Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Making Our Own Good Times


Enjoy making your home into any kind of retreat or vacation you can think of, while you listen to the broadcast:

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Manage Time

Dear Ladies,  "It seems so long since I last saw you." 

Please enjoy an hour of your homemaking while hearing today's broadcast of Homemaking Radio:


A wind storm bearing dust was quite loud today.

Cold weather plants are blooming:

Let children be children, for childhood is fleeting:

Create good memories for them and for you.

We are enjoying making up our own board games:

Although the title of this post doesn't seem exciting, be sure an listen to the broadcast to hear some of my ideas for life at home.

In my message today I suggest we may do more things ourselves and become less dependent on the world at large to provide so many goods and services to us.  This is in keeping with the completion of planning for an event here at the Manse.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Time to Improve


Sweet Solitude
by Edmund Blair Leighton 

Hello Dear Ladies. Please enjoy culling, cleaning, organizing, arranging, cooking, and anything you need to do, while hearing  this broadcast.:

Included in this broadcast: A reading from the 1860 book "The Gentleman' Book of Ettiquette and Polite Behaviour"

Also, I mentioned Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. for some good info on natural health.

Dame  of Sark is at

Friday, March 19, 2021

Add Some Things, Subtract Some Things

Hello Ladies,

A short video today but I hope you will enjoy getting a few small tasks completed while you listen.

The art class I read about (from the letter) is Christie Hawkins, "The Social Easel"

The book I'm using as a teacher's manual and textbook for my homeschool student is "Creating a Sense-sational Home" (1995) by Terry Willits. She published other books that are equally good.

Here is the mini album craft my "student" made to house the various
lessons from my homeschool:

Some of my topics in this video:
A Challenge:- improve something
finish something
clean something
learn something
teach something
prepare to be called upon to provide help in some capacity, whether online or in person to your loved ones in the family.

Add 5 minute warm-up exercise (find some videos online) to your preparation routine. They can help in many ways other than getting fit.  (Improves the complexion and memory).

Create advantages from the world's political "captivity" and use the home for many things.

The Bible provides a great source for a curriculum on many different subjects:
earth science
nature studies,
sentence structure
character studies
and much more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Thrive at Home


Greetings!! It was a treat to have the time to broadcast today, and I hope you get a lot out of it and are able to accomplish things at home while you listen.

Blossom Time china. Royal Albert: Please revive this beautiful pattern so we can get place settings, serving dishes and accessories in this era.

Below: Blossom Time tree

This video should play completely. Its from YouTube

Friday, March 12, 2021

Care of Self; Care of Home

Enjoy being at home while you listen:

What I wore:
Plaid shirt —The Tractor Store 
Corduroy skirt—Chadwicks catalog 

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Put Some "Light" in the Home

Hello Everyone,

Please enjoy your home while you listen:

Getting ideas for sewing:

Scripture I read:
2 John verse 4
"I rejoiced greatly to find some of your children walking in the Truth."

Just For Today

Hello Ladies,

Just for today:

Let's try to thrive, rather than just survive. Instead of just making it through the day; instead of just getting by, maybe we could go far and above what we expect; 
beginning with our thoughts, then our sight, and our plans and our work.

God is able to supply abundantly beyond what we ask or think.  (Ephesians 3:20-21)

What did I do in the past when things were tense?
 I tried to surround my home in things that were lovely. Even back-in-the-day, there were national and personal upheavals in people's lives. 

We were not equipped, in our generation, to alleviate the stress,  like the Victorians were. They had their tea time and their art classes, their trips to the seaside. They loved life even when the newspapers were upsetting. 

I can do this, too.

It is a challenge, isn't it?  To communicate without 
mentioning the war?  Without making any reference to 
the captivity?

I'm sure the captives in other eras had to get their minds on things that would help
them grow and develop.

This is a painting I once saw in a shop, and wanted for a wall in the music room of The Manse. My children did their music lessons there and this Sandra Kuck painting was perfect for that corner. The painting was as big as the wall and was on sale for $75.00. I didn't buy it but in retrospect, it would have gently changed the atmosphere for the children, in a good way. 

This was a well-loved type of country clothing in those days. I like the sweet innocent softness of the outfits and the hats. 

So, just for today, I am thinking of the things I could do to improve my life at home, and I hope you will too. Enlist your children in helping you think of things they would like to do, see, hear, etc. at home.  My first interest in the home was from my children. I wanted them to be happy here, and I hope you feel the same way and will come up with some ways to improve, especially in captivity.

This saying was seen often in wall hangings, pictures, on boxes, cards, etc.  I would ponder on it and wonder how to "untie the ribbons."  In the days of incredible busyness and various trials, most people drew a blank when it came to discovering the gift of life. Homeschooling helped me do that, since it was such a great eye-opener of all the things we could experience and observe.  I'll talk more about that on video sometime.

This is a little  painting I've been working on, based on a photograph I took,  way-back-when.

I hope you will take time for tea today.

There are a lot of plans on my master list, including more subject matter for listen-as-you-work videos.


Sunday, March 07, 2021


Please enjoy your beautiful home while you listen today:

I spoke of vitality today. It means to be strong, active, youthful, enthusiastic, and in general, alert and fresh,  full of the love of living.

I have been outside looking for backgrounds for tea table, picnic, tents, and other scenes. Maybe you'll see some here eventually.

This is the hymn I read to you. I was unable to find it on my favorite site (Sesamonte) but there were several on YouTube you might like to hear.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Live Your Full Potential at Home

Please enjoy your home while you listen to Homemaking Radio:

Words to dwell on: 

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

A Fresh New Day

Hello Ladies,

I hope to have a radio program here soon to listen while you enjoy your responsibilities at home.

Here are a few pictures around The Manse.
Cedar Tree

Tea Cup by Meritage

Homeschool Word Today: