Walmart stores.  If you have not watched it, it is a double mystery with a surprise ending and is about two people getting an chance to clear up a past misunderstanding.

Its also on youtube albeit probably temporarily, here.

*Patient: Dr. will I be able to play the piano when this is healed?
                                         Doctor: Of course. I don't see why you couldn't.
Patient: That's great. I never could play the piano before.

As I wrote before, there was a piece of wood in his foot and no entry wound or no obvious place where it might have got in. Mr. S. does not have diabetes, heart disease, or anything else. He takes no medication for anything; he has never had cancer or anything else. (People always ask about that.) Maybe a seed got in when he was mowing the property and tried to grow a tree.  Since this "mystery"  I've received calls from perfectly healthy friends who said they had glass and other things appearing in wounds that they couldn't remember getting.  All the doctors, therapists, wound experts affirm that this happens a lot in their practice--finding things in people just between the dermis and the epidermis, that cause swelling. Makes you realize how important it is to care for your skin, wear shoes and boots that cover and protect toes, heels, ankles. Dress like a cowboy. I don't think a real cowboy would wear flip flops while at work.