Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Busy Days!

We are enjoying the last two days of 2 months of fellowship of descendants, putting as much meaningful activities into the time as we can.
I stopped to photograph one part of The Manse which was empty for one minute.

One of the grandchildren that likes to sew, posed for my review of her western wear dress and hat. I was always sad that the children get too big for toys but we used this one as a prop for this sewing style scene.
If you need ideas for country dressing, check my Pinterest for the Outdoor Clothing board. Miss L seems to have been born with a natural inclination for scenery style!

We also posed old costumes . These were some garments her mother and I had collected before this girl was born. 

At The Cottage Door

We got into our family collection of old wide-brimmed hats.
Here she is all dressed up for a formal walk in the field ;-) but we care not, since we are not going to wait to get invited to a formal event. 

This is an old formal dress and bolero I acquired 20 years ago from a friend who was cleaning out her closet. I liked having it even though it was too small for me, and Miss Lillian wears it perfectly. Look at her fancy flats!
Formal Farm Dress in the Country is what we are calling this event. Gas is high, and we are hesitant to go far from home, so we are having our own celebrations here at The Manse. We are saving the fuel in the cars for trips to visit each other.  
Here, she is visiting "the ruins"--- the broken cement steps of the Manse. built long ago.  So it is an important event, and what she wears for it will be recorded in our photographs. We are creating our own history, the way we like it. We aren't going to wait til the world behaves itself. ;-) This is our royalty, I am the reporter and we are creating our own narrative.

Midst all the formality, she still has to take care of laundry.

(Doing it with style, though)
We like the small floral prints of cotton calico fabrics.

She sewed this without a pattern in a couple of hours, with gathered sleeves, lace collar and an attached sash at the waist which tied in the back.

I hope you enjoyed seeing snapshots of our old clothes on Miss Lillian during our country walks this week. 

She is sewing some new ones for a picnic and some tree climbing, I think. We also have that old truck as a prop, so I wonder what she will sew to wear with.

I hope you were excessively diverted by our "formality on the farm" issue today.

We hope to have more for you soon.

We have also been playing tunes, singing, making bows and arrows, swimming in the stock tank, exercising, going barefoot on the lawn, hanging laundry outside, keeping journals with art work, cooking, and much more. We are trying different national breakfasts and today was Italian.

I hope to talk to you all again on a broadcast when it is quiet around here.


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Make Your Home Even Better

Please go to my Pinterest to get some happy ideas for home dwelling! Simply go to the left of this page and scroll down to the picture called  “At the Cottage Door”. Below it are the words “my Pinterest “ and below that is a clickable link “ Home Living Ideas.” That will get you there. Scroll to read all the titles of each subject and enjoy looking through one or two of the boards.

There is still a full house here but I am plotting to sneak away to a quiet place to create a broadcast to listen while you work.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Put Away the World and Enjoy Home


Please enjoy your walk or your work while you listen to the broadcast today.

I talked about a unique way to put the world's antics aside while you enjoy your day at home. I also addressed the problem of today's lack of thank you notes for wedding gifts.
If you are giving a wedding gift, why not include a package of thank-you notes and stamps. If you want any kind of response to your gift, add a note to the gift card that you would be delighted if the person would let you know if they received the gift.

There is a generation that has not had the advantages of knowing about the courtesy of thank you notes.
If you have any ideas concerning this, please leave a comment.

 I also reminded you to scroll down the subjects of my Pinterest account (click those words to get there) and get some ideas for your home. My taste may not be the same as yours, but we can still be friends in spite of my penchant for Victorian things. 

From the Eric Sloane Weather Book, I read about atmospheric conditions in relation to a "creepy house atmosphere" and uneasiness or other mood changes.

There is a short section about talking to people in government (on the phone) and also dealing with people who want to talk but not allow anyone to interact.  

I'm delighted you came!
I want to hear from you when you have time.
I'll try to post the comments that came into my email.

I apologize that the video is not ready, check back another time.

Seeing You Soon

While you wait for the next broadcast which will be posted in a few hours, here are a few pictures our lives at home.

In the next broadcast I suggest you like at my Pinterest for home inspiration. I posted the picture above from that account. I like the “ cottage core” styles and home accessories.

We are having nice weather with English daisies and wild lupines

This looks like a painting.

A jelly jar for a vase on the porch 

I found these at a second hand store and they don’t have any signs of wear. I like the little indent at the point for picking up the platter. I served some teatime treats on them.

Watching my grandson with his photography interest.

Looking out the sewing room window of The Manse.


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Listen While You Do Something Else

Greeting Dear Friends at Home.

I am honored and encouraged by your visit here and I hope you will be happy with today’s broadcast.

I had a quick visit over to the high desert where we enjoyed looking at rock castles.

We searched for the annual wildflower show.

 I’m back at the Manse and enjoying looking at the photos of the beautiful drive.

 Please enjoy your routine at home while you listen to Homemaking Radio broadcast today;

Monday, June 06, 2022