Thursday, April 28, 2022

Here Soon

Just a note that I’m planning to post again shortly. 
We are in the process of getting some old appliances out and less-worn ones in( washer, dryer)— essentials in this rainy climate.
When the rush is over I am hoping to try making some things in this Jane Austen cookbook, such as this apple tart. 
My descendants are growing up, getting drivers licenses, buying their own cars, and descending on The Manse. We have been busy trying to cram everything into each day that we possibly can, while staying on the premises. 
I will be more at leisure to post in a few days .


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A Good Day at Home; Reading a Conversation in Emma

Yes, these are fresh flowers.

Today I have a short lesson, which includes a conversation in "Emma" by Jane Austen. There are a few other subjects covered, as well.

Here are some of the main points of the broadcast:
-The reason speakers and writers, teachers and influencers, often use characters in stories to illustrate their subject. 
 -Because so much more time is spent in the house, it is good to create the kind of atmosphere you like.
-Family members are more at ease if they know what time certain things will happen (meals, house keeping, outdoor things), and enjoying having some things in the same predictable place. 

Extra things I hope to accomplish today:
-Mail packages and letters
-Finish a sewing project
-Order some household needs
-Sing a song
-Load the dishwasher
-Have a serious cup of tea
-Find an umbrella and walk around outside
-Paint a little picture
-Meal preparation
If you have a few minutes, please visit Roxy at Living From Glory to Glory

Please enjoy the day while you listen:

Sunday, April 17, 2022

A Blessed Day, Hyssop, Emma's Conversation

When so many people's thoughts are on the Resurrection, the day  is beautiful. 

Today I talked about the herb, hyssop, and how it represents cleansing. It was mentioned in the scriptures about the crucifixion. 

You can learn  more about the benefits of hyssop and perhaps be able to grow some of your own. 

I also read a poem from an old Ideals publication, about the love of small pathways and old roads.

The cost of fuel may enable us to be home for longer periods of time, so I suggested in this broadcast that we all get our homes to serve us in the best way to make everyone comfortable.

Some of the things I mentioned we dreamed of when we were younger, to have in our own homes, were:
hand braided carpets
towels, pillowcases with our family monogram (initials)
silverware, dishes and glassware

I discussed making the best of a disappointing situation, and will try to elaborate on it in future broadcasts.

Jane Austen's book, "Emma" lent a very interesting social situation with a conversation which was not to Emma's liking.  It relates still, today, in some of our interactions with people who want to control others.  This is important for homemakers to know, so that they can avoid having a sour atmosphere in their homes or in any social situation.

The purpose of conversation is to enjoy the blessing of the company of other people.  It can be spoiled by someone who wants to correct or contradict everything that is said. 

If I had written such a person as a character in my novel, I would have her do so much correcting and contradicting, that soon the entire room of people would refuse to talk, (not wanting to provide any more material for argument)  and just sit sipping tea and listening to the clock ticking.  

Some people make a controversy out of everything. They just cannot help themselves, and I told of my conversation with a care-giver who has to deal with some of these types of people. 

The best thing to do when you hear someone in a group say something that is not quite accurate, if it is not integral to the point they are making, is to be quiet and let it go. Take the person aside quietly if you think it is too important to ignore, but never derail a conversation by nit-picking a small point.

The secret to preventing this, if you are talking, is to avoid giving too much information that gives them "supply" to argue about.  This works well with little children too. They need short, simple replies, not complicated explanations that they can argue with. 

Please enjoy your home making while you listen today:

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Resurrection

Greeting Good Friends,

I hope you are having a pleasant resurrection weekend. This was commonly called Easter but increasingly is referred to as resurrection, which is a more meaningful description. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ is also observed each Lords Day when we take the emblems of the Lord’s supper. 

I had planned to be here much sooner but life kept getting in the way. I have some notes ready for a video and if I wake up early I will be leaving a nice message for homemakers, with a variety of subjects.

Until that happens, here are a few things to view around The Manse:

You don’t see much of this little room. It is the sewing room and a spare bedroom, usually draped in fabric projects. It was neat and tidy long enough for a photo.

This is what it usually looks like:

This is the window to that room, on the right of the house here:

Please rest and be happy today. I will be seeing you soon. Thank you for allowing me into your homes.


Saturday, April 09, 2022

Frequent Doses of Suitable Quietness

Greetings Friends,
Today I talked about how not to grow weary in well-doing, which is a phrase from Galations 6:9, and I was referring to the dozens of tasks everyone has at home these days. 

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

On the way home from the J.A. walk this morning, it occurred to me I rarely show the back yard area of The Manse, so here is a picture. It isn't as well developed as the view of the front porch, but I am working on it.

More from the walk this morning.

I spoke of getting this book for recording special days of your loved ones. It is called 
Days to Remember with illustrations by Donna Green. I suggested some of you who are skilled in making journals, can make one of your own and include your own art. It has all the days of the month with space to record everyone's dates.

Around The Manse Today:

Thanks to the friend who gave me this pretty painting she found at a thrift store. I am really enjoying it. 
Preventing weariness at home:
1. Ask God to help you look at tasks with a renewed interest.
2. Freshen up by adding points of interest in small ways that don't take a complete overhaul--small touches.
3. Work around limitations such as interruptions, bad news, space problems, structural problems.
4. Use waking up too early to finish things and give yourself more leisure in the day.
5. Keep a list of enjoyable goals for later.

I also read Jane Austen's advice to apply "frequent doses of suitable quietness."

Please enjoy your home while you listen to the episode, and thank you for visiting!

Friday, April 08, 2022

A Day at Home

Hello Dear Ones,

My grandchildren check my blog every day, which prompts me to post daily. There isn’t any time to lose when it concerns our descendants, because time is not anyone’s side. 

Today I am looking out this window now and then from my sewing room while I catch up on the ironing.

From the recent Victoria magazine I tried the brioche bread recipe, using natural unbleached flour.

Then I ordered a new sewing pattern that has been republished from the 1970’s. 
I ordered this fabric from Hancock’s of Paducah (Kentucky). 

Sometimes I buy a pattern for one or two elements: if I like a sleeve or the skirt or something else, I use them as parts to add to other patterns that fit me😊

I got this fizzy grapefruit drink from Imperfect Foods which I have continued to have brought to my door. Small sips helps when anyone has a queasy tummy or wants a cool refreshment. Added to juice, it makes a fancier drink.
A catalog in the mail had a picture of this old truck painting. I was amused at the way people in this area keep their first truck or their grandpa’s first truck, even if it doesn’t work, for sentimental reasons, and how it has become an art-form. So it stands to reason there are paintings of old trucks in shops and catalogs and furniture stores. Our online art teacher (watched by my grandkids and myself) conducted a truck painting class.

I took a picture of this cute little couch in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. The pillow is just right, too. 

Thank you all for your visit here, and I hope to post a broadcast soon so you can listen while you walk or work. I am still waiting for one of my clever descendants to come and help me make some podcasts, so until then, the broadcast will be on videos.

If you are having trouble subscribing or getting email notifications, try subscribing on my YouTube channel, Lydia Sherman. You will still have to check on YouTube to see when it is updated. 

I love you all and am so blessed by your comments. 


Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Leisurely Stroll

We are having crisp weather with pretty flowering trees and a lot of green pastures around here

Some of our friends were moving away to Tennessee and here is the UHaul
they were using: