Saturday, December 31, 2022

Getting Ready

Hello Everybody,

I'm so happy you stopped by on New Year Eve/Day to listen today and I hope it is productive for what you want to accomplish in your home. We are being quiet at home during this annual celebration. 

I read from Linda Lichter's "Simple Social Graces" a quote that needs a fair amount of mental pondering. It explained the effect  the virtues of nobility, responsibility and self restraint had on the feelings of self esteem and personal happiness.

I also read another diary episode from 1831 "Stepping Heavenward."

Please enjoy whatever you are doing while you listen to this episode:

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Home is Where We Hope for the Best

Today in the broadcast I discussed the violas which will soon appear through the winter ground,
and showed you a recent exotic purchase I made:

plus, the use of t-sacs with loose tea:

My stealth sipping didn't get further that the door of the front porch because I lost my nerve in the blast of cold wind. It is the thought that counts.

I also talked about the following things:
-Dressing for a feeling of success
-life does not go smoothly, comparisons are deadly, hope for the best but plan for the worst
-Make homemaking interesting
-For youth: a "form of godliness", Staying home can provide protection in:
-physical health
-social snags
I also talked about what to do at home, for youth, which will be advantageous to your family at home:
-develop an interest in something
-become expert at something to do with the home or the family needs

There are other things on this broadcast that I did not list here, so please enjoy your home while you listen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A Creative Chat on a Stormy Day

I have already been out on my Regency Walk, albeit quite short-- I stepped out for a minute and quickly shut the door on this blustery weather.

During a lull in the rain I did my stealth-sipping.

Today I talked about:
-Writing a magazine the size of an envelop for the cost of a stamp
-Writing letters back and forth using the same paper.
Creating Storylines
-Reading from: Elizabeth Prentiss, Eric Sloane's Weather Book, The Jane Austen Diet

Links I mentioned:
Note: there are 6 episodes, so you'll have to find each one on the search area on this site.

This is an exercise series

You might also search for standing exercises for relaxation, on that same site

Simmer some things from your kitchen to promote wellness at home

Please enjoy a cup of tea or just breathing and walking around your house while you listen today


Saturday, December 24, 2022

An Evening Talk

This Special Eve I spoke of several things and tried to look glittery for Christmas.

I did some stealth sipping. 
I like the contrast of the nice teacup with the dreary outdoors.

Ice covered everything and it looked like water but very slick.

I also talked about these ideas:

-Preparing the home so that you are "being nice to the ones who are going to see it the next day." You are one of them.
-How did hard times affect our ancestors
-Staying home, especially for youth
-Things we used to do during holidays with kitchen foil
-Victorians and the "morning dress" 
-For youth: Don't base life decisions on urgency, haste, or opportunity, but on whether its the right thing to do, based on many things. Just because an opportunity is there, does not mean it should be taken. "Timing" is not the main thing to consider. The timing may be right but the decision may be wrong.

I know most of you are busy with preparations but for those who are alone, it might be enjoyable to listen. 

Festive Greetings From The Manse!


It is Christmas Eve and this was taken yesterday during the ice storm. Our government didn’t lock anyone down “for their safety” but our descendants had us under severe restrictions and were not allowing  us out of the house. I did test the grounds and found even the frozen grass very slick. (It put me on the naughty list, for sure). 
I felt the drops of 🧊 falling on my face and went quickly inside. The sidewalk and front step were slick ice also. I put rubber-backed mats on the porch to prevent any slipping. 

You notice those elegant wax candles in tall slim jars. I put the led timer tea lights on top and save the candle. I liked the color, and found them at the dollar store. 

Have a look at my plastic plaid table cloth, also from the dollar store; very useful and a good decor item for several seasons. Notice the lines of Aqua through it.

This is your card this year, ( I’m addressing the descendants ). I wasn’t able to find time to put pen to paper and send a real one. But you know how hard it is for me to sit still.

This cardboard house was minus its light, so I put one of the led lights underground— no I mean under the house in the place where the other lights was years ago. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Reading Positive Things For You

Today I chose three positive books to read from: Tea With Jane Austen, Stepping Heavenward, and one other old book about approaching life with positivity.

My stealth sipping was in the guest room.  I felt the room could use a visit .

I talked about presenting yourself at your best, even if you are staying home, because it helps you do your job with more excellence. 

Also, I spoke about the importance of working with  a creative and enthusiastic mind, so that you make home living as good as possible in your circumstances.

Please enjoy your home as you listen today:

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Reading About Tea With Jane Austen/ Other Subjects Too

Greetings Dear Ladies,

We are entering the fog season. 

I have done some stealth-sipping. You'll understand it is a milder form of stealth-camping. 

My teacup is on a retired bird feeder in a leafless tree.

In my next broadcast I want to talk about an easy way to cut back on expenses in the home. 

I suggested in the broadcast the idea of stealth housekeeping/homemaking. You'll have to listen to understand the whole thing. 

Monday, December 12, 2022

Freehand Sewing Without Pattern

Hello Ladies,

I'm dropping by to leave you a link to Miss Lillians new sewing post. 

I hope to be back soon with a new broadcast and another post of my own here.

Its been busy for me, as I have 4 birthdays to acknowledge in December, plus Christmas. One of them is on Christmas Day. (That's Miss Lillian.) 

 I already missed most the birthdays and sent late cards but encouraged them to extend it to birthday month instead of one day.  That's a lot more enjoyable isn't it. No let-down. Just birthday all month long for the ones who get the late-birthday cards.

As the saying goes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Thanks for being so patient about it.  I hope to see you soon!



Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Miss Lillian's New Post: Drawing Your Dress


(Sweet Briar by Robert Payton Reid  1859-1945  Scotland)

Hello Ladies,

I'm still getting used to the way Blogger is now arranging blogs so I have not quite figured out how to navigate this new blog. If you are having trouble with it, I thought I should give you a link to the new poste about 

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Protecting Your Time

Hello Dear Ladies,

Thank you for being so patient while I get the next post and broadcast ready. 

Regarding notification— from a reader:

On YouTube if you subscribe to the channel and click the bell they send you a notification on your device that lets you know there's a new program to listen to.

My channel is

When you click subscribe and hit the notification bell, you’ll also be able to tell if I have a new blog post, because when I make a broadcast, I put it on a new post.

I'm stealth sipping with my holly tea cup in the holly tree. The berries are very pretty but eating them can make animals and people very sick. I cut down the risk by not bringing them in the house for decoration. You can read more about the holly berries HERE.

Things I talked about today on the broadcast:

-Using your list as a guide, a grounded way of life, and a defense against things that would distract you and waste time.

- Doing things that make the home a place you don't want to leave. I might be able to go into more details in a future broadcast.

-How pressure and haste are tactics of "sales" to encourage instant decisions you may regret. I am planning to talk about this more, because sometimes homemakers, who are naturally accommodating to other people and their needs, are pressured to make commitments that they later regret. The homemaker needs to guard her time, so that thing she wants to do and needs to do, are not neglected when there is a sudden invitation of urgency and haste.

-I related one scenario where homemakers were caught off guard regarding time and place of an event and the duration of the activities. I have other similar stories to tell in future broadcasts. Although unpleasant memories for the parents who got caught uninformed, they are good lessons for us at home.

-Learn to relax at home as if it was a vacation spot.

-Find a pose, stretch or exercise for anything that ails you and practice it once. 

-I read about the subject of Courtesy in Victorian historical perspective , in the book  "Simple Social Graces" by Linda Lichter.
Please enjoy your home while you listen:

Monday, November 28, 2022

A New Blog

Hello Everyone,

Miss Lillian has created her sewing blog here. When her blog comes up, click on the title to enter and see what she wrote.

I will add it to my blog roll soon. 

Talking About Ordinary Things

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are doing the best you can in your current circumstances and have great plans for improvement.

Today I read from the diary of a 16 year old girl from the book by E. Prentiss, "Stepping Heavenward."  I also read a section about the importance of natural darkness in nighttime for good rest and ultimate good health, from Bryan Kowslowski's "The Jane Austen Diet. From "Simple Social Graces" (The Benevolence of Manners) I read how housekeeping was a shared family value, not entirely relegated to the woman of the house. Though she guided it, she had plenty of willing helpers. I mentioned that homemaking is a matter of good character, in that it requires knowledge, courtesy, love, determination, and steadfastness. 

A gloomy sky did not deter me from my
sipping and today I did not walk far from home to rest my fanciest cup on
the abandoned old truck. Every farmer has one. It has become a form of art.

This blend I call "Old Truck Elegance."

Please enjoy your work or your walk or your rest while you listen today:

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Reducing Anxiety at Home

Greetings and Welcome.

Today spent a little time talking about two ways (there are many more) to reduce anxiety at home; one being a way of breathing, and another being reducing other obligations not directly related to your family and house.

I also read from the book by Elizabeth Prentiss called "Stepping Heavenward" about a 16 year old girl who was trying to do better in her life.

The article I read is HERE and I suggested with any exercise that had step by step instructions, you have someone read it to you while you do it. 

There are some anti-anxiety poses HERE and stretches HERE.

In past times, ladies at home prevented anxiety by taking time to:
Going for a leisurely stroll
Washing their hair
and many other things.

Some "stealth sipping" here today by a tree with purples leaves.


Please enjoy being home and getting some things done while you listen to the broadcast today:

I am sorry, I do not know the name or artist of the lovely 1800's painting at the top.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Homemaking Business

Greetings Homemakers and those who would like to be!

Today I spoke a little about authors of current times who write novels in the Jane Austen style, based in the Regency era,  and post their audiobooks online.   One of them I mentioned was Letters for Phoebe.  I enjoy listening to stories while I am doing big jobs in the home by myself. The labor of cleaning a kitchen is hardly noticed while listening to one of these books.

I read a page from The Jane Austen Diet by Bryan Koslowski.

I also want to include some new moves I am making in the fitness area, with easy moves and poses for posture HERE. These are not videos, but step by step instructions easy to follow.
On this site, all you need to do is write in their search area: "Stretches/Poses for (back ache, digestion, belly fat, weight loss, sinus, nausea, numbness, anxiety--and much more.) It is possible to find one stretch that improves your health more than 30 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Another subject I covered was the definition of "minding your own business"---that it means focus on your own work. The homemaker's work is the work that manages the home and family, guides and guards it.
Please enjoy your work at home while you listen to the broadcast today. 

Keeping in Touch

Another painting by William Henry Margetsen

I haven’t forgotten you !

It’s been extremely noisy around here while a new window is installed. 
These strong young men came  for a few days to do the work and the place looked like a construction sight for awhile. Feeding a construction crew is a much more involved. I had to compensate them with more than tea sandwiches 😊 . Consequently I was absorbed in this great effort to keep them nourished.

I am busy with cleanup because, as you know, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone and so on. Areas totally separate from the construction project are no longer untouched by it.

I’m looking forward to a broadcast very soon so keep checking.

Thank you for your encouragement.
It keeps me interested.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Sipping Update

Hello, and welcome to my “stealth sipping” report for the last week.

The children’s fort was a nice prop for Sunday Sipping. I’ll name this Fortress Tea. It was raining and the fort sheltered everything nicely and provides a quick outdoor seating area and refuge from the weather. Now I feel justified in keeping everything including toys.

The Manse had been going through more small repairs. Some of my descendants are  here doing the planning and work with great gusto. With the commotion, I have not found a refuge area to make a broadcast but I am thinking about it and that’s what counts, eh?

As The Manse is just not show-worthy yet, I will share some stealth sipping pictures. It’s getting colder here now and I am anticipating unusual places indoors to secretly sip some sweet solutions.
I noticed a few months ago at the Hobby Lobby the many wall pictures depicting old sheds and barns, so I tried a sip of “ Vintage Shed tea” for Monday stealth sipping. You will have to listen to one of my recent broadcasts where I explain that this is my safe substitute for the more adventurous and risky hobby of stealth camping. I’m too vital to sneak around camping on borders and fancy hotel property like the experienced creative stealth campers. This is a more refined option— less drama and no one will call the local sheriff.

Tuesday tea was juniper tree tea. I understand the juniper berries also make a nice tea for indoor scent but I’m not sure about drinking it so I created a blend with berries and mint.

I like the contrast of the fancy cups in a rustic background.
This was Wednesday’s blackberry infusion using the last of the season fading blackberries. Blackberries are very expensive but most of us have been taken over by them. If we were not right on the job cutting them back, the Manse would be hidden.
On Thursday there was a-quiet-time-in-the-field sip.

Always happy for a Queen Anne’s Lace photo opportunity, here is Friday’s Queen Anne’s Lace Appreciation sip.

I hope to add more soon.

There are more places I can go with this recreation, and when I have experienced all possible tea cup scenes, I might go into stealth- sorting in The Manse. There are books, sewing supplies, kitchen shelves, recipes and old letters that need sorting.  Wait and see my progress. Have a look at stealth camping channels and you will see how skillful these people are (and why I’m not allowed to do it.)

Until I can talk to you again, I hope you will be uniquely creative ( but not unwise) and enjoy your home.