Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Holiday


                                                 The Tea Party by George Sheriden Knowles 

Hello Ladies,

Everyone in the country is taking a holiday. I prepared the meal yesterday so that I would have less clean-up today.  I also was able take a couple of hours to do something I have been wanting to do for quite a long time.

Altering store-bought t-shirts is interesting to me and I have seen quite a few ideas on Pinterest, Etsey and blog tutorials. If you want to see some of them, just do a web search and see there seems to be no limit to the creative and artsy things done with ladies t-shirts.  As you can see from the above photo, I bought two t-shirts. On sale, these amount to sometimes $3.00  to $6.00 each.  I would suggest using two children's t-shirts, which are sometimes sold in the crafts section at various stores. The children's shirts would be a smaller, quicker project.  

I cut up one of the shirts, including the sleeves, into strips the width of the ruffles I preferred. I would suggest buying a larger size of one of the t-shirts in order to get more strips for ruffles.  I bought the same size shirt and it did not yield as much fabric.

First I took all those strips of fabric and sewed them to make a long, continuous strip.
Although I do not yet have a machine ruffler attachment, I found that setting the machine to a long stitch and sewing on one edge of the fabric in line with the presser-foot made a sufficient gather on its own. By placing my hand behind the presser-foot and firmly holding the fabric there as the machine stitched, it created a gathering effect, so I did not have to hand-gather the stitches except in a couple of areas where I pulled flat areas up with a straight pin.

The first strip I sewed right along the neckline to the shoulder seam, stitching on top of the fourth-inch gathering line. I cut the piece off from the long strip and tucked the ends under and stitched to give it a finished look.  This fabric does not ravel or shred, so hemming or stitching the raw edges is not necessary. At this stage,  or any stage of the project you could quit sewing on layers and leave it. It will look good any way.

The next ruffle went slightly under the previous one. The ruffle above it covers the stitching.

Since the fabric is stretchy, it is a bit easier to manipulate the blouse on the machine. Just make sure you sew the top layer. It takes some maneuvering, so if you are not confident with a sewing machine, it would be a good idea to practice sewing a piece of ruffle on another piece of fabric first.

This is what the pinning looks like for the next ruffle.  The spaces between the ruffles are kept the same. Sew the ruffle from seam-to seam, tucking the ends under at each side.

Some of these styles only use one or two ruffles, and others use vertical or diagonal ruffles. Other styles add rolled roses and ties made of the same fabric. Check around for all the possibilities in sewing one of these.

Some ladies find that t-shirts do not suit them, and this is one way to alter a shirt and give it an added layer on the front. Adding little pieces also provides a bit more modesty where needed.There is also a way of sewing on the ruffles to make the blouse look like there is a co-ordinating scarf with it, and the scarf does not get in the way of all the things you have to do, or get caught on anything.  

This project can take two hours, give or take depending on everything that goes on in a home :-)

I really like it with this outfit. Even with all the rows of ruffles, the blouse is as lightweight as a feather, so I would recommend buying the softest and most lightweight shirts you can find.

I hope to post again soon and show my table setting here on Thanksgiving Day. The weather is warm, near the 60's F with a soft wind that is scattering the fallen leaves. The grass is green and the sky is one big white expanse, so we are not expecting the sun to peek through.

I hope all is well with you and that those of you who are observing Thanksgiving overseas will have a lovely day.

I would like to try to vertical and horizontal ruffles and the rolled roses if I find more tee shirts I like. This is a pinky-apricot color that does not show its best in the picture.  Even 
with all the ruffles, this is a very lightweight shirt, possibly from using thinner t-shirts.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hymn: His Love Cannot Fail

Roses by Catherine Beyler from Allposters

Greetings Dear Ladies,

I love this song, "His Love Cannot Fail" which is not in some of the hymnbooks I have used, so here it for your calm and ease today. If you allow it to continue, there may be other songs attached, so please do enjoy!

I am getting a few things finished to share on this blog, and just wanted to come here briefly.

Here is a thought for you: Sometimes kind ladies want to do something for others but are not sure what, and worry that the gift or effort will not be appropriate. Why not donate a prayer to someone?

I pray for everyone that comes here to visit this blog and I appreciate your "donation" of prayers too!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daily Delights

Hello Dear Ladies,

This week I have been paying more attention to the little comforting blessings of life that often are overlooked.  Some days are noiseless and the weather Indistinctive. This week we have had strong winds followed by huge drops of rain landing on the windows and pathways near the house, all which sound like an orchestra with surround-sound. What a welcome noise that is after the stillness. I felt like there had been a dramatic celebration outside. I do wish modern houses were not so soundproof, as I miss hearing the rain on the tin roof of my childhood home.        

I was also enormously blessed by a lady and her daughter who visted me this week and partook of some of my berry tea.  We also had a light lunch and great conversation which so energized me that I was inspired to get a few unpleasant chores finally finished--cleaning the fridge and freezer, sorting a box of papers, mending, etc.  Friendship is a blessing when it is a true friend. I plan to talk more about friendship and how to be careful and discerning concerning friends.

You may recall that I was previously unable to purchase a single rose with one of those crystal stick-pins, because the florist in attendance said it was not possible to make up just one rose bouquet.  I was in the same grocery store on a different day and a different employee asked if she could help me. I explained what I wanted, and she complied immediately. It cost $2.99 which was higher than it was a few years ago but I was so happy to have it and told her so. She wrapped it in tissue gift wrap and tie a silk ribbon around it.

Allposters, of which I am an affiliate (it means I can use their art posters on my blog) has now been featuring some delightful inspirational chalk-board posters.  I will provide the direct link as soon as possible.

Many years ago, a pretty teacup was unaffordable, but today in thrift stores occasionally there are some very inexpensive ones, sometimes under $3.00.  I recently acquired this one, which is not an antique (this style was new in the 1990's) but I am thrilled to have it and I used it to serve one of the ladies who visited this week. The gold spoon came from a set of cutlery that usually appears at Walmart and other discount stores this time of year. Even people of limited income can have elegant things if they shop carefully.  So, if you see something in a high-end store that you think would be useful in your home, have a look at the lower price stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, etc. amd you might get it for less than half the price. If you get any of this gold cutlery be sure to read the care instructions.  It cannot be washed in the dishwasher and it must be hand washed separate from stainless steel cutlery because it causes tarnish to the gold. Also never put it in water to which bleach has been added, as it will tear up the gold finish.

I realize life at home does not merely consist of material concerns, but is about living your eternal values. The book of Proverbs says:

"Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.
 Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.
 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."
Proverbs 4:5-7

Whenever I "get" some material blessing or "get" a goal accomplished, I think of that phrase "and with all thy getting, get understanding." Material things are not gain, but just a means to help others, enjoy life, appreciate others, or improve your life of service.

One can use wisdom in all areas of life, including thrift and beauty in the home.

This cup has the advantage of being printed equally on each side with the rose bouquet emblem, which makes it nice for display in the china shelf, or for lefties.  In arranging my teacups on the display shelves, I find that more often than not, there is only a right-sided print.

As the dawn begins here, I am hearing the Canada Geese congregating near a marsh. Aren't they supposed to fly south for the winter? It has been discovered that sometimes they find a warmer clime in a nearby sheltered area and do not actually go very far from home.

          Cups in my china cabinet: They have to be turned with the handle on the right-hand side in
                                                   Order to display the pictures on them. 



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dancing Flames

                                                     Lighthouse by T.C. Chiu from

Greetings Dear Ladies,
I recently had the opportunity to see a display of a new type of battery operated led-light flameless candle by Luminara, called "dancing candles."  I was able to see them up-close and observed the realistic flame.  


Their description is:

"Dancing Flame Candles are like no other battery operated candle. An internal LED source shines through a prism and up to the flame tip. The flame moves creating dance like motion that is stunning and so realistic."

I enjoyed seeing these and thinking how lovely they would look in any home, but for now, they'll are extremely expensive. These were on displays at a building supply store where you buy lumber and sinks and wallpaper and everything imaginable for the home.   

I am always so grateful to be able to see in the market what the new inventions are. Something like this flickering candle flame tells me there is someone who wanted something safe and delightful for the home.  In fact, most of the marketplace caters to life at home.  I hope you all will go and see these candles when they are on display in your neck of the woods.  The invention of the electric light was also called the electric candle. A bit of lightening was seen flickering in the bulb.

If you click here   there is a video at the end of the page that shows this dancing flame.


  I was quite heartened by some new posters at Allposters, and will provide the link for this one  soon.

                             Be sure to visit some of the encouraging blogs on my blogroll.

                         I am working on a few things at home and will provide pictures later.  

                                            As always, I appreciate your comments.

                                these two tapers came from Dollar Tree and require batteries. Although they flicker, they are not the same as the Luminara dancing flames that are just now on the market. The Luminara brand look like real fire. However, for a dollar each plus a dollar for batteries, these are very nice.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

God Will Take Care of You

I will hopefully be back today to add a few more interesting things. In the meantime, after listening to this song, (if you are adversely affected by negative things)  why not determine to think only the best of people and pay no attention to negative reports, whether by the news media or those closer to home.

"... my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Here is a long playlist that is good company while you go about your home:

Please click on the songs, below. 


I have added a few things to the previous post, instead of this one.  

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Lovely Hymn and a Few Things to Share

This is a lovely hymn with a tune that is not sung much today. This song is in many church hymn books but not with this lovely tune!  I could  not resist posting it. I hope you enjoy it. I love the high notes and the harmony here!

Please click on the video to listen! 
Leave the video on and other beautiful hymns will automatically play.


A few things to share: if you need a tea cozy and cannot make one, try a knit hat from Dollar Tree. This one is lined and keeps the pot warm.

Also, I want to share something I do when I am sewing but I do not want to leave the house and find extra fabric.  I cut a piece of the fabric and clip it to a note.  If anyone is going near the fabric store, I sent it with them. My husband has done this for me before.  He just gives the note to one of the people  at the cutting table and they find the bolt and fill the order.   It might not work for every thing, but so far there has not been any misses.

Dollar Tree also has these removeable wall stickers; an inexpensive and sweet home accent.

Here is an easy way to make a pedestal dish with orphan saucers or plates. You will need some candlesticks from the dollar store or reject stores, thrift stores.  If you are making more than one tier, the candle holders might need to be shorter. Just play around with it first before you glue it, and see what looks best.

You can use a special glass-glue, or a super glue, cement glue, etc.  If you use white glue or tacky glue, you definitely cannot immerse the pedestal dish in water.  Even with he glass glue or super glue, you have to be careful not to let the dish sit in water. Just a quick rinse will do, since it will probably have a paper doily on it for the small slices of foods.

I love plaid and often buy plaid shirts for the men in my family.  The fabric store had a sale on this plaid fabric with pink in it, and I got a yard of it for a shoulder wrap.  It is all cotton and feels like real wool. The more yardage you get, the longer the scarf will be to throw over your shoulder.

First I cut the middle halfway up the piece.

Then using a fourth inch on the raw edges, I pressed and folded another fourth inch so the ends were all hidden, and machine stitched all around.   This is what it looks like as a shawl.
This is what it looks like as a scarf.

This is the back.  It can also be sewn on the sides, leaving room for the arm holes. I wore this around my shoulders and had many compliments which went into discussions about plaid, and the more pastel plaid colors that are seen in the market.

Chargers to hold plates are available in so many colors these days and for very good prices, sometimes even available in dollar stores. Here is a one in a fuchsia shade that just matched my plates. This is dinnerware that was a grocery store promotion a few years ago. Chargers are like placemats and are just decorative. When choosing a color or style, take one of your plates with you to the store.

Last week I hosted the ladies Bible Study in my home for an autumn lunch.

There were a lot more teacups set out but this table shows the ones on the display rack.

The pumpkin pie tarts can be made with honey by finding a recipe on the web. 

We had a very spiritually uplifting lesson and a Skype camera guest from another place.  We have had Skype guests in England, Holland and Kuwait at our Ladies Bible Studies.

I still protect my table linens from tea stains, with a bright clear plastic from the fabric store.

This is all for today.  Thank you for coming, and I hope you have a peaceful evening.

The Importance of Pressing On


Bouquet et Cartes bu Catherine Beyler

Good Day, Ladies.  Today if I could, I would send you all a bouquet of fresh flowers, so in lieu of that, the above photo will have to suffice. 

This morning, a reader sent me this hymn with the lyrics written on it and so I am sharing it and thinking about some of the things the song means.

 Please click on the picture to hear the song.

At the end of the video, the scripture appears that has the phrase from a scripture,  "as many as be perfect."  In the Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament, the word "perfect" means complete

The Bible indicates that all who obey the gospel and become disciples of Christ are complete, or sufficiently equipped.  A well-rounded person is complete. There are several meanings of the word "perfect" and this one has a spiritual application that means a person who has become a Christian is complete. 

 You can do a word-search, using the Websters 1828 dictionary and the Robert Young Analytical Concordance to the Bible will have the words broken down into the different meanings in scripture. The word "perfect" in the Bible also means to fulfill or to accomplish. 

Another thing that appears in the song are the words "table land." This is a geographical term that describes a piece of land jutting out of the lower land that also is flat like a table. It is sometimes called a plateau or a mesa. A famous table land is The Atherton Tableland in Queensland, Australia.  So, when you hear this song with that knowledge, you will know that heaven's table land is a spiritual term describing the practice of rising above the petty problems (the tale-bearing, the jealousies, the negative) of life. It might even indicate sitting down to a feast while obstacles, difficulties and problems occupy the lower ground.

This brings me to the theme of the song, "Higher Ground."  It speaks of a Christian pressing on, not resigned in defeat. A defeated person can accomplish nothing and will be neglecting life's responsibilities. Of course the reference to higher ground refers to a higher code of life and a separation from wordly concerns. It means to elevate your mind to a higher plane, living above the tawdry and undignified conversation or unBiblical way of life.

Other ladies have discovered the futility of waiting til the "right time" to do things they have always wanted to do in the home. You can wait til a war is over,  wait til the news media broadcasts better news, or until someone you know gets their life together. You can wait until all the troubled people around you settle down and quit agitating, but you may wait years.

 Some people never stop being troubled, and when they solve one trouble, they invent another! So it is best not to wait until the conditions are perfect before you accomplish the things you really want to do. Sometimes the enemy comes in and discourages a lady who is teaching her children or guiding her home, making it a haven for her husband, by indicating it has no value. A lady at home must press on and gain ground in her spiritual quest to have a home life that glorifies God.

I received an email from a lady who has allowed me to relate this to you: She stated that one day she looked back on her life and discovered she had been putting everything off. She always wanted to knit a sweater, sew a bag, rearrange her furniture, write a workbook for young girls about homemaking, paint a picture to hang in her dining room, buy a new bedspread for her bed, and fix up her front porch. She always intended to have a weekly time to write a letter to someone. She was always going to sort through a box of old papers. She was longing to teach her children a series of life-lessons she had learned. She was always going to do something. She was always going to go to Weight Watchers. She was always going to take an online art class. 

She realized she had been putting it all off until other things in her life settled down: a complaining relative, uncertain weather, instability in the nation and possible financial troubles.  

One day she analyzed the situation and discovered the following things:

1. Most of the things she feared never occurred. 
2. Unpleasant things that did ocurr,  never quit, no matter how long she waited. After one crisis subsided, another crisis appeared.
3. She had spent a great deal of her life being anxious, unhappy and frustrated, and this had developed into a depressing personality.
4. She only had power over what she could accomplish and could not let the troubles around her stop her from achieving her goals.

She spent the rest of the year doing all the things she had always wanted to do, and it was the happiest time she had in a long time. She had to discourage the discouragers from stealing her time and her will to do good things. She had to press her way forward and not stop to dwell on the negative reports, or things she has no control over.

Ladies, any time something good is being done, there will be someone of a darker mind intent on stopping it.  It is like the rebuilding of the walls, an event recorded in Nehemiah. As they were doing the Lord's work,  the naysayers gathered round and jeered at them. They made fun of the work. The trolls and haters of that time and period taunted that the whole project was "weak." The prophet told the dedicated people to  keep working. You can read more about this in Nehemiah 4:1-23. (You should be able to click directly on the verses here.) The most significant words in this chapter are:

"Be not afraid of them." (Nehemiah 4:14) 

Achieving our goals can be likened to travelling to a destination. On the way, many distractions beckon us, until we forget where we are going. I am sure many of you have actually done that on the way to put a book away in a bookshelf. Sidetracked Home Executives, a book written by two sisters who had trouble with being sidetracked, gave several illustrations of heading down the hallway to put something in its place and being distracted by other things.  In the same sense, life can do that to you if you allow it.  In normal living, there will always be troubles, and there will always be people who will never reconcile their problems. So rather than wait for all that to "settle down", it is better to keep pressing on the upward way and complete our responsibilities, serve our families, spread our influence, study the Bible,  pursue our talents and develop skills.


I want to share the delightful tea cozies Roxy of  "Living From Glory to Glory" blog has been making. She explains how it is done on her blog, so go and see on my blogroll on the left.  This is that tea-time fabric I saw at Hobby Lobby.  Notice the co-ordinating  rose button she put on the top.  Thank you, Roxy. This tea-cozy is never off my table, and is always warming a pot of fragrant herbal tea.  I like the fabric and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what else it could be used for. I think it would be nice to frame it! Evidently Roxy is not letting any grass grow under her feet or allowing world events and negative things slow her down!