Friday, December 08, 2023

Making Winter Friendlier

It seems so long since we were last together. I'm delighted you came to visit today.

In this broadcast I talked about a few things that gave me a feeling of well-being back "in the olden days" before today's constant distress:

*Having things in order at home
*Clean laundry, kitchen and bathroom
*Correspondence caught up
*Fresh food supplies for a few days meals

I have been making "magazines" for the younger ones. I didn't get a copy of the one for boys, but it was about being creative, with  word puzzles, art instruction, assignments, and exercise. I told you how to use a window for a lightbox to trace a picture. I'm sure some of you "vital" people remember doing that "in the olden days."

The name of the magazines I made and mailed:
The one you see here is called Serenity and it is for a granddaughter.
Every child's magazine has a different name.
The boy's magazines were "Kindness" and "Happiness" with games and puzzles, art, crafts and character building subjects.
The name of the one for my daughter is "Tranquility" and featured  the qualifications to enter the "Mrs. Tranquility contest for tranquil living. Of course, the fictional character we have invented in our text stories to each other, will win the contest.  I told you in a previous video how we text a continuing narrative to each other during the winters.
Consider making some of these cute magazines yourself. This is how my children began their newsletters and publications for friends and relatives. 

Nothing makes me more content and happy to be confined to the house than severely cold rain and fierce winds outside. Scenery from the window is better and better.

I spoke to you from the sewing room that also serves as an extra guest room. 

I have decided many times not to get more books,  but I have the "Esau Syndrome". A nice book will make me give up my valuable time and the limited storage space here at The Manse.  This is a very nice book and I read to you the chapter on Regency picnics. I hope to read more of it next time we meet.  There are reviews of this book, "Jane Austen's Table" by some lovely people on YouTube if you care to search for them there.

Please enjoy the broadcast while you sort through a box of old papers, clean out a kitchen shelf, or sleep.

I mentioned the comedy about how anxiety is produced. This was made back in the day when we were allowed to laugh at ourselves and be humorous about our own problems. I don’t suppose it would be acceptable today because we wouldn’t need all the all the remedies.

Here is the link to the Bob and Ray comedy episode on “anxiety” 

Monday, December 04, 2023

Occupied At the Manse

Hello Ladies,

It is supposed to be winter here but we have very mild weather with gentle rain and warmish wind and plenty of flowers. 

In Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, an old saying used by Mr. Gibson when telling his daughter to shop for whatever she needed and spare no expense, was “I do it to keep you quiet.”  If you are of a “ vital” age, you might remember when people used that saying! It made us laugh. 

Since I do not have a video ready to publish for you, here is a post to keep you quiet. 

I wanted to show the wrought iron pieces I’ve placed around the block house to give it a more cottage look. They are from Hobby Lobby, originally black, spray painted mint green or what is sometimes called sage green or sea foam green. 

I am still stealth-sipping and it is now fog season. 
I always thought when I got older (vital) I could finally do whatever I liked. However there are now descendants that want me to be cautious. So I’m not permitted to stealth camp— but it’s okay if I watch stealth camping videos— and I’m learning how to substitute more safe adventures within a few feet of The Manse. Taking tea in unusual places is my substitute. That way, I won’t get lost 😊

I hope you are doing well in your present circumstances and have great plans for improvement.

Hopefully I’ll have something here for you to listen to (or fall asleep by) soon. 

Lydia Ruth


Monday, November 20, 2023

Freedom at Home, Winter Ideas

Hello Ladies,

I  hope you are giving life your best today. I have a new "broadcast" video. You can listen while you catch up on a few things at home.

I shared another tea book from Dollar Tree purchased a decade or more ago:

It is from The Clever Factory publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee.

I enjoyed this exercise video from Lucy Windham-Read, in a winter wonderland. It will be nice to see if she does a similar video in the spring. Please be aware when following exercises, you can do every-other one, or just do half the video, and you can alter the movements to suit your needs.

I have added more ideas on MY PINTEREST if you would like to look at something that is peaceful.

I hope you will enjoy home, get some things done, or rest, while you listen. I plan to post another picture at the end of the page so please check back.


Saturday, November 18, 2023

We Want to be Happy at Home

Greetings dear friends at home (and those who aspire to be)!

I appreciate your visit and I hope you enjoy the video. 

"We are having very nice weather."

I have been wearing this historical "walking skirt"
which my daughter sewed for me many years ago.

It is longer in the back, with a nice pleat. 
It is made from Folkwear pattern #209

In the broadcast I suggested some things to make winter more enjoyable at home, which my younger friends have shared with me. 

I read from these two books:

Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter (18th-19th century customs and manners of the home)
Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home by Emilie Barnes (home keeping, home decor, and other things)

These were published many years ago, but doing a search for books about home  and homemaking will bring up quite a number of very good recent publications on these subjects.

I read the poem from the song: O For a Faith That Will Not Shrink, which was written in 1831. The words indicate what people knew about faith and how they experienced it in Victorian times:

  1. Oh, for a faith that will not shrink,
    Though pressed by every foe,
    That will not tremble on the brink
    Of any earthly woe!
  2. That will not murmur nor complain
    Beneath the chast’ning rod,
    But, in the hour of grief or pain,
    Will lean upon its God.
  3. A faith that shines more bright and clear
    When tempests rage without;
    That when in danger knows no fear,
    In darkness feels no doubt.
  4. Lord, give me such a faith as this,
    And then, whate’er may come,
    I’ll taste, e’en here, the hallowed bliss
    Of an eternal home.

  1.  Reading this aloud can bring out its meaning so well and is a great poem for older children to memorize, analyze and sing.

Please enjoy your responsibilities at home while you listen:

Friday, November 10, 2023

Patiently, Thought by Thought --For the Home

Hello Ladies,

It is looking and feeling very grim out there but "we are enduring it as best we can."

Today's broadcast is at the end of the page.

As you listen today please remember that these are my own ideas based on my observations and thoughts and do not necessarily apply to any other person's situation. Even if you have different thoughts and ideas, as I always opine, "We can still be friends."  It wouldn't be a very interesting life if everyone was the same. ("But Lizzy, not everyone is the same.")

I shared this book which was one of the small books from the dollar store many years ago. It is from 
The Clever Factory publishers in Nashville, Tennessee if you want to search for the rest of them. This edition promotes deliberately shutting out the rushing and pressures of life by creating moments of stillness and slowness.

In today's broadcast (scroll to the end of this page to see the video), I explained briefly the difference between the Regency Period, (1795-1837) described in The Jane Austen Diet,

...and The Victorian Era (1837-1901)
described in Simple Social Graces.


You can do a search for the Regency Era hats and clothing and the Victorian hats and clothing to see the differences.

Poems I read:

Patiently, thought by thought, 
Old habits are untaught,

We watch, but cannot see 
The seed invisibly
Become the oak or pine
Or warm, fall fruiting vine.

We see the stature gained,
But  do not see things grow--
The process is too slow.

Things have a time to root,
A time to flower
And a time to fruit
And a time to stand and rest:
And every time is best.

Waiting is also growth;
Living consists of both.
Patiently, thought by thought
A new way of life is wrought.

Please enjoy listening while you get things done at home, or walk or rest. Some people say they fall asleep listening. If that works for you, it is just fine with me.

Do a search for the following:
Autumn interiors
Autumn soups
Autumn outerwear, rain books, rain wear
Autumn activities

Monday, November 06, 2023

Thoughts at Home

Hello lovely ladies at home (and those who want to be).

I hope you are doing the best you can at home.

Please make a list, pray, take care of your appearance, exercise (find a video to follow for your age and ability), even if it is a one minute stretch, walk outside even if it is two steps, sing a song, read a sentence in a good book, listen to music, wash something by hand, paint a picture, write a letter, or sit still.

Things I have been listening to:

Have a look at their other videos, too.

Classical music seems to reset the mind and body and gives a good pace to life, especially in the home.
In these videos, she has a place underneath the arrow where you can see the names of the tunes.

She has a few videos you might enjoy. This one is about vocabulary.

This is a more difficult for someone like me but I learn a lot watching it.

This House is Easier to Paint so if you want to have good results in a few minutes, start with this. 

Please go to My Pinterest and see my latest collections.

Don't forget Miss Lillian's sewing blog

In this broadcast I read about tact, ink bottles, and stress.
I talked about people who want to argue.

Please enjoy being home while you listen:

Friday, November 03, 2023

Reading and Talking About Various Things


Hello Dearest Ones!!

Welcome, and if you'd like to hear the video (without ads!) while you read, scroll to the end of this page.

I'm writing and broadcasting for my own family and sharing it with "all you all" as if we were attending a special ladies tea. In the comfort of your own home, and not interrupting your work, you can listen. It's a great deal and won't cost either of us anything. It is nice to stay home. 

The little tea book, in the picture above, was from Dollar Tree more than 15 years ago, and it is published by:
The Clever Factory
P.O. Box 150722
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
It is possibly available somewhere online if you'd like to do a search 

I am also  enjoying that light layer of fog. I think there are more than 4 seasons and this is fog season.

Some of you might be happy that I still practice the sport of stealth-sipping. It is my substitute for stealth-camping. This way, I won't get lost on the trail.

What I read:

-A poem from The Christian Charm Course by Emily Hunter, the older edition with the red cover.
 I suggested you get your own copy and take yourself through the course.

-Simple Social Graces- How the Victorians viewed personal refinement of manners and appearance.

-The Jane Austen Diet, --the chapter on stress "The Mind-Body Connection"

-The Do's and Don'ts of  Yesteryear by Eric Sloane--"do not ruin the harmony of a group conversation." 

-Ceremonial of Common Days by Abbie Graham--The luxury of hotel writing paper

Wives and Daughters--Roger's speech to Molly

I talked a little about the phrase "7th generation" often seen on eco-friendly products, and living in such a way that it would positively effect and encourage someone in a future generation.

I Thessalonians 4:11
"...aspire to live quietly and to mind your own business and to work with your hands..."

Please work or rest at home while you listen today.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

For Listening While You Do Something Else

Hello Ladies,

I appreciate your visit more than you know.

Today I began by encouraging ladies at home to give yourself a big lift by taking care of yourself as soon as you are able, and try to give yourself a good start with a good appearance. 

I referred to Anna Bey who speaks about the sloppy dress trends.

We ladies at home have our own style that works for us at home, and we are not subject to any trends. However, the "cottage core" style, which is timeless, is trendy now.

I added interesting sleeves to the simple dress pattern I usually sew.

I had been wanting to see how this sleeve  from this pattern was constructed:

I found it challenging and I am enjoying the results. 

With apron— for staying in…

with cloak…for going out

I sewed this many years ago for the “fog fashions” posts. To find them go to the search area on top left and write “ fog fashions”.

We have a stack of spruce wood outside and the scent is very nice. 

I ordered a set of Jane Austen books from Regency Marketplace via Amazon. I like the soft covers with the leather-like texture and each volume was a little under $7.00.

This book was from the dollar store many years ago and there was no date on it, so I know not if it is available today.  You  might do a search for it and order it. It has tea stories, recipes, facts, quotes, history and other tidbits.

The Clever Factory
P.O. Box 150722
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

I read from a church bulletin:

Phones and Bibles:

What if....
we carried it in our pockets or purses,
we turned back to go get it if we forgot it,
we flipped through it several times a day,
we used it to receive messages from the text,
we treated it like we couldn't live without it,
we gave it to our children as gifts,
we used it as we traveled,
we used it in case of an emergency.

Unlike our phones, we don't ever have to worry about our Blbles being disconnected, because Jesus already paid the bill!!

I also read two poems by Edgar Guest:

My Goals 

(You can do a search for these online).

Please enjoy your time at home while you listen today:

Lydia Ruth

Front of the flexicover book I received. 

Also, Bibles from World Bible School have the soft flexibinding that has the texture of leather . 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Living on the Upside During Bad News

Hello Dear Ladies,
I hope you will try to enjoy a sunrise, at least once, just to say you did it, to experience it, and to write about it in your daily gratefulness journal.
"The Jane Austen Diet" book has a chapter about "the blue light" comparing the detrimental artificial blue light to the benefits of natural blue light before sunrise. 

One definition of blue light:

"During the blue "hour", red light passes through space while blue light is scattered in the atmosphere, and thus reaches Earth's surface. Blue hour usually lasts about 20–96 minutes right after sunset and right before sunrise. Time of year, location, and air quality all have an impact on the exact timing of blue hour."

The five one-minute "start" activities I spoke of could be:
-personal preparation (bathing, dressing, grooming)
-stretches (find some illustrated on the web)
-a formal cup of tea or favorite refreshment
-write one thing in your gratefulness journal

I hope you are doing well in your current circumstances and have great plans for improvement.

I referred to a quote by General Douglas MacArthur  (1880-1964). See more of his meaningful quotes HERE. Print them and keep in a notebook.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. - Douglas MacArthur

Today I addressed the problem of letting bad news keep you uneasy at home.

I included lyrics to the following songs we used to listen to "in the olden days" which put our minds on things that were happy and hopeful:
Hymns: (listen) SE Samonte channel

Popular songs: lyrics: Keep on the Sunny Side of Life --listen here
lyrics: It's A Good Day Listen here
lyrics: An Ant Can't Listen here
lyrics: The Impossible Dream Listen here

Uplifting things to hear that will inspire and elevate your mind at home.

                 Please enjoy your day at home while you listen, and you know you can pause it anytime and take it up another time.

I love your  comments and I hope to come back soon!! Thank you for your encouragement and for all you do for me.
Lydia Ruth