Thursday, March 23, 2023

Preparation and Order May Prevent Stress; More

Greetings wonderful homemakers (and those who would like to be).
It is always a privilege to talk to you and I hope you find something useful in this broadcast.

I have been stealth-sipping a sample of a new tea flavor.

Victoria Magazine published a new issue of English Cottage, which I'm going to look at if ever I sit still long enough to turn these glossy pages.  The atmosphere is very dark here still and cold, but "we are enduring it as best we can."

I purchased this for someone who prefers coffee. It made a wonderful scent in The Manse the day she visited.

One of my sons is visiting today as I write and he is playing Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu and I can't describe the wonderful sunny-day feeling it gives me and the images it creates in my mind of sail boats, picnics, walks in the gardens, etc. 

This is the scene out my window--brrrrr.
Please enjoy your homemaking while you listen today:

I read from Simple Social Graces about respecting the language and speaking with civility. You might also enjoy hearing a page from The Jane Austen Diet, and also an introduction to "Once Upon a Time in America", an Eric Sloane book.
 Correction in broadcast: It’s LUCY Maude Montgomery, not Lillian.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Morning Tea, Civil Speech, Together, and More

Good Day Wonderful Homemakers,

Welcome to The Manse. This is the room I was sitting in while I talked to you. 

Here is a sample of a sewing planner, using snips of fabric and sketches for potential outfits.

I have been out to see what the local town has to offer the homemaker and found these things:

This tea has strong rose top-notes and contains bit of dried apple, mint and a some other things. The one or two person teapot is from Grocery Outlet and cost $8.00.

In the broadcast I read from the Tea Companion, a publication of Victoria magazine:

Lillians Sewing Blog has a NEW POST She appreciates your visits.

Cottage Garden seeds from Dollar Tree:

It is still snowing here and if you enlarge this scene below, the snow patch over there is in the shape of a US map: 

The mornings still have snow and frost
which makes a contrast for the stealth sipping photo:

Quote from the chapter "Keep a Civil Tongue" (Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter):

The social obligations (in 1855) required everyone to avoid:

"...all remarks which tend to embarrass, vex, contradict flatly, "

One etiquette writer scolded those who were skilled at sarcasm, barbs and contempt,

"Because you happen to have a razor in your possession, that is no reason why you should be allowed to cut the throats of the rest of us who are unarmed."

I hope you will enjoy that author's humorous descriptions in today's broadcast:


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Violas, Snow, Lace and Sipping

Hello Dear Ladies,
I have a mind full of things to tell you and am getting nearer to doing that on a broadcast.

In my previous broadcast I described the history of  handmade lace and handiwork. These are are some from my collection which I inherited.

Here are a few things going on around The Manse.

New couch cover and cushions. The covering has arm sections and a back section that makes it fit well. I like it better than slip-covers. 

Snow on the hills in a pattern of sorts. It is always interesting to see what parts lie bare when it snows over there. 

Stealth sipping.

Violas coming out from under the blanket of snow:

Every year I plan to sew the dress with the viola print. 

Please visit my Pinterest sometime to see more things to inspire your days at home.

Little girls clothes seen in a local shop:

Message to manufacturers: Please give us some grown-up outfits like these! They are multi-generational designs; feminine without being formal and great for the home.