Monday, March 30, 2020

Appearance is Therapy, Don't Waste the Day, Build One Another Up, Book Review


Women Reading in 19th Century Realist Paintings

Hello Ladies,

I hope everyone is able to focus on the tasks at home, on teaching and nurturing children, on being a light and a stable influence at home and anywhere else.

As I rarely discuss politics or the news here, I would like to point you all to the Thinking Housewife site where she has for several pages posted about the current crisis, which has a lot to do with fear. As I have talked a lot about the debilitating effect of fear on recent videos, I thought some of you can benefit from this.  It is not for the faint hearted but it offers an alternative to the media hype. So please click on the title in the large blue script and go to it. At the end of each of her pages there is an "older entries" button. Please keep reading when you have time, all of her older entries on this subject.

Also go to the newest Ron Paul Video. (click the words)

 Because I like the Victorian era, a lot of people have jumped to wrong conclusions, one being that I don't believe in reading or education. That is entirely untrue. I educated my own children all through highschool and I have thousands of books to prove it.  I do read "the other side"'s  news media just to see what they are up to, but I do not believe in it.

Please check out this BRILLIANT POST here by someone who was raised right ;-)
 I will be trying to find the names of the artists and the names of the paintings later on. Until then, I thought you might enjoy Thinking Housewife. in these uncertain times.

If you are more interested in research, check out The Amazing Polly

In a new video I plan to discuss how to make life "certain" when the world says that it is "uncertain."

I'm hoping to get that video done today.

Friday, March 27, 2020

De-Gloom Your House, Developing Faith, Book Review

Normal Things.

Pictures of my outing today.
Stores open, fully stocked. Parking lots full. People everywhere.

I did not get a picture of the full parking lots or the fabric store, post office, and other places where people were doing business. 

I tried to avoid taking pictures of people, so I waited til I found areas that no one was shopping in, and I stayed in the store quite awhile to get these pictures.  It is not considered proper to take pictures of people without their permission, if the pictures are going to be published on the web, and that is why the people aren't in the pictures. But there were people everywhere in this grocery store. It took quite a bit of effort to avoid getting anyone in the photos.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

30 Things to do at Home

Note: the purpose of having 30 things to do was based on a month of 30 days. If you could say "yes" to these questions every month, you certainly could be bored with nothing to do.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Listen to "When Queens Ride By" written in 1932

Ladies, please listen while do your homekeeping/homemaking.

It is printed online here

It was also made into an episode on The Loretta Young Show (and I once saw it) around 1962, but seems to be an unavailable episode. I'm continually looking for it.

In the video I read from the story that it was written in 1888 but another source said 1932.   I think the latter is more likely because of the way she described the cars on the highway.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Links for You

Hello Ladies,

Get out your tea things and drink hot tea, all day, whenever possible. Hot liquids flush out impurities and yes, viruses, from your body.

On this post I include Dame of Sark (Sybil Hathaway) link to blog posts here.  There is, on one of the posts, a link to read it online. Thanks to a comment for remembering this!

At the end I include pictures from a recent Hoffman Media publications. They are the ones that produce Victoria and Tea Time and do a great job at it. 

I have suggested these links to many people but if they are already sunken into despair, they will Not want to hear anything hopeful.  If they succumb to fear, they have lost the battle to survive, and if they succumb to panic of any kind, it debilitates their health. A study of "adrenaline fatigue" will reveal that. 

You can also look at YouTube channels such as Amazing Polly and Blue Collar Logic, which have been suggested to me. I can't vouch for the spiritual beliefs of these commentators or if there is strong language in their broadcast, but if you are mature, you can get past that long enough to see what they are saying.  While I am not "recommending" or "endorsing" anything, I'm just suggesting all this as an alternative to the news media (even conservative news is lately rather hyped up.).

If you choose not to look at the links, be assured there will be future videos here to listen to. 

Ron Paul Video

Common Sense About the Virus

Dame of Sark

Sybil Hathaway

For many of us at home, the current events don't change anything. We are usually quite nested inside and life goes on as usual, as we are always home anyway.

This magazine is one of the "perks" of life at home. I like to get it if I can afford it, when it comes out once a year or every few years (a special publication) at the Walmart book stand. Books and magazines are 10% off there.

The pictures are delightful and you can go to Hoffman media online and see more about this magazine.

I always flip through to the florals, and I like that in some of the current Hoffman Media publications, the containers are so ordinary and interesting. This looks like an old coffee server.

And of course, a refreshing idea for a room in the house is always energizing:

The cost of magazines is rather high, I think, but Hoffman media uses such good paper, that is  parchment-like in quality, and if I am given one of these, such as the Springtime one in the previous post, it will be a valued part of my books, even for the next generation.

Also I want to share a cute c.1950's print on some fabric I got at Dollar Tree:

Be looking for another video soon. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Today’s Activity

Thank you ladies for leaving your lists of things you do while you listen to homemaker radio. Radio has always been
preferred by those who like to work.

 This is my list of things I did today.

Visited the garden market, where I bought a beautiful ranunculus plant: 

Around the block from there was the Dollar Tree where I took a picture of these fabric quarters. Several of them ended up in my cart.

Watched an Old movie
Sent a letter 
Picked a fresh bouquet of yellow daffodils outside for a jar of flowers inside the house. The fragrance is so nice.
Read a few pages of a very pleasant magazine that was recently given to me. You can view some of the pages of this vivid publication here

I didn’t want the day to be over! 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Reasons to Bake, Retiring From the Anxiety, Don't Lose Hold of Blessings

Proverbs 12:25

Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down,
But a good word makes him glad.

If you are up to some deeper reading and more challenging thinking, check out Thinking Housewife today for her post on Common Sense. She has several pages of posts on the current crises. Also be sure to listen to the Ron Paul Video she has included.

The Pleasures of Tea (published 1999 by Victoria Magazine

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Windows and Mirrors, Children at Home, Pioneer Ribbons Episode 4

Hat, scarf and netting : Dollar Tree
Fabric 4 yards Classic Cotton $2.50 per yard at Hobby Lobby = $10.00
Zipper, Thread, Piping, Button --from my stash

This is the hair clip and also a view of it from the underside so you can see how it is put together on the clip:

Friday, March 13, 2020

Inductive and Deductive -- A Way of Thinking

Hello Dear Ones,

I thought I would share one side of The Manse today. Looks good out there, but too cold to saunter or stroll. Great for sitting at the table with a window view.

Today I am writing about the concept of  inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. More information is available on other sites but I'm approaching it from a family view to show how it can benefit the home.  Basically it is a Biblical approach verses a worldly approach.  I've heard this in a couple of sermons and it helped a lot when it came to teaching my children.

Maybe you have had occasion to use it, too.

Let me give an example first.

You might have an older child who is able to discuss something but not mentally and spiritually equipped to draw the right conclusion.

Let us suppose he or she asks why you are so careful with money; why you always look for the best price, shop the sales, delay buying things until you have enough money, or look for ways to make it yourself.

Let us also suppose you begin to explain how this keeps money from going out, too fast, leaving you struggling at the end of the month to pay bills or buy food. Perhaps you attempt to elaborate on that by giving an account of how much extra things cost, and why you avoid emotional shopping or spur of the moment decisions. You explain that you have your own plans and dreams but you don't want to jump into anything if it is a financial risk or will cause you to have debt that you might not be able to pay quickly. 

The person, with all the wisdom of their age (15? 20? Older than this?) says something like:
"You are against me (shopping, going on vacation, being with friends, having a pet, trying new things, having freedom, getting a car, etc.).

This response is inductive. In brings the thoughts INWARD to their own soft spots, high places, desires and dreams.  It actually does not make application of the facts the other person was trying to portray: stable minded decisions, weighing all factors such as "Is it good for us? Will it cause future hardship?  Is it only a temporary pleasure? Is it causing trouble in the home? Will it be worth it in the long run? Can I substitute something? Can I make it myself? Will it help my family? Is it spiritually, physically, mentally harmful to anyone in the home?" and many other factors. 

Rather than taking these point into consideration, the INDUCTIVE person will simply cover it all with a blanket statement; perhaps something like, "You are too legalistic" or "You just want me to be isolated." 

While admitting that inductive reasoning IS necessary in many cases, it doesn't necessarily work all the time. For example you are overweight and you want to do something about it it. Your new diet recommends no sugar or carbs for awhile, or a reduction of those things you tend to eat too much of.  Your mind says, "But I like ice cream.  This diet doesn't care about me."

Oh but people do care about you. When you are losing your health, these sacrifices are important, not your personal pleasures.  And so DEDUCTIVE reasoning must be engaged.

Deductive reasoning says:  the facts are thus and such. If I want to be thin, I've got to follow this plan.  

Deductive reasoning says, "The Bible teaches us to get along with others and not be offensive, to speak graciously, etc. so I must adjust myself to that. I will try not to be so argumentative. I will figure out ways to converse without arguing."

Inductive reasoning says, "I feel more fulfilled when I argue and tell off someone because I don't think its right to keep it all inside." 

We can see that great people will always go back to the main principles and points of a problem or a solution.  They follow a code of living, not a feeling.  

I have seen more of this inductive reasoning in recent times.  Unwilling to reason according to principles and facts and even laws, Biblical or civic, they resort to inductive reasoning. This kind of reasoning leads them to conflict in many areas. 

   Someone may say, "Its not good for you to to smoke, and vaping is still bad for you." The person may say, "My friend vapes and she is a nice, successful person. Therefore I think vaping is okay."  This is inductive reasoning. 

 Deductive reasoning would say, "I see how my body is important to God, to treat well and preserve so that I can serve him. I know that smoking or vaping (often touted as a substitute) is not good for my body. 

Inductive reasoning says, "I am happy wearing immodest clothing. I'm doing well in life. Therefore I can wear this to someone's house even if it would offend them"

Deductive reasoning says, "The person I'm about to visit would be offended if my dress is too immodest. Therefore I will be thoughtful of her when I visit and I will alter my own desires to accommodate her."

Inductive reasoning says "I have an aunt who did such and such. .She was a nice person. Therefore, its okay to do such and such.

Deductive reasoning says, "The Bible warns about such and such. Therefore I want to align my life with that."

You can look up inductive and deductive reasoning and read more about it. I think it is important if you are teaching children at home.

And also you might like a book called "The Fallacy Detective."

I might talk more about this on a video. We will see.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

When Invited to Eat, Arrive Hungry, Being Great For Your Home, Giving Up Criticism

Coral Rose Florals: Dollar Tree

Home sign: Hobby Lobby

Regarding the steel scrubbers I talked about, use rubber dish washing gloves if 

 you use these, to protect your hands.

Please be sure to leave a comment!

Monday, March 09, 2020

The Home as a Retreat, The Gift of Time

Ladies at Home, I hope this helps you get your routine going today. As I mentioned that my house was shaped like a train, I included a video at the end of this post, of The Royal Scotsman train.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Clothes Help Your Mood at Home, Friendships, Home Tour, Girls and Boys Handibooks

I apologize for the inconvenience, Ladies. I took the video down to correct something in it. It took a very long time to get it uploaded again and reposted. That is why I do not edit my videos. If I were speaking directly to you in my living room I would not be able to edit anything anyway. ;-)

The mistake I wanted to correct was that Mr. S. was born in 1943 (not 1946) so when you come to the end, remember that.