Thursday, February 28, 2019

Skirts and Blouses

Hello Ladies, to reinforce my point about being able to identify a lady, do a little research on YouTube for videos of Victorian street scenes in England and America, Canada, etc. in the late 1800's and early 1900's when the video camera first came to be.  It would be nice if we ladies would dress a little more "identifiable" ---well, in case we go missing ;-)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

So Much For My Snow Bath

There was great anticipation on my part when I placed this bucket under a drip last night, in preparation for washing my hair and washing up, both personally and the dishes in the sink. 
However when I looked out the window this morning I saw a full bucket of water being used as a drinking fountain by the robins.

They can't find water in this weather so I was glad to oblige, yet, 
using that water isn't an option. You know how the birds muck it up.
So, I'm going to be outside tramping around in the almost two feet of snow looking for a drip off the roof that the birds aren't flocking around.
So disappointing. 

We have drinking water but Mr. S. thinks its extravagant to heat bottled drinking water for washing my hair. 
And, melting snow is an exercise in too much exercise with very little pay-off, since snow is mostly air.

If I can get water, I will wash my hair and make another video while I'm still able. This time, I hope to talk about skirts and blouses and how to wear them so that you look your best. Plus, I will discuss why dresses don't always fit well and how to alleviate that when choosing styles in the stores and patterns for sewing.

Here's my Arc de Triumph,  about ready to fall over from the weight of the snow:

 Im still going to wash my hair, even if it takes all day to melt enough snow.

It takes a lot longer to get the day started when you have to heat the snow and make water for everything, but it is worth it. I see why the pre-electric people were so thin. Filling pans and buckets with snow is very athletic.

The three old cars are buried in snow, but we are going to brush the snow off the one that actually works, and try to go into town for some supplies. Mr. S. thinks that being cooped up too much gives him cabin fever and interferes with his special creative humor.  We can't have that. 

Yesterday he said his pre-injured foot bothered him enough to let him know it was still there. So, he wants to get out and walk around on a flat surface in a heated building with lots of office merchandise.

But first, he has to shovel some snow so the car can get to the road.

To clarify:  we have no running water, due to the snow storm knocking over some electric lines. And so we have store bought bottled drinking water for drinking and cooking, not for hair washing or bathing. That is why I was catching the drips off the roof as the snow melted. We have not had running water for 4 days. But I did get some snow water melted and heated and washed my hair. I felt really spa rich, like it was some special water in an exclusive place. It is worth a lot!  

Monday, February 25, 2019

How Do You Like This Sweet Cake?

We like to  do something creative every day, and if we can't think of anything, we just clean something in a creative way, as long as it isn't too crazy.

As the snow melted it became quite packable so I was in a hurry to think of what to do with it besides the traditional snowman. It always amuses me to see the things people make out of snow these days. I've seen Victorian men and women snow statues, giant cupcakes, gardens with arches, houses and everything else.

This was all I could think of today. A snowman is too time consuming but a cake was quick and easy and I loved cutting it with my old Cutco cake spatula.

Also, I could stay on the front porch and not have to bundle up in waterproof boots and such.

It is not looking like it will be gone any time soon.

What creative things have you done with packable snow?

White Everywhere

I had to get this teacup out today for some spring!

We've a had a few days of green grass and warmer temps and now this!! 

Someone who saw these three old cars in our driveway commented on us having three cars. Mr. S. replied, "Yes, it is nice to have three old cars, because once in awhile, ONE of them WORKS!"  My dad used to say that, too!   Today none of them work because the doors are frozen shut. 

Although only one of the cars works, there is no way to get out, as the snow plow has not cleared the road yet. 

 The electric is on, which I'm really thankful for and keep praying it stays on!!

We won't be riding that bike to sell flowers at the moment, will we.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Black History Month

Ladies, I let the month of February slip past me without acknowledging Black History Month. For some reason I thought it was celebrated in March.

Anyway, I love the paintings of people showing their deep reverence for Christ and His sacrifice for us, and I found a few on Pinterest. However,  there were no names or artists with them, so I can't say who painted them.

I have been noticing a lot of young African American people with youtube videos on living life in a positive way and they have really encouraged me this week. Some of them went to the White House for a Young Black Leadership Summit recently, and spoke very enthusiastically of it on their videos

You can see how thrilled and excited some of the very young were over being guests at the White House. It was a dream of a lifetime for many of them. 

 I noticed they said there was no alcohol served there , but sparkling water and apple cider, etc. I think that is so wise. It isn't good for young people to drink as they need to have good judgment and clarity. I was impressed.

Of course it is always good to see leadership in politics and business, but the greatest contribution any people can make to any nation or the world is their personal dedication to Christ and His Word, and the spreading of the gospel.  That is what makes a people truly  great  and that is what makes a nation good.  

Yet, that would not be possible if the nation were not being kept free by the vigilant effort for free speech and expression of religion. Without that, it would be very hard to teach and preach, wouldn't it!  God bless these people, who have contributed so much to our churches and businesses and our military too. 

Whatever the Weather, Think Well!

"...And do you think well of her, Mr. Rokesmith?"

Ladies I'm not at all fond of Dickens, but found one of the books that I had to read in school in Tasmania back in the 1960's, had a few very memorable quotes. This morning as I was thinking of how to "think well" of the rain and wind, I remembered that quote from Our Mutual Friend.

Here is some more of it, from Chapter 42. 

As they spoke they were leaving the little street and emerging on
the wooded landscape by the river.
'You think well of her, Mr Rokesmith?' pursued Bella, conscious
of making all the advances.
'I think highly of her.'
'I am so glad of that! Something quite refined in her beauty, is
there not?'
'Her appearance is very striking.'
'There is a shade of sadness upon her that is quite touching. At
least I--I am not setting up my own poor opinion, you know, Mr
Rokesmith,' said Bella, excusing and explaining herself in a pretty
shy way; 'I am consulting you.'
'I noticed that sadness. I hope it may not,' said the Secretary in a
lower voice, 'be the result of the false accusation which has been

Maybe I can dedicate this post to those of you how have a "shade of sadness" upon you for whatever reason.

 I found this Lily of the Valley teacup and non-matching saucer at Goodwill for a total of $2.50. The saucer and cup are made by different companies but they go together quite well, as each has the Lily of the Valley on it. 
I need to find some Lily of the Valley print fabric to go with. In the meantime I think the cup and saucer go quite well with the moody weather!
The art on the saucer is more precise and of higher quality in my opinion than the art on the cup. The picture on the cup is actually a little blurry, as if the waterslide decal wasn't printed properly or was sliding around too much when it went into the kiln. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Purpose of Clothing

Hello There,  Here's another video about clothing at home. 
Leave a comment and feel free to express your own opinions on the matter.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Video: The Dress

Hello, this is a little 12 minute talk about wearing dresses, making yourself happy so you can be in the best mood for the sacred role at home. You are a care giver and a home keeper, a comforter and a cheerleader. Let your mode of dress be part of that message to encourage others in your home. Let your choice of clothing lift you up and not let you down. Let it be part of the way you get inspired as you reflect the beauty of God's wonderful creation and express back to Him your appreciation and love for His care.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Video: Living On the Upside

Please use this for one of your listen-while-you-work videos. It is almost an hour long.  According to my calculations, it  will get you through the kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. Let me know if it was more or less! I'm looking forward to your comments. 

Trying to Stay Home Today!

You rarely see any of my kitchen, so I'll treat you to a picture or two. It is the most used place in the house and it is rare to get it clean enough for a picture. I've been trying to stay home today, and it is hard, as you know, if you are a homemaker. There is always something that needs to be done, business-wise, elsewhere, such as returning something, recycling, sending something via UPS or post office, banking, grocery trip, car maintenance appointment, dentist, etc.  Amazing, isn't it? So it is quite an effort to stay home, even for home schoolers!

That is Mr. S.'s toaster oven, which he likes much better than a microwave, because you can do a lot more with food, naturally. 

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my little red wagon.  Over the years we have had several of these but one by one they were assigned elsewhere and so a few days ago when I was out, I got this one for myself. That way, when a child comes to visit, there is a little red wagon to pull around full of blocks. Now to get the blocks. 

One reason I like Victorian Houses is the assignment of the rooms. There was an attic, a nursery, a library, a ladies parlor, a dressing room, a sleeping porch , a guest room, and areas designed for socializing. 

In our modern homes, a former child's room becomes an office or a sewing room, and dining rooms sometimes are reassigned to media centers.  Most people get rid of the baby bed and the toy box when they outgrow it, but I still have some of it and I love it.  Becky's Feathered Nest has  a video featuring a play house that someone has made to go with her house, which is so charming. 

I'd love to have a big old house with all the rooms still there as they are supposed to be, but I don't suppose it would be as practical and efficient as our little houses today.

However, when you come to my house, there will be something  set in the corners and on tables and shelves to represent every era of life: babyhood, childhood, young adult, young married.

 I'm not sure I want to have something representing old age, but Home Interiors used to have a pair of wire rimmed glasses sitting on top a stack of antique looking books, and a lamp. A lot of young people were loving that look and buying it for their home decor. I don't need to do that because we came by it legitimately ;-) If we could only find the glasses when we need them.

I know a lot of people just get rid of their toys when the children get their own homes, but I objected when they started taking all their childhood toys. It seemed to feel more lonely and empty without the toys. So now I am looking for replacements, and this wagon is the first thing. Then I'm going for a child's table and chair set,  with a tea set for on top. What do you think?

Mr. S. put the wagon together for me and made the handle easy to move around in all directions by substituting a washer.

Today Mr. S. got a change in his foot condition and went to the doctor by himself. I thought I should stay and get everything very organized and clean in case my attention is needed elsewhere. Apparently sepsis and cellulitis comes back!  I know some of you have had it even though you are still quite young, and it does reocurr. But at least we know not to let it get too far, and to take notice of every little sore spot, or change.  I think that should be true in everything we do, don't you?  If you let something slide in housework, or in mending, in office work,  or in relationships, it gets worse, doesn't it!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Very Placid Day

We had to go out and stock up on food for the pantry and fridge and I took some pictures of  this magazine. I would like to duplicate this bouquet at home using artificial florals.

Entertain and Celebrate is one of the Hoffman Media publications. They publish Tea Time and Victoria. E and C, though a beautiful mag, was too expensive. I can't get used to the magazines being up there at $13.00. That is more than some books.  I don't know why they are not sold after they are out of date, at Dollar Tree or somewhere. 

I saw this at HL the other day:

And for one of my grandchildren, here is a cute racoon painting:

I have a long list of very serious and helpful topics to address on blog and video when I get time.

Until then, the Bible says laughter is good like medicine, so here are some laughs for you:

I heard something funny from a troll the other day. They said they tried to read my blog to see what I was all about but they got sick looking at all the flowers and lace and wicker in the pictures of my home.
I'm going to retire and live off my savings. Not sure what I will do the second week.
President Donald Trump was walking out of the White House and heading toward his limo when a possible assassin stepped forward and aimed a gun.
A secret service agent, new on the job, shouted, "Mickey Mouse!"
This startled the would-be assassin, and he was captured.
Later, the secret service agent's supervisor took him aside and asked, "What in the world made you shout Mickey Mouse?"
Blushing, the agent replied, "I got nervous. I meant to shout, "Donald,  duck!"

Mr. S. and I have had an argument.  He asked me find him some extra pillows to elevate his foot while he reclined .  When I brought them,  he said he did not need them. I noticed he already had got some from someone else's bed, and I said, "I made that trip for nothing, and now I have to put these extra pillows away."  He replied that he did not ask for any extra pillows.  I thought he was going daft (as that is supposed to happen sometime in your 70's, isn't it?), as he insisted he didn't want any.

 After I pointed out that he had  some extra ones under his feet that were not there when he sent me to go hunt for extra pillows, he started to realize he was was in error, he was caught, and he was wrong, so he tried to get out of it by saying, "I think you misunderstood, on account of the fact I probably failed to pronounce the letter "s".

Ladies, don't even TRY to figure that one out.  It is just what he does when he is trying to get out of something. He probably missed his calling. That sounds more like a lawyer or a senator or maybe a witness when he gets tired of being cross-examined.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday is the Busiest Day!

No matter how you plan it or slice it, Sunday is not much of a "day of rest" as people insist it should be, especially for a country preacher's wife!

I have been up while it is still dark, and unlocked the meeting house, turned on the heat, unlocked the side doors and handicapped areas,  placed the communion trays on the communion table, and laid out a few things for the church dinner:  the punch cups, the serving utensils, napkins, plates, etc. The casserole is in the oven and the salad has been made. The coffeemaker is full of water, and just as I was writing this, it hit me that I didn't put the ground coffee in the filter.  No, it is nothing to do with old age!  My children have the same problem!  I have yet to change from my work clothes into church clothes and brush my hair. Mr. S. Is in his home office doing some last minute prep, and after I get myself together I will make a hot breakfast.

When he and his brother were young, his mother made Sunday morning easier for herself by preparing only hot cereal. All other days they had a typical old fashioned cooked farm workers breakfast which was an effort to prepare.  One day his brother said, "Is tomorrow Sunday? Because, if it is, I don't want any of that church cereal!"

We usually spend two hours after the dinner visiting and singing. There is also a church business meeting, and then the time it takes to clean up the kitchen and dining area.  After that, some folks stay back and talk, and talk and talk about everything on their minds, and I personally think they are waiting for Mr. S.'s one-liners* to make them feel better. I notice he often quotes the exact verse and the "a" or "b" parts of a scripture, to prove a discussion. We do not get home for some time.
By the time that is completed, the day is almost over!

If there is any energy left in me, I hope to add some cuffs to my rose colored coat.  Sewing is a recreation for me!

It will look like this:

We have to go out to get something at a whole-foods store that has some old remedies (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc) and Mr. S. wanted to get something, so it looks like it is curtains for the sewing project this evening. Whew!  I understand why Monday is the standard day off for all preachers and their wives! As soon as I'm finished here I will go set up the coffeemaker  (with the actual coffee) over there and put the timer on. 

Next week if I can get some "hot spots" in order around here, I am going to treat myself to a visit to this Victorian house, in Drain, Oregon. What a name, eh? Look it up and see what is there for tourists.

I thought about taking a picture I have in a tourist brochure, to the fabric store to match fabrics for an outfit to go with, but the colors show up so differently in pictures, as you see below:

Unlike our modern tract homes, no two Victorian houses were exactly alike, so it is easy to identify them. Many of them today have been named. 

These are the colors displayed in the brochure. 

Mr. S. says he is ready for another country drive, and this will be a nice road trip that will only take a day and get us home in time for supper. 

Those of you who own vintage cars ought to take a trip to see the Victorian houses in the area.
Mr. S. got this free magazine, which had the map and pictures of the houses, from our local Dairy Queen. This is an old issue, so there must be a more updated one around for free in some of the local shops.

*Mr. S. takes advantage of the notice people make of his special velcro shoe for his recovering foot, to tell that ooooooolllllllddddd joke about judging others. You know the joke, I'm sure. Before you judge a fellow, walk a mile in his shoes. Then you will be a mile away from him and you will have his shoes.