Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dress For a Great Enterprise, Value of Polite Small-Talk

Hello Dear Ladies, 

Please enjoy listening while you get a few things done.

Today I showed this teacup with a flower on it called

You can grow your own Love-In-A-Mist garden flowers. The seeds are available online or in your local shops; also  in other colors.

Because of the fine, delicate leaves, stems and petals clusters of these flowers appear to be in a mist.

Friday, May 22, 2020

The Visual Aids of Personal Preparation and Homemaking, Classy Education

Hello Dear Ladies,
Today I talk about the way your preparation and homemaking creates a visual aid for you that helps so much in the day's responsibilities at home.  I also talk about approaching homemaking with a nobler and higher purpose. 
Winter Cottage magazine, Hoffman Media, Winter 2013

Look at the Sky and tell the weather, by Eric Sloane

Make "commonplace books" with papers by Graphics 45: Samples of Commonplace books

Please enjoy your homemaking while you listen:

"Things that are higher, things that are nobler..."

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Your Home is Worth Dressing Up For, Educating the Heart

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I hope you accomplish a lot and can get absorbed in your many interests in the home, while you listen to Homemaker Radio today.

From the above book, 
something to print or write out and read aloud often:

We should always be cheerful. The times may be difficult, but a sad and gloomy countenance will not make them easier.  

The flower is made by the sunshine; it is not made by the clouds. Our hearts can be filled with warmth from the good things around us.

We may have troubles, but we should not allow discouragement. No one can be completely free from problems; we should extract courage and fortitude from them.

We should look on the bright side of everything, and then we can receive the maximum happiness from each day.

For those who want to quit feeling the hype of the news media but still need to know what is happening to us, here is a link to a youtube video series that is reasonable, factual, calm, encouraging and has some Christian views. Just click the link and listen to the newest videos and work backwards, if you like,

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Preparation First, House Works, Refinement

Hello Ladies,

Today I have quite a long lesson for you so I hope it gives you time to get one of the rooms cleaned up and maybe a few other things while you listen.

She lay back and listened to the domestic sounds of the little old house.

The fire whispered, a log shifted at its heart, the dog snored gently after his meal.

Outside, the wind stirred the trees, 

and somewhere a distant door banged as the breeze caught it.

Gradually, the peace that surrounded her took effect.

It had been a long day, and tomorrow would be an even harder one.

But meanwhile, the children were sleeping as soundly as the dog on the rug at her feet,

And the night enfolded the quiet house.

Miss Read: No Holly For Miss Quinn

Monday, May 11, 2020

Create Your Own Mood, Home is Better, Pleasant Words

I hope you accomplish a lot during your listening today. I also show a little of how to make the vine/garland tutorial in the previous post.

DIY Floral Garland From Dollar Tree Items

Here is a quick, easy and thrifty way to create a floral garland when you can't find the one you need for a special occasion or home decor.

Above: 2 stems of roses (6 on each stem), a yard long vine, and one stem carnations or other filler type flower.

The Dollar Tree has a variety of ivy and green leaf garlands that can be turned into floral garlands by adding roses and hydrangea, gypsum, or lilac together, and it is relatively easy.

To make this lovely floral garland , first remove the tag and any packaging from the greenery vine and straighten it out as best you can. It is about 3 feet (1 yard) long, which is good for draping across a shelf, a mantel, on a head board, the top of a piano or down the middle of a table.

Remove the flowers from the two rose bushes, leaving the stem and green plastic sections, as you see here.

There is a small bit of stem on each leaf of the garland. You can insert the roses on top of each leaf, as you see right, above. 

As you can see from the length of garland, there will be some bare spots, so you will need some hot glue and some filler type flowers for that. I used white lilacs, also from Dollar Tree, but you could use hydrangea or any other type of flower, as I've shown you here. 

Sometimes floral garlands are used to fill in the spaces of a candle holder to give a seasonal color.

This is an easy craft, and if you don't have a hot glue gun, you can tape the filler flowers on to the bare areas of the vine. 

Materials and Cost:
2 rose bushes 
1 vine, leaf or ivy
1 filler flower, hydrangea, gypsum, lilac or carnation
1 hot glue stick (optional) or tape
Total expense approximately $4.50
Time needed (besides the shopping trip) 20 minutes.

It is possible you already have these materials and can use them in a different way to make the garland.

Saturday, May 09, 2020

House Appearance and Personal Appearance--How They Interact, Keeping a Positive View Essential for Success at Home

Hanging the Wash
by Helen Allingham 

Please get a lot done while you listen today!

Speech to the Ranchers from "Westward the Women" 1951

Books I reviewed today:

Friday, May 08, 2020

All Things Work Together for Good, Lose Your Appetite For Bad News, Knowledge Banishes Fear

Hello Ladies,

May your day be blessed. Keep on working and keep on praying. 
Please enjoy listening as you go about your responsibilities at home today. Or, sit back with a fine cup of tea and visit with me.

Those of you interested in politics in a calming way, might find this interesting:
X22 Report
Marine Medic teaches police to value their souls more than their jobs.

Another X22 Report

Barbour Books

Saturday, May 02, 2020

Do It Yourself

Hello Ladies,

I hope to share a few interior photos in a future post. In the meantime, please enjoy my offering of a few outdoor scenes around The Manse.

 It is always a thrill to be greeted by the cute gray rabbit in the morning while I do my outdoor rounds. Of course, as my children say, "Mum, when you have a garden, a rabbit is not cute."

Today I thought I would write a few suggestions about the many things you can do yourself, and lose some of your dependence on the outside world.

Of course we know that enterprise is important and has been, from the beginning of time. We can learn to do something ourselves, but one day we will appreciate that we can have it done for us, and that we are helping someone earn a living. So it is not as if we are trying to deprive anyone of their own living.  

You can cut your family's hair. I learned the value of this when I got a book called "How to Cut Your Own or Anyone Else's Hair."  There are free instructions available on youtube videos.  It is so much easier and thriftier to do it at home. It saves all the time to make appointments and it saves a lot of time away from home. If you have a family of boys, it is so much easier and more comfortable to sit in a chair at home and use the family hair cutting equipment, and no more spending whole days in town getting everyone's hair cut.  

Establish Good Food Preparation Skills because meal times will become the focus of the family when you are living at home most of the time. There are so many resources for learning and improving this skill. Many people have posted videos you can watch online and you can order limitless books and cooking magazines.  Eventually you will end up with a reasonable collection of things that work well for you.

Learn to print and hand write legibly enough that you can write your own newsletters and books.
One book I had when homeschooling the children was called "A Reason For Writing" which was a handwriting book for beginners. I have suggested that if you are a school teacher, the idea of ordering an ABeka book catalog and ordering yourself a curriculum and doing it as though you were a student, to see the effect it has on your heart, mind and soul.  A handwriting book and an art book are two great tools because a child will enjoy illustrating what he writes, both in letters to loved ones and in little stories.  We enjoyed writing letters to each other and living them in designated letter delivery places in the house.  I wish we had done a lot more of that!!

Practice Dressing Respectably No Matter What the Circumstances. Don't wait for the rest of the world to get better or straighten out. You've only got one chance at good memories, one chance at your history. Create some good history for yourself with good habits of dressing respectably at home. That way, you wont feel awkward when you dress up to go elsewhere.

Plan Something At Home. Do not wait for the sun to shine or to get "better off" to create your own celebrations. It is even more enjoyable if you name the occasion creatively such as "Opening the new bag of flour day" or " Putting the clothes out to dry in the sun day" or just any unique, creative and humorous thing that your own family can dream up. You are a lot better at it than I am!

Create a List For Yourself at the Start of the Day  and even if you aren't able to follow it completely, you will have a goal and a focus enough to feel a purpose. 

Improve Yourself in Some Way Every Day either by learning something of value and use, or by improving your attitude, your manners, your habits, and your skills.

Finish Something Every Day as close to perfection as you can. Don't just unload the dishwasher and load it again. Clean up everything around it and put a little finishing touch--a fancy clean kitchen towel, a little jar of fresh picked herbs or flowers, or a newly set table with pretty dishes. You all have them, and can use them for the memories.

Always plan for better days ahead. That is why we are getting things all cleaned up at home. That way, we won't have to scramble with all kinds of stress cleaning when something sudden comes upon us.

Find Out How to Clean and Arrange a House and most of all, enjoy doing that. There are going to be plenty of new careers coming out of the stay at home trend. You never know what skills will be developed that will be important in the future. There are training videos for people working in the hotel business, which are sometimes helpful in the home, however, there are also many pages of housekeeping/homemaking instructions available at your fingertips.

Do One Relaxing Thing every day that you are looking forward to.

Don't Indulge in Gloom and Doom Thoughts or Talk. If you want to succeed and want others to succeed in their lives, (including magistrates, and those in power) pray for them.

 These days at home for most of you, are normal,and life has not changed,  but for others who aren't used it it, it will take a few days to feel settled and focused on something worthwhile.

Learn to look at it as a cruise :

Also take a look at a new blog here
and if you are interested in a more encouraging message in the current political mess, check daily for this video: It updates what is really going on and for what purpose. Also

These are more optimistic than network news and more truthful