Tuesday, March 19, 2024

More Than Keeping House

Greetings Dear Ladies,

We are having very nice weather. 

Today I talked about the book of Ruth, which you might want to go and read through yourself.

I showed you these Sunrise Patterns from the 1970's.

Today's message is only fit for the mature, balanced,
understanding and knowledgeable minds.

Dear Ladies, 
Please enjoy the broadcast while you get a few things done at home.
All examples and quotes are purely fictional or historical; in fact, many of the derogatory quotes about women at home are identical to some of the teachings of Karl Marx  ;-)  Any resemblance to your own or others' situations are  solely because the subject and quotes are common worldwide and have been common objections to women at home throughout the ages. 

I was wearing this cotton dress I made from a 1980’s Laura Ashley pattern.  The fabric as from a cloth store that no longer exists but may be available on the web. It has gold colored  metallic thread outlining the print. 

With apron: 

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Focus at Home

Greetings at Last!

It has been cold here and a bit of a challenge to stay warm indoors but we are enduring it as best we can.

I am so happy you came to view and to listen while you continue with your responsibilities at home.

I spoke today of making the home a good and pleasant place to dwell, so that we don't have to go "somewhere else" for relief.

Don't forget to go to my Pinterest page and view the things I love. Here are some of the pictures I've saved there:

I have great plans to create a house like the one pictured above...

...with light nooks and crannies like this.

A local produce store yielded this huge strawberry.  (These were grown like this with volcanic ash where I grew up.) It was so big it did not fit in the teacup pictured there.

Here it is in the box with regular size berries:

Dollar store had such pretty cotton fabric during the Valentine season, and I've
collected some and planning how to use it.  

During the snowed-in days I have also been looking at the fabric online.

A yard of the above would be nice on any table or stitched into a kitchen accessory such as a tea cozy, towel, or curtain.

This is from Shabby Fabrics and is a nice small print for a cottage-core style dress.

I discussed some things from these publications.

Anti-Anxiety Exercise: the instructor suggests you can do these while in chair or before getting out of bed, which makes it so easy.

Reminder: Your preparation includes appearance, prayer, list, exercise and listening to something cheerful. We have been shamed out of dressing nicely for the home, but we can bring back the old paths, where the good life is.

Thank you for coming today, and congratulations for getting a few things accomplished in your home while you played this broadcast in the background:

For the Wives and Daughters Reading Program:
Activity #2

Refer to the end of the previous post for activity #1.

Read the first and second paragraph of Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell and draw what you think Molly's room looked like according to the author's descriptions. You can watercolor or crayon color it. If you are not familiar with art, you might just try drawing a square for the wall and add the objects on to the wall. If you have anyone in the family that would like to do this for you, that's good too. It is your notebook and you can do what you like.
Watch the first BBC episode again. The video series did not show Molly's room but as you watch the series you may get some knowledge of the colors and furnishings used during the era of the story. 

(posting later)