Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weather and the Home Atmosphere

Greetings all you lovely home-dwellers.  Today I read about something at affects us very much: the weather, from Eric's Sloane's Weather Book.

Find this at Thrift Books online or wherever you shop for books. Here is a page from the book:

I discussed the way people used to consider a good location or "situation" to place a house.

I broadcast from here today, which is another small room in The Manse. Small does not discourage me in the least. I press as much as I can into it. This serves as a sewing room, paper supply room, guest room, and closet for costumes and old things.

My Regency walk was icy cold but beautiful.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Free Luxuries at Home

Today I spoke about a number of things, including the little luxuries we have at home, no matter what our income of station of life.

Also I mentioned having interests that help make the home a nicer place. Someone gave me these hand made cloths made in yester-year,  for the give-away-table.

Today's scent: Rosemary

Things rosemary helps:
Hair health
Digestive Aid
Immune Support
Muscle Aches
Skin irritations
Air Freshener

From the above link, this sweet quote:

The charmingly fragrant herb rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has graced gardens, kitchens, and apothecaries in the Mediterranean region for centuries. It is a member of the mint family, which includes other herbs such as oregano, thyme, basil, and lavender. The name rosemary derives from the Latin ros meaning “dew,” and marinus, meaning “sea,” which is why, along with its beautiful periwinkle flowers, it’s known as the “Dew of the Sea.”

Please enjoy being a homemaker while you listen today.


Monday, May 16, 2022

Listen While You Walk or Work: 30 minutes

Join me on Homemaking Radio for 30 minutes while I take you along for a few things to get you started at home today.

Come along for a short Regency walk
and a look around the world.

If you were with me I would let you see these delightful "candles" that grace the branches:

A few spaces in The Manse today:

I read from 1st Peter chapter 3, verses 10-12, which also comes from Psalms:

"He would desires to love life
And see good days...
Let him seek peace
And pursue it."

Simplicity 9198, year: 1994

 Please enjoy your home and yard while you listen today:

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Another Castle in the Mist Scene

 Greeting Everyone,

I caught this scene while out on my “Regency Walk” before the morning fog was cleared. I have a picture book called “Castles in the Air” with some photos of old-world castles in the clouds.

 I will make this short, for now, and get ready to make a broadcast message for you to listen while you work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Making Home History

Hello Dear Ones,
I'm so grateful that you dropped by.  I'm trying to get here more often to leave something to listen to while you go about things at home. I want to leave something meaningful for  good mental nourishment.  We all want that at home, do we not?
Above: You rarely see the back area of The Manse, so here is another photo, showing all the wildness that I've been unable to control. 

Today I spoke about how an author who was researching history of  a previous generation found a lot of information left behind. consisting of  household items. Perhaps another time I will discuss things like pictures, letters, diaries, recipes, personal routines, worship, etc. which also reveal history of the home.

Today I showed a couple of these crocheted pieces which were attached to plain pillowcases. This one was made by my Great Grandmother Lily, born in 1872. She made this  set for her granddaughter's wedding in approximately 1959. The  cotton  fabric still feels rough and sturdy. Made before permanent press, it is still very smooth.  

I saw this scene this morning and thought it looked like a painting, with castles in the background. I live in a farming area surrounded by hills and mountains, called a valley, and of course there is nothing historic to speak of, so I make up the castles, and remember people plowed this land long before I was here. That's still history. I will be going on my stroll soon and maybe take a little sketch pad with me.

Valerian grows wild around here; also called Keys of Heaven. It grows around old church buildings where this is a concrete and gravel. I managed to transplant some of it in front of The Manse. Some of it is deep burgundy and some is white; both are so cheerful.

I made this embroidered pillow about 35 years ago, by tracing a hummingbird and a flower, from a page in an old encyclopedia. 

I spoke to you from this room, as you will see in the background of the video. Someone made the quilt for me to celebrate our friendship of 60 years. Now that's a friend, eh?

Please enjoy your Austenwalk or your home, while you listen; do the best you can in the house and out; be your best,  and please make your mind to be happy today.

Thursday, May 05, 2022


Greetings. I do not like being away so long, but there is a bonus in it, in that I have more news. 

A granddaughter came and shopped my fabric stack to create a beautiful dress without a pattern. She and her mother are working on “ the  patternless dress”  instructions to make sewing easier and less time consuming.She does not use zippers or buttons and makes the garment wide enough to pull over, then fastens it with a sewn on tie. 

There is a yellow dress on this page which is a different style but done without a pattern.

 Her art teacher came over and they painted together.

White lilacs are blooming. 

 Neatening up a few things in The Manse.

Taking time for Austen walks.

Reading witty sayings reminds me you can each write your own. 

The biggest upheaval that is coming to a close is the installation of a washer and dryer that was given to me. It was quite a task getting the old, massive units out, cleaning up the floor and painting walls where they had been sitting for 30 years. 

As you know, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone etc. and also it is overwhelming what can be stored in a laundry room.  All those items  had to be moved in the living room while the replacements were put in.

Electrical and plumbing problems delayed the process , but everyone was very patient and uncomplaining about the mess. 

The old set came from the grandparents house, and they had it almost 20 years already, so it must have been 50 years used.

This other set is only 7 years old. No dents, no duct tape, no bungee chords holding the doors closed.

Thank you for reading my laundry story. Everyone has one.

 Our eldest grandson came to help us, so I hid away and tried not to bite my nails while thinking of one of them stepping backwards off the porch with the machine. However it went smoothly.

While he is here, he has recorded two broadcasts on one of his interests: ancient history. I will put them on another playlist after I post them here. I realize it may not be of interest to everyone but it might be something to listen to while you go about your work at home. He also approached it with good natured humor and made it easy to understand. I hope to post those two videos soon, beneath this current post, so please go have a look.

Thanks for waiting while I sort through the ruins here and try to put things back together.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Athenian History Part 1, With Commentary and a Bit of Humour

Hello Dear Ones,

I have wanted to broadcast more often but my descendants have descended on The Manse. That is why they are called descendants.  However it has all been put to good use. Our eldest grandson developed an interest in history and I was able to derive some content for posts.

Please enjoy your work, while you listen. This is one I will listen to, as well. (I never listen to my own broadcasts because I would find all the mistakes and then delete everything.) 
You will find that Athens had the same ridiculous politics as in current times, and Isaac approaches it all with wry commentary, and you will learn where “ostracized “ came from.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Athenian History With Commentary and a Dash of Humour Part 2


Our eldest grandson is staying awhile and helping us with some things around The Manse. Nothing makes me feel so vital.

One day we were on a walk to enjoy the outdoors, and he began talking to me about politics in ancient Athens, so I asked him to broadcast it.   Please enjoy your day while you listen.