Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Appreciation, Not Always Guided by the Clock

Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoy today's broadcast. 

I showed a few publications I found interesting. This one is the recent 2024 issue and is quite nice. 

There is an ice storm here and we are happy to be safely inside the house. Indeed, we cannot leave. The house doors and car doors are frozen shut. Not to worry though. Being locked in has been interesting.

I talked a little about the nice effect of this tea, which is an adaptogen.

I talked about a number of things and introduced the idea of ignoring the time and the clock, to see if it reduced tension or hurrying.

Please enjoy the broadcast while you do a few things.
I really appreciate your comments, which give me good ideas for future content.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Thinking of You at Home

Greetings Ladies.

I hope you are doing well.

Very cold weather we are having here at The Manse: 15 degrees Fahrenheit. These pictures were taken at the start of the ice storm. The ground is now completely covered in white ice.

I hope to be back shortly with a video. 

Today I plan to mail out some pretty cards, 

….sew some pillowcases from this cotton fabric.

… and make something from this recipe book.

The snow looks pretty but this year was very deceptive,

… because it is not soft and fluffy at all. It is hard ice and very slick.  

From this window it is what I call a white- out.

The electric and plumbing are working well and there is plenty to do indoors. 

Painting by Harrison Fisher 

I do plan to be back shortly with a broadcast.

Lydia Ruth

Friday, January 05, 2024

Dress for Happiness, Edify at Home,

Dear Ladies,

If you have some things to do, you might enjoy listening to the broadcast, posted at the end.


Here is how I make the headbands that I have been wearing lately:

The headbands come in a bag of 6 at the dollar store.
I take a strip of fabric or some ribbon (also from the dollar store) and wrap it around the band, tuck it in at the ends--no sewing, no glue. This one is a covered with a length of polar fleece. 

It was cold in the house (worse outside) so this is the flannel outfit I wore:

I have been catching certain sunlight, blue light and red light, and 
doing some stealth sipping. 

To those who feel anxiety over the news, you might check out Peggy Hall at The Healthy American, and listen to her video about how to analyze the reports. Knowledge of the technique of spinning a story, either by leaving something out or adding something,  can make a big difference in the reaction.