Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Importance of the Voice - Video 27 & 28

Hello Ladies,

I wrote about the communication problem a few months ago and these videos are an extension of the subject.

Dear Ladies, I hope you will take this in the spirit of love and not chastisement!  As older women, we want to encourage the younger women to love their families, not be sharp with them, and to be patient and tenderhearted. We learn this by our own trial and error, and we want to spare them some of the heart ache that can fill their future with painful memories and regret.

Older women particularly need to be careful about hasty, sharp replies. It is so easy to become bored and impatient and cut someone off in conversation.

To men who may be viewing this, let me explain that women are very relationship oriented and the voice has a special meaning to them. Even the cry of their babies touches them and they know what they need.  When we talk to each other we discern one another's well-being.  Women especially need voice contact. Voice contact makes their hearts and minds settled.

In these two videos I talk about the voice and how treasured it used to be. I suppose today, the enormous about of broadcasting can make people insensitive to the voice, but I explain why the voices of our loved ones are so important.

The voice is one reason I continue to have classes for ladies and tea parties, etc.  While you can learn a lot in books, and from videos, that human contact impacts your thinking and can correct misconceptions.


The house dress is from the same pattern as the previous dress, and the same cotton print by Waverly, Inspirations,  only with a blue background.  This is like apple blossom branches viewed against the blue sky!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some of the Other Things in Proverbs 31 (Video 26)


Dear Ladies,

Those of us who remember the way the worthy wife in Proverbs 31 used to be taught have noticed the trend to present it as a working woman who sells land and makes money in the market--full time or part time on a regular basis.

But in this video I suggest you have another look at the other things in Proverbs 31.  Today the big emphasis is on the worth of a woman being the money she brings in to the home, where as in days gone by--yes, even in the day Proverbs 31 was written, she had value just for being someone's wife. That alone was a treasure, more valuable than rubies.

The Proverbs 31 model has become a reason to send women to work for a living, and to labor at things other than her own home.  There is not one preacher who will not say, "Oh but even the Proverbs 31 woman went to work!" and yet there are only a few verses that mention money, merchants, profit and selling.

Let us have a look at what it really says, and what the other things Proverbs 31 teaches.

I briefly covered verse 26: "The teaching of kindness is on her tongue," which I will address in this text.

What if, instead of instantly parroting the belief that has been so programmed into us in this era: "The Proverbs 31 woman was a working woman!"  the teachers and preachers promoted verse 26?

The teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  Yes, let us promote that verse and see the effect: Women and girls who are kind and not so harsh with their brothers and sisters, their children, their fathers and mothers and grandparents, and even with their very own selves. Would that not result in a better home, a better church, a better world and a calmer, more contented woman, self-controlled and free of the memory of rash moments of unkind words?

When people promote only the selling part of Proverbs 31 they are only putting value on money-making.  This money will "make itself wings and fly away" in almost no time but the teaching of kindness will make a woman beautiful inside and out, and go on into the next generation. Older women need to teach younger women how to be kind.

I hope you enjoy this little talk and will send all your great comments.

Also, the dress I am wearing (for the home) is made from a lovely soft cotton that feels so dreamy, called Waverly Inspirations from Walmart.  It is a perfect autumn pink and I already have the multi-generational dresses (for church and home) in the works! The print looks like pink honeycomb!  I enjoy the feel of the fabric on my fingers  when I sew it.

I used this pattern for my dress, with sleeves from another pattern.

I guarantee this is the most comfortable fabric I have ever worn.

I like the pink piping that sets off the print so nicely, and piping on dresses has almost become  my personal  trademark. It's on the sleeves, also.

I got this pretty scarf at Goodwill; it was brand new from their selection of new things, which I think they call "salvage", often still in the original packages from stores.

I want to introduce you to this new coach, made from a domed garden trellis and wire wreaths for wheels.  I am scouting around all the thrift shops for a horse!

There is one of the pink porcelain doll pumpkins from the garden, 

...and here is the coach from the side. It does not really go anywhere or move. It is purely decorative.

This is how the coach looked as it progressed, before the wheels were covered and the vines were draped. This horse was the only thing I could find for the coach (one of my children's old toys). It is not very convincing but it may make you smile.

I made a new friend in Russia via Skype and today she told me she thought it was a good horse becaise it would not go very far away. I do worry about horse thieves out here in the country so I bring the horse in to the house at night :-)

Below: a table top Cinderella carriage plant holder

Here is the one I really wanted, from Pinterest.

I found these lanterns at Goodwill and placed them on the side of the coach, along with a real lightweight plastic hanging light from the center.  The whole structure is very thin and lightweight ....a bit wobbly, so I have to be careful not to put anything too heavy on or around it.

A solar plastic bead chandelier hanging from the top:
Already, a few people have stopped by after seeing it from the road and asked if it is a wedding coach and if there was going to be a wedding. Hmmmm. Guess I will have to make a Victorian wedding dress to "go with".

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stanley and Lydia Talk About the Home and Homeschool Trends on Video 25


Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for your kind donations and the phone calls of support. I want to support you back by this message from my husband.

In this video, Stan talks about some of the things the new homeschoolers on the block need to be aware of regarding socialization.

Also, as homeschoolers, we are deeply involved in educating the intellect, but sometimes forget about love and kindness.  We teach our children to serve others, but let us not teach them to check it off the list of do-good things just to make them earn approval or to say they have done their duty. Let us educate the heart and understand emotions.  

In mentioning the multi-generational living, I am of course not insisting that you develop relationships with parents and grandparents who are not interested or who are a bad moral influence, being too liberal or who don't believe in what you are doing.

No matter what your circumstances, you can still be kind, compassionate, tenderhearted and loving toward them. What I mean is: avoid blunt, sharp and unfeeling replies that come across as cold and unfeeling. They will then conclude that your way of life with all its religion and home schooling makes you a hard-hearted person.  It also brings reproach upon the Lord and upon His church when your responses are not gentle.  We did not discuss this in the video but needed to add it here. You have a great influence on the parents and grandparents, even when you cannot involve them, because they may be brought closer to the knowledge of Christ through your temperament and your responses to them.

Please leave a comment, but ladies, please, do not go on and on about why you cut off people in your life that swear, smoke, drink, tell your children dirty jokes, speak against God, behave like teenagers, and mock you.  I am talking about home schoolers who had good parents and somehow get distracted from the goal of being kind and loving, cutting off the very people who are great sources of life and to whom they could extend life. In extended families we build one another up by interacting and encouraging.



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keeping Education in Perspective and Video 24

Hello Ladies,

I spoke too long and did not notice I got cut off. I decided not to remake the
video, as it was not rehearsed and I was not sure I could repeat it all, so please excuse the abrupt ending!

I was alerted to this subject of being too busy for  parents and grandparents,  how they sideline them, and how this is effecting people everywhere. Several homemaker bloggers and other women I know are talking about this subject.  I hope it will not seem accusatory or condemning. I am just sharing how we can rise above the world's behaviour.

My husband says he has recently come across so many grieving parents whose grown children and grandchildren have cut them off. He says it is a national and international disease that will bring down our familes, churches and nations faster than bad politics.  Even on a family reunion in Kansas he heard people complaining about the same thing: the children are too busy for their parents, seldom come home to visit, will not pick up the phone when called, and cannot be bothered to make courteous calls just to touch base and reassure the parents.

 My fellow-blogger lady at Living From Glory to Glory  has written several good posts about this, and we are bringing this heartache to light so that you can teach your children the better way.

I have also heard from a LOT of other women who had a wonderful relationship with their children while they were home, but who do not bother with them at all now that they are away from home.

We need to remember that God does not look lightly on the disregard and dishonoring and ignoring of our parents. Those of us whose parents are now passed away realize the finality of all that. We live with every single regret of not spending more time with them. We want to warn you that this neglect and lack of bonding will one day come back to bring you deep sorrow that you may not be able to reconcile. (Naturally there are acceptions to this. Please do not inisist on exposing your children to grandparents who have sinful vices which will be corrupting to your children.)

There is also the reverse of this sorrow: parents who are through with their children and start living like they have no grandchildren, never phoning or visiting or creating a welcoming home for them.  Grandparents should generally make their home open and available to their grandchildren, barring exceptions. It is sad when someone has to make an appointment with Grandma because her social life is so big that she cannot accommodate them.

No matter how imperfect your Mother or Daughter is, your communication with her can give both yourself and her, more life and more health!  You know, the doctors and the medical tests cannot detect the symptoms of broken hearts! Unrequited love is painful but unresolved sorrow caused by hearts that miss their loved ones, can be emotionally and physically debilitating to loving Mothers and their grown children. Remember the book, "Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and be Happy" by Barbara Johnson. When the author's son cut her off, she lost her health. Reconciling brings health and peace!

 In my home, my husband and I hear more and more personal accounts from grieving Mothers whose daughters or sons leave them alone for so long and do not communicate happily and regularly. With her permission, I have spoken of a case where a Mother wanted to spend more time, even in small segments, with her children and grandchildren.  

Ladies, as homeschoolers and homemakers, we can do better than the world. We must not practice the "cut-off" culture's antics of silent treatments and rudeness.

Perhaps we need a review of polite and happy telephone conversations.  Maybe people just do not know how to have productive and healthy phone calls anymore. Maybe in my next post I can put a few hints about telephone conversation and how important it is to send your love to one another.

We must follow the words of the Holy Spirit, which are:

"In love of the brethren ...

Ladies, your children and grandchildren are some of  your "brethren" and the most important ones!

be tenderly affectioned one to another;

Affection is not a regulated, mechanical thing. People should love each other spontaneously and tears should be shed, both in sorrow and joy. We are to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Who better to do it with than our own brethren--our mothers and grandmothers, our children and grandchildren!

 in honor, preferring one another...

Some people think other people and other places are more important than the home. They start preferring non-family members over their own parents, grandparents, grandchildren and children.  They will not let their grandchildren visit because they have friends coming over. They will not answer their daughter's  or son's phone calls because they are too busy with a life crowded with every known activity and cannot be bothered to connect with the ones God gave them for comfort and encouragement and stability!

Ladies, we should run to our loved ones like we are seeking water from a refreshing stream after being nearly dehydrated!

I realize this might not ease the deep, engulfing grief some Mothers or Daughters are experiencing. This post is merely to acknowledge it.

You probably have seen a lot of Grandparents in public who have none of their loved ones in tow, and who have to have pets to keep them company. No offense to the pets, but it is far better to have the hand of grandchild to hold!

Thank you for watching, and please be sure to leave a comment.


Since I wore this dress in the video, I want to include the "Wilderness Fashion" house frocks from Walmart's Waverly  Inspirations fabrics.

The ensemble includes Mother, daughter and Grandmother dresses and raspberry cotton cardigans.

The girl's cardigan is a long sleeved cotton tee shirt, cut down the front, with a little flower attached.  While I am talking about these clothes, I want to explain that we are being careful not to show pictures of our children online. They are not ashamed to wear the clothes, as the online trolls and critics declare, but we are protecting their privacy.  These dresses are for the home, but while they are fresh and new, they are quite suitable for church, shopping and other public things.

My old truck has been parked in the wilderness and makes a perfect prop for my Wilderness line of clothing. Oh, I do like this cheerful soft fabric with the colors of wild!  While I have made quilts, I find a hand sewn dress allows me to enjoy the fabric print and color with every step I take and when I sit in my house.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Precious Moments At Home -Video 23

Look carefully at this old photograph and you will see and feel the same things as people in another era.

  I remember my own dear children when upon their toy horses, being shown by one of the older ones, how to love and enjoy the ride. 

Here, as with my own precious girl at virtually the same age, the younger boy puts his forefinger on the mane of the horse, perhaps feeling the texture of the toy. 

Look at his mouth pursed in serious observation. Oh what a moment! 

And, the sister's smile is like that of a girl's smile today when she shows and shares this moment of discovery.  Perhaps she was put on guard to see that he did not slide off the horse, and she noticed what he was looking at and wanted to see it too. Maybe she was enjoying re-enacting her own babyhood. 

Every mother has a God-given right to be home with her children around her, looking at their development in her own home.  

It is impossible to determine exactly when these little events will happen,  although usually at a certain age,  and that is the reason it is so important to be with your children when you wake, when you eat, when you sit in your house, when you care for your house, when you are at leisure.

 Your children learn and think much better at home where Mother is present. Her primary role of being with her child for all these precious events is more important than anything she could ever do for anyone else. It Is more important than doing something great for the world-- and yet, it is the greatest thing a Mother can do for God and others and the world.  I will be bold and say it is more important than schooling (yes, even if you are a home schooler) ministry,  or any religious work. Your home and you, and the children are the school and the ministry in which you are all intertwined, and you all grow and mature in the knowledge of God's ways. These tiny moments are a revealing of God's work and glory.

Remember to allow children to grow at a natural rate, and not rush them. Let children be children. Let the older ones pull the little ones around in a laundry basket. Let them all play house.  Let them all pretend to be Fathers and Mothers.  Don't let people who have not experienced true home based childhoods,  dictate how the children must play and be. Those of you who were homeschooled may have learned to doubt or look for other teachings, but you need to treasure your own childhood, as a pattern for your children. Do not be influenced by other people's doubting and negative remarks.

Remember this poem is warning us  NOT TO HURRY the children!  It shows the tragedy of pushing children to grow up too soon. Childhood can never be recovered.  Are we guilty of hurrying our children into being grown up, into the next stage, into leaving childhood behind too early, into thinking about adult problems?  Even homeschoolers get under pressure to have their children in a certain stage of learning, allowing pressure to dictate the level of education.  As you will hear in the upcoming video, some children learn when they are ready to learn, and homeschooling is about raising your children with love, not about the pressure to accomplish something. 

And, when you are homeschooling, remember the children are not all ready for certain types of learning at the same time everyone his or her age is.  None of us learn at the same level as everyone else.  

Also,  if you have them so scheduled from one social activity to another, they lose a part of their ability to fully think things through. This is perhaps another subject.  Home life  can provide all the activities for childhood. The Mother is paramount in this equation!

Please read this poem and then click on my new video at the end.

 Making A Man

Hurry the baby as fast as you can,
Hurry him, worry him, make him a man.

Off with his baby clothes, get him in pants,
Feed him on brain foods and make him advance.

Hustle him, soon as he's able to walk,
Into a grammar school; cram him with talk.

Fill his poor head full of figures and facts,
Keep on a-jamming them in till it cracks.

Once boys grew up at a rational rate, 
Now we develop a man while you wait,

Rush him through college, compel him to grab
Of every known subject a dip or a dab.

Get him in business and after the cash,
All by the time he can grow a mustache.

Let him forget he was ever a boy,
Make gold his god and its jingle his joy.

Keep him a-hustling and clear out of breath,
Until he wins - nervous prostration and death.

Nixon Waterman

Thursday, September 01, 2016


Hello Ladies,

I am trying again to connect this blog with my Pinterest and have put it again on the side at the upper left. Please go and see if it works this time!  Thank you.

For those people who are unable to see my Pinterest account, I will put some pictures here on my web log as often as I have time.  Here are some for today:







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